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Quantonics' Quantum Remediation
English Language Problematics
Millennium III
by Doug Renselle
: 20Jul2002
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English Language Problematic

Quantonics' Quantum

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See Point Etymology.

We also suggest you see Barnhart's Dictionary of Etymology.

Classical Synonyms:

  • Point can take almost unlimited semantics as noun and verb.
  • Key is that classical point is 'stopped,' by DesCartesian orthodoxy. Then fathom present participle and its plural.
  • etc.

Quantum Synonyms:

  • Fuzzon,
  • Strange attractor,
  • Peaqlo,
  • Ensemble attraction of QLOs,
  • Energy well,
  • Holographic energy well,
  • etc.

: Point

See object. A classical 'point' is a Newtonian, actually a Cartesian, 'point' object.

A classical point is analytical, it has state. A classical point is lisr and may be ideally EEMD-separated, verifiably and validly as alone, literally per se. A classical point is how classicists measure reality and perform analytic calculus on reality. A classical point 'possesses' ideal classical state: it is classically state-ic durational. Classical points immutably hold still.

Classicists believe they can pointedly, scalarbatively, measure reality point-by-point, time-by-time.

Quantum ræhlihty issi abs¤lutæ flux~quantal~changæ duhrati¤nal amd thus may n¤t bæ measured using classical point notions and concepts. Quantum ræhlihty can bæ ømnihtøred using anihmatæ, flux~duhrati¤nal fuzz¤ns AKA quantum p¤ihnts.

Banesh Hoffmann perhaps said it best, "We cannot measure frequency [quantum flux n¤r quantum phasicity] in an instant [at a point]." Page 153, The Strange Story of the Quantum. Our intraquote brackets. Bergson said, "For we can analyse a thing, but not a process;?" Page 219, Time and Free Will. Classical analysis requires point-by-point sampling and holding.

: P¤ihnt

A quantum p¤ihnt issi a fuzz¤n! Doug - 8Jan2006.

Wæ ¤ffer a quantum mæmæo ¤f 'p¤ihnt' ihn a spiriht ¤f assisting basihc math thhretihcians t¤ dævelop a n¤vel f¤umdati¤n f¤r an ihnnovatihvæ quantum mathæmatihcs.

A quantum 'p¤ihnt' may bæ ¤nly ¤næ Planck least acti¤n quant¤n amd iht may bæ an ænsehmble ¤f thæm. T¤¤, iht may bæ an ænsehmble ¤f c¤mplex wavæs (e.g., a wavæ fumcti¤n). Each lihnæ ihn a fuzz¤n may bæ a QLO (attrahcted) amd iht may bæ QLOless (unattracted); i.e., an attractor's emergent monism, we believe it is apropos to view QLO attraction as OEDCyclic; see our Ensemble Attractors and read text there). Ræcahll, "wavæs aræ st¤chastihc ¤mnistrihbuti¤ns." A Planck læast ahcti¤n issi a wavæ! A Planck læast ahcti¤n issi quantum ræhlihty's sihmplest wavæ. Iht issi a sihmplest QLO.

A quantum p¤ihnt, ihn ihts guise as a quanton, ræpresænts, genærahlly, ænsehmblings ¤f QLO ¤mnihfferæncings, i.e., what wæ cahll phasihcihtyings.

N¤tihce: Ihf a QLO issi attrahcted iht wihll have a, e.g., Gaussian ¤mnistrihbuti¤n; ihf a QLO issi umattrahcted (ihn a sænse iht issi n¤ l¤nger a QLO; iht issi ¤nly a (is¤)fuzz¤nihc lihnæ) iht wihll n¤nappæar as a classical 'straight' unaffected line.

hdærs may fath¤m h¤w fuzz¤n ¤nt¤l¤gies aræ extra¤hrdinarily n¤n classical. Sææ ¤ur isox ¤mniscrihpti¤ns at ¤ur c¤ihned quantonics tærms pagæ.

A quantum 'p¤ihnt' by ihtsælf, gænuinely pær se, ihts quantum c¤mplæmænt issi ihts comjugal c¤mplæmænt, i.e., n¤nahctualihty. Wæ can think ¤f saihd p¤ihnt as an quanton(n¤nahctualihty,ahctualihty) eæmplar. Sææ ¤ur is¤fuzz¤n.

A quantum p¤ihnt has abs¤lutæ quantum anihmacy amd arbihtrary spathial ¤mnistrihbuti¤n.

A quantum p¤ihnt issi sup(er,ra)~N~c¤mplexings lihkælih¤¤d ¤mnistrihbuti¤nings. Wæ als¤ cahll iht a fuzz¤n.

Als¤ sææ lih.

Studænts ¤f Quantonics amd ræhdærs~visiht¤rs sh¤uld n¤w bæ kæænly apprised that wæ n¤w, f¤r fihrst tihmæ ihn Quantonics' hist¤ry, using pr¤t¤pr¤æmial quantum anahlogues ¤f p¤ihnt amd lihnæ, have mæans t¤ ahctuahlly d¤ physial quantum~scihæntihfihc w¤rk using quantonic mæmæ¤tihcs. Wæ can n¤w læave, jump, læap, fly, swim ¤ut ¤f classical science's legacy church of objective reasonings (COORs).

Wouldn't Leibnitz love this? Mayhaps he does.

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