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Particle-Wave C¤mplementarity
Presence and Absence
Particle-Particle Spin C¤rrelation

by Doug Renselle, 11Jan2000

In our above graphic, you can see how we folded an SQ domain around DQ
to emulate DQ's ubiquitous interpenetration and commingling of SQ.

Vertical green arrows depict 'particleness' spin c¤mplements of our quantons.

Red dashed open annular peninsula represents ubiquitous DQ.

Curved blue, dashed, arrowed lines represent DQ as isoflux attractors, both
isononpreferentially and isopreferentially and tentatively latching our four 'particles.'

Top SQ shows particleness of two c¤rrelated or entangled quantons named 'A' and 'B,'
and just below shows blue waveness of both quantons as dashed isoflux in DQ. Since
we wish to show entanglement, isoflux is shown isopreferentially c¤rrelating both quantons.
Note how we show both quantons as arbitrarily separated, spatially, from one another.
This arbitrary separation is an aspect of quantum n¤nl¤cality.
Also note how any change in 'A' reflects with zero latency in 'B.' This was a core
problem in EPR's paper which declared
(incorrectly) "absurd, unreasonable incompleteness" of Quantum Theory.
Comsider how 'A' and 'B' can be on opposite sides of our Earth,
Solar System, Galaxy, or Universe and still change instantly!
It is well to fathom nature's own clock whose leading edge rises in zero time.
Nature's Planck rate clock probably has zero latency leading and trailing edges!
(What's a poor, Platonic mathematician to do with all these discontinuities in nature's soul?)

Bottom SQ shows particleness of tw¤ n¤nc¤rrelated or n¤nentangled quantons
named 'C' and 'D.' As you can see, their isoflux is l¤cal to each and 'separate,' i.e.,
n¤nentangled and n¤nc¤rrelated.

At our graphics' extreme right, you will see how we orient our quanton(DQ,SQ)
notations to align their DQ-SQ c¤mplements to our graphic representations of SQ and DQ.
We put DQ c¤mplements of our quantons ihn DQ, and
we put SQ c¤mplements of our quantons ihn SQ.

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