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Philosophical Capabilities of MoQ, SOM, and CR Compared

by Doug Renselle

Careful observers note our interrelationship of italics cowithin MoQ's 'absolute;' however, we apply nonitalics to SOM. Semantic for 'absolute' differs among MoQ, SOM, and CR thus:

MoQ absolute: both changes all and always changes.

SOM absolute: states all truths and always states the truth.

CR absolute: there is no truth and all change is chaotic.


In MoQ evolute change is nature's moral imperative.

In SOM change is analytic motion of perpetually immutable substance.

In CR change offers no value or increase in value, rather it offers absolute chaos.


A more quantum way to say this same intueme using uncertainty as a referent:

MoQ says reality is quantum uncertain:
MoQ phasements reality is quantum accessible (see measurment row, classical vis-à-vis quantum, in that table; then see availability (classical vis-à-vis quantum) row in that table - Doug), paralogical, plural-ensemble-probabilistic, both complementary and dynamic uncertainty (quantal positive holographic phasistic wavings') interrelationshipings. To use more recent, CeodE 2009, quantology, those interrelationshipings are occurrent autsimilar holographic and fractal omniscriminationings. Doug - 26May2009. See also coobsfection, and quantum~essence.

SOM says reality is absolutely certain (no uncertainty):
SOM says reality is classically accessible, unilogical, monistic-analytic,
single-event-deterministic, dialectically objective, state-ic, certain, properties.

CR says reality is absolutely uncertain:
CR says reality is inaccessible chaos, denying absolute observation of either SOM analytic quantitative truth or MoQ stochastic qualitative change.

Careful observers also note why CR is currently defeating SOM in our raging culture wars. At least, it deals in a chaotic manner with multiple contexts, where SOM cannot. (See our 16Apr1999 letter to The Washington Times for more detail.) Our graph shows neither SOM nor CR capable of winning based on their notable incapability explaining natural, physial reality.

We anticipate MoQ or something like MoQ can displace SOM's/CR's culture war early in Millennium III.

In our use of a phrase evolutionarily stable, we mean patterns capable of both gradual and step changes or leaps. Evolutionarily stable patterns habituate more enduring persistence of survivability — quantum life extension.

Nonevolutionarily stable patterns or systems break or extinguish under certain types of evolutionary change.

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