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A Topical Review
Henri Louis Bergson's

Time and Free Will

(tr. 1910 and prior, F. L. Pogson, Oxford)

by Doug Renselle

This review was unplanned. It arose from our need to understand Bergson's heterogeneous time.
We need to know his view of time for our review of William James Sidis' The Animate and the Inanimate.

Our review is in a simple side-by-side table format. Direct and extensive quotes from Bergson appear, by page
number in our table's left column. Our comments appear in that table's right side, aligned by page and paragraph.
We provide our own derived index, by topic number, to quoted sections of Bergson's, Time and Free Will.
Each index entry offers Bergson's own topic subtitles.

Doug's Pre-review Comments

Please go to above link first, if you are interested in how Bergson's works could have prevented our recent CeodE 2007-2010 global financial meltdown.
Especially if you have read Doug's Hodgepodge and his comments re: David X. Li's mathematical faux pas.
Doug - 7,10,12,16,18,19Mar2009, 23Jan2010.

Major edits to some topics below appear as red text and sometimes pink backgrounds:

Translator's Preface, pp. v-viii
Bibliography, pp. ix-xviii
Author's Preface, pp. xix-xx
Chapter I The Intensity of Psychic States, pp. 1-74 Topic 19 Add p. 103 commentary narrative and link. 20Mar2015 - Doug. Duration, Succession and Space, pp. 100-103
Topic 1 Intensity And Extensity, pp. 1-6 Topic 20 Pure Duration, pp. 104-106
Topic 2 Deep-Seated Feelings, pp. 7-11 Topic 21 Is Duration Measurable?, pp. 107-110
Topic 3 The Aesthetic Feelings, pp. 12-18 Topic 22 Is Motion Measurable?, pp. 111-112
Topic 4 The Moral Feelings, pp. 19-20 Topic 23 The Eleatic Paradox, pp. 113-114
Topic 5 Muscular Effort, pp. 21-26 Topic 24 Duration and Simultaneity, pp. 115-116
Topic 6 Attention and Tension, pp. 27-28 Topic 25 Velocity and Simultaneity, pp. 117-120
Topic 7 Violent Emotions, pp. 29-31 Topic 26 Two Kinds of Multiplicity, pp. 121-123
Topic 8 Affective Sensations, pp. 32-38 Topic 27 The Idea of Disorder, pp. 124-128
Topic 9 Representative Sensations, pp. 39-42 Topic 28 The Two Aspects of the Self, pp. 129-139
Topic 10 Sensation of Sound, pp. 43-46 Chapter III The Organization of Conscious States - Free Will, pp. 140-240
Topic 11 Sensation of Heat, pp. 47 Topic 29 Dynamism and Mechanism, pp. 140-142
Topic 12 Sensation of Weight, pp. 48-49 Topic 30 Physical Determinism, pp. 143-155
Topic 13 Sensation of Light, pp. 50-60 Topic 31 Psychological Determinism, pp. 156-164
Topic 14 Psychophysics, pp. 61-72 Topic 32 The Free Act, pp. 165-173
Topic 15 Intensity and Multiplicity, 73-74 Topic 33 Real Duration and Contingency, pp. 174-182
Chapter II The Multiplicity of Conscious States -
The Idea of Duration, pp. 75-139
Topic 34 Real Duration and Prediction, pp. 183-198
Topic 16 Numerical Multiplicity and Space, pp. 75-89 Topic 35 (p. 201 Real Duration and Causality, pp. 199-221
Topic 17 (p. 94 Space and Homogeneity, pp. 90-97 Conclusion Conclusion, pp. 222-240
Topic 18 Homogeneous Time and Space, pp. 98-99 Index INDEX, pp. 241-252

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