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Quantum Lightings

Doug Renselle

©Doug Renselle, 2004-2030 and ©Quantonics, Inc., 2004-2030

"Heraclitus was unlike anybody who had come before. ... The best attested fact about him is that he was haughty and disdainful of other people, which may help to explain his inaccessible style."
Page 42, by Anthony Gottlieb in his,
The Dream of Reason, 'A history of philosophy from the Greeks to the Renaissance,'
Norton paperback, 2000.

We offer a series of Heraclitus' (~540-480 b.c.; author of On the Whole, now lost) quotes and fragments (apparently, latest known total count is ~130 quotes and fragments attributed to Heraclitus) brought forward in history roughly 2500 years and paraphrased quantum comtextually in Quantonics' Qualogos:

  1. "Panta rhei." All things change.
  2. "The only absolute is change [quantum flux; all is quantum~waves, quantum~wavings]." Simply, in Quantonics, "Flux is crux." Flux is simple. State is complex. Why? Explain.
  3. "All law [all reality] must change, indeed, as the logos itself is absolute change."
  4. "Quantum flux offers nature's moral judgment."
  5. "Paradoxically, we are happiest when we change." We are happiest when we are quantum real.
  6. "Most of us do not use our individual capabilities to be aware of quantum reality, instead we somnambulate our classical caves of Demos reason." (Students of Quantonics please read all of that link's pink text box in comments under p. 13 of Bergson's Time and Free Will, Topic 3.)
  7. "Humans must live together in harmony with nature, however there is n¤ harmony without discord [...n¤w ~ings wæ aræ k~n¤w ~ings this was badly translated by retardedc classical DIQheaded DIalecticians; Heraclitus would have used "antinomialismq" in place of DIalectic's crudec and rudec "DIscord"... 'discord' QELRed is "omniscord"... Doug - 8Nov2014]." This agrees with Pirsig's notion of better. Individual (vis-à-vis social) assessment of better requires discord to improve.
  8. "Reality is self-referent." Reality issi holographic which means all quantons are interrelationshipings among quantons each of which is self~other~coobsfective~referent and locally directed, n¤t other-directed; this, combined with absolute animacy and everywhere~middle~including~associationings is essence of quantum~fractal~evolutionings. Clearly, n¤ mechanical reality has qua for self adaption n¤r self direction. Classical AI is doomed, given Doug's phasementings here. Quantum AI, however, will become a reality within next 10-100 years. Doug - 27May2009.
  9. "Quantum self-reference, in omnifferencing through fractal chaos and change, agrees with itself: quantum flux sophism!" We can only do this paraphrasing through our quantum studies, quantonic innovations, and our abilities to tap into reserve energy borne of all above. Heraclitus sææs quantum c¤mplæmæntati¤n ¤f bow and lyre and human as quantum self~other~referent sophism (sorso: a Quantonics acronym). Aristotle saw bow and lyre as independent tautologies. We see them additionally as both harmony and discord [...i.e., antinomialismq - Doug - 8Nov2014...].
  10. "Flux (energy) lies at nature's core. Reality is energy (e.g., 'fire')."
  11. "Ether hides." Incredibly, from a quantum perspective, this turns out to be so. Coherent and isocoherent Quantum Vacuum Flux (QVF) hide!
  12. "Nature loves to hide."
  13. "All reality is quantum c¤mplæmæntary." This is quantum~relativity! This is quantum~flux~phase~encodings which we call fuzzonic "hologra." Doug - 4Feb2006.
    1) MoQ/Quantum Flux Quanta Complementation Many Flux Quanta Iso~Cohere Islandically
    2) CR/Relative Objective Relativity Many Contexts Fit All
    3) SOM/Objective Objective Independence One Context Fits All

  14. "Reality's ontology is a quantum pr¤cess of sorso creation, change, and discreation." See Quantonics' Quanton Primer.
  15. "Quantum c¤mplæmæntarihty appears paradoxical to those who do not understand nature's logos."
  16. "Experience is a quantum (w)holism." We choose to interpret this as Heraclitus saying quantum reality's middle is included. Stretch: EIMA.
  17. "Logosquanton(DQ,SQ)." DQ represents Heraclitus' memes of changings and SQ represents Heraclitus' memes of unchangings. He saw them as a quantum (w)holism. He felt we ought to 'reason' on that basis. We interpret "classical logos" as ideal SQ (i.e., ESQ: Platonic and Aristotelian 'objective truth;' reality with h-bar zeroed), and "quantum logos" as a quanton whose impetus is absolute quantum flux and whose apparent persistence is only quantum tentative.
  18. "Some humans manufactured and others teach dialectic as truth."
  19. "Dialectic blinds humans to the logos." Heraclitus felt that most people conveniently 'forget' [inter]relations[hips] AKA logos in favor of opinionated consensual lisr 'attributes' AKA "simple toys." In Quantonics we call this notion "A Tragedy of Commons." Its synonyms are: "common sense," "commonist sense," "group think," "political correctness," "mental clonicity," "social sense," "commoness above extraordinariness," "herd subconscious (herd mentality)," etc.
  20. "War is dialectic — war is dialectical. Dialectic is war." In quantonics war is a classical social pattern of value. Society 'Values' war! This, to us, is our major indictment of classical society and is a major way in which we claim quantum individuals are intrinsically above classical society. See our feuilleton Chautauqua on this issue (it is very long and very challenging).
  21. "Dialectic deceives. Dialectic is a deign to feign." Dialectical 'judgment' is the basis for all classical 'reason.' See dialectic.
  22. 'Those who do not understand do not fathom the logos." In Quantonics we are showing that those who do not understand are SOMites AKA 'dialecticians' who wear blinders.
  23. "Most humans do not believe the logos." Most humans practice and theorize dialectically.
  24. "Fools only see parts and pieces." Juxtapose this to Quantonics' "Rules is Tules for Fules."
  25. "Fools somnambulate their lives." This agrees fabulously with Boris Sidis' remarks in his Nervous Ills.
  26. "The logos nurtures both metabolisis while~and anabolisiscatabolisis cellular_resurrection~rebirthcellular_apoptosis~suicide."
  27. "Reality is panaware."
  28. "All humans are fallible." Quantum~uncertainty assures us of our individual gn¤stic need and mandate to attend our own personal humility well. Consider though, as Pirsig emphasizes: balance: of dynamic and static, harmony and omniscord, also hubris and humility. Latter is a first requirement of being a competent capitalist since capitalism itself exemplifies quantum~evolution, and its concordant human endeavor for better, exquisitely. Doug - 27May2009.
  29. "Understanding the logos enables judgment." In Quantonics' version of quantum reality the logos is intrinsically hermeneutic. See our Bases of Judgment. We are now learning that "the Logos" is another appellation for Qabala's Autiot. So we can say our quote of Heraclitus another valid way, "Understanding Qabala's Autiot enables judgment." It also helps us learn another ancient science of our cosmos which is a valid metaphor of what Doug refers "quantum~reality." We may note also that an ancient and much-used phrase "[a]the account" refers "the Logos." Doug - 13Dec2010.
  30. "Understanding the logos enables us to tap into reserve energy." At that new link please consider Suares' claim that ET is actually another way of referring AT AKA Aleph~Tav. Fathom Plantard Crest's top banner, "ET in Arcadia Ego." Ponder A~T as Autiot's quantum~reality loop. Doug - 13Dec2010.
  31. "The logos is blind when we stop nature." This shares concord with Bergson's " may not analyze a process." T¤¤, Quantonics' "...¤næ may n¤t 'classically zero' h-bar!"
  32. "Agreement and disagreement together appear paradoxical, but understand the logos shows they are self-referent." This is almost a pure description of quantum c¤mplæmæntarihty. Notice, for example, that this is how one learns to play a violin and any musical instrument and how we learn to play golf and any sport. This issi quantum reality!
  33. "Reality is quantum co~here~nt."
  34. "Quantum c¤mplæmæntarihty is more powerful than its absence."
  35. "Perfection is imperfection." ~Kosmos, phusis (nature, growth, emergence): order as disordered quantum~flux~animacy and change. Doug intuited this as a child.
    Quanton(perfection,imperfection). Quanton(order,disorder). Quanton(absolute_change,only_apparent_nonchange). Quanton(phusis,techne). See Barnes, p. 19. See Hesse's Steppenwolf.
  36. "Universe: quanton(indivisible,divisible), quanton(ungenerated,generated), quanton(immortal,mortal), quanton(eternity,word), quanton(parent,child), quanton(divine,just), quanton(light,dark), quanton(good,bad), quanton(doctors,disease), quanton(up,down), quanton(crooked,straight), quanton(pure,polluted), quanton(living,dying), quanton(satiety,need), quanton(creator,itself)." This is just incredibly and deliciously quantum!
  37. "Physicians who objectify the logos are hypocrites." Mae-wan Ho says something similar re: centrifuges.
  38. "Hermodorus was a quantum prodigy and the socialist Ephesians threw him out." Sounds like William James Sidis to us... Sidis was a quantum prodigy and the socialist Americans threw him away...
  39. "Sight has more flux than sound, however sight itself is problematic." We presume bandwidth vis-à-vis octave count. The greater quantum flux's rate, the more we can sææ...
  40. "Quantum nonactuality is above quantum actuality."
  41. "A thing is n¤t if it is becoming."
  42. "N¤ thing is immutably 'true.'"
  43. "All things are full of souls and spirits." QVF is in all and all is in QVF. We are in it and it is in us.
  44. "Nonactuality is fathomless."
  45. "Sight is fallacious." SOMwits are blindered.
  46. "Discord [ultimately] generates harmony." It takes time to learn to play a violin. It happens faster with mutual respect: quanton(Haganah,havlagah).
  47. "All actuals interrelate via c¤mplæmæntati¤n."
  48. "[Classical] Socialists use group as their teacher." Demos is their will.
  49. "Words have semantics only in comtexts." This is pure genius! Similar Wittgenstein's "meaning is use."
  50. "Pythagoras: artful knave." Heraclitus shows his ability to judge classical vis-à-vis quantum mind.
  51. "Nature issi BAWAM EIMA quantum ¤mnic¤hering~superp¤sing islandicities." B¤th ¤mniffering amd n¤t, b¤th ¤mnisc¤rdant amd n¤t, b¤th lisr amd n¤t, etc.
  52. "Emergence (~anabolisis) and immergence (~catabolisis) are natural and to be expected at all levels of reality." (Quantum~mætab¤lisis is a quantum~complementary self~other~referent anab¤lic~catab¤lic OEDC which we call "metabolic." Anabolisis corresponds quantum~negentropic emergence biologically and resurrection biblically. Catabolisis corresponds quantum~posentropic apoptosis biologically and 'crucifixion' biblically. Adepts view quantum~metabolisis issi quanton(anabolisis,catabolisis). Doug - 25Aug2008.)
  53. "Every point on a circle is both alpha and omega." This shows, those of us in Quantonics, that circles are classical delusions. See pi in your face. We are unsure Heraclitus meant "circles are delusions." He did mean "beginning and end are quantum complements," which again, to us, says classically ideal circles are classically ideal delusions.
  54. "As apes are to man, man is to god." As actuality is to nonactuality, SQ is to DQ. As staticity is to SOM, dynamicity is to MoQ.
  55. "Quantum reality is percipient, but classicists teach it is not." See How Classicists View Reality.
  56. "To classicists, what Heraclitus sees is enigmatic."
  57. "That which is objective cannot change."
  58. "We cannot escape Dynamic Quality."
  59. "SOMites listen but do not hear. Their presence is absence."
  60. "We do not classically 'die,' rather we are transitionings among our nextings phasings of our journeyings." A quantum rendition of "life everlastings."
  61. "Reality is quantum~tunneling associative."
  62. "Quantum goodness needs no laws."
  63. "Envy is a classical trade of novices." Classicists are novices. Quantumists are garzones. Humans are incapable of maestro infallibility.
  64. Etc.

Sound familiar?

Our usage of 'the logos' above shares no common relation intended or otherwise with our otherwhere coined usage of 'thelogos.'

Perhaps our greatest concern here, re: classical vis-à-vis quantum is what Heraclitus meant by "fate." We simply do not know at this juncture.

We had to stretch a bit on quantum emergence (e.g., god as 'emergence of perfume' from olive oil and scent), but it is there. Heraclitus implies an included-middle strongly. He implies absolute flux, semper flux unambiguously. He implies recursion, self-reference, fractal chaos, absence of tautology, etc. All are quintessence of Pirsig's, Bergson's, and Quantonics' quantum reality. Heraclitus was teaching Quantonics 2500 years ago!!! Humbling... And as today, he was hated for it!

Paraphrased, Heraclitus' works are quantum sophisms all... Paraphrased we can say Heraclitus was a sophist and we can say that we are Heraclitean.

Actually, unparaphrased, Heraclitus has classical leanings, especially in how he views negation: as classically ideal (he apparently misses reality's quantum negation as subjective). And though he speaks of "unity of opposites," we doubt he viewed this as a Millennium III meme of quantum complementation (and a prerequisite, along with flux, for subjective negation). However, as you can see, when we restate Heraclitus using our modern jargon, it appears as though he did intuit quantum reality, but in a primitive manner! In our view this places Heraclitus far above Parmenides, Plato, and Aristotle.

Now put all that in quantum lightings that all we have of Heraclitus are others' paraphrasings and we are paraphrasing those paraphrasings. Oh! To have his original text... It looks like that circle of chairs game where someone tells an adjacent chair a specific notion, thence tellee tells next adjacent and so on... When we return full circle message has memed into something entirely omnifferent. We take this as direct evidence of humans' quantum nature. Indeed, that is what we are and what we do and why we do and are and how we do and are and where we do and are and when we do and are and who we are and do. We are quantum beings!

We are not classical objects in a classical socially objective society, regardless what SOMwits and CRwits try to impose upon us! We are quantum individual beings! By Direct Experience, we are quantum beings!!!

We have shown only quote paraphrases which align quantonics. Heraclitus also offered many remarks which appear to us totally, objectively, dialectically classical. However, we do not know full comtexts of those remarks. Amazingly some of his views appear classically deterministic. This might be interpreted as quantum ensemble determinism (classicists predict a 1-1 correspondent event; classical quantumists predict an ensemble probability distribution; both are quantum~scientifically problematic due their innate formal objective mechanics). Heraclitus' monism is, apparently, classical. This appears to us as a paradox since he adhered pluralism. If his thoughts were genuinely quantum he may have viewed monism as a plurality whose middles are included. That makes quantum sense to us. Recall that Pirsig's reality issi quanton(monism,pluralism) and Bergson's reality issi quanton(pluralism,monism). Quantum reality (w)holistically appears as quantons(quantons(monism,pluralism),quantons(pluralism,monism)). Notice how this neatly depicts our stairs illusions in quantonics' script. Also see our Möbius Left. See Bergson and Pirsig on Monism and Pluralism.

References include (See Diels-Kranz also):

Thank you for reading,


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