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Quantonics' Quantum Remediation
English Language Problematics
Millennium III
by Doug Renselle
: 20Jul2002
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English Language Problematic

Quantonics' Quantum

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Synonyms - classical:

  • puissant, powerful
  • prepotent, almighty
  • empowered, influential
  • latent possibility
  • quantity, magnitude
  • etc.

Synonyms - quantum:

  • p¤sihtihvæ æmærqant changæ
  • uhp t¤ Planck ratæ ræcursihve æværywhere ihncludæd~mihddle ass¤ciatihve ræcapihtulati¤n
  • quantal selectihvæ ch¤¤sings~chancings~changings
  • etc.

Etymology - classical:

  • potential, adj., Before 1398 potencial potential, latent; borrowed probably through Old French potencial, and directly from Late Latin potentialis potential, from Latin potentia power, potency.
    From Barnhart's Concise Dictionary of Etymology, p. 589, Harper & Collins, 1995, hardbound.

Etymology - quantum:

  • p¤tæntial 2005 QELRed from English potential.

: Potentia, potential, potentiality, etc.

In Quantonics, we really like change. So we shall take an omniffering tack on this QELR.

We base this QELR on a query from DMD re: potentia. DMD liked our answer, so we thought we might use it here.

In a DMD 22Nov2005 email to us, this query was proffered:

"We have read of classical notions of 'infinite potential', 'God as Infinite Potential', 'actualizing one's potential', etc. How do these notions interrelate to Quantonics memeo that classicists view Reality as dichon(actuality,actuality)?" Adepts please fathom DMD's use of a comma nospace in that dichon.

Doug's answer:

DMD, you already know this quantum~parable, do you n¤t?

Classical 'infinite' is classical 'state,' a global state, a universal state, a catholic state, and all scalarbations which attend state: 1c/0c=1c/(1c-1c) where all 1cs 'either-or' all 0cs are identical and same everywhere: classically 'context free.'

Classical 'potential' is classical state,...:  classical actualization is reification. Aristotelian state: apple on tree (potentia), thence apple on ground (loss of potentia). Aristotelian event (potentia release): classically inexplicable transition from tree to ground.

Classically state-ic 'God.' 'God' as lisr actuality. DQ as lisr SQ. Dichon(DQ, SQ). Interestingly, in SOM DQ doesn't exist, making a classically 'potential' implication God 'exists not.' If this is classically so, from whence 'infinite potential?' How does one pry infinite potential from a closed, OGC, OGT dialectical reality?

(By) Being dialectical.

In terms of emergence 'classical state' has no potential!!! State cannot emerge. Dirac: "Only a system which is left undisturbed is determinate." (slightly paraphrased) Now apply that to all semantics which encapsulate 'stat' and 'state.'

If you have Unix, this is easy to do. Simply do a <grep '[Ss]tat' /lexicon_folder/largest_dictionary_you_have.txt>. If you append < | less >stat_words.txt>, you can save them all in a file. A dictionary you can use, e.g., on a MAC with OS X is at /usr/share/dict/web. It contains ~235,000 words. Larger ones are available and too it is easy to construct your own from various online texts which can easily be converted to word lists. web2 contains 521 words with '[Ss]tat.'

In quantum reality we can throw this word, state, away since it is innately antithetical quantum reality. In quantum reality it has no potentia(l). Ponder how Descartes' axes and spatial 'di' mensions reify, state-ify, scalarbatively, classical reality.

As you can see, dichon(actuality, actuality) has lost its quality. If you really meant dichon(actuality,actuality), then we may show that affectively as dichon(quanton(n¤nactuality,actuality),quanton(nonactuality,actuality)). Now, even dichonically inside d' Box, we can SEE (ponder quantum~gn¤stic Autiot's Sheen and Seen here.), C, SEA our classically 'hidden' potential, our "reserve energy." This shows that classical reification of quantum reality, regardless how carefully connived, cannot escape absolute flux' impetus. Classes of quantum~co(¤)n(m)jugation are incredibly important here and take a lot of effort to grasp. Too, ~~. See our QELRs of quanta and select.


: P¤tæntia, p¤tæntial, p¤tæntialihty, etc., amd their plurahl amd partihciple æmærqancies.


An easy way to say what we intend by quantum potentia is "Quantum potentia is said's unsaid. Quantum potentia is said's quantum complement as that which may proflectively and anticipatively, expectedly impend as evolutionary unfoldmentings in actuality." Doug - 20May2007. Read all of Kuhn's partial puzzle on enthymemetics. See partiality.

We offer some quoted text from ending of our enthymemetics aside at Kuhn's SoSR:

"Quantonics HotMeme™ Another very simple way of describing quantum partiality [as quantum~potentia] is, "What is unsaid is radically more important than what is said."™ All quantum descriptions can only be partial and their potential quantum~redemptive fullness exceeds their partiality. Quantonics HotMeme™.

"That is a partial description of what Bohm meant by 'Hologramic Reality,' and what Doug, William James, and Boris Sidis mean by 'Reserve Energy' and our descriptions of How to Tap Into Iht."

Added 20May2007 - Doug. Quantum HotMeme™ updated with bracket phrase.

Gnostically our view of potentia changes considerably from what we have described here in a quantum~sense.

It is subtle but Pagels compared two queries using gnostic topos to offer an exemplar for us:

  1. What shall we do?
  2. What shall you do?

We is society. You is an individual.

Gnosis says that we types have little gnostic potential. Why? Individuals are living, evolving, aware, wise, enthymemes! Societies, classical ones, are n¤t.

Gnosis says that you types can have enormous, almost boundless, gnostic potential.

Added by Doug - 1Aug2008. Blue update 12Nov2009.

Quantum 'infinite' is animate REIMAR:  1q/0q whæræ quantum ihnfhinihty t¤¤ issi QLOistic: umcærtain quantum~wavæ~functi¤nings.

Quantum 'potential' is animate REIMAR:  quantum æmærgæncæ issi parthæn¤gænætic flux (parthæn¤fluxic) quanta durati¤nal ¤nt¤l¤gy.

Quantum ihnæffablæ G¤d. Quanton(G¤d_issi_ihn_us,wæ_aræ_ihn_G¤d). Quanton(DQ,SQ). G¤d issi quantum ræhl.

Bæing quantum hærmænæutic: quantum asympt¤tic quantum p¤tæntia: quantumcumque possum. Obsærvæ H5W quantum asympt¤tæs d¤ n¤t, cann¤t classically converge: Arrihval, ihn any sense of classical radical finalism, ihsn't ihn ¤ur cards~p¤tæntia!

DMD, you see latter endlessly recurring ihn Quantonics.

Better Quantum Regards,

Doug - 25Nov2005.

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