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We offer for your consideration our Quantonics version of SOM's Box.

SOMites live in SOM's Box. In SOM's Box reality is only what 'exists.'
SOMites cannot see outside of their Box.
They installed many dialectical blinders, "edges of no," to prevent them from seeing outside their Box:

  • Reality has but one global context — there is only one reality
  • Reality's uni-context allows us to assess objective, absolute truth:
    • Absolute truth is consistent
    • Absolute truth is complete
      (even though reality's objective mass, length, time, and gravity are undefined — measurable, but undefined)
  • Reality is rational in its one global context:
    • Mathematics' Independence Axiom
    • Substance 'exists' objectively
    • Propositional logic based upon substance
      • Identities 'exist'
      • Tautologies 'exist'
      • Sophisms do not 'exist'
    • Aristotle's syllogistic 'laws:'
      • A = A
      • A is A or A is not A
      • A is not both A and not A
    • Gravity, mass, length, time 'exist' objectively
    • There is only one time (i.e. time, just like truth, context, and logic is homological)
    • Objects have measurable mass
    • Objects have measurable size
    • Objects gravitationally attract one another
    • Objects are localable, isolable, separable, and reducible
    • Observed objects hold still or obey analytic differential and integral calculus
    • Objects are not aware (e.g., photons do not make decisions, and projectiles do not know where to go)
    • Formal symbols may 'signify' objects
    • Change is temporally analytical
    • Subjective nonsubstance does not 'exist'
  • Reality is not intuitive
  • Truth works for all value assessments

MoQites can see SOM's Box, its complement, and an infinity of other
local contexts of varying dimensions and complementarity. MoQites intuit flux is crux.

MoQites intuit SOM's extreme naïveté.

MoQites intuit quantum reality which denies almost all of SOM's blinders.

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