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 Subject:  "Academics are sowing seeds of hatred."
 Date:  Fri, 16 Apr 1999  14:56:34 -0500

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 Organization:  Quantonics
 To:  Washington Times <>

Dear National Weekly Editor,

Paul Craig Roberts' recent commentary in "The Washington Times'"
12-18Apr1999 weekly edition, on 'Academics are sowing seeds of hatred,'
elicits dark feelings about something deeply wrong in our Western culture.

Is something wrong? Is it what Mr. Roberts claims?

Roberts tells us gender wars are causing hatred between men and women.
He tells us Marx induces hatred: good workers versus bad capitalists. He
complains intellectual lesbian feminists villainize heterosexuals to spread
hatred: gays in opposition to straights and vice versa.

Roberts describes liberal academia's depiction of Western culture as a
mighty hate generator whose purpose is to split Earth's people into elite
white and non elite people of color.

Roberts shares his perceptions with us stimulated by his own horror that
Dartmouth College prevented free distribution of C.S. Lewis' 'Mere
Christianity' to students.

Yet identical symptoms to ones he abhors in liberal academia also affect his
own Christianity.

We can list countless examples of Christianity's inquisitions, political
correctness impositions, wars between Protestants and Catholics, and wars
between Christians and non Christians.

These are symptoms of a disease, not the disease! Hate is a symptom, not
a disease!

Do you see a theme here? Isn't there an underlying common thread here?
Isn't Roberts just talking about effects? Isn't he avoiding discussion about a
more fundamental problem?

What is it, this more fundamental problem? What vile thing constitutes and
causes countless examples of hate he describes? Roberts tells us certain
doctrines are vile. However, we may intuit vile doctrines too are symptoms
of some other, deeper, undisclosed problem!

Go back look at his commentary and our words above. You will see
words like: Balkanization, negation, deconstruction, denunciation, between,
versus, opposition, split, etc.

Roberts does not want to admit it, but Western culture is a sick, either/or
culture! Western culture is a 'versus' culture. It began over 2.5 millennia ago.
Western culture teaches simplistic dichotomous thought to all - Christians,
classicists, post modernists, everyone:

True vs. false. Male vs. female. Queer vs. straight. Love vs. hate. Black vs.
white. Good vs. bad. Right vs. wrong, and so on...

Both classical culture and post modernism, indeed all Western ISMs, share
a common schismatic disease
. All are ill! Yes, their common illness spreads,
as Roberts fears, via academia. It spreads equally well in both warring
classical and post modernist schools. Yet each acts like it is well and argues
that its
opponent has a disease.

Now we know. We have two major factions fighting a war about a disease
both have
, each only detecting symptoms, and blaming their opponent. As
long as both share one disease, neither will win any culture war. Until we
eradicate this disease, we shall continue our lose-lose culture wars.

Thanks for reading.

Best and kindest regards,


PS - 21Apr1999 - Not only does academia sow more hate, it also sows more nitwit
graduates with inflated GPAs. Baccalaureate grade inflation is going exponential.

See Front Page Magazine article.

Businesses take note. You cannot trust GPAs anymore. You have to test fresh
graduates to see if they know their stuff. If the government says, "No testing,"
tell the government to shove it! If you are afraid to do that, put the freshouts on
3-6 month temporary or part-time status and find out what they can do.

Quality businesses still measure their value as the aggregate capability of their
people. Every incapable person you hire cancels one of your capable ones.

Doug Renselle

"Coupled cycles are the ultimate wisdom of nature."

By Dr. Mae-Wan Ho, in the Rainbow and the Worm, p. 49, World Scientific, 1993, paperback.

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To contact Quantonics write to or call:

Doug Renselle
Quantonics, Inc.
Suite 18 #368 1950 East Greyhound Pass
Carmel, INdiana 46033-7730

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