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Quantonics' Quantum Remediation
English Language Problematics
Millennium III
by Doug Renselle
: 20Jul2002
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English Language Problematic

Quantonics' Quantum

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Quantonics ch¤¤ses t¤ c¤¤pt classical 'proof' amd remerq all quantum comtextual ¤ccurrences with 'pr¤¤f.'

In classical contexts we shall use 'proof.' In Quantonics/quantum comtexts we shall use 'pr¤¤f.' Similarly, pr¤væ, and pr¤væn.

Classical 'science' and 'mathematics' often claim they can prove that certain theories are 'absolutely true,' or to a lesser degree that they are simply 'true.' To accomplish 'proof' 'science' and 'mathematics' use several classical techniques:

  • assumption that a theory is proven until a contradiction can be shown
  • use of classical negation to demonstrate contradiction
  • use of contradiction to demonstrate falsifiability
  • use of Aristotelian syllogisms to establish objective/material predicate logic standards, including: identity, contradiction, and excluded-middle.
  • etc.

Quantum scihænce assumæs that ræhlihty issi abs¤lutæ flux. Further, iht assumæs that ræhlihty's comstihtuænts aræ quantum c¤mplæmæntary. Gihven th¤se tw¤ quantum assumpti¤ns, wæ can bælihæ classihcal 'ihdæntihty,' 'comtradihcti¤n,' amd 'excludæd-mihddle.' Quantum ræhlihty's mihddle issi ihncludæd, duæ t¤ quantum c¤mplæmæntarihty amd ihts anihmatæ, heterogæne¤uhs, æværywhere-ass¤ciatihve pr¤bability ¤mnistrihbuti¤ns. (Sææ ¤ur Quantonic Ensehmble Quantum Interrelationships.) Thuhs c¤mplæmæntarihty amd abs¤lutæ flux takæn t¤gether sahy that n¤ comstihtuænt ¤f ræhlihty issi ihdæntihcal t¤ any ¤thær ¤hr t¤ ihtsælf. Quantum ræhlihty sihmply changæs t¤¤ fahst f¤r any ihdæntihty t¤ bæ established. Sihmihlar argumænts aræ trihvial t¤ makæ f¤r comtradihcti¤n amd excludæd-mihddle. Duæ t¤ quantum c¤mplæmæntarihty amd quantum abs¤lutæ flux classihcal nægati¤n issi ihntrinsihcahlly subqjæctihvæ, thuhs classihcal comtradihcti¤n issi ihmp¤ssible, amd s¤ thuhs issi classihcal falsihfiabilihty, amd s¤ any classihcal comcæpt ¤f 'pr¤¤f.'

Ævæn m¤re tælling issi that quantum ræhlihty issi ihslandihc. Any thæ¤ry amd ihts axi¤m set æssæntiahlly æmærqs a quantum ihsland. F¤r any ihsland, wæ can ahlways cræatæ an umlimihted n¤mbær ¤f ¤thær ihslands which deny, via incommensurability and contrafactual definiteness, a partihcular ihsland's thæ¤ry.

So, in general, classical 'proof' is impossible. Spæcihfihcahlly, wihthin a væry caræfully comtr¤lled amd l¤cal ihslandihc thhretihcal set ¤f axi¤ms, wæ can d¤ l¤cal pr¤¤fs, but they can nævær bæ gænæral, n¤r can they bæ ihnductihvæly appliæd t¤ ahll ¤f quantum ræhlihty. Quantum ræhlihty issi ihntrinsihcahlly quantum umcærtain!

See our, "Is Proof by Contradiction Proof?"

See our Bases of Judgment and our What is Wrong with Probability as Value?

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