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Selected Quantons as Interrelationship Models

Here we are using several distinct notations to evolve a new model, a model we call our new Millennium III Quanton Meme. We assume a 2D representation of quantons which are probably omnimensional.

(Note: Eigenfunction | eigenvalue projection operator results are classically only bivalent, either | or, and unidimensional. Compare that to quantum reality which is omnivalent, both/and, and omni-dimensional, -harmonic, etc. We see bivalent projection operators as quantum science's classical legacy, i.e., turning bits of reality into classical, either FALSE or TRUE, assessments. Quantum field theory performs essentially similar operations. When quantum computing and thinking displaces classical | digital | von Neumann computing and thinking methods, current need for classical over-simplicity will diminish. We visualize good old classical dipstick Ockham turning just now. )

We start with Dirac's SOMitic bra-ket notation.

Next we evolve it to our Quantonic equivalent using our special symbol for quantonic interrelationships.

Then we evolve our Dirac wingding 'v' quanton to a new prototype quanton meme, using a Tao symbol as a quanton.
We show both DQ in blue and SQ in green (~black), with both blue and green commingling.
We imply solid green latches from dashed blue.
We show two arrowheads on blue.
They point nonpreferentially in both directions and thus cancel their energy
(i.e., DQ flux is isotropic),
from which we may infer why DQ is not apparent except when it creates, grows, diminishes, changes, and/or discreates SQ.
We show one DQ arrowhead in black and one in blue.
Black suggests which spin our latched SQ will assume: right/clockwise or left/counterclockwise.
Note how SQ latches opposite to DQ's suggested spin.

Try to understand how a Tao quanton may induce a latched state.

Try to imagine how it might undue a latched state.
Compare this notation to other Quantonic art, including our:
Quantum Egg Arial C, and our
Quantum MoQ Egg.
Our blue dashed lines in this interrelationship artwork correspond to waves below center line in our two egg models.

Finally we make a unified, latched Tao Quanton.
We show both DQ and SQ copermeating each other.
In MoQ/Quantonic reality we can see SQ and DQ's affects on SQ, but we cannot directly see DQ.
Note: DQ's blue vacuous energy is ~unlimited, but isotropic/nonapparent.
By comparison SQ's green (~black) actualized energy is ~limited, but nonisotropic/apparent.

Grasp bottom line essence and quintessence: our graphics depict quantum~reality and its islands, however small, as animate ensembles of Tao waves, as stochastics, as probabilityings, plausibilityings, as likelihoodings, as Value, as quantum~real absolute change, as microscopic-mesoscopic-macroscopic selective yet always uncertain evolution, as con(m)sciousnessings' and uncon(m)sciousnessings' pr¤ceæsings of attentionings:

"...Perhaps the clue is to be found in the two-edged character of all mental activity, at once uniting and distinguishing. Attention, strictly speaking, does not single out separable items one-by-one. It organizes the field as a whole, and the components which become more definite in the focus are never simple but are themselves always [classically] complex structures. The 'transcendence' of consciousness may well be its inherent [quantum~holographic] holism;..." Page 333, Errol E. Harris' The Foundations of Metaphysics in Science, 'Consciousness,' Sec. 2 - Attention Process, Humanities Press, 1965. Doug's brackets.

Observant readers may assess how Harris describes a hologramic field quantum holism.

Doug - 8Aug2007.

Thanks for reading. We hope you enjoyed this little modeling adventure.
Many truthings t¤ y¤uings,

Doug Renselle

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