Quanton Quality Event Thread
by Doug Renselle

This art, using Quantonic concepts, depicts one MoQ Quality Event, QE. In this example, our thread starts at a quantum level. In general, it could start at any level or at a finer resolution within any level.

Our thread is shown flowing up. Flow direction is just artistic serendipity. Unlimited threads may flow omnidirectionally.

We use our derived, latched Tao quanton to construct our QE thread.

Red arrows show massive parallelism of Planck rate QEs. Our green wavy line with bold green arrows shows how a thread may propagate stochastically through various levels. Value preconditions in each level decide event outcomes in each level. Event outcomes are new, tentatively latched states.

We assume any QE is superluminal. By that we mean its Value propagates instantaneously like gravity. We further assume sentient Static Quality, i.e., sentient SQ or just sentients, may perceive both individual and aggregate QEs both superluminally and subluminally. However, even though we are capable, we are instead coerced by classical legacy modes of culture, perception, and thinking to sense only subluminal aggregate outcomes.

There is one exception of which we are aware: gravity. Gravity is superluminal, yet even classicists perceive it. Einstein misconstrued it as a dual of acceleration, i.e., an analytic function of time.


Arches           Art


Arches           Art

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