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Here we see both SOM and CR subsumed by MoQ.
Are we using induction to project?
From a SOM/CR perspective, yes. However, from an MoQ/quantum
perspective we can adhere our meme, "Flux is crux."
MoQ is a philosophy of change, and quantum science is a science of change.

Will SOM and CR go away? No! Expect enlightenment probably
will evolve current SOM/CR practitioners toward MoQ's attractors.
Why you ask?
Already, our currently evolving new philosophy and science are changing
our de facto ontology from Aristotelian/Newtonian to MoQ/Quantum.
In Quantonics, we consider this transition a major Millennium 3000 problem.
We must gradually convey knowledge to our current culture
about a transition from our old ontology to a new one.
Why? Irving Stein makes it clear in his 1996 book. See our review.
One simple example: quantum computers are imminent. Do you know how
a quantum computer works? Do you know how to program one?
Do you understand simple quantum concepts? Do you know differences
twixt quantum reality and classical reality? Do you know why classical
reality is inadequate for Millennium III? If any of your answers are, "No,"
we just made our point. We need to begin a transition now.
We call it Western culture's M3K problem. It dwarfs our Y2K problem!

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