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What is Qabala?

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Interesting Dialogue on Qabala and Suares

Understanding Qabala

Suares tells us in his Sepher Yetsira that a first elementary study of Qabala should start with careful reading of his Cipher of Genesis, Song of Songs, and then Sepher Yetsira.

Suares also writes that no one really understands Qabala and its immense and somewhat mystical hermeneutics.
To Doug that is a quantum~pragmalogue of Feynman's "Nobody understands quantum mechanics."
Both are about reality, and Doug can make a plausible case that both are similar attempts to only partially
describe wholly~indescribable reality terms of "packets, i.e., Aut(iot) and quanton(s), of quantized energy."
Doug uses Jeffrey Satinover's name, from his Quantum Brain, for these packets of quantized energy: energy~wellings, EWings.

"Doug, how can you make a plausible case?"

Via a growing list of (co)benchmarks, as disciplines which co describe (omniscribe) one another:

Quantum Theory
Bergson's Philosophy
Pirsig's Philosophy
James' Philosophy

Actually Doug has found that in many ways Quantonics' quantum approach has been reinventing Autiot and Qabala.
Quantonics' QELR is autsimilar Autiot.

Doug wasn't ultra confident about what he has just written until he read Suares' words about Qabala being holographic.
All in reality is, in Doug's confident opine, holographic!

If we choose to thinkq of reality's greatest quantum~coherer, holographicity is it.

When Carlo Suares writes, "That is Qabala," what does he mean?

In his Cipher of Genesis [CoG] he shows an example of an "abominable desecration" in Exodus 3.14 by a translator (Kohlenberger III, for Zondervan):

A Moses quote is translated as, "I am," but Suares says that is an abomination.
Autiot ciphered hermeneuts an entirely omniffering quantum~EIMA~holographic semantic:

"Aleph~Hay~Yod~Hay..." Suares writes, "That is Qabala!" See p. 32, CoG.

It means, quantumly~holographically, both Aleph living and Yod living: Qabala.
Quantum~middle~inclusion of Aleph and Yod "without contradiction."
Quanton(Aleph~living,Yod~living)! Qabala!

Earth societies today acculturate EEMD Aleph-dead-Yod-dead.
They worseship death and dead things, dead science, dead language, etc.
More concisely they implore Yod-dead, then dead Yod denies Aleph 'exists.'
This is Satan: Error! Dialectical Error!

Classical culture does it. Classical science does it. Classical religion does it. Classical language does it... all disciplines do nauseum.

To quote Mae-wan Ho (a famous quantum~biologist), "Cuisinarts do it."
I.e., she claims Cuisinarts kill-desecrate living biologicals. Why? To make them dead, to make them state-ic!
Why? Ana lysis: up cutting.
Cuisinart: Ockham's HFR (High Frequency Razor).

Students of Quantonics who also study Pirsig's Metaphysics of Quality [MoQ] should obtain these comparatives:

Y¤d issi quanton(Aleph,Y¤d),
SQq issi quanton(DQ,SQq).

Yodc denies Aleph,
SQc denies DQ.

Yodc = dichon(Yodc, Yodc),
SQc = dichon(SQc, SQc).

Subscripts c and q are classical vis-à-vis quantum.

Bottom line: Those who defeat dialectic achieve Qabala!

Doug - 26Feb2013, 31Oct2016.
(Thanks to Neelie!)

Suares goes on to write,

"The cabalist is someone who, without preconceived ideas, freely 'plays the game' of Aleph~Bayt without an intermediary: 'He speaks to the creator of the Sephirot.' In other words, he joins in the unique creative movement. But we must understand that contact is where our 'name' is, in 'the rightful place' of our structure. It is up to the cabalist to discover his 'name,' to know his 'sphere.' He is a psychologist, or an artist, or philosopher, or interested in social questions. In short, the entrance to 'the game' begins when the cabalist becomes aware of his own individuality. At the same time he must stop reiterating religious or other teachings. The 'game' will reveal itself to him from the way he treats its elements: it is a movement, a vibration of the different living forms which 'come and go' (Sepher Yetsira, I,8), and the cabalist can become the receiver and transmitter of this cosmic movement. Then the Qabala, in all its complexity, becomes comprehensible."
Pages 394-395, Sepher Yetsira, Shambhala Press, 1967-1976, by Carlo Suares.

Suares also writes, paraphrased, "...the quantum Q(C)abalist embraces Autiot's scientific approach, which is discovering the all embracing fact that Cosmic Energy is Life, that all Life is Consciousness, that all Consciousness is within us and without any limitations." See page 107, start of Chapter 23, Second Coming of Reb YhShWh, Weiser, 1994. Doug's parentheses.

Allow Doug to recipher that in pure quantumese, "...any quantum~philosopher embraces a quantum~scihæntihfihc approach, which is holographically~omniscovering all~embracing antinomial quantum~c¤mplæmæntarihty that quantized flux lives, is con(m)sciously-aware, that all quantum~con(m)scious-awarænæss is cowithinq us and without any limitationsc." Doug - 16Apr2013.

Note that Autiot was before Judaism! Most have yet to grasp that meme. Also grasp that Autiot and Qabala aren't Mosaic (stuff of Moses).
So, even more important, they are not religious, they do not depend upon any canonic social order, etc., so they are very Gnostic, which for Doug is like saying they are very quantum: a language, and an evolving ensemble of vibrational and scintillating quantized interrelationshipings among flux, a quantumesque language of an infinite~energy~based cosmos! (Almost n¤ one, yet, even begins to get that! I find that a stupendous embarrassment for academe and its "so called scholars.")

Allow some reviewer (Doug) hermeneutics which may assist readers' grasp of Suares' words:

  • Those who practice Qabala are called "Cabalists."
    (Doug chooses to use Qabalist in place of archaic 'Cabalist.' 21Dec2013.)
  • Qabala's game is quantized, perpetual, and ubiquitous.
  • Qabala's infinite energy 'field of play' is quantum~holographic.
  • Qabala's game is one of antinomialism of radically comtext sensitive Aut.
  • Every player's (cabalist's) hermeneutic experience is unique, yet autsimilar others'.
  • Each player is coherently Mae-wan Ho "autonomous" in cosmic reality's hologram.
  • Yet each autonomy (player) is both coherent (Aleph) and decoherent (Yod: Yodc and Yodq) said cosmic hologram.
  • So an individual's free will diminishes with increasing holographic comtextings.
  • An individual's free will to play is almost total in he-r l¤cal, comstrained comtextings.
  • All of cosmic hologram's changings range(s) from any bandwidth complementarospective from imperceptible up to and including Planck's rate.
  • Said cabalist fractally recurses cosmos' hologram, perpetually, up to ubiquitously.
  • Said Qabalistic playq of Qabala's Cosmic~Energy~Gameq standsunderq Qabala's quintessentialq memeq: "All beginningsq are ihn their endingsq and all endingsq are ihn their beginningsq," quantum~paraphrased hermeneutically from Suares in his Song of Songs, p. 35, Shambala, 1972. Quantonics' script issi quanton(beginningsq,endingsq). It illustrates vividly antinomialismq of all beginningsq and their quantum~complementary endingsq. Quanton(Shæ,hæ), and quanton(Aleph,Tav). She loves Aleph (changeq, movementq). He loves Tav (stabilityc, restc).

Doug - 12Apr2013, and 21Dec2013.

Doug - 17Jun2014

From his opus on Sepher Yetsira, Suares gives us more impetus for playing Qabala:

"We think that the mystery of the universe is impenetrable by the human spirit, but we are in it, we are it, and we have the capacity
to study its structure outside and inside ourselves, and therefore to partake of its flow of life, as it is said that Abraham did.

"The mystery therefore does not die in Isaiah. Neither Genesis nor Sepher Yetsira are so absurd as to pretend to 'explain' it, but a careful
study of Autiot, the verbs and the names in the text allow us, 'to see, to consider, to go into it deeply to
understand' the interplay of the different aspects of integral life and ourselves to engage in this game.

"Our contemporary scientific research is already tending to think of the Revived Qabala in the terms in which I am introducing it,
free of its religious myths and laws. So far only a few scientists are aware of it, but I have reason to believe that in a not too distant future the
Autiot will be used as symbols in different disciplines, such as physics, biology, and others, instead of our conventional, lifeless letters.

"A new sphere of thought is being opened up, and it is left to us to make our own discoveries. The joy of discovery is part of the game, and
there is an infinite number of profound combinations to be thought out. The verbs Bara (to create), Aassa (made), and Tsar (to structure)
open up unlimited perceptions." Carlo Suares, Trilogy, Sepher Yetsira, page 422, Shambhala, 1976.

Doug - 17Jun2014

7Aug2010 - Doug

Too, Suares describes Qabala as quantum~brethren. And he bridges fact and Value which Hume claimed impossible.

"I begin our study by saying that the Qabala is a science and that The Sepher Yetsira is a precise and accurate treatise on the structure of cosmic energy, written in a hidden code. This should not be a surprise: all the physical sciences are nowadays, written in cipher codes. If the code referring to the letters E, M, C was unknown, Einstein's equation, E=MC2, could not be understood. The mystery of the Qabala is simply due to the fact that the cabalists are not aware of what its language is and to the ignorance both of the analogical mode of thought characterising this language, and of the necessity of connecting this text with modern scientific research, instead of with the archaic stages of a science. In this they are like people who call themselves great physicians because they spend their time studying Archimedes, or mathematicians because they know Euclid by heart. This kind of scholarship is no more than an intellectual diversion, contributing nothing to our strife-riven world, or to our present consciousness which has lost its past mythological illusions and is in the process of bridging religion and science..."

"...It is this very bridge that is being offered to those who wish to study the Qabala seriously."

Suares claims that Sepher Yetsira, combined with his Cipher of Genesis and Song of Songs (those three make up his Trilogy) is our means to learn and understand Qabala.

Most importantly from Quantonics' quantum~perspective, Suares writes, "Historical evolution has developed the brain's so-called <page break>
'objective' powers of thought. It is high time that these powers break through some of the barriers they have erected to prevent cosmic energy [AKA pneuma, AKA spirit] from penetrating the psyche." See pages 384-385 of Suares' Trilogy.

Doug - 4,7Aug2010.

Describing Qabala

Simply, when we say Qabala we usually mean, using Autiot symbolically, (quantum~) process~functionally, and (ascension~descension) cosmically as means to exegetize reality in quantum~holographic interrelationshipings' terms of three classes of energy:

  1. Archetypes (semiotic fractal quantized letters 1~9; energy gematria 1~9),
  2. Sequential functional process omniscriptions of archetypes (semiotic fractal quantized letters 10~90; gematria 10~90), and
  3. Cosmic grail transmutative ascension~descension ontologyings of selves, archetypes and process omniscriptionings (semiotic fractal quantized letters 100~900; gematria 100~900).

Nowhere, yet, has Doug seen this, but those three levels correspond roughly gnosis' topos:

  1. hylic - Hylics are materialist simpletons. They can only fathom deterministic conventional lexicon dialectical 'definitions' of archetypes.
  2. psychic - Psychics can dialectically relate all 22 letters of standard Hebrew, but still use deterministic dialectical 'definitions' for objective relativism of semantics.
  3. pneumatic - Pneumatics, subjectively and qualitatively embrace quantum~uncertainty and seeing reality's energy as positive (wave~function stochastic) and everywhere~middle~including~associatively, can holographically interrelate all 27 letters, their gematria and their unlimited gn¤stic~comtextual variations.

Rabbi YhShWh had extreme omnifficulties communicating with ten of his disciples since most were hylics and few of those could even grasp issues of psychic semasiology. Only John~Mary and Thomas Didymos could partially grasp YhShWh's pneuma and he praised them for it.

Autiot isn't standard Hebrew! Standard Hebrew has 22 (all consonant) letters. Autiot has 27 consonant letters. Five additional letters, called "finals,' appear in Cosmic OEDC as energy~gematria of 500-900: final~khaf, final~mem, final~noun, final~phay, final~tsadde.

Table of Autiot's 27 Letters in Three Rows of Nine
Transcribed from Carlo Suares' Cipher of Genesis
Doug Renselle

Autiot is a big deal in Qabala. Qabala's Autiot describes reality in terms of its energy and those energies' quantum~emerqancies and their perpetual evolutionings.

Let's evolve this page as we learn more about Qabala and its energy omniscriptions:

What is Qabala?
(What is Reality? What is Energy and its own Reserve Energy?)

Carlo Suares' omniscriptionings of Qabala and Cabalist from his Sepher Yetsira,
Chapter 1, 'The Framework of the Book.'

"The cabalist is someone who, without preconceived ideas, freely 'plays the game" of Aleph~Bayt without an intermediary: 'S~he speaks to the creator of the Sephirot.' In other words, s~he joins in the unique creative movement. But we must understand that contact is where our 'name' is, in 'the rightful place' of our structure. It is up to the cabalist to discover h~er 'name,' to know h~er 'sphere.' S~he is a psychologist, or an artist, or philosopher, or interested in social questions. In short, the entrance to 'the game' begins when the cabalist becomes aware of h~er own individuality. At the same time s~he must stop reiterating religious or other teachings. The 'game' will reveal itself to h~er from the way s~he treats its elements: it is a movement, a vibration of the different living forms which 'come and go' (Sepher Yetsira I,8), and the cabalist can become the receiver and transmitter of this cosmic movement. Then the Qabala, in all its complexity, becomes comprehensible." Doug's gender adjustments. Doug's bold violet emphasis on Suares' classicisms.

Doug's quantum~commentary regarding Carlo Suares'
omniscriptionings of Qabala and Cabalist.

Doug marks some of Suares' linguisms in a medium violet to bring your attention to their classical issues, which in Doug's parlance, "...have no place in both Qabala and Autiot...," since both are pneumatically quantum. See Doug's Quantum English Language Problematics.

Doug highlights Suares' quantumisms in bold green.

Doug hermeneuts Suares' "...without preconceived ideas..." as a full denigration of Platonism.

Doug hermeneuts Suares' "...without an intermediary..." as requiring essential individualism.

His "creative movement" is autsimilar Bergson's "vital impetus." AKA "elan vitale."

His "same time" is an issue in quantum~reality since simultaneity is impossible in absolute change, absolute movement, absolute evolution: quantum~reality.

His use of "stop," harbors similar issues as simultaneity. 'Zero momentum' is impossible in quantum~reality. We would simply say as Gnosis does, "Monisms are deceit," therefore all dogma is deceit. Religion is monistic, thus deceitful. Christianity, as Suares writes vividly, is a lie, simply as Suares claims Jesus is a Jew, and Jesus never was a Christian and decried those (as 'Satan') who called him "Christ." For some reason Doug is yet to understand, Suares denigrates gnosis, but that may be due his dislike of Gershom Scholem's Kabbalah which self-declares gnosis. Suares dislikes mysticism and he also considers gnosis mystic. That may summarize his distrust of gnostics. A big trouble Doug has with Suares is his apparent intuition of Cabalism as a monism. Gn¤sis refers that "deceit." Doug now feels an additional burden of quantumizing Qabala as he did Gn¤sis and Pirsig's MoQ. Jesus' quantum~gn¤sis is apparent to me! Autiot is gn¤stic, to me! If Suares really believes that Aleph is in blood, and Doug is convinced that he does, then Cabalism may not be a monism, and I will argue that one vociferously. Doug.

Suares' "...receiver and transmitter of this cosmic movement," describes Qabalically what Doug refers "tapping into reserve energy."

Doug - 19,22Jul2010.


Qabala's game of Aleph~Bayt (1,2) supposes this: Aleph~Bayt is in everything and everything issi in Aleph~Bayt. That supposition is unambiguous that Aleph~Bayt affects all reality, and all reality affects Aleph~Bayt.

Quantonics' game of DQ,SQ supposes that DQ,SQ issi in all reality and all reality issi in DQ,SQ. Doug shows it more quantum~recursively as:

Doug usually doesn't show second bullet that way since, to Doug, DQ issi quanton(DQ,DQ) is more apparent given bullet one. Also, there is a subtle quantum issue of partiality: SQ is always partial regarding DQ. It is apropos to say Autiot that way too, "Bayt is always partial regarding Aleph."


Qabala uses an quantum~recursive Autiot, a energy language of words and numbers and their interrelationshipings which emerq, transemerq, demerq, and isoentropically save all evolvable patterns of reality.
















Thank you for reading,

Doug - 19Jul2010.



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