A Review
of G.E. Hughes'
John Buridan on Self-Reference
Chapter Eight, Sophismata, of Buridan's
Summulae de Dialectica
Translated with an Introduction and a
Philosophical Commentary
by Doug Renselle

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My perspective of G.E. Hughes', John Buridan on Self Reference,
_____________________________________________-'Chapter Eight of Buridan's Sophismata, Translated with
_____________________________________________-an Introduction and a Philosophical Commentary,'
_____________________________________________-1982, Cambridge University Press, 171 pages,
_____________________________________________-including bibliography and index. -
Doug Renselle

Sorry this is late! As you will see, there is much here. As I said, "...waiting is..."

Reader, please view this effort as working papers in progress. The material covered by this review is so extensive that we see no end to possibilities for new nexuses. Potential for you, here, is enormous. Your reviewer sees no limit to innovations which may arise from understanding fundamental issues discussed herein. Enjoy, and watch for continuing changes and extensions to our work here.

Recent revisions (one current) marked by, , herein. Suggested reading order marked by, , below. That suggestion is crucial, since each reading quantum~fractally, gn¤stically, ~recursively, and ~holographically EIMA interrelates () all others suggested in terms of quantized omnivalent understandings. Doug - 1Feb2010. If you are new to Quantonics, pay attention to our suggestion! Due diligence now will save you months of research labor in futurings. Especially those of you who are integrating Quantonics material into textbooks, classroom syllabi, theses, new layout storybooks, science fiction novels and movies (e.g., Caprica and Mindwalk), and product plans.

Review of Hughes' John Buridan on Self Reference ( 20May2010 - Doug: see Comparison of Assumptions "...true premises never entail a false conclusion...")

 Summary of Buridan's Logic
See our new Millennium III Reality Map too!

"And he knew!
He knew the Quality he talked about lay outside the mythos...He knew that to understand Quality
he would have to leave the mythos.
Robert M. Pirsig, p. 315/373, ZMM, Bantam paper.

"In all of the Oriental religions great value is placed on the Sanskrit doctrine of Tat tvam asi, 'Thou art that,'
which asserts that everything you think you are
and everything you think you perceive are undivided
To realize fully this lack of division is to become enlightened.

"Logic presumes a separation of subject from object [i.e, excluded-middle]; therefore logic is not final wisdom."

(Here, in these two paragraph fragments,
Pirsig acknowledges his understanding
of a quantum included~middle, and then he exposes
classical logic's absolute and unyielding denial of it.
Doug - 5Oct2002.)
Robert M. Pirsig, p. 126/373, ZMM, Bantam paper.


 • DQ  — Pirsig's Dynamic Quality
   • PES  — Physical Energy/Mass Space-Time
   • SOM  — Subject-Object Metaphysics
   • SQ  — Static Quality
   • VES  — Vacuum Energy nonSpace
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 What are Sophisms?
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