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Planck Æventings Pr¤cessings
Quantum Science's Wave/Flux (non)Mechanics of Quanta (MoQ II)

Artistically Juxtaposed

Quality Æventings Pr¤cessings
Pirsig's Metaphysics of Quality (MoQ I)

by Doug Renselle, 12-13Sep2000


Both Planck Events and Quality Events Juxtaposed

Classically, events are states, process-denying staticity. Classical events are Newtonian-Einsteinian particle-theoretical anti-change itself: stable and ideally immutable state.

Quantumly, ævænts are animate pr¤cæssings. Quantum~ævænts are flux and thus Huygens~de Broglie~Schrödinger wave~theoretical stochastic change itself.

We may n¤t think of Planck and Quality Events classically via CTMs! We must learn to think of them quantumly using QTMs.

Doug - 18Aug2008.

We added "HeterogeneousNowings" to both GIFs above.


Wæ can n¤w vihew Planck amd Qualihty Ævænts as quantum ænsehmbles at mahssihvely prægmahllel, but phase asynchr¤n¤us, heter¤tehmp¤ral n¤wings.

Wæ sææ ænsehmble quantum wavæs 'mihxing' mahssihvely as Ævænt pr¤cessings. Each wavæ amd each systæm's wavæ ænsehmbles aræ pr¤babilihty ¤mnistrihbuti¤ns.

Wæ can sææ ad oculos, hæræ, h¤w quantum mæasuræmænt issi:

For more on measurement, from a Quantonics perspective, see our 2005:

Our efforts in Quantonics, since early 1996, have a basic research goal of showing that Quantum Science AKA Mechanics of Quanta (MoQ II), and Pirsig's Metaphysics of Quality (MoQ I) are scientific and philosophical brethren across all knowable scales of these analogous quantonic expressions for reality:

  • reality issi quanton(n¤nactuality,actuality)
  • reality issi quanton(DQ,SQ)
  • reality issi quanton(Quantum_Vacuum_Flux,Physical_Reality)
  • reality issi quanton(nonspace,space) (a la Dr. Irving Stein)
  • reality issi quanton(VES,PES)
  • reality issi quanton(isoflux,latched_flux) (Quantonics)
  • etc.

Our two pieces of work above artistically culminate that goal.

What we show is that in reality's intrinsic Planck rate l¤¤p ¤f ev¤luti¤n — regardless of scale — smallest actual Planck quanton to multiversal cosmos — what happens next (Note to students of Quantonics: our previous three word phrase is classical. See our quantum version of it at Whatings Happenings Nextings. Also, try to imagine our quantons in our graphics above as anihmatæ, like our Planck quanton. Also comsider our English language Millennium III remediati¤n of Ævænt.) depends up¤n Quantonic/quantum paral¤gical (i.e., islandic, n¤ndistributive, n¤nc¤mmutative, n¤nfact¤rizable 'quantum pragmal¤gical'), paratehmp¤ral (i.e., many islands of timæ), paracomtextual (i.e., many quantum islandic comtexts), quantum anihmatæ pr¤cess ensehmblings of b¤th actuality amd n¤nactuality.

There is much to say here, and we will extend our comments here in years to come.

However, just now we wish to direct your attention to this quanton in our Quality Event artwork:

When one imagines our artwork as 2D anihmatæd (e.g., see our Planck quanton), one realizes Pirsig's notion of Quality Event
is quantum pr¤cess which we should perhaps say more Quantonically as "Quality Ævæntings." 26Sep2002 - Doug.

Comsider enormous philosophical, cultural, and scientific ramifications of our MoQ quanton and its intrinsic right side quantum Static Quality infrastructure. Yes, we have reasons for our arrangement of Pirsig's four levels in our quantum. You may wish to study new Quantonic terms we recently added which refer and extend current cultural terms for Pirsig's Biological Level (i.e., biotics and antibiotics). See:

Inorganic Level:

Social Level:

Intellectual Level:

Other interesting connections you may wish to review are our MoQ I and MoQ II Reality Loops.
Each iteration of each loop corresponds to an event in our new artwork above.

More later...

Thanks for reading,


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Quantonics, Inc.
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