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by Doug Renselle

See Bergson on Duration.

"The 'ever-circling' is the principle of self-motivity. On the spiral-side of things there is a procession to infinity; while on the sphere-side beginning and end are immediate and 'at once.' "

The Chaldæan Oracles I, translated by G. R. S. Mead.

Mead remarks quoted are from his translation of 'The Æon.'

Clearly, The Æon is about what William James Sidis, Boris Sidis, and William James referred as
Reserve Energy!

Doug - 29Jul2007.

In our penultimate graphic paragraph above, starting with "Ponder...," we are vamping Nature's own behavior.
Nature does something very, very similar to what we describe there, and when s-he makes fermions,
he-r results are quantum decoherent, spin 1/2, animate-wobbling, Mobius quantons.
Nature does n¤t make perfect, classical, static, stoppable, nondurational, circles.

What our graphic shows us is that reality, as we perceive it, cann¤t 'exist' without Bergsonian duration.
Thus our perception of existence is what makes this graphic so critically important to understanding
both quantum reality and many, many, many cogent works of Henri Louis Bergson.

More later...

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