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Quantonics' Quantum Remediation
English Language Problematics
Millennium III
by Doug Renselle
: 20Jul2002
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English Language Problematic

Quantonics' Quantum

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Quantonics ch¤¤ses t¤ c¤¤pt classical 'perspect' amd rææmærq ahll quantum comtextual ¤ccurræncæs wihth 'pærspæct,' 'pærspæcting,' 'pærspæctings,' etc.'

In classical contexts we shall use 'perspect.' Ihn Quantonics/quantum comtexts wæ shahll usæ 'pærspæct,' 'pærspæcting,' 'pærspæctings,' etc.'

In classical contexts 'perspect' is defined as an inanimate, excluded-middle (EEMD), analytic, objective join of self (or an other self) and totality. It is a way of defining a large classical view, i.e., "perspective." See table at com.

Ihn quantum ræhlihty 'pærspæctings' aræ anihmatæ, EIMA (Quantonic), ænsehmble, c¤¤bsfæctih Quantonic ihnterrelati¤nships am¤ng sælfings amd naturings. Wæ ¤ffer ¤ur n¤vel quantum mæmæ as a quanton ¤f quantons:

quantum_pærspæctings quantons(n¤nahctualihty(quanton(ahctualihty,sælfings))).

Our quantum hærmænæutihcs amd heuristihcs f¤r pærspæctings ræmædiatæ SOM's dichonic, platypusean deign to feign — eliminate SOM's ugly, un-holistic, quantum-coherence-denying, mind-body schism-knife-cuts from reality.

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