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Using Quantum Uncertainty

An Artistic Interpretation of Bergson's Meme of Duration

Using Quantonics' Quanton Semiotics

by Doug Renselle


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Bergson's intueme of duration is unique. He allows memory/entropy to persist
in n¤nactuality (blue dotted c¤mplement of a quanton) as actuality plays
out as events (black solid c¤mplement of quanton with commingling blue dotted).

On 15Apr2003 we added that using quantum uncertainty remark at graphic's bottom edge.

What we intend here is that Bergson's duration and Quantonics quanton analogue of it may be
used to apply quantum uncertainty to all memes in quantum reality. See our PB application.

Ask yourself some classical questions:

Where is a quanton/Bergsonian_Duration?
When is a quanton/Bergsonian_Duration?

Make them personal:

Where are you?
When are you?

Ask yourself some quantum questions:

Wherings are you?
Whenings are you?

Why do positionings and momentumings fail to classically commute?
Why do energyings and tihmings fail to classically commute?
Do spacings and tihmings fail to classically commute?
Are spacings-tihmings quantum uncertainty interrelationships?
Are spacings-spacings quantum uncertainty interrelationships?
Are tihmings-tihmings quantum uncertainty interrelationships?
Is Bergsonian duration a proxy for scalable quantum uncertainty?

Please see our quantum/classical Hamiltonian Quaternion exemplar.

Bergson essentially answered all these questions in his two statements about classical delusions of reality:

1. "Classicists believe that reality is stable, and (See Dirac & Zeno on disturbability/stoppability.)
2. Classicists believe that objects in reality are independent of one another."

2. is an analog of saying,
"Quantons do n¤t have arbitrary and macroscopic probability distributions in Hilbert space."
But they do. By direct experience, gravity demonstrates that. Doug - 9Nov2008.

On 10Jan2002 we changed 'Next' to 'Nextings' in our Bergsonian Durational Quantons above.
To understand why we changed our graphic, see Whatings Happenings Nextings.
For those of you into AI, Neural Nets, Self-Organizing Nets, etc., you may be able to
see how Bergson's plural, animate, c¤mplementary durational quanton supports massive
and parallel quantum local and n¤nlocal coobsfective associations. Amazing, eh? Imagine
our Bergsonian quanton as modeling animately an experimental set-up, where you (a quanton)
are associatively in said set-up, said set-up (a quanton) is associatively in you, and
both you and set-up are associatively in quantum reality (a quanton). Doug.

Practically speaking, using Bergson's duration, we can now begin to look at lives
(and all other transitioning actuality) as unbecoming/isobecoming memeorized
in n¤nactuality. Fascinating!

Our last comment views quantum reality as one immense quantum stage mind, whose
quantum c¤mplementary associative memory animately savings all happenings in its vast self-organizing,
Planck rate updating, neural networkings. We see such an animate description of reality as viable, and
much akin conjectures (see Bohm, Pribram, and Talbot's Holographic Universe)
of our multiverse as analogous holography. 10Jan2002 - Doug.
Also see our mid-Feb2002 extensions to quantum stage above. They show how Bergson's
durational associative memory explains quantum double-slit photon experiments. 11Feb2002 - Doug.

See these other, fascinating, relevant links:

Bergson's I-Cubed in Quantonics' Semiotics
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Bergson's Introduction to Metaphysics
(Do repeated browser 'finds' on duration there.)
Bergson's Creative Evolution
(Google search duration+"Creative Evolution"+Quantonics there and find his topics containing 'duration.')

Thanks for looking and reading,

Doug 8Oct2000

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