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SOM and MoQ perspectives of Life and Death,
an email from Renselle to The Lila Squad on December 16, 1997.
The acronyms in the letter:
  1. DQ         Dynamic Quality
  2. IMO       In My Opinion
  3. Mtty       Many truths to you
  4. Mu         Tertium non datur; copiae complementa non datur ( third case-context-reference-frame/copius c¤mplements n¤t given)
  5. QT         Quantum Theory
  6. SOM      Subject-Object Metaphysics
  7. SQ         Static Quality
  8. TLS       The Lila Squad
  9. ZMM     Pirsig's Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance

In this reproduced email, Renselle's words are verbatim (portions of adieux omitted). Added comments in [comment].

Context: In a prior email (15Dec1997) Dave Thomas queried (partial quote, verbatim),

"If I die, or all humans die, what does MoQ say about what's
left? Is there anything or is there nothing? In a repose to my recent post on
quantum theory it was suggested this question in QT context was a Mu or
meaningless question. But for me this is an essential question that any
metaphysics and it is one the SOM has been struggling with forever. Any ideas?"

Dave asked the BIG questions. These are questions to which SOM, as usual, gives tiny-minded and simplistic answers. Dave wants to know how MoQ can help him to answer. Don't we all...

Here's the email -

Dave and TLS,

I want to share a view of the Earth's life and death process.

Let's do the SOM context versus MoQ context comparison again. Let's ask
a SOMite and an MoQite the same question and compare their answers.

Question: "Are you alive or are you dead?"

SOMite answer: "I am alive!"

MoQite answer: "Yes."

From the SOM perspective there is only alpha and omega - beginning and
end. That is why I have been saying that SOMites are 'one-life-centric.'

From the MoQ perspective, as Bo says, a human is a composite of all four
static levels. In DQ those levels evolve continuously. Practically
speaking and from a biological perspective the cells of which the
biological level are made continuously die and new ones are born. Every
~172 days you get a whole new you
. See OEDC. You just are not aware at the
largest system level (you) that these sub-processes are happening.

My metaphor of the dance of Lila is the same metaphor scaled to the
universe. Some MoQites see individual life forms (and galaxies) as
cells, continuously dying and new ones being born. This is the DQ-SQ
Lila dance. It is beautiful. See our animate quantum ontology.

There is a provocative duality twixt the MoQ metaphor of life and the
quantum physics metaphor. DQ is something like superposition. SQ is
something like realized wave functions or what we earlier called quantum

I do not know at this point in my personal evolution how to say this any
better. Perhaps in a few years... Or the next iteration...

[Also see The Quantonic Questions Meme at The Memes for
Quantonic answers to more questions like, "Are you alive or are you dead?"]

Mtty, Dave and TLS,

Doug Renselle.

PS Hope to see a growing MoQ-centered TLS next year. See you then.

" But quantum theory has destroyed the idea that only properties located
in external physical objects have reality."

Robert M. Pirsig, page 14 in his paper
Subjects, Objects, Data and Values, presented at the Einstein Meets
Magritte conference, June, 1995.
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