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A Review
of Daniel C. Dennett's

Breaking the Spell
Religion as a Natural Phenomenon

A Critical Review
by Doug Renselle


My perspective of Daniel C. Dennett's Breaking the Spell,
______________________________________________-2006 1st edition, Viking, 448 pages,
______________________________________________-including introduction, text, appendix and index. -
Doug Renselle

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Doug's Pre-review Commentary. Under draft edit process while review chapters are incrementally completed - Doug - 25Feb2006.

Chapter 1 Breaking Which Spell?
Chapter 2 Some Questions About Science
Chapter 3 Why Good Things Happen
Chapter 4 The Roots of Religion
Chapter 5 24Oct2006 'transcription error' update - Doug. Religion, the Early Days
Chapter 6 The Evolution of Stewardship
Chapter 7 The Invention of Team Spirit
Chapter 8 Belief in Belief
Chapter 9 Toward a Buyer's Guide to Religions
Chapter 10 Morality and Religion
Chapter 11 Now What Do We Do?

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