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A Review
of William James'
Some Problems of Philosophy
A Beginning of an Introduction to Philosophy
Ellen Kappy Suckiel
by Doug Renselle
My perspective of William James', Some Problems of Philosophy,
______________________________________________________-1996 Reprint, Bison Books, from original 1911 Longmans Green NY, 237 pages,
______________________________________________________-including introduction, text, appendix and index. -
1March-1May2000 Reader note: This review is complete, except for a comprehensive index.
Doug Renselle

Other links to William James Information:
13 of James' Letters from July issue of The Atlantic Monthly, 1920. These are all delicious! To: Renouvier, his son Henry, Jr., etc.
14 of James' Letters from August issue of The Atlantic Monthly, 1920. "...and the small end of winter appears looking through the future..."
12 of James' Letters & Postcards from September issue of The Atlantic Monthly, 1920. A letter to Henri Louis Bergson! In this letter, James says to Bergson, re: Bergson's latest book then titled, Evolution Creatrice (Creative Evolution), "To me at present the vital achievement of [your] book is that it inflicts an irrecoverable death wound upon Intellectualism. It can never resuscitate! But it will die hard, for all [its] inertia of [] past is in it, and [its] spirit of professionalism and pedantry as well as the aesthetic-intellectual delight of dealing with categories logically distinct yet logically connected, will rally for a desperate defense." Those of you familiar with our work here in Quantonics, will recognize James', "categories logically distinct yet logically connected," anticipating our quantons, our Quantonic notation, grammar, and Quantonic/Quantum Thinking Modes (QTMs) as precursory, curative agents of philosophical change.
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This review brings such great pleasure... Our opportunity to do this review is such a great gift... Accept our thanks and gratitude... Your continued patronage here in Quantonics makes this work possible.

Doug's Pre-review Commentary, including connections to William James Sidis.

James juxtaposes, to show great advantages of, his own philosophy over several classical ISMs. We offer a simple table of what we call ISM Extremes to help you see interrelationships among various 'classicisms' James considers in his work. Our table contains a green column which distinguishes James, Pirsig, Bergson, et al., from classicists.

OK, here is our review, with hyperlinks to individual parts of James' Some Problems of Philosophy:

Dedication To Charles Renouvier, page v

Our page breaks do not align perfectly with James' text. In some cases we move whole sentences or paragraphs forward or backward at page boundaries to keep his thought and our review of it contiguous in a page window.

We retain James' gender bias. We see it as a reminder of classical SOMthink, CTMs, where male and female are a pure dichotomy with male presumed in a classical and inappropriately dominant vis-à-vis equal role. Ancient stuff, no?

Unless we say so, assume italics and other emphasis is James' own.

Introduction By Ellen Kappy Suckiel, page vii
Prefatory Note By Henry James, Jr., page xiii-xiv
Chapter I Philosophy and Its Critics, page 3
Chapter II The Problem of Metaphysics, page 29 (Reformatted and extended Question and Answer Table. Released page constraints. Doug - 30Apr2006.)
Chapter III The Problem of Being, page 38
Chapter IV Percept and Concept The Import of Concepts, page 47
Chapter V Percept and Concept The Abuse of Concepts, page 75 (Updated comments on at least two pages; add a graphic and several links. Doug - 12Jan2007.)
Chapter VI Percept and Concept Some Corollaries, page 98
Chapter VII The One and the Many, page 113
Chapter VIII The One and the Many (continued) Values and Defects, page 135
Chapter IX The Problem of Novelty, page 147
Chapter X Novelty and the Infinite The Conceptual View, page 154
Chapter XI Novelty and the Infinite The Perceptual View, page 166
Chapter XII Novelty and Causation The Conceptual View, page 189
Chapter XIII Novelty and Causation The Perceptual View, page 208
Appendix Faith and the Right to Believe, page 221
Index page 233

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