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A List of Quantonics' Breakthroughs

This list is currently incomplete, i.e., it doesn't show all of our breakthroughs through 27Oct2004.
We are using it to document our views of our own perceived successes for you.
Many are yet to be listed here. Those shown are thus far unranked, mostly unordered.
There may be some redundancy. We will remove as much of that as possible prior YE 2006.

In our itemized list below, where we are usings "exegeses" please quantum~think "living descriptionings and explanationings," and
please be sorso~intuitively appendings "exoterica" as "publishings, Quantonics' quantum~emerscenturings EIMA publicationings."

We will make many more updates and additions (of existing breakthroughs in Quantonics which,
as yet, remain unlisted here) to this page through 2006 and beyond using red text marks. Evaluons as a proprietary example, are as yet unshown.
Pay attention to date shown just below here for changes. See major novel breakthrough updates at page bottom, under Extensions...

Doug - 16-30Oct&13Dec2004, 13Mar2005, 15Sep2005, 28Sep2005, 14Jul2006, 31Oct2006, 30Apr2007, 5Aug2007,3Apr2009...

30Apr2007 is a major benchmark breakthrough in Quantonics' history: Doug, first time, fathomed his own h¤listic understanding of quantum reality.
What quantum~stage emersced for Doug is a teachable qua of quantum reality with a broader yet utile scope of semantic potentia.
Juxtapose that to Feynman's "Nobody understands quantum mechanics," and you may have a sense of enormity of this breakthrough!

Application of Doug's understanding recently reached its latest peak in his review of Act II of Banesh Hoffmann's The Strange Story of the Quantum.
Doug - 16Sep2007.

Doug has commenced a quantum~complementation of both quantum~science and quantum~religion. Said complementation is borne, innovated upon quantum~gnosis as taught by Elaine Pagels (Harvard), Stephan A. Hoeller, G. R. S. Mead, et al, then coinsided with Doug's long-long research and breakthroughs in quantum~n¤n~mechanics.. Doug - 22Sep2007.

Doug announced a breakthrough in Quantonics' -requirements and prototypical paper development of a QSO modal for wMBU™ and all wMBU™ Tools™. Doug - 1-3Apr2009.

  1. Invention of Quantonics— a new way of thinking — as a means to describe to lay folk quantum philosophy as our perceived parent (essentially, Pirsig's MoQ, with quantum augmentation) and quantum science as our perceived child of quantum philosophy (annals: 1997-2009 - fledgling efforts prior to this during 1992-1996; borne of our exposure to quanton via Hans Christian von Baeyer; von Bayer explained to us that quanton was coined by Mario Bunge of McGill U. in ~1978-1988)
  2. Quantonics' invention of QTMs (annals: 1997-2009 - definitely a quantum~emergent, ~heuristic, ~learning~innovation pr¤cess; most recently has evolved to quantum stage high rate recapitulation on a multiversal quantum~h¤l¤graphic memeory palace, with memeory as animate quantum pr¤cessings)
  3. Invented quanton as quantum~m¤daling of quantum~c¤mplementarity (annals: 1997-2009 - pre-quanton efforts started prior to 1997 via memeos of "co-inside-nce," "co-within-it-ness," "con-fuse-ion," and "interpenetration," etc.)
  4. Invention of Quantonics' quantum animate EIMA "equalings signings" () as juxtaposed classical 'equals sign,' which assumes at least a classical tautology and a classical identity (annals: 1997-2009 - A first applied use in Quantonics was in our QQA - Is MoQ more ethical than SOM? Why?; became essence of further development of QELP, QELR, and Quantonics' quantum scriptings.)
  5. Invented dichon as a pedagogical classical counterpart and counterpoint of Quantonics' quanton
    1. Invented some attending pedagogical tools, including How Classicists View Reality, How SOMites View Reality, How CRites View Reality, and How MoQites View Reality Too and more recently, How SOMites Measure Reality, How CRites Measure Reality, and How MoQites Monitor Reality. (annals: 2003-2009 - )
    2. We will show more here as time any interim browse our Art Archive
  6. Exegeses of Pirsig's DQ as having nearly unlimited classical and quantum metaphors including variously: conceptually unknown, the unknown, quantum vacuum flux, Renselle's isoflux, n¤nactuality, Schrödinger's negentropy, quantum vacuum energy, Bergson's elan vitale, a quantum version of Dirac's chaotic "sea," Heraclitus' where "nature loves to hide," James' and Sidis' reserve energy, possibilities, potentia, pure state, superposition, unactualized reality, Northrop's undifferentiated aesthetic continuum, free energy, Pirsig's unmeasured phenomenal objects, Polanyi's unspecifiable manifestations, Chalker's white hole, mana, Europe's Arcadia (See Holy Blood, Holy Grail, pp. 140, 152, & 181-3. "Et Arcadia in ego." Latin et evokes some very quantum memeos. We intuit water here as a metaphor of isoflux. Arcadia as a river 'underground' of isoflux which is in all selves (egos). Latin in is literally "inseparable particle," whose quantum metaphor is quanton(wave,particle) thence quanton(isoflux,ego). Certainly classicists at that time, circa Middle Ages up to French Enlightenment, had only a very crude notion of included-middle (see second list item below), compenetration, and co-inside-nce. Their most potent metaphor was that of procreative coitus which engenders memes of sacred feminine and corrupt masculine, which indeed, is what Christianity and Catholic Inquisitions appear to be, fundamentally about (i.e., male dominant hegemony (corruption of and) over the sacred feminine: Holy Grail AKA the Magdelan, a quantum included~middle~icon of all women; Islam is incredibly similar.). It is worthwhile to take some time fathoming I Ching and yin and yang at this juncture, especially East Indian and oriental memes of vessel and thence grail. In cuneiform 'V' for Value: quantum interrelationship essence (v) of MoQ and Quantonics! Doug - 15Sep2005. Just an update here! And a BIG one! We feel con(m)fident that we have uncovered Priori de Sion's secret!!! We are trying to decide how to handle this... Our story, here, is quite improbable, and for us, quite unforeseeable, quite unexpected! What's most interesting is that we foresaw this happening earlier in 2005 with then premonitions of PS's secret. Wæ aræ ihn awæ. Doug - 28Sep2005), etc. (annals: 1997-2009 - )
  7. Exegeses of Quantonics' quantum stage as a metameme of classical dichon(mind, body) (annals: 1996-2009 - )
  8. Elaborated hermeneutics of quanton as a quantum included~middle both~and of n¤nactuality and actuality (annals: 1998-2009 - borne of our studies, for several disparate examples: primarily a meme of quanton(n¤nactuality,actuality) from Stein (Irving; space and nonspace which he held as state-ic either-or and we intentionally perturbed as quantum~process both~and), thence encouraging included~middle memes from: Heraclitus, Herrigel ("we are in It and It is in us;" see his Zen and the Art of Archery), Pirsig ("Quality has Lila, and Lila has Quality;" see his ZMM, Lila, and SODV), Geertz, Zohar (a quantum both-and, see her Quantum Self and Quantum Society), Zeilinger (and his colleague Gisin, quantum superluminal correlation as included-middle), Bohm (quantum reality is n¤nmechanical), Bohr (Einstein called his complementarity "subjective"), Heisenberg, Schrödinger (waves as probabilities; we intuit then included-middle), Dirac (study his tourmaline experiment in his The Principles of Quantum Mechanics), Feynman (fermions' spins as spin 1/2 pendula and vice versa), Tomonaga (Bose and Fermi statistics as very noteworthy metaphors of an included-middle), Wallace (Paradox Lost), Ho, Foulis, Josephson (his Nobel prize winning Superposing Super Current is a n¤n mechanical, n¤n objective quantum included-middling of a transistor's emitter-base-collector), Baggott (see his philosophical and metaphysical chapters of his The Meaning of Quantum Theory), Gleick (see his Dancing Wu Li Masters; superb!), Powers (read his Goldbug Variations), Herbert (Quantum Reality), Howard, Bergson (His "succession is simultaneity" as a classical means of eliminating quantum reality's included~middle.), James (especially, for example, James' own compenetration), Wittgenstein, Durant, Peirce (on abductive logic), Jammer (read his The Philosophy of Quantum Mechanics), de Finetti (a fascinating anecdote here: de Finetti buoys Hume's description of cause as, "I consider the highest peak that has been reached by philosophy." See this quote near end of de Finetti's exquisite lecture article on subjective, probabilistic Foresight.) and many others)
  9. Quantonics' frequentist probability exegesis of absoluteness as quantum uncertainty interrelationshipings among comtextual comsistency and c¤mpleteness (annals: 2000-2009 - )
  10. An innovative way to measure absolute motion (annals: 2003-2009 - explicit effort borne of Itzhak Bentov's Stalking the Wild Pendulum, Poincaré's insistence it can only be done relatively (we would say "quantum relatively," and Michelson-Morley's 'famous' "no aether drift" experiment, with immense help from Errol E. Harris in his Foundations of Metaphysics in Science)
  11. Quantum uncertainty is~as macroscopic too, n¤t just relegated to a classical microscopic-subatomic realm (annals: ~1998-2009 - and always ongoing; latest effort appears at Margenau, and see our 2005 QELR updates to uncertainty), students of Quantonics must be aware that adherence to and belief in quantum uncertainty is an extreme indicator of exceptional, extraordinary intellect,..., far above any classical notions of measurable state-ic, socially positive Intelligence Quotient; see our 2005 QIC and DIQ)
  12. i as quantum recursion implies subjective negation (annals: 2001-2009 - based upon our review of A Beautiful Mind, Bergson's negation is subjective, and RH work; to show how useful and powerful this Quantonics breakthrough is, see our March, 2005 TQS News page top editorial)
  13. Exegeses of Riemann Hypothesis 1/2 critical line as m¤daling of fermionic reality (annals: 2001-2009 - )
  14. Quantonics' invention of a n¤vel, quantum~animate EIMA basis for quantum mathematics
  15. Quantum mathematics as animate, EIMA, sorso interrelationshipings (annals: 1999-2009 commenced with our One is the Onliest Number; reinforced by Bergson's notions of scalar & number)
    1. Quantonics' innovation of quantum memeos of squareq and squareq root (annals: 2002-2009 - )
    2. Quantonics' innovative application of its own quantum mathematics to a n¤vel quantum heuristic of a Hamiltonian quaternion (annals: 2003-2009 - )
    3. Exegeses of physical '1' as animate, EIMA, and comtextually unique
    4. Depiction of quantum Hamiltonian in Quantonics' animate, subjective mathematics
  16. English language and apparently others too as SOMitic, non~quantum 'real' (annals: 2000-2009 - borne of our Bohm studies and Bohr's, et al's. remarks, e.g., "...we are immersed in classical language.")
  17. Invention of fonts, tools and processes for Quantum English Language Remediation (QELR); Documentation of Quantum English Language Problematics (QELP) (annals: 2000-2009 - )
  18. Invention of a quantum memeo of evaluon (annals: 1995-2009 - quantum requirements~attractors~descriptors are in a gradual process of emergence; first application of this is emerging as a quantum linguistics tool; it involves qualitative, subjective processing languages and incremental emerscence and provision of quantum comtextuality, quantum lingual included~middle emerscence of n¤vel memes and descriptors, animation of fonts, animation of texts, animation of memes, animation of memeotics, evolution of memes, evolution of memeotics, quantum~recapitulative comtent evolution of quantum~bibliotheca and quantum~bibliotics (especially Quantonics' own), and so on...)
  19. Quantum isoflux as a metaphor of aether (annals: 1999-2009 - many stirrings prior 1999, but culmination then and encouraging quantum~compatible progress since)
  20. Invention of fuzzons as quantons and as key protocursors and enablers of animate, EIMA probability and likelihood m¤dalings (annals: 2003-2009 - )
  21. Gravity as partial quantum coherence (annals: 1999-2009 - something about fermionic wobble in isoflux makes fermions 'attract' one another in very quantum~unusual ways; classicists view this as "balancing of 'forces;'" fathom all fermions as macroscopic with attraction proportional to 'mass' and inversely proportionate ~CPE 'Bohr orbit' centers' 'separation;' there is a clue here among many others on our website for how to ultimately accomplish antigravity; a recent superb natural quantum~analogue of antigravity is akin what neutrinos do to tunnel: they 'balance' their fermionicity with their bosonicity by sobjectively~quantum~oscillating twixt them thus enabling their amazing quantum abilities to tunnel through 'objects' (quantons) like Earth;) (CPE is "circular probable error;" see our How Classicists View Reality; also see our 2005 fermionta; selective adjustment of selected peaqlos' likelihood omnistributions is our best current guess of 'how;' that is, when we view many gravities' interrelationshipings' as animate peaqlos, we can then imagine how those peaqlos might be 'monitor-adjusted' to 'attenuate' selected attractor interrelationshipings;)

    Invalidation of Einstein's notion of gravity as acceleration (annals 2007-2009 - see our ACT I review of Hoffmann's The Strange Story of the Quantum)
  22. Quantum reality as n¤nlogical, irrational, subjective (quantum~sobjective, quanton(wave,particle), quanton(DQ,SQ), etc.), qualitative, n¤ndialectical, equivocal, prevaricative, etc.; in Quantonics, that is why we call quantum 'logic' "coquecigrues" (annals: 1997-2009 - see logic; )
  23. Exposure of Aristotle's sillygistic bogosity (annals: 1998-2009 - based significantly on our review of Hughes' review of Buridan's Sophismata; mixed with Doug's quantum spin hermeneutics; )
  24. A Quantonics m¤dal of fermion ontology (annals: 2000-2009 - see our 2000 Quanton Spin Interrelationships Emergence, and our 2005 fermionta; see QCD & QED; see our Quantons as Complementary Interrelationships; see our 2005 Quantonics' Fuzzons Emerscitecting Quarks)
  25. Invention of (~emerscenture of) Bases of Judgment hierarchy~architecture (annals: 2003-2009 - borne of our 2003-2009 Feuilleton Chautauqua)
  26. Quantonic comtextual mapping of TBCSUD quark becoming ontology at 'edge of nowings' (annals: 2003-2009 - )
  27. Exegeses of quarks as fuzzons (quark ontology; quarks as fuzzons) (annals: 2003-2009 - )
  28. Exegeses of memes, memeos, memeology, memeory, and memeotics as quantum t¤¤ls (annals: including Dawkins' meme, ~1980-2009 - )
  29. Transmogrification of Schrödinger's hydrogen atom spin topology as Tao~Möbius metaphors (annals: 2005-2009 - )
  30. Invention of hermeneutic of fuzzons as peaqlos (annals: 2003-2009 - )
  31. Show and demonstrate quantum reality's middle as included, associative, animate, etc. (annals: 1993-2009 - )
    1. Explain Quantonic included~middle as spatially arbitrary, n¤nobjective
    2. There is a long list to be added here...
  32. Exegeses of classical illusions as quantum~EIMAs (annals: 2000-2009 - )
  33. Invent a n¤vel hermeneutic for multicomtextual general solutions of paradice (annals: 1987-2009 - originally borne of our reading Fred Alan Wolf's Parallel Universes; see just below our Zeno, Buridan; see some TLS correspondence; see SOM's single context vis-à-vis a double context, etc.)
  34. Invented Quantonics' solutions for Zeno's four paradice (annals: 2002-2009 - )
  35. Invented Quantonics' solutions for Buridan's 20 paradice (annals: 1998-2009 - )
  36. Provide an innovative quantum metaphor of AI as n¤n-mechanical (annals: 1997-2009) (See associate, how quantum AI systems work, quantum free will and AI, quantum AI needs associative memory, no formal machine can do AI, AI requires physial~natural quantum computing, Polanyi on AI, AI is not objective, AI requires intelligence at every level of reality, mechanical AI requirements burgeon impossibly — compare classical and quantum simplicity, thanks to a site visitor escape key disabler, )
  37. Using QTMs, showed, almost trivially, how to quantum~describe Feynman's "muddy swamp impossible problem" of how wind makes water waves (annals: 2000-2009 - )
  38. Unique Quantonics' exegesis of Bell's Theorem and n¤vel means of thinking about quantum reality as: quantum uncertainties are Bell Inequalities, and quantum reality issi Bell Inequal (annals: ~1980-2009 - assistance here from Zukav's Dancing Wu Li Masters, J. S. Bell's papers, Baggott's work, Don Howard's paper on nonlocality, Jarrett's related papers; for latter two see The Philosophical Consequences of Quantum Theory)
  39. Exegeses of Pirsig's natural morality as quantum (essentially quantum evolution of massive quantum fuzzonic ensembles of uncertain and tentative incremental betterings) (annals: ~1980-2009 - )
  40. Demonstration of ethics as omniversal and incommensurable (annals: 1999-2009 - )
  41. Invented Quantonic included~middle description of quantum~c¤mplementarity (annals: 2001-2009 - )
  42. Explain quantum c¤mplementarity as potentially quantum~included~middle scope~unlimited, e.g., you as a quanton(reality_as_your_quantum_c¤mplement,you) (annals: 2002-2009 - )

    Extensions to original list which was posted 31Oct2004 -

  43. Innovation and introduction of Quantonics' c¤mplementary, animate, EIMA, sorso, etc. quantum reality as a quanton(n¤nactuality,actuality) and analogously as quanton(is¤energy,energy~mass) (annals: 1998-2009 - )
  44. Innovation and exegeses of Quantonics' quantum description of quantum coherence (annals: 1998-2009 - )
  45. Exegeses of Quantonics' memeos of why EPR simply did n¤t understand, mostly due their classical dialectic, quantum reality (annals: 2002-2009 - )
  46. Innovation and comprehensive description of How to Tap Into Reserve Energy (annals: 2001-2009 - )
  47. Invention of a Quantonics' memeo of quantum affectation as superior to classical cause (annals: 2003-2009 - )
  48. Quantonics' invalidation (i.e., reality is quantum flux relative, n¤t classically space-time, 3D-1T, relative) of Einstein's SR and GR due his assumptions: reality as objective ("invariant geometrical interval"), local, mechanical, while abiding Michelson's (Nobel prize, 1907) and Morley's 1887 "absence of aether drift" 'experiment' (annals: 2000-2009 - )
  49. Quantonics' innovative juxtaposition of current three occidental cultural dominant philosophies and sciences, MoQ (quantum), CR (relativity), and SOM (classical) (annals: 1997-2009 - )
  50. Quantonics' breakthrough uncovering of Robert M. Pirsig's reality issi quanton(monism,pluralism) vis-à-vis Henri Louis Bergson's reality issi quanton(pluralism,monism) (annals: 2001-2009 - )
  51. Innovative exegeses of Quantonics' disassembly of classical logic in favor of Quantonics' quantum coquecigrues (annals: 1998-2009 - See SOM Limitations, What is Wrong with SOM Logic, logic, truth, Bases of Judgment)
    1. classical_logic = dichons(state-ic_inanimacy, EEMD) EOOO.

    2. coquecigrues quantons(absolute_quantum_flux,EIMA) BAWAMings...
  52. Quantonics' hermeneutic and heuristic exegeses of quantum_reality issi quantum_probabilityings (annals: ~1980-2009 - MoQ view of reality as Value; SODV view of probability as Value; John Forbes Nash view of "probability is everything;" countless philosophers' views of reality as flux AKA absolute change; Doug's intuitions ~1995 of all reality as waves; Schrödinger's, et al.s' views of waves as probability; Doug's views of probabilities as animate ensemble attractors which evolved to become Quantonics' fuzzons; more later...)
  53. Quantonics' resolution of classical particularity via elegant and revolutionary exegeses of QED scintillation... (annals: ~2002-2009 - See Philip R. Wallace, Jeffrey Satinover, Banesh Hoffmann, etc.)
  54. Quantonics' innovation of SIOD HotMeme™ Essentials for Understanding Quantum Reality™: SIOD HotMeme™...(annals: 2006-2009) Borne of Doug's research review efforts on Bohm and Weber's Super Implicate Order Dialogue, SIOD, and Doug's recent innovations of fuzzons as quantum~simple quantonic aggregates of holographic phase~encodings which we also refer as "peaqlos." 14Jul2006 - Doug.
  55. Quantonics' explication and solution to a classical 'problem' of unification of Einsteinian mechanical relativity and classical quantum mechanics... (annals: 2006-2009) See Quantum Relativity Breakthrough. Quantum~relativity is innate! Quantum reality issi phase~encodings of flux and isoflux issi quantum~relativity!

    30Apr2007 marks a benchmark, a hallmark exemplar of Doug's Quantonic grasp of what quantum reality means, really, in terms of novel philosophy, novel metaphysics, novel language, novel semantics, novel memeotics, and novel quantum~heuristic~hermeneutics.
  56. Quantonics exegesis of why classicists could not 'unify' classical relativity mechanics and quantum mechanics... (annals: 2007-2009) See Act II of our review of Banesh Hoffmann's The Strange Story of the Quantum.

  57. Doug's first self~awareness of his own 30Apr2007 understanding (a very rapid and comprehensive holographic energy~well pooling~jelling of vast quantum~ephemera; a kind of momentous awakening) of a Quantonics teachable version of quantum~reality... (annals: 2007-2009) Key to this breakthrough is developing qua to enfold memetically, enthymemetically, and h¤listically quantization as quintessence of perpetuity. HotMemeThere is n¤ perpetuity without quantization.™ HotMeme™ Recall classical problematics with violet catastrophe vis-à-vis J. C. Maxwell's second 'law' of thermodynamics. Vastly oversimplified, quantum reality is flux perpetuity. Compare classical reality as state (stux) perpetuity. Result? Unbounded quantum optimism for humanity's future in terms of unlimited potentia for all memes and their memeotic possibilities. Probably our largest message for our students is that they must emersce their own quantum~skill sets to use higher rate holographic fuzzons as their improved 'access means' to reserve energy... More is due here as Doug documents his enfolding~enclasping personal yet EIMA holographic Ihn Quantum Lightings™ 29-30Apr2007 experiences. If you need a review see our Quantum Essence.
  58. A beginning complementation of 'science' and 'religion' borne of Doug's extensive quantum innovations listed above and Doug's recent foray into memes and memeos and enthymemes of what Doug refers as "quantum~religion" based upon Jesuit gnosis... (annals: 2007-2009) Doug will gradually add a long list of links here which support his claim of this breakthrough.

    For starters see these: classical vav quantum religion recommended reading, Review of Pagels' Introduction to her Johannine Gospel in Gnostic Exegesis, Review of Pagels' Chapter 1 of her Johannine Gospel in Gnostic Exegesis, QELR of whole, Hume's DCNR, Hume's SRR, Hume's SRS, Doug's review of Mark Gaffney's Gnostic Secrets of the Naassenes, many more to list here, etc.
  59. Doug's innovative quantonics use of quantons(Poisson_Bracketings,Poisson_Bracketings) as means of doing waveMBU™ to assess, monitor, and exegetise quantum~uncertainty in businesses and politics. (annals: 2006-2009 - See Earnst Young's series on 'Mastering Uncertainty' published in Financial Times.)
  60. Exegesis of reductionism, minimalism, and other dialectical manifestations of Ockham (Occam's) razor as massive failures of dialectical thought. Quanta assemble holographic ensembles. Understanding of a hologram becomes simpler, clearer, easier as we add quanta to said hologram. This Quantonics breakthrough literally destroys Ockham and his dialectical bogosities. (annals: ~2006-2009 - See Itzhak Bentov in his Stalking the Wild Pendulum, etc.)
  61. Doug's invention of a Quantonic QSO m¤dal for generic quantum~attractors. (annals: 2009-2009 - See Doug's Quantonics Web Site, and wMBU™, Quantonics Poisson Bracketings as a wMBU™ Tool™, etc.)
  62. more later...


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