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Quantonics' Fuzzons to Fermion Ontology

(A Candidate Quantum M¤dal: A Quantum Self-Organizing Net)

(Those double headed arrows showing emerqant quantum n¤vælty transactions correspond our Both Planck & Quality Æventings.)

16Aug2012 - Doug added QCD~Scintillation to graphic above. See Doug's QVH Table, and his Banesh Hoffmann Strange Story of Quantum, ACT 2 review on scintillation.
Also, review Doug's
Radiation Notes. Consider issues there re: neutrinos.

Fuzzons to Fermion Quantum M¤daling SON Ontology

(creatio ex nihilo aperio)

Notice, be sure to notice, that what we show above is emergence of a quark, n¤t a nucleon!

To emersce a nucleon requires three of those quarks!
(And each quark requires quantum~parthenofluxis of three fuzzons shown in our graphic above!)

First let's look at our graphic above in slightly omniffering perspectives:

Notice our cuneiform V, a quantum chalice, grail, vessel, female.
Quantonics' quantum~græhl issi ræhl, indigo~ræhl!

An 'up' quark as a fermion emersced from three fuzzons.

A 'down' quark looks just like that, but two fuzzons are down and single fuzzon is (Hemingwayesque) up (in MIchigan ), like this:

Second let's look at proton made of three of those quarks in a trichonic (see trinarcium; a triple grail) UDU codon:

A proton as two 'up' quark fermions and one 'down' quark fermion, UDU.

Third let's look at a neutron made, again, of three of those quarks in a trichonic UDD codon:

This extra text and graphics gives our Quantonics students a little better memeo of quark and nucleon fermionic ontologies and
their flux~simple animate, EIMA, sorso, recursive, sophist quantonic interrelationshipings.

Perhaps most profound of all, we find 1, 2, 3 recursing quantumly in 1, 2, 3!

1: first odd prime 2: only even prime 3: odd prime; 1+2

We offer some Fibonacci periodicities. I.e., 'phi' (1.618...) AKA "the God number,"
as derivative of 1,2,3... 0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55, 89, etc. 89/55 = 1.618...

Doug - 8,25,28Jun2005,- 20Jul2006.

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Here is a Quantonics' suggested heuristic for our graphic above:

Top of SON graphic, first of four stages: three minimal isofuzzons.

Second stage: two fuzzons 'latch' into an integer spin quanton.

Third stage: a free fuzzon and a peaqlo'd partially emerqed
fuzzon 'latch' into a second integer spin quanton.

Fourth stage: both integer spin quantons perform an
endergonic Möbius 'reversal' to emerq a 1/2 spin fermion.

Potential quantum modaling power of Quantonics' fuzzons and
their peaqlo ontologies makes itself abundantly apparent.

A further heuristic may be that each
'latching' process involves quantum~squaring.

Adepts may venture memeotics of quantum~creation
here: 'matter-wave' fermionic emergence.

A requisite Quantonic assumption is that
all quantum waves are "likelihood omnistributions."
We call them "QLOs."
We further assume that QLOs may be mixed to emerq
all quantum~real quantons, indeed, reality itself.

Note how a shared fuzzon appears requisite too.

Some interesting questions:
What transformations of that shared fuzzon's
QLOs are necessary to spawn said fermion?
Can we answer graphically? Physially?
Higgs boson needed? Why? Why not?

How can we show our ontology in
bosonicfermionic oscillation,
like neutrinos tunneling Earth?
Can said oscillation happen without quantum vacuum isoflux?

Is string theory capable of accounting for our ontology heuristic?

Hæræ issi a Quantonics' suggæsted heuristihc f¤r ¤ur graphic ab¤ve:

T¤p ¤f SON graphic, fihrst ¤f f¤ur stagæs: thrææ minimal is¤fuzz¤ns.

Sec¤nd stagæ: tw¤ fuzz¤ns 'latch' ihnt¤ an ihnteger spihn quanton.

Third stagæ: a frææ fuzz¤n amd a peaqlo'd partihahlly æmærqed
fuzz¤n 'latch' ihnt¤ a secomd ihnteger spihn quanton.

F¤urth stagæ: b¤th ihnteger spihn quantons pæræmærq an
ændærg¤nihc Möbius 'ræværsal' t¤ æmærq a 1/2 spihn fermi¤n.

P¤tæntial quantum m¤daling p¤wær ¤f Quantonics' fuzz¤ns amd
their peaqlo ¤nt¤l¤gies makæs ihtsælf abumdantly apparænt.

A further heuristihc may bæ that each
'latching' pr¤cess ihnv¤lves quantum~squarqeing.

Adæpts may vænture mæmæ¤tihcs ¤f quantum~cræati¤n
hæræ: 'mattær-wavæ' fermi¤nihc æmærgænce.

A ræquisihte Quantonic assumpti¤n issi that
ahll quantum wavæs aræ "lihkelih¤¤d ¤mnistrihbuti¤ns."
Wæ cahll thæm "QLOs."
Wæ further assumæ that QLOs may bæ mihxed t¤ æmærq
ahll quantum~ræhl quantons, ihndææd, ræhlihty ihtsælf.

N¤te h¤w a sharæd fuzz¤n appæars ræquisihte t¤¤.

S¤mæ ihnteresting quæsti¤ns:
What transæmærqancies ¤f that sharæd fuzz¤n's
QLOs aræ necessary t¤ spawn saihd fermi¤n?
Can wæ answær graphicahlly? Physiahlly?
Higgs b¤s¤n næædæd? Why? Why n¤t?

H¤w can wæ sh¤w ¤ur ¤nt¤l¤gy ihn
b¤s¤nihc fermi¤nihc oscillati¤n,
lihkæ neutrinos tumneling Æarth?
Can saihd oscillati¤n happæn wihth¤ut quantum vacuum is¤flux?

Issi string thæ¤ry capablæ ¤f accoumting f¤r ¤ur ¤nt¤l¤gy heuristihc?

Thank you for reading.

Doug - 24Aug2004.

©Quantonics, Inc., 2004-2021

For basics, see our very popular Möbius Left.

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