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Paul Craig Roberts

Doug's opine: Pundits
have complacency
confused with what is
quantum~really happening.
What appears classically as
'complacency' is actually,
an "Eye of a Global
Perfect Quantum Storm."

The Coming Storm
21Apr2015 - Doug.

As time passes this is
becoming more and
more apparent.

Doug - 29Sep2015...it continues!



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The End of Sound Money

HotMemeIhn Lightings' Quanta...HotMeme™             HotMemeWaving bricks from SOM's wall...HotMeme
HotMemeA Nascent Enfluxenment...HotMeme

A Doug Quantonics HotMeme"Self extinction: social efforts to attain 'stability' as status quo. An exemplar? 'Social planning for results.' " A Doug Quantonics HotMeme™.

An Alvin Toffler HotMeme™ quote: "Surely biological and social systems are open, which means that [any] attempt to understand them in mechanistic terms is doomed to failure." An Alvin Toffler HotMeme™ .
Quote HotMeme™ taken from Prigogine and Stengers' Order Out of Chaos Foreward by Alvin Toffler titled, 'Science and Change.' Doug's sic.

A Doug Quantonics HotMeme™ "Classical socialism imposes inevitable self extinction via its entrenched dogma of dialectic." A Doug Quantonics HotMeme™.
(See Mae-wan Ho for a more quantum~alternative. Essence: dialectic is social suicide: in borne sociopathy. This is why Doug narrates, "Dialecticians are dumbasses.")

A Doug Quantonics HotMeme™ "Keynesianism: Ouija Vu." A Doug Quantonics HotMeme

OK! Now it's time to get the Keynesian Chimponzis off our backs!

A Doug Quantonics HotMeme™ "Reality issi metabolic!" A Doug Quantonics HotMeme

A Doug Quantonics HotMeme™ "SaS-ERP Political Correctness, an oxymoron of oxymorons, issi naught but Socialc Skid Marx!"™ A Doug Quantonics HotMeme

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Quantonic Terms,   
Learning Quantonics  
How to Become a Student of Quantonics — Doug's basics
A Quantonics Quantum Life~Motif — TBD
A Qtx First Step Toward Managing By Uncertainty — Heuristics
A Primer on Qtm Cuneiform of Chaos and Equilibrium — Start...
Quantum Value Hierarchy — Plateau 2. QR evolves Life~MotifValue...
Bases of Judgment — Plateau 1.
Quantonic Acronyms — Mnemonics we use in Quantonics
Unique Quantonic Terms — Terms unique to Quantonics
How to Tap Into Reserve Energy — Neural SON re Fractal Antennæ
A Quanton PrimerSome basics
A Quantonic Time PrimerLatest Quantonic time heuristics
Classical Time Vis-à-vis Quantonic Times — More...update table
Quantonic English Language RemediationWhy QELR?
Quantonic List of Problematic English Terms — SOM's 'fool' box
Quantonic List of Problematic English Oxymora — Doug's favorites
Bogus Classical Notions — Doug's ever evolving list of dialectical bogosities
A_List_of_Quantonics_HotMemes— Helpful reader assistance
Art & Graphics   
Quantonics Art Archive — A collection; Generation I, II, & III reality loops.
Ensemble Qtm Interrelationships — Plural quantum c¤mplementarity
A Möbius 3-Prime Fermion — Fermions as prime+more on RH
Stairways of Evidence for Our Qtm Stages — Quantum Gestalt
Correlated QuantonsC¤mplementary spin correlation present/absent.
A New Map of Reality — Looking more like gravity ~partial coherence
Animations — Quantons(DQ,SQ)
MoQuantum™ EIMA — "N¤w where, when is my Inner?"
Philosophical Capability — MoQ, SOM, & CR Compared
Cultural Relativism Won — See table
Next Step — What we expect to win next over Cultural Relativism
Quantonic Symbols — Latest is 2D fuzzon...
A Sidis Collection 
Nervous Ills — Doug commences a review of Boris' text: reserve energy
Philistine & Genius
— All parents and teachers should read Boris' 100 pages
Happy Birthday Bill — From Dan Mahony! Thanks Dan!
Quantonic & Classical Time
— Foundation for our Sidis book review
The Prodigy — Amy Wallace's 1986 WJS book; add Hesse's Steppenwolf
The Streetcar Named Paradise
— Review: Rosenberg on WJS
WJS on Unconscious Intelligence — With added links and comments
Review Unconscious Intelligence — Doug's controversial ad lib review
A Dialog with Bret on Sidis' UI — Bret sees Doug's UI Review as unfair!
The Modern Gray Champion — Bill Sidis on Liberty & keeping it
WJS, The Broken Twig — Doug reviews Kathleen Montour's paper
Sidis to Eichel Mail — Swarthmore's DG-131-3 index of letters
Life Origins — WJS' Theories on Earth's Origins of Life
Sidis Inheritance Listed — Dollar amounts and Sarah's signature
Sidis Foregoes Inheritance — Bill assigns inheritance to Sarah
Book/Treatise Reviews  

Hoffmann's Strange Story of Qtm Prologue & Act I — 1 of 4 parts.
Hoffmann's Strange Story of Qtm Intermezzo & Act II — Being!
Dialogues Concerning Natural Religion, — Doug on Hume's fab opus
Hume's A Treatise of Human Nature — Portions of Hume's AToHN
____Book I Part III Sect I Of Knowledge — Complements above.
____Book I Part IV Sect I Of Scepticism re Reason — Ditto.
____Book I Part IV Sect II Of Scepticism re Senses — Ditto!
Breaking the Spell, by Daniel C. Dennett — DcD's "science is religion"
Varieties of Religious Experience — Doug on James' opus - stalled,...
Study of Man — Polanyi on a synopsis of Polanyi's Personal Knowledge
Durant on James
— Durant on James and Peirce
The Quantum Brain — Doug's incomplete review
A Beautiful Mind — Doug Reviews Sylvia Nasar's 1998 book
Available Light — Doug Reviews Geertz' superb cultural works
Time & Free Will — Bergson's Decimation of Classical Science
Structure of Scientific Revolutions — Doug Reviews Kuhn
Creative Evolution — Doug Reviews 2nd Bergson
Some Problems of Philosophy — William James' last work
An Intro to Metaphysics — Bergson's 1903 Masterpiece
Lila — Doug Reviews Pirsig's Lila
The Concept of Object as the Foundation of Physics
— Superb
John Buridan on Self-Reference — Buridan's Sophisms 1-20!
The Rainbow & the Worm — Mae-Wan Ho's 1993 book
The Fabric of Reality — David Deutsch's 1997 book
The New Pioneers — Doug on Tom Petzinger
Einstein's Classical concepts

Quantum Pendulum — An alternate hermeneutic: measure natural 'motion'
Problematic Einsteinian Memes — Doug's concerns re: Einstein's relativity
What is Wrong with EPR? — Readers view Doug's EPR table
Quantonics On Margenau's Projection Postulate Rejection — Why?
Einstein Wrong in His SR & GR Assumptions? — This is devastating!

A List of Quantonics' Breakthroughs — 1995 through now.
MoQ Essence — What is MoQ? MoQ in simple terms. Easy MoQ
MoQ & Language — Doug's email to Anthony McWatt
MoQ Emerscenture — Doug's hermeneutics of Lila, Ch 12.
Quantum Essence — What is Quantum Science's essence?
Quantum Tells — Classical phenomena AKA 'observables' as tells
Famous Metaphites   
Famous C-Rites — Cultural Relativists of renown
Famous MoQites — Philosophers akin Pirsig, James, Bergson, et al.
Famous SOMites — Newton, Ayn Rand, etc.! Add John Forbes Nash!
Flash!   Science News and Links — Latest July, 2004
Darwin's Chip — Gary Taubes' Evolving a Conscious Machine
Who Moved My Cheese? Why Keynesianism is failing: deceit of stability.
A Bird in the Bu()sh()
— Say g-bye mofo...
— Her Magesty of most ideal unquantumnessings...
Dialectics Anonymous — Join now, start your cure now...
Pi In Your Face — Quantum Pih issi n¤t classically constant!
What Makes People Insane? — Doug believes our SOM legacy does!
Feel Of Red
— This actually happened to Doug; laugh with~at Doug
What I Dislike Most About Life — Make it generic, get real enlightenment
Buridan's Ass — For those of you who have been vainly searching...
Doug's Duck — For those of you who want an alternative to Buridan...
Post Modern 'Science' — Utmost humor in its classical naïveté
No Cloning?
— GW Bush insists: no cloning! Surely he must be joking!
A Kyoto Accord — EnvirNOmental 'scientists:' us causing climate change?
Who's Next? — Say goodbye to Arkansas!
What's A Willard Sandwich?
— Imagine Monica in SuperPosition!
Whatings Happenings Nextings after Bush's 1 & only slice?
Why Hillary IS Pro-abortion
— Think about it before you look...
Politics of Death
— Is capital punishment just (much) later term abortion?
Kansas on Evolution
— Doug teases Kansans on Evolution
Doug's List — Credentials you need to run for President of USA
Your Tax $ at Work — Uncle SAM votes for Democrats

Dale & Doug on Quantonics Issues of Chaos and Equilibria
An AH Doug Dialogue on Sartre
— Sartre issi n¤t a quantum MoQite!
MJ's Dialogue with Doug re: Pirsig — MJ learns quickly
Henry's 1st Dialogue with Doug
— Learn MoQ & Quantonics
Henry's Koan Dialogue with DougQTMs' superiority over CTMs
AH Dialogue with Doug — Quantonics, Buddhism, and QR
AH & Doug on Quantonics Details — Essence of Quantonics, etc.
A Dialogue — Jon & Doug discourse on virtue, aretê, Good, Sophism, etc.
Are You Alive or Dead?
— MoQ & SOM on life & death
Classical SOM Science — Classical deceptions disclosed-note in red.
Many Truths To You — Extra-Boolean logic of many truths
MoQ & Mu — Basic letter on: Many Truths, Mu, SOM, MoQ
Mother of All Relativity — Doug's line in sand to Bo
RE: MoQ & Mu — Bo blasts Doug's Many Truths
Have A DQ Moment! — Affirmation of m, l, t = f(flux) insight!
Relate MoQ to Christianity? — Errors: We misinterpreted Aquinas!
Mere Quantonics — Frank Schierenberg asks us: What?
Relate MoQ, SOM & CR — Frank McLaughlin - basics please!
Help Me! What's Sophism? — A college student asks for help!
Quantum Holmes — Lance quotes Oliver Wendell on a+b=c
Roger's Brilliance — A superb tutorial on MoQ vis-à-vis SOM
Only Reading

New 10Apr2020 (Lila Dance issi Natural, Holy Blood Holy Grail, Splain, A Jungian Quantum Society, Epi~ecclesia of Coherent~Autonomy, .)
New 10Apr2020 (Adiabatic Quantadulationings, , , , , .)
New 28Apr2020 (Esthers Petition assa SoS Theme, Esther Requesting ~Freedom~ from Dialectic, Gnostically We Can Assess Hatred, Somatic Qabala and Lila Dance, , .)
New 28Apr2020 (An Abgeyiq Revelation in Depth, Haviaeh Qabala a Gametraic Revelation, Lila vav Diminuendo, , , .)
New 28Apr2020 (Lila Situation and Role, A Potential Vision Breatkthru, , , , .)
Why is Peace a Symptom of Quantum~Uncertainty?
What are Symptoms of Quantum~Uncertainty?
What are Symptoms of Classical-Certainty?
Recommended Reading — Favorites & some micro-reviews
Yahweh QED and Ehieh QCD — QCAI quantum~forensics
Sepher Yetsira
Translation of Ruth I:1-5 — Doug re Suares
Translation of Ruth I:6-10 — Doug re Suares
Translation of Ruth I:11-15 — Doug re Suares
Translation of Ruth I:16-20 — Doug re Suares
Translation of Ruth I:21-22 — Doug re Suares
Translation of Ruth II:1-5 — Doug re Suares
Translation of Ruth II:6-10 — Doug re Suares
Translation of Ruth II:11-15 — Doug re Suares
Translation of Ruth II:16-20 — Doug re Suares
Translation of Ruth II:21-23 — Doug re Suares
Translation of Ruth III:1-5 — Doug re Suares
Translation of Ruth III:6-10 — Doug re Suares
Translation of Ruth III:11-15 — Doug re Suares
Translation of Ruth III:16-18 — Doug re Suares
Translation of Ruth IV:1-5 — Doug re Suares
Translation of Ruth IV:6-10 — Doug re Suares
Translation of Ruth IV:11-15 — Doug re Suares
Translation of Ruth IV:16-20 — Doug re Suares
Translation of Ruth IV:21-22 — Doug re Suares
Translation of Esther I:1-5 — Doug re Suares
Translation of Esther I:6-10 — Doug re Suares
Translation of Esther I:11-15 — Doug re Suares
Translation of Esther I:16-20 — Doug re Suares
Translation of Esther I:21-22 — Doug re Suares
Translation of Esther II:1-5 — Doug re Suares
Translation of Esther II:6-10 — Doug re Suares
Translation of Esther II:11-15 — Doug re Suares
Translation of Esther II:16-20 — Doug re Suares
Translation of Esther II:21-23 — Doug re Suares
Translation of Esther III:1-5 — Doug re Suares
Translation of Esther III:6-10 — Doug re Suares
Translation of Esther III:11-15 — Doug re Suares
Translation of Esther IV:1-5 — Doug re Suares
Translation of Esther IV:6-10 — Doug re Suares
Translation of Esther IV:11-17 — Doug re Suares
Translation of Esther V:1-5 — Doug re Suares
Translation of Esther V:6-10 — Doug re Suares
Translation of Esther V:11-14 — Doug re Suares
Translation of Esther VI:1-5 — Doug re Suares

Translation of Exodus XVII:1-7 — Doug re Suares
Translation of Exodus XVII:8-16A Magnum Opus
Translation of Job XXXVIII:1-10
— Doug re Suares
Translation of Job XXXVIII:11-20 — Doug re Suares
Translation of Job XXXVIII:21-30 — Doug re Suares
Translation of Job XXXVIII:31-41 — Doug re Suares
Translation of Malachi I:1-4 — Doug re Suares
Translation of Malachi I:5-9 — Doug re Suares
Translation of Malachi I:10-14 — Doug re Suares
Translation of Proverbs IV:1-7 — Doug re Suares
Translation of Proverbs IV:8-14 — Doug re Suares
Translation of Proverbs IV:15-21 — Doug re Suares
Translation of Proverbs IV:22-27 — Doug re Suares
Translation of SoS I:1-9 — Doug re Suares
Translation of SoS I:10-17 — Doug re Suares
Translation of SoS II:1-9 — Doug re Suares
Translation of SoS II:10-17 — Doug re Suares
Translation of SoS III:1-11 — Doug re Suares
Translation of SoS IV:1-8 — Doug re Suares
Translation of SoS IV:9-16 — Doug re Suares
Translation of SoS V:1-8 — Doug re Suares
Translation of SoS V:9-16 — Doug re Suares
Translation of SoS VI:1-12 — Doug re Suares
Translation of SoS VII:1-14 — Doug re Suares
Translation of SoS VIII:1-14 — Doug re Suares
Quantum Gnosticism for Healthy~Mindedness — Lay bare gn¤sis
RR: Classical vis-a-vis Quantum Religion References
Gnostic Secrets of the Naassenes — Gaffney's fabulous book
Pagels Intro to Johannine Gospel in Gnostic Exegesis— Intro, Ch. 1
Quantonics on Hologra — Doug's commentary and lists of assumptions
Quantum Autiot Table— Doug's detail of each Aut's qwfal memes
Quantum Autiot Table Cropped— Doug's detail of Aut's qwfal memes
What does Autiot Mean in Qabala?— Doug's quantum~commentary
What is Truth in Qabala's Autiot?— Truth an agent of its own change?
Giving Semantic Value to Autiot & Gematria— Autiot&Gematria.
In The Beginning Quantum Remediated— 4th Gospel's NT first verses
A Sepher Yetsiral Quantum Hologralexology— On SY by Doug
What Arera Metabolismings?
— Doug's quantum~commentary
What Arera Gametria?— Doug's quantum~commentary
Why Antinomial Energy Flow?— Doug's commentary
About Arches 4 & 5— Doug's quantum~commentary
What is Consciousness?— Doug's quantum~commentary
Can Understanding Understand— Doug's quantum~innovation
What is Second Coming? — Doug's a "great misunderstanding."
What is Qabala? — Quantum~hermeneutics of Suares' Autiot and Qabala
What is Gnosis? — Basis for a new 'quantum~gnostic' politics...
Tools of Wisdom — Quantum vav classical 'Tools of Wisdom.'
What is Immanence?Assessment crucial to chaos~equilibria exegesis...
What is Grail? — Doug's quantum~exegeses of a usually very-classical 'topic.'
What are False Claims of the Church? — Doug's ever growing list...
What are Classical Deceits? — What's wr¤ng with classical reality descriptions
Quantonics' Exegesis of Qabala's Hebrew Autiot — Qabala and Quantum!
Is Yod a Quantized Waveform Semiotic of Hysteresis?
Autiot's Advanced Letter~Number Hermeneutics — Doug on Fibonacci.
Last Supper Hermeneutics™ — Doug's work in progress. Future book.
An Qtm Hermeneutics of Jung's Red Book Art Plate 127 — Exegesis.
Are Carlo Suares' Eight Propositions Jungian? — Doug's hermeneutics.
Jesus is a Dirty, Dirty God — by Johnnie Moore, ref by Steven, email response.
Irenaeus' Hatred of Women— from Hippolytus' speech in Euripides
Response to Steven re Black Holes — re a CNN Black Hole
Response to Philosopher re Genesis on Big Bangs — re Suares' CoG
On Quantum~Being   
Finding One's Inner — Blessings via quantum~being. See Proverbs IV 22-27.
A Quantum Democracy — Evolve original opus under QELR of 'determine.'
Quantum vis-à-vis Classical Time — A Doug tutorial for Dale.
Quantonics' FEP Values Feuilleton Chautauqua — A Doug text original...

Nonparticularity in QED Scintillation — Some emerqancy here...
What is Wrong with Probability as Value? — Likelihood Value proxy
David Foulis on Quantum Logic — See Conclusion: Firefly Experiment 1
Pirsig's SODV — '95 Einstein Meets Magritte (EMM) paper
A Next Millennium — Some transformation agents
The Ethics of Euthanasia — LeBaron's paper See Pew Poll on EOL planning.
Ant McWatt's MoQ Paper — Anthony and Eric on Pirsig's MoQ


Pirsig-Bergson on Monism-Pluralism — A philosophical breakthru!
Problematic Pirsigean Memes
— Doug shares his problems with MoQ.
24 Jan 1996 Letter From Pirsig
— Essential Pirsig
14 Sep 1997 Letter To Pirsig — Doug asks about MoQ extension
30 Sep 1997 Letter From Pirsig — Pirsig answers both yes and no
9 May 1998 Letter From Pirsig — Feedback on Loyola Video
12 Aug 1999 Letter To Pirsig — Ask Pirsig: read Pedro's Debate
18 Aug 1999 Letter From Pirsig — d'Espagnat & natural physics
Li - La — A few Hindu and Chinese alternate semantics for 'li la'
Loyola — Loyola University Chicago March, 1998.
Our MoQ Credo — Three choices: MoQ, SOM, Relativism
MoQ Definitions — Update some legacy definitions to quantum currency
MoQ Links — Links to other MoQ sites
MoQ Primer — MoQ rudiments and quantum science crux
MoQ I & MoQ II Duals — A list of two MoQs' duals.
Perspective Introduction — A perspective of two MoQs' duals
MoQ Moral Codes — Pirsig anticipated Doug's quantum~gnosis!
Pirsig's SODVEinstein Meets Magritte paper; 1927 Solvay comments
SOM ISMs — ISMs that constitute SOM a la Pirsig; add Instrumentalism
ISM Extremes — Pirsig, James, Bergson, et al. See Bergson I3!
SOM Limitations — Several major limitations of SOM
SOM Logic — What is wrong with SOM's de facto Boolean logic?
SOM Primer — If you want to know SOM's rudiments
The Birth of SOM — Pirsig's chronicle: SOM genesis
Poetry Quantonics Poetry — Our poems and other contributions
Quantonics and QED-QCD
Doug's Radiation Notes re: QCD — Radiation: Quantum vis-à-vis Classical
QED vis-à-vis QCD in Quantonics
— QED and QCD; see tables and notes
Quantonics Interrelationships in QCD — QCD
Hamilton's Quaternion Interpreted as Quantum Subjective — Lucid
Quantonic Think-king Modes, QTMs  
Creative Evolution of Quantum Systems — Evolution via Quantonics
QVH Table — Quantum Value Hierarchy; Scintillation~Quantization Loop
Making Waves — Quantons as water waves; see Doug's quantum curveball...
Making Thoughts — Using quantons to make thought flux; SON comtext
A Bell Theorem Chautauqua — Doug's Bell's Theorem study using QTMs
Zeno of Elea's Four Paradice — Doug offers quantum comments & solutions
Quantonics a New Meme   Quantonic Memes — See QELR, & many changes to Decidable Gödel Meme
Quantonic Time Memes — Classical vs. Quantonic - see table revisions
Quantum Computing Quantum Computing Discussion Group — L. Serafini's Italy group.
Quantum Greeks Heraclitus In Quantum Lightings — Heraclitus in Quantonese
Quantum Logic   
Suggested Requirements for a New Quantum~Mathematics
Max Jammer on Quantum Logic — Doug's critical commentary
One is the Onliest — View a quantum 'one' here
Quantum Logic Explorer — Heavy stuff here. Foulis, et al.
Quantum Logic: Order Structures — Be a pioneer-rough rider
Quantum Interpretations — 12 & counting...
Unpopular by Demand     Pisces Three — A quasi-fictional tale from a dozen years ago.
Self Discovery
— Partial chapter from A Next Iteration.
Mag Intrudes — Partial chapter from A Next Iteration.
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