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A Sepher Yetsiral Quantum Hologralexology
Autiot S Words and Phrases


Doug Renselle

Commencing June, 2014


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Hologralex™ S Words Index
Sabakah - Classically: A net trapping immortal mind (cosmic consciousness, nous, soul, aleph, etc.) in mortal body (fermionic material, flesh and its poverty, etc.) Samooni - Love [a living song (qwf)] of Hær lush quantum existence Satan - A self~other antinomial complementation of two satans: Satan one, e.g., petrified-Peter and YHWH without Sheen, is dialectic, Error, demiurge, etc., while Satan two is a lessor, partially pneumaticq (e.g., Judas), satan which is a presenceq middle~includingq all Yodq Schem - Adam's name Seenah - Hate - Love's antinomialq Sepher - Code, book, article, scroll, and important comtextually, orb
Sepher Yetsira - Book of Formation Sephira - Emanations, 10 spheres of emanation Sephirot - Tree of Life, Tree of Emanations Shadai - Breath that acts upon 'doors' and 'windows' which can close them, open them, partially close them, partially open them
Shakal - to be wise
Shalomoh - Peace Sharah - Living struggle of being cowithihn existence Shehhora, Shehhorah - Female darkly speaking Sh'hharhhoret - Strumming (plucking) some of nature's strings Sheli - Spiritual (Spirit's, Spirits') love of me (Hær) in organic actuality Shem - Name Shemaykha - Your name
Shemayo - Name of fecund light, name of all sentient sensory bandwidth quantized energyings

Shemen - Name of any fermionic ensemble

Rev - Doug - 22Mar2016.

Shemenekha - Name of your fermionic ensemble with recognizable int[[er][ra]]holographicq grail qua Shemer - (Name of) Heart as essence, metabolism of life Shemesh - The [a] sun (nu)Shemt - Quantized evolving breath of existence

Shoshanah - Rose

Shoshanat - He who is a lover

Shoshanat - Our role in existence: Quantized quantadulation of two metabolisms freely quantizing their existential struggle with vital~impedance

Sof - End -

Turning off Planck's clock - turning off quantum~reality's Esh
Sphere - A sphere of emanation Sh'Shzafatni - Has coated me (idiom) and Has Signatured my Peace (quantum)

Hologralex™ S Words' Content





(From Suares' opus including his Trilogy 'Sepher Yetsira' and his Song of Songs)


Sabakah -Classically: A net trapping immortal mind (cosmic consciousness, nous, soul, aleph, etc.) in mortal body (fermionic material, flesh and its poverty, etc.)






Sabakah -Classically: A net trapping immortal mind (cosmic consciousness, nous, soul, aleph, etc.) in mortal body (fermionic material, flesh and its poverty, etc.)






Sabakah -Classically: A net trapping immortal mind (cosmic consciousness, nous, soul, aleph, etc.) in mortal body (fermionic material, flesh and its poverty, etc.)






Sabakah -Classically: A net trapping immortal mind (cosmic consciousness, nous, soul, aleph, etc.) in mortal body (fermionic material, flesh and its poverty, etc.)






Sabakah -Classically: A net trapping immortal mind (cosmic consciousness, nous, soul, aleph, etc.) in mortal body (fermionic material, flesh and its poverty, etc.)

Eli, Eli lama sabachthani


Sabakah (Sammekh~Bayt~Kaf~Hay:

Eli (Aleph~Lammed~Yod: 1.30.10)

lamah (Lammed~Mem~Hay: 30.40.5)

Begin Doug's heuristic cipher of thani 16Oct2014:

Thani: Thav~Noun~Yod (400.50.10).

Literally, from Doug's interpreter view Thani is, "Resisted [Thav] (possibly stopped [Tav]) quantization~scintillation [Noun] of humanityq and life." That actionc kills Hay (as quantum~evolutionary pr¤cæss) ihn Yod!

Another way, "T[h]av stopped the Noun of Yod."

Tooraq, "T[h]avings stoppings the Nounings of Yodings." And "...stoppings breathings [Ghimel~Hay] as evolvingq cloudings of water dust (quanta)." Doug - 30Oct2014.

Recall Dirac's comment that only way scientists could make their classical dialectisms of reality work was to stop Planck's clock? Familiar, eh?

End Doug's heuristic cipher of thani 16Oct2014.

Thav - (T[h]av~Waw: 400.6) Tav as Aleph's echo, its mirror, a kind of Aleph looking at itself in a mirror, seeing both its projection and that which is projected. Tav can resistantly and stuxically keep (killc) life in its near equilibrium cycle. Thav can fluxically leak life, at varying gradiencings, into its spiritual exaltation.

Noun (Noun~Waw~Noun: 50.6.50) - Packets of energy fertilizing packets of energy. Packets of energy scintillatingq packets of energy. Quanta quantadulating quanta. Cosmic realityq principleq of indetermination~uncertaintyq. Inner's self~freedomq from Planck's rate on up to galaxies and multiversings. Noun is Qabala's (and thus Sepher Yetsira's) most essene-tial artefactq (desnouring selfq as uncertaintyq bearing peace and tolerance). Essence of con(m)sciousness (and subcon(m)scousness, uncon(m)sciousness) as quantons(scin,quan).

Yod (Yod~Waw~Dallet: 10.6.4) We see Yod as Aleph's antinomial existential projection. It fertilizes and is fertilized by archetype Dallet which offers Yod free willq enunciated by a [Gnostic, heretical] choiceq twixt idealc dialectic Yodc and more spiritualq holographic Yodq views of self and self's role ihn realityq. Yod's Dallet says, "You may choose to be a deadc (Mawt~Ha~Mawt) selfc, and alternatively a livingq selfq."

Classical mistranslation is, "Father, father, why hast thou forsaken me."

That translation makes countless invalid assumptionsc and presumptionsc, including:

  • 'god' is canonicallyc separatecrational, hylic from humanity (denies Jesus' words in his 'farewell discourse'),
  • Jesus is canonicallyc separateclisr, dialectic from humanity (denies Jesus' words in his 'farewell discourse'),
  • Eli means classically, dialectically, "objectively separate 'father, god,'"
  • Sabach's root semantic is 'forsaken;' observe how Sabach spells-outq as (S[h]een~Bayt~Hhayt: 300.2.8),
    That spelling of Sabach may also be interpreted as, "...darkened my spiritual con(m)tainer." Doug - 28Oct2014.
  • Doug needs to ponder and fathom thani (T[h]av~Noun~Yod: 400.50.10), prior further comment,
  • lamah means why? and we agree,
  • etc.

A Jeshuit quantum~hermeneutic of that phrase includes these sema:

  • Eli refers Jesus' 'farewell discourse' phasementings:
    • I am ihn you (I, Jesus, am ihn Yodq (10): humanity),
    • G¤d is ihn you (G¤d (aleph: 1) is in Yodq (10)
    • G¤d is ihn all Yodq, (humanityq)
    • All Yodq (humanityq) is ihn Jesus,
    • etc.
  • Sabakah has multiple semantics:
    • Using S[h]een instead of Sammekh it means trellis (may be viewed as a network),
    • Using Sammekh it means grate, possibly a grillwork (again, may be viewed as a network),
    • As a network we can view it as a web-like trap which is partially closed and partially open depending upon whether we use dialecticc or holographicq to hermeneut it,
    • etc.

Sabakah parsed is:

  • Sammekh: actual (existential) projectionq of Waw as Waw's quantum~antinomial~complement.
  • Bayt: containment,
  • K[h]af: sieve~like (networkq-like) quantons(openq,closedc); a leaky grail, a good metaphor here is a synapseq (i.e., leaks synapticallyq, as a puristq, like a Josephson junctionq),
  • Hay: of lifeq

Interpreted then as a hermaphroditic antinomialq~complement(femaleq,malec) networkq con(m)tainer of humanq lifeq.

When we use a quantum~hologralexology to retranslate this phrase, it becomes,

"Humanity (my (Jesus') church), oh humanity, why hast thou trappedc me in thy networkc?"

Answer? Classical dialectic, its principle, its monism, its dogma, its orthodoxy, its demos will, its ideal negation, its predicable certainty, its status quo, all are deceit!

Quantumly, pure posentropic fermionicity is a trap. Without photons, phonons, etc., it cann¤t evolveq.

With Jesus (bosons, light: zero and integer entropies) QED is possible, even QCD (negentropy) is possible: unlimited potentia (Zayn) is possible. We call it, "evolution, quantum~evolution."

When one uses dialectic to (rational-)reasonc, to thingk, one deceivesc (deludes, illudes) others and oneself.

Humanity has a choice to view networkc, alternatively networkq.

Dialectic objectively closesc said network. It keeps 'god' and Jesus separatec from humanity (Yodq, Jesus' church).

So Jesus appears to be saying that when humanity uses dialectic (Satan, Error) to thingk, humanity closesc itself off to aleph (1) and Jesus' presenceq (quantum~middle~inclusion; EIMA) of aleph and Jesus' cowithinitnessings Yodq (us, His (Hær) church).

Suares places great import on this topic. Sanction Doug a crucial quote from his Second Coming of Reb YhShWh:

"This is a very important point, perhaps more than all others. [Jeshus'] consciousness, fully alive and freed on the cross, is astonished at having been caught in the net, the maze, the labyrinth of that dying body's con[m]sciousness. To my [Suares'] mind, that is how we must examine the 2,000 years that have elapsed since then. I suggest that you try looking at your daily existence as seen, so to speak, from a great height. In other words, [illeaticallyq] get out of your human being [material flesh shell] and look at it nailed to its daily cross. And as you see that self pinned to its daily existence of repetitive motions, con[m]sider your true [rather, evolvingq] individuality as con[m]sciousness that has no insulated compartments or dividing walls. Then you, too, may begin to ask what you are doing in such a shell, in such a mess." Page 74, ibid. Doug's brackets.

Suares "...such a mess," is just what we see happening to~in our world today. Keynesian, Marxist dialectical feces: fetid elite chicanery extruding sociopathy (anti individualismq).

There is beau coup more to cover here... "Let it evolve..."

Love [a living song (qwf)] of Hær lush quantum existence

Love [a living song (qwf)] of Hær lush quantum existence

Love [a living song (qwf)] of Hær lush quantum existence

Love [a living song (qwf)] of Hær lush quantum existence

Love [a living song (qwf)] of Hær lush quantum existence

Samooni (Seen~Mem~Noun~Yod: 300.40.50.10)

According Suares' Qabalic psyche midrash, "...sons (i.e., antinomialsq Shem and Mesh) of earth despoiled Hær Samooni..."

Seen - Spiritual energy amorously focused on Yod's (my, Hær) quantized organic~sphere "lush" existence in actuality.

Mem - Hay's actual projection in existence of Yod as organic~spheres.

Noun - Fermionically, quantumly, all Yod are quantized and Hay~bosonically scintillate one another. These Songs of scintillating interrelationshipings always bear omnitorable signatures of their scintillic~mixings. These signatures are direct experience of life's, Hay's quantized and scintillating perpetuity and ubiquity in reality.

Yod - All actuality.

Samooni is ninth word in Song of Songs I:6, "Al-Tirooni She'ani Sh'hharhhoret Sh'shzafatni Ha'shemesh Bni Imi NihherouBi Samooni Noterah etHakiramim Karmi Sheli LaNatarti."

Suares compares Raysh~Ani (Rooni) and Sheen~Ani (Sh'ani). See p. 47, SoS.

In idiom Raysh is mirror of Shyar and thus Sheen (n¤t easy to grasp), which makes it easier for Doug to heurist Rooni as an antinomial song (breath direction: in and out as antinomialsq of one another n¤t classical 'opposites' of one another) of Sh'ani. Both are, from Hær perspective "songs of me," Rooni breathing one way, and Sh'ani breathing a [one's...any number of ¤ther] antinomialq way[s], quaqua (L.).

Now allow Doug to follow (his version of) Suares' lead by comparing Sh'ani with Sh'ami (S[h]amooni), then with Sh'mni. It isn't "song of me" any more. See Ami.

Doug might heurist it as "song of ami." Closest to 'ami' Doug can come in Webster's Hebrew Dictionary issi Amirah which is participle of say as saying. Given that, it appears OK to Doug as a novice to guess at 'ami' as 'say.' When Doug leaves off Raysh~Hay, it is sort of like leaving off 'ing' as living part of a song (say), leaving off participle (living) part. [...this may be a keeper: 'rh' suffix as participle in Autiot...]

Then, where Sh'ani is roughly "song of me," Sh'ami could be "song of my say of me." [Is this illeism in Autiot? Indirection of 'song of say of me' indirect (ille) of 'song of me?'] That's best Doug can do given his inexperience and personal levels of Autiot skill.

This is n¤t what Doug shows as Samooni's literal! But our Samooni issi not Sh'ami, rather it is Sh'mni.

Recapitulate! Closest Doug can come to 'mni' in Hebrew Dictionary issi Mena (share) and Meney (spontaneous). Doug likes Meney better since it can be ciphered directly as Mem~Noun~Yod (however, Webster's strangely appends a Hay in both Mena and Meney).

For now, let's assume Sh'mni (Samooni) is "song of spontaneity." Very quantum. Though Menah begs quantum~middle~inclusion as a quantum~miraculous kind of 'sharing.' Also very quantum.

So you decide: Song of spontaneity? Song of sharing? Both? Hmmm...

Right now I am feeling very ignorant. Very inexperienced.

Does Bergsonian spontaneity beg a meme of "lush quantum existence?" Doug can fathom that as having great potential here.

Does quantum~included~middle sharing beg a meme of "lush quantum existence?"

I have to say, "Yæs!" to both. Hmmm...

I usually do not share my struggles so vividly and in such detail, but it seemed good to do here...perhaps you won't mind your own struggling so much... As an old, but very entrepreneurial (1970), WSJ MacDonald's' full page ad narrated, "Failure cannot cope with persistence." Seems apropos!

If you did, thank you for reading,


Rooni: antinomialq of Sh'ani.

Sh'ani: song (qwf) of me.

Sh'ami[rh]: song (qwf) of my say[ing] of me.

Sh'mni: song (qwf) of [my] spontaneityq and sharingq.




(From Suares' opus including his Trilogy 'Sepher Yetsira' and his Song of Songs)

A self~other antinomial complementation of two satans: Satan one, e.g., petrified-Peter and YHWH without Sheen, is dialectic, Error, demiurge, etc., while Satan two is a lessor, partially pneumaticq (e.g., Judas), satan which is a presenceq middle~includingq all Yodq

A self~other antinomial complementation of two satans: Satan one, e.g., petrified-Peter and YHWH without Sheen, is dialectic, Error, demiurge, etc., while Satan two is a lessor, partially pneumaticq (e.g., Judas), satan which is a presenceq middle~includingq all Yodq

Satan (Seen~Tayt~finalNoun: 300.9.700) One

satan (Seen~Tayt~Noun: 300.9.50) Two

We may chooseq (heresyc) to view Satan as a matured (sociopathic) entity.

We may chooseq (heresyc) to view satan as immaturity of satan in all humanity which we perceiveq Qabalically as Yod, Aleph's antinomialq projectionq ihn actualityq. Here we may view satan as what Jesus described as his "dark side." Most of us who possess even a slightest self introspection grasp essence of Jesus' own profound humanesque frail and fallible humility. Yet, too, (we may) realize his real complementationq with Godq as he made evident in his farewell discourse.

Let's spell~out (cipher) Satan to second recursiveq~fractalq level:

Seen: Seen~Yod~finalNoun (300.10.700)

Tayt: Tayt~Yod~Tav (9.10.400)

Noun: Noun~Waw~finalNoun (50.6.700)

Doug's comcision re: obvious assertions:

  • There is no Hay ihn Satan,
  • One potential for apparition of Hay is if Seen were ciphered Sheen,
  • Another potential for apparition of Hay is if Tav's double appeared as Thav,
  • In Tayt Yod is dialecticallyc trapped twixt Tayt and Tav. In essence this is the hellc of SOM's box, i.e.,Tav (unlike its double Thav) doesn't leakq it only retroreflects (echoes) ideallyc as Aleph's idealc cosmic projection antinomial (imagine a pulsed ruby rod, resonating its photonic stimulus, yet whose enclosedc internal coherentq light may not escape (i.e., Vayt is too strong) as its too-over-silvered captor to perform lasing actionq ihn actuality; too imagine a more Thavesque more openq coherence of an nitrogen atom in an ammonia molecule),
  • In Seen we see a similar (only tentative) fate for Yod. Yod is 'trapped' twixt Seen's Noun, (possibly finalNoun) (quanta closer to quantons(chaos,equilibria)) and its cosmic projection finalNoun (quanta excelling in pure chaos...pure agency of evolutionary change, i.e. "catching fire"); Yod wants to catch fire, but it is caught like Buridan's Ass twixt 'two bails of hay,' and can't make up its mind to ascend or maintain its immature comfort in SOM's Box (allegorically: classical dialectical society),
  • Finally, in Noun we find a similar trap showing Waw (male fecundity) tenuously detended classically twixt Noun and finalNoun. We might view this as Waw's sterility, impotency, possibly fertile, however somehow made incapable (to break Vayt's con(m)tainment of it, thence incapable) of maturing in its role of seeding a feminine crucible (Grailq) (e.g., Sammekh, then Tayt, thence Vayt's shell weak enough to allow new Yod's birth into Mem then finalMem, Yodq etc.) of creation: wisdomq itself: adam and emdam with their Mems and finalMems.

Doug senses he has a huge amount of work to do here...

I have no sense of duration of this effort...

Adam's name
Index Schem Name of Adam.
Hate - Love's antinomialq

Hate - Love's antinomialq

Hate - Love's antinomialq

Hate - Love's antinomialq

Hate - Love's antinomialq

Seenah (Seen~Yod~Noun~Aleph~Hay: 300.

Leesno - To hate.

Leesno (Lammed~Seen~Noun~Waw~Aleph: 30.300.50.6.1)

Seen - As used here, Seen is a focused darkening of Yod with Noun darkened too by a certainty of Seen by Aleph and Hay.

Lammed - Lammed as used here is an organic movement infinitive: "to." To hate.

Yod - Yod is Aleph's living antinomial projection in actuality. Yod may be darkened by self~other (antinomial) hate.

Noun - Noun is quantization and scintillation as "principle of quantum~uncertainty" becoming dialectical certainty borne of Seen's focused hate.

Aleph - G¤d [cowith~]ihn us (Yodq) offers complementaryq~antinomialq omniscriminationq of quantons(Ahavah,Seenah), quantons(love,hate). Compare quantons(like,loath).

Waw - Here Waw is a vicissitudinal~fecundation of psyche~emotional distaste.

Hay - Hatred may live (Hay) in hearts of humanity (Yod). Witness (Esher) contemporaneously living hatred ihn quantons(Muslims,Christians).Perhaps better narrated as dichons(Muslims, Christians) where comma-space represents dialectics' SOM wall, Pink Floyd's the Wall, etc., of hatred (Seenahot).

Hate. More interpretation...soon, lots of it. For example...

Compare, antinomiallyq, Ahavah.

Fathom Seen and Sheen as doubles.

Why isn't Dallet~Thallet used in this Autiot cipher? Often hatred may be viewed as a closed (sometimes perpetually) door.

Whereas love's door may openq vicissitudinallyq ihn its own psyche~pneuma phenomenalq manifestaq.

Notice too that T[h]av isn't present ihn this cipher of hate and hatred. Do exegeses exist for this? Perhaps Doug's novice level of standingunderq has its own blinders? Unsure. Uncertainq.

May we view hat[[e][red]] as a kind of Mawt~Ha~Mawt [absolutec deathc] of tolerant feeling, empathy, and sympathy? Is hatred a deathc of sensitivity, a deathc of compassion? Is hatred pure dialectic?

If hatred is pure dialectic, then hatred is purely objective which makes a dialectical supposition that negation is objective, but Henri Louis Bergson claims "Negation is subjective."

Neelie said to Doug a year ago (CeodE 4th quarter 2013), "I hate love." Was her use of 'hate' dialectical? Yes! Shec is an attorneyc. Shec is Yodc. She issi n¤t Yodq. Doug - 1Nov2014.

Does included~middleq show its Ahavah~superiorityq above (hyper) excluded~middlec here in its qua to meliorate hatred [Leesno]?

Why not use Yod~Yod to cipher Seenah? Probably due spelling of Seen 'not' having a double Yod.

A key observationq in our queries and their unlimited Peircean~abductive hypotheses is how Seen may be semiotic of focused darkness and Sheen may be a more quantum~semiotic of diffuse (cloud, dust~like) darkness (shadow, umbra, umbrage, eclipse, etc.). Compare Jung's Red Book "Spirit of the Depthsq" to his "Spirit of this Timec," vis-à-vis atemporality and temporality: which is more like hate? Is atemporality antinomial self? Which is more like love? Why does Jung write so much about Libido as Love Triumphant? Why didn't he write and paint regarding "hate triumphant?" What inferences may we draw for humanity's futurings?

As you may fathomq there is (very) much to ponderq here...

Need to add comtextings here...soon.

Code, book, article, scroll, and important comtextually, orb

Sepher (Sammekh~Phay~Raysh: 60.80.200)


  • Saphar
  • Chiffre (Fr.)

Sammekh (Sammekh~Mem~Kaf: 60.40.20) Feminine waters in a cup, a grail, a pipe, an aqueduct, etc. Vulgate: support.

Phay (Phay~Hay: 80.5) Existential and living undifferentiated cosmic energy. Vulgate: mouth.

Raysh (Raysh~Yod~Sheen: 200.10.300) Yod trapped twixt n¤nexistential cosmic container of all n¤nexistential spiritual energy. Sheen emerqs from Raysh (male exhalation: Aleph~Tav). Raysh is resurrected from mirrored Shee[[n][r]] (female inhalation: Tav~Aleph). Vulgate: Yod in poverty (n¤t in actuality).

Sepher means code, book, article, scroll, and important comtextually, orb. Sepher~Yetsira, book of formation describing 10 spheres, emanations, orbs.

"Code is ihn language and language is ihn code." Quantons(Codeq,Languageq).

"Sephira are ihn Autiot and Autiot are ihn Sephira." Quantons(Sephiraq,Autiotq).

Suares comparatively paraphrased in his Sepher Yetsira. See " have as much meaning as language." Page 420, Trilogy, Sepher Yetsira, 1976.

Book of Formation









Book of Formation









Book of Formation









Book of Formation

Sepher Yetsira


Sepher Yetsira

Sepher (Sammekh~Phay~Raysh: 60.80.200)

Yetsira (Yod~Tsadde~Raysh: 10.90.200)

"Book of Formation." Explicitly not 'book of creation.'

Part of Sepher Yetsira's explanatory power is its hermeneutic~abduction~eduction of The Tree of Life (Sefirot) and its ten Sephira, Orbs, Spheres of transformative exegeses of (quantum~)life itself.

For adjunct views of The Tree of Life see Doug's extensive work on Jung's Plate 127 titled Love Triumphant. Thanks to Neelie and her friend Gary S. for affecting Doug's energies to extrude that opus.

Doug con(m)jectured under his Quantonics Exegesis of Aut Raysh whether we might suppose an alternate spelling of Raysh using Ayn in place of Yod, like this: Raysh~Ayn~Sheen.

Suares claims that Ayn has a sema which is apropos here, "Ayn originates the metaphysical..." in a sense of actuality emerscing from ex nihilo. See page 429, Trilogy, Sepher Yetsira, 1976

If we hermeneut Raysh in Sepher (Book) and in Yetsira (of Formation) using Ayn in place of Raysh's Yod in Sepher's (and Yetsira's) Raysh, we remove Raysh's vulgate sema of 'poverty,' and in its place Sepher (as book) and Yetsira (of formation) become, " alternative support of spoken (oral) Autiot engenders the metaphysical..." interpretation of The Metaphysical Book of Formation.

Original: " (Sammekh) mouth's (Phay) poverty (Raysh)...vestigially (Noam Chomsky's) quanton(aurally,orally)) describing The Book of Formation..." which expresses Sepher and Yetsira (having both of SY's Raysh spelled out with Yod).

Doug's alternative: " spoken Autiot in writing and engender persistent metaphysical interpretation of The Metaphysical Book of Metaphysical Formation." This shows both Sepher's and Yetsira's Raysh spelled out with Ayn in place of Yod.

Using a quanton(metaphysical,actual) vis-à-vis quanton(Ayn,Yod) to hologralexologically standunder Sepher Yetsira as another Autiot Qabalic quantum~both~and~EIMA.

First Sephira (Keter, spelled out is Kaf~Tayt~Raysh: 20.9.200) is a perpetual and cosmically ubiquitous comptrarotatingq hidingq processq (Suares calls it a "turntable," see page 411 of Trilogy.) of emanating all (Higgs boson) transmutableq n¤nactualq isofluxq which may evolveq into actual quanta capable of libidicq (Jungian) hologra[[il][lex][m][ph][view]]icityings'q interrelationshipingsq via quantadulative scintillationingsq.

Second Sephira engendersq all Autiot~Yassod. When one views Autiot~Yassod as cyclical Female~many~energies, Male~one~energy as Breathings~ihn, Breathing~out, Suares claims that we may symbolicallyq viewq this Autiot~Yassod cyclical processq as 'the breath of breath,' which we may immediately re cognizeq as SOrON, a transmutativeq Self Other re Organizing Network of livingq quanta. Ihn Autiot it is spelled out "Hhokmah" (Hhayt~Kaf~Mem~Hay: which is consciousnessq, k~now~ingsq, individual~intelligenceq, wisdomq. Spelled out literally~semasiologically Hhokmah is roughly "A spiritual (sensing~aware, thought~latching) cup (e.g., grail, pipe, aqueduct) of living~waters (sentience)," a kind of grailq. 7Jun2014 – Doug.

Doug's use of "individual~intelligence" above is based upon Jesus' response to 10 of his disciples (not Mary nor Thomas) when they asked, "Lord what shall we do?" Jesus responded, "No, what will you (individually) do?" See Elaine Pagels' The Gnostic Gospels (especially John as a dialectical 'we type' (anti individual~gnostic) pro 'çhristian' socialist), also see her Beyond Belief, and Thomas' Gospel saying 11.

Third Sephira...

Carlo Suares emphasizes that Sepher Yetsira is only an aide~memoire for initiates. See p. 418, Trilogy, Sepher Yetsira. Doug likens this to our quantum~stagings as quantum~holographic~memeory palaces in a better quantum sense compared to worse objective dialectics used in works of Frances Yates, Robert Fludd, Shakespeare's Theater, and Matteo Ricci – latter's Memory Palace as described formally-mechanically by Jonathan D. Spence. None of these consummate dialecticians realized realityq is holographicq, and so human nous~con(m)sciousnessq too is holographicq.

Doug suggests readers investigate Paul Pietsch's Shufflebrain at their con(m)venience. Also study Bohm and Pribram on realityq as holographicq. See Michael Talbot's Holographic Universe.

All new philosophiesq and mem[e]oryq quantiques must take into account issues of holographicq realityq.

Index Sephira

Ten Spheres of emanations.

See Sphere below and memes of EWings (as hologral nodings) in vast interrelationshipingsq.

Tree of Emanations
Index Sephirot Tree of Life as described by Sepher Yetsira.
Literal Phrase Words Interpretations
(From Suares' opus including his Trilogy 'Sepher Yetsira' and his Song of Songs)
Breath that acts upon 'doors' and 'windows' which can close them, open them, partially close them, partially open them Index

Shadai (Sheen~Dallet~Yod: 300.4.10)

Sheen - Sheen as spiritual breath (300: gematria for rouahh elohim), which affects Dallet's (all doors and windows') amount of openness~closedness.

Dallet - Archetype of all classes of impedance and extent of their impeding traffic and flow.

Yod - Focus here is on humanity, and spiritual affectationings on their quantons(openness,closedness).

Shadai is sixth word of Song of Songs' I:13, "Tsarawr Hamor Dodi Li Bein Shadai Yaleen."

To be wise

To be wise



Shakal (Sheen~Kaf~Lammed: 300.20.30)

Sheen - Cosmic metabolism of spiritual breath

Kaf - existentially grailing, giving life to

Lammed - existential metabolism of one's biospheric presence.

Lammed parsed issi Lammed~Mem~Dallet.

Mem issi existential biosphere.

Dallet issi a gateway which may be classically either open or closed, and may be quantum, i.e., Thallet whose openness issi always partial and changing with assessable gradience.

Also see Beenah as wisdom, Gnosis, comprehension, understanding.

To be wise one must play Qabala, the game of life.

To be unwise one must play Dialectic, the game of death.

We see Qabalic...

(Aleph~Hay~Yod~Hay, "Qabala": Moses in Exodus III:14, "Ehieh Esher Ehieh!" That is, "Qabala witnesses Qabala!" Aleph~Hay~Yod~Hay witnesses itself: Vital~impetus alive, existence alive!)

...wisdom acknowledging cosmos' spiritual breath grailing life ihnto all existential metabolic, biospheric beings.

Shakal is a root of eighth word of Song of Songs' IV:2, "Shneykh Ka'Ayder Ha'Qtsovot Shealoo Min - Ha'Rahhtsah Shekoolam Ma'I'Mot We'Shakoolah Ain Ba'Hem."

This verse, poetically, is laughing at 'king' Solomon, and Suares uses a Poet to say it for us:

"Such is the dominance of your femininity. The second female aspect of your energy I have seen represented by a pompous and nervous actor wearing a crown, who lay on a scented cloud. His hands are full of wealth but he carefully washes them. Compare him to a flock of sheep, dead though not dead, without understanding." Suares' Song of Songs, p. 91.

Does this sound like current dead, dialectical minds of Keynesian 'elites?'

Metaphors of our current earthly situation abound!

Literal Phrase Words Interpretations
(From Suares' opus including his Trilogy 'Sepher Yetsira' and his Song of Songs)





Index Shalomoh (Sheen~Lammed~Mem~Hay: 300.30.40.5)

Strictly reading Autiotq (reading Autiot assa quantum) it means, "Cosmic breath affecting organic waters of Life."

However, there is much deeper semantic (semasiology) in that cipher than is apparent.

Sheen as cosmic breathingsq is a perpetual and ubiquitous quantum~antinomially uncertainq both~and middle~inclusionq of:

  • Breathing~out, breathing~in,
  • Aleph~Tav, Tav~Aleph,
  • Hæ, Shæ,
  • Light [Awr, or, aur, etc.], dark[cancelq],
  • Yin, Yang,
  • etc.

It teaches us a very basic Qabalic lesson that, in general, all is antinomial all: all fluxq issi antinomial all fluxq; n¤ two fluxingsq are ever alikec. Autsimilar, yæs! Identicalc, n¤!

So, often, in Song of Songs and elsewhere [in OT], we fathom peaceq as always uncertainq, always indeterminateq. Why? Reality issi Quantum, always changing and always changing all. Peaceq, then is, in any senseq, understandingq that Evolutionq is always present, always happening. But evolutionq too is antinomial self: sometimes its gradienceq is higher (more chaotic), sometimes its gradienceq is lower (more equilibrial).

That is an omniffering kind of peace from that which dialectical Keynesians and Marxists and demos willists' seekc in systemicc, platonically idealc, equilibriac of 'scientific' sociallyc-plannedc, i.e., determinatec statec-icity.

It is a peace of "...understandings of quantum~realityings' radical indeterminationingsq of absoluteq fluxq...," and its quanton(scin,quan) [QED and QCD] beau coup kinds of n¤n predicablec (however, stochasticq) interrelationshipingsq with all other absoluteq fluxingsq.

"Embrace indeterminationq."

"Embrace uncertaintyingsq."


Ponderq Jesusq, "I bring not peace, but a sword." Matthew, 10:34.

Did Jesus mean, "I bring antinomialism of Aleph~Tav, Tav~Aleph?" Doug thinkqs so...

Please, please,..., re view Ani.

Living struggle of being cowithihn existence

Living struggle of being cowithihn existence

Living struggle of being cowithihn existence

Living struggle of being cowithihn existence

Sharah (Sheen~Raysh~Hay: 300.200.5)

Sheen - Cosmic metabolism,

Raysh - cosmically comtained,

Hay - struggling ihn life, as life, as living.

Compare Israel, Isharael: Struggle with God.

Doug's use of 'cowithihn' makes a significant inference that existence issi cowithihn n¤nexistence. This issi another way of saying, "Aleph ihn blood: A~dam."

Struggling issi a crucial meme ihn Qabala. Freedomq fights comtainmentq for better. Without that struggle, we have n¤ ameliorationq!

A guitar string struggles ihn its tuned detention, but without partialq detention said fermionic qwf~string cann¤t make musicq.

Spiritual living issi making spiritualq musicq ihn one's lifeq. Our bodies detend our countless fermionic 'strings.' Why? So they can make spiritualq 'fires,' spiritualq 'musicq.'

One (example of) "tuning of one's body's qwfs practice" Doug just learned about issi n¤n cutaneous acupuncture. Search re Norm Shealy. Apparently, it works! Ameliorate self! Learn to tune your own body's qwfs!

What does this have to do with quantum~signaturing?

Without signaturing, how could you be k~now~ings you are ameliorating self?

A Dugger HotMeme
"Embrace strugglingq along with its implicit quantum~indetermination: intelligenceq par excellence."™
A Dugger HotMeme™.
Song of Songs II:1 "Ani Hhebatselat Ha'sharawn Shoshanat Ha'aymeqeem."

Female speaking darkly

Female speaking darkly

Female speaking darkly

Female speaking darkly

Female speaking darkly

Female speaking darkly

Female speaking darkly

Female speaking darkly

Female speaking darkly

Female speaking darkly

Female speaking darkly

Shehhora (Sheen~Hhayt~Waw~Raysh~Hay: 300.

Re Shehhora Ani Ve~Nawah

Sheen as She (Tav~Aleph flow) cosmic~organically~affectingq breath'sq archetype to darkly (entangledq~interferenceq against, i.e., cancelingq 'or' as Awr: light, golden) fecundateq (fertilize) life's cosmicq chamber~hyperspherical~isoannulumq. Ref. 'annular.' See Doug's now ancient isospatial Quantum~Stairs.

Doug finds it nearly impossible to stop multi[poly]lingually~rereading verse 5 of Song of Songs. It is jam~packetedq with enormous and dense semasiologicalq Valueq! Doug offers just one comparison to show an exemplary Midrash:

1) Sheen~Hhayt~Waw~Raysh~Hay
(dark~cycle: Tav~Aleph)
(female energyq is stronger than male: female has greater wisdomq)


2) Aleph~Waw~Raysh~Hay.
(golden~light cycle: Aleph~Tav)
(male energyq is weaker than female: male is mostly hubrisc)

replaced by

What does 1 mean according Suares? "This flow of energy [breathing~in] operates in opposite direction to the flow from Aleph [breathing~out]..." See p. 44, Song of Songs, Shambala, 1972. Doug's brackets. By Doug's comparison of 1 and 2, we may infer 2 as one Aut~phasementally~phrased omniscriptionq of breathing~out.

Doug strongly dislikes Suares' use of 'opposite,' due its dialectical, either-or sensibilitiesc. Especially when Suares taught Doug (via Suares' opus) about holographic~flux~antinomialismq vis-à-vis analytic-state-oppositionc.

Examples one and two are complementaryq~antinomialq quantum~cycles (alive) and should never be interpretedc as classical-state (dead). This is a succinct narration of Heraclitus', "Those who do not understand the logos [the account] cannot find their inner." Doug's brackets and italics.

Adhere quantons(breathing~ihn,breathing~¤ut)!

Doug likes to paraphrase Heraclitus' subjunctiveq thus, "The dead (analytic state) cannot find, let alone understand their inner (perpetual, and ubiquitous quantum~evolutionary~livings)." By dead Doug implies, "...those who worseship and academically revere and adhere Mawt~Ha~Mawt (dead the dead: dialectical, 'scientific') things.

Note this is why Clifford Geertz (America's most prominent anthropologist) said, "...scientism is mostly just bluff." Bravo! Doug agrees!

When a male does his dueq diligenceq to find his inner, a quantum~miracle ostenses said male's being. He evolves from emphasizing his Y code and commences a greater emphasis on his X code. Doug's are not required to agreec. Again Doug emphasizes great importance of male's true, but haploidal, hermaphrodicity. Doug views that as great opportunityq [Zayn] for males to changeq (evolveq) selves to grasp and use their own, built~in, wisdomq. Males need, in Doug's opinion, to commence finding their innersq.

This is Earth's greatest cultural issue CeodE 2014-20XX!!!

See there (at Quantum Stairs link) Möbius art as quantons(scin,quan) darkly (quantadulatively, Jungian libidically) fluxq fuxingq fluxq middle~inclusionq. A good analogy there is quanton(Hyde,Jekyll). Another is quanton(Phaedrus,Wolf).

We may choose to see Her darkness as vaginal enclosure of Him.

Recall, breathing~out is Hæ~cycle of light, and breathing~in is Shæ~cycle of enclosing Yin and Yang.

However Hæ and Shæ are explicit quantum~wave functions.

Yin and Yang are tacit since one must re cognize their Möbius morphing as innately fermionic like Schrödinger's hydrogen atom. See Doug's Möbius Left page.

This takes Jung's libido to a cosmic scale, showing that all evolutionaryq~creationq of new lifeq involves both Yod [us] and Aleph [whatever weq individuallyq complementaroceive as 'god']. All comceptionsq are immaculate, immanentq, grailicq.

Compare Jung's darkness as a "dark shaft." Red Book, Liber Primus. Male'sc self~penile Seen-focusedc...

( Doug -- infantile, hylic, testosteronic, patriarchal
('essencec' of the church),
dialectical -- [Jung's male-]anima as objective...)


. . .

I am unsure you have seen a nexusq twixt breathing~in as antinomialq breathing~out, and breathing~out as antinomialq breathing~in.

"What nexus, Doug?"

Recall Tooraq? There, Doug showed intrinsicq fermionicity of those antinomialq cyclesq.

Recall Doug's efforts showing how any Möbius emerqancy is fermionic? Initial Doug efforts in this comtext of thoughtq happened in his Möbius Left page. Subsequent efforts showing compound Möbius strips as SEP of intrinsic human schizophreniaq in Doug's Stairways of Evidence for Quantum~Stage's Affects co~with~in Perceptual Changes page.

Essene~ce (Gnosis) of that Stairs page is Möbius fermionicityq of humanity combined with QED based primal awarenessq and comsciousnessq affectq manifest~schizophrenia ...

(should be referredq quantum~antinomialism) humanity,

(and at least in some ways other life emerqancyings on Earth;
see empirical 'psych' experiments with fish, chickens
and some primates: monkeys, chimps, gorillas, etc.).

Humanity's psychiatric (hylic-psychic) Ponzic which identifies, i.e., social-self-refersc 'ethical,' is other~referringc natural quantum~antinomialism "schizophrenia," and attempting to displace it with Earth's actual 'barbaric relic:' dialectic.

A gentle reminder:

  • oppositionc middle-excludesc deadc objectivec dialecticsc,
  • antinomialismq middle~includesq livingq fluxingq holographicityingsq.

Suares warned us about dialectical (unintended?) consequences of dialectical-psychiatry.

If schizophrenia and antinomialism are autsimilarsq, Doug heurists, "We must rethinkq classical-psychology and its bogusc presumptivec dialectisms."

You may wish to re examine Doug's list of dialectically flawed disciplines.

Observe, fathom, obtain howings this Doug aside offers n¤væl semanticq head (as fractalq recapitulationq) to his recent Asimovian effort re Can Understanding Understand? How large a role does antinomialism play in awareness, comsciousness, omniscriminationings, and understandings?

As chaos manages equilibria, "What manages humanities' manifest schizophrenia?"

Simple answer: quantum~ego.

See Carl Jungist Marion Woodman's elliptical diagram showing ego as subcomscious middle~including and managing comscious complementaroceptions of vast psychiatric complexes evolving in one's uncomscious. That video doesn't have her elliptical diagram, another longer (~2hours) video, as I recall, has her describing said diagram. If I can find it, I will share its locus in youtube.

Doug is preparing several similar diagrams which assist in hermeneutics of Song of Songs, verse 5. Those will appear here when they are ready, hopefully within a week.

There is some urgency in providing said diagrams since they gives another window ¤n~ihnto wave function ensembles ~Ani~ and ~Shehhora~, ~Aleph[1]~ and they compare with quantum vis-à-vis classical Jungian unconscious, subconscious, and conscious(nessings).




(From Suares' opus including his Trilogy 'Sepher Yetsira' and his Song of Songs)

Strumming (plucking) some of nature's strings Index Sh'hharhhoret
Pronounced Sh~KirKer. Literally, kindling spiritualq energyq ihn Yodq.

"Come on baby, light my [quantum] fire..."

See detail of Raysh~Hhayt~Raysh~Hhayt under Zincgreff's Y~Cloud.

Name Index Shem (Sheen~Mem: 300.40) A good example here is Shem as Adam, a name of Aleph in blood.
Spiritual (Spirit's, Spirits') love of me (Hær) in organic actuality

Spiritual (Spirit's, Spirits')
love of me (Hær) in organic actuality

Sheli (Sheen~Lammed~Yod: 300.30.10)

Sheen - Spiritual love.

Lammed - Of organic actuality.

Yod - Actualized in Yod (as Aleph 10).

As we learned in Song of Songs I:13, 'Li' is 'me' as Hær own Yod projection of Aleph 1.

Sheli then is 'Sheened me.'

Observe[] that Sheen is Lammed's non existential projection. Too Sheen is rouahh elohim. So 'Sheened me' is sort of like taking Hær actual Lammed and straddling it (making it spiritual) in non existence. To Doug that is 'being spiritual,' AKA being quantum, AKA beingq.

Try these quantonics scripts:

Me issi quantons(Lammed,Sheen), and

Li issi quantons(Lammed,Sheen), and

Me issi quantons(30,300), and

Me issi quantons(organic~self,living~spirit), and

Me issi quantons(fec,undula), etc.

We can view comma~nospace as amorq, loveq, libidoq, flux~fuxing~fluxq, qwf~modulating~qwf, etc.

Sheli is thirteenth word in Song of Songs I:6, "Al-Tirooni She'ani Sh'hharhhoret Sh'shzafatni Ha'shemesh Bni Imi NihherouBi Samooni Noterah etHakiramim Karmi Sheli LaNatarti."
Your name Index

Shemaykha (Sheen~Mem~finalKaf: 300.40.500)

Observe there issi n¤ Yod ihn this cipher. Perhaps Why? is that Mem spells~out Mem~Mem.

Doug as a n¤n Initiate would have spelled it Sheen~Mem~Yod~finalK[h]af.

Compare spelling of Shemaykha to Dodeykha, which does have a Yod. It appears dey and may spell out omnifferingly.


Shem - Name.

L'Aykha - Your.

A good example here is Doug's evolvingq Yodq ensembleq nameq as Ab~gayeek, meaning ~1.2.3~1.10.100~ as a "destroyer of [dialectical] Error and illusionsc." This is fourth letter number word from end of Song of Songs' Chapter I, Verse 3.
Name of fecund light, name of all sentient sensory bandwidth quantized energyings

Name of fecund light, name of all sentient sensory bandwidth quantized energyings

Shemayo (Sheen~Mem~Ayn~Waw: 300.40.70.6)

Sheen - Cosmic metabolism of

Mem - existential biospheres using

Ayn - quantum~wavicles of energyings to

Waw - fecundate, quantadulate one another.

Sheen~Mem issi Shem issi name.

Ayn~Waw issi Ayo issi fecund light, light making quantum~waves ihn reality which we call QED. So Ayo is describing photons having quantum sex with electrons! Climax issi a quantum leap. Anti climax is a quantum dive.

Ayn spelled out issi Ayn~Yod~Noun.

Ayn means quantized (Noun) existential light transmuting~evolving~adapting (Ayn) existence (Yod).

Yod spelled out issi Yod~Waw~Dallet.

Yod means existence fecundating~quantadulating itself via doors, windows, all gateways ihn existence.

All gateways can be open, closed, and all possible quantum~gradients of openness and closedness ihn between open and closed.

First word of Proverbs IV:1 1.

This is one of OT's profoundest omnisclosures of transmutative, evolving quantum~reality.

Ihn comtemporary Millennium III terminology we call this Quantum~Electro~Dynamics: QED. QED to best of its ability omniscribes photon~electron (fluxq fuxq fluxq) mutative quantum~interrelationshipings. Here Doug uses 'fux' in place of 'modulates' to sustain a biblical metaphor of nature's radical sexuality at all levels of quantum~interrelative chancings, choosings, and changings. For example (ihn creation) Higgs' boson fux (quantized~energy~modulates) isoflux to make bosons and fermions.

QED applies n¤t just to light and heat (photons), but to sound (phonons), to all classes of phoxons (all existential bosons).

Name of any fermionic ensemble

Name of any fermionic ensemble

Name of any fermionic ensemble
Index Shemen (Sheen~Mem~Noun: 300.40.50)

Allow Doug to use Hhayt~Mem~Tsadde~finalNoun as an exemplar. ~ It is Autiot for oxygen, another way of saying "breath," and "spiritual energy." finalNoun represents a very high quantal energy of oxygen.

Oxygen is pronounced "Khamptsan."

Oxygen's Qabalic interpretation goes som'at like this, "Cosmic breath's archetype in actuality's biosphere is an actual projection of ultimate feminine energy (as potentially burning breath) in actuality with potentia maximally quantized as water dust." Keep in mind, Doug is a novice.

"Beware the wrath..."

In spite of that I am (Wæ are) bæcoming quasi fluent...thanks bæ...

Allow Doug to summarize some crucial memes here:

  • Shemen shows Shem quantized by Noun,
  • We may think of Shem as "the name,"
  • Comparatively we may think of Aleph~Bayt, too, as "the name,"
  • Keep in mind that Aben, too, i.e., Aleph~Bayt~Noun issi quantized by Noun,
  • We may also view Aben as evolution of El, Aleph~Lammed,
  • View Ab, too as [Ff]ather: (as heretical according dialectic 'law')
    • Father living,
    • father dead.

When we view reality as quantum, Father~Mother issi a hermaphroditic godhead!

So comparing dialectic and quantum we see:

quanton(Mother,quanton(Father,father)). [This is a partial of Abraham's Chaldæan gnostic Tetradic emerscitecture. son and Sophia are]

dichon(father, Father) where classicists, especially c a t h o l i c s tend to deny Father as living (e.g., Aleph cowithihn blood).

That says godhead issi both Mother and Father and Father issi both~and father, but those who do n¤t fathom account~logos interpret father as the demiurge which denies the godhead, Aleph.

Doug - 22Mar2016.

Name of your fermionic ensemble with recognizable int[[er][ra]]holographicq grail qua Index Shemenekha (Sheen~Mem~Noun~Yod~K[h]af: 300.

Fat, fat of the land, richness of fermionicity, with Shem as name, all of this naming fermionic ensembles of actuality.

All Yodq fermionicq ensemblesq are may be viewed as "fat of the land." Produce of physial creationq and formationq.

Noun implies quanta are involved in emerscing fermionic organic ensembles.

Literal Phrase Words Interpretations
(From Suares' opus including his Trilogy 'Sepher Yetsira' and his Song of Songs)
(Name of) Heart as essence, metabolism of life

(Name of) Heart as essence, metabolism of life

Shemer (Sheen~Mem~Raysh: 300.40.200)

Sheen - Cosmic metabolism evolving

Mem - existential biosphere (as heart, as energy source of soma)

Raysh - comtained cosmically.

This is 'heart.' Existential biosphere enfolded twixt cosmic~metabolism and cosmic~comtainer.

Heart's living pulsation issi quantum, called 'heart rate.'

Seventh word of verse four of Proverbs IV:4 7.

A keen observable of Autiot is manifest here. Each Aut is radically quantum comtext sensitive. Mem in general, is existential biosphere.

Mem can be soma, a rain drop, a cloud, a heart, a liver, a Dodi, a lung, etc. Sheen and Raysh specify a 'heart' comtext.

Observe too that Shem is often 'name.' Too, then, we see polymorphic overloading of semantics. Further any Autiot word like Shemer is rqcs to its verse, its chapter and its book.

Historically, since Abraham four millennia ago, Autiot was unprinted. It followed an Oral Tradition long prior Jews and Hebrew (a mostly formal derivative of Autiot) for millennia prior humanity's ability to write it and print it. (No one knows how old Autiot is. It may be 10s, even 100s of millennia old. Doug.)

Unfortunately both Isaac (Israel) and Ishmael (Islam) (two of Abraham's sons) dialectically formalized Autiot, which is intrinsically unformal, quantum, qualitative, subjective. It is a language of cosmic thermodynamic reality. So it is an ancient language of physial rerum.

[Doug's claim regarding Ishmael's dialectic is admittedly infirm. Doug bases it upon extreme dialectic directly experienced in Anglican translations of Quran. Doug admits we could blame that dialectic on translators of a more quantum Arabic language. Someone more knowledgeable than Doug might exegetize this unknown (to Doug at least).]

Formal languages are a major bane of humanity. Why? They do not explain reality. They are an abomination, brought to us by tiny minded masculine immature hegemons. 'Tis so!

Through our challenges and tribulations developing AI, we are finding Doug's words above quite prescient.

Cratylus, Heraclitus, Jesus, Leibnitz, Huygens, Prince Louis de Broglie, James, Bergson, Jung, Bohr, Dirac, Pirsig, Danah Zohar, Mae-wan Ho, et al., warned us. We didn't listen.

Our bad.

The [a] sun

The [a] sun

The [a] sun

The [a] sun

The [a] sun

The [a] sun

The [a] sun

Shemesh (Sheen~Mem~Sheen: 300.40.300)

Suares showed Doug something very interesting in I:13 of Song of Songs regarding my lover as "Dodi."

Suares disclosed Dodi's projected mirror reversal as "IDod."

IDod means demiurge, YahWeh.

This kind of coding, Doug found himself in Julius Zincgreff's Y~Cloud projection of Kirker whose projected mirror reversal is RakhRakh.

Kirker - Hhayt~Raysh~Hhayt~Raysh.

RakhRakh - Raysh~Hhayt~Raysh~Hhayt.

This pattern reversal and its aspectual (L. aspicere) "two lives" quintessence occurs more frequently than Doug might have expected as a novice. After some individual effort and study Doug is finding more of these mirrored hidings frequently now.

Direct examination of Shemesh illustrates a palindrome showing "two lives" mirrored!

Shem - Autiot, here, is idiomatically 'name.' However it to is like saying Sheen and Mem together, regardless of order, referring a divinity. In another way of looking at this quantum~projection and quantum~projected of Sheen and Mem refer a divinity. Doug can only make an inference that Mem and Sheen represent two of three Mothers (Aleph being third Mother.). That may be another way of expressing divinity. In Shem however it can hide divinity behind a common 'name.'

Mesh - Autiot for Living~Father, YhShWh.

For Doug, Shemesh is a very powerful quantum~narration of Autiot's (Qabala's) palindromic use of quantum~complementary~antinomialism.


She could have done a more explicit (unhidden) narration with Dodi as:


Literally, then, Dodidod.

In a sense, then, "Our sun, Shemesh, shines more light on its quantum~intrinsics of quantons(antinomials,antinomials) and their innate complementarityq."

Observe, those who have eyes to see, that Sun projects and we see Sun's projection and projected and projection are mirror reversed antinomialsq of one another. Mirrors are SEP of Doug's Qabalic heuristic.

Doug is moderately comfident he has shown how pairs of Aut are antinomial one another. Even that each Aut is antinomial itself, due absolute change and its Creative Evolution of all reality. This holds for fermions, too. E.g., Carbon issi antinomialq Sodium, too, Carbon issi antinomialq self, and ditto Sodium and all other elemental fermions.

Quintessence of quantum~reality aperio.

Suares, "...with Sheen Mem Sheen, we see the two flows of energy in inverted directions. One Sheen activates the biosphere (or water) Mem; and the other is generated by the biosphere." Song of Songs, p.48.

Suares' flows of energy are male breathing~out and female breathing~in. This is Qabala's perpetual life~death cyclings of spiritual breaths and breathings.

Using Suares other means of ciphering text, Doug views 'the biosphere' [Mem] trapped twixt two sources of spiritual energy: Aleph and T[h]av.

It is a way of saying, "My Mem (soma) is Rayshed (cosmically comtained) twixt two Sheens (cosmic sources of unlimited light)."

One Sheen can flow with Aleph~Tav tides.

Other Sheen can flow with Tav~Aleph tides.

Sunlight is chaotically periodic (seasonal tides of light on many scales, e.g., stellar, galactic, clustered, universal, multiversal, etc.) in its presenceq and absenceq.

Please keep on your quantum~stagings, light here on Earth is photonic, an earth~chauvinistic way of interpreting light as quantal energy packetings aka photons.

So we should expect many and highly affective nexi twixt~among (quantons of) Sheen (cosmic energy), Mem (biospheric waters) with Zayn (potentia), Ayn (seeing), and Noun (quanta, their quantization, and their scintillationings (libidos)). Doug's use of libido is, in Autiot, Ahavah (love).

When we think of 'the sun' as an Oracle, we can interpret its projected Shemesh and its apparent to us mirrored projection autsimilarly, Shemesh.
Quantized evolving breath of existence



Noun (50) Sheen~Mem~Tav: 300.40.400)

Noun - Quantization of...

Sheen - cosmic metabolism of...

Mem - existential biosphere against...

Tav - vital impedance.

Quantized vital impetus' cosmic metabolism of existential biosphere against vital impedance.

Genesis II:7 word 11.


Shyt (Yod being hammeredq metabolicallyq twixt Sheen and Tav):

Shemt (Mem being hammeredq metabolicallyq twixt Sheen and Tav):



See Doug's retranslation of Genesis II:7.




(From Suares' opus including his Trilogy 'Sepher Yetsira' and his Song of Songs)



He who is a lover


Shoshanah (Sheen~Waw~Sheen~Noun~Hay: 300.6.300.50.5)

Shoshanat (Sheen~Waw~Sheen~Noun~Tav: 300.6.300.50.400)

Sheen - Double Sheen immersing Waw as quantum~assessment of his (rose's) potency.

Waw - Copulation of two Sheens.

Noun - Quantization of Sheen~Waw~Sheen.

Hay (Rose) - Hay of Sheen~Waw~Sheen quantized.

Tav (Lover) - Tav of Sheen~Waw~Sheen quantized.

Rose here may be interpreted as symbolic of Dew Cross AKA living~evolving Rosi Crux. Fresh Light~sensorial aura desnoured via its effervescence.

Dew as a cloud of water dust carrying unlimited and potentially hidden semasiologies.

Lover here may be interpreted as an umbra of noun~seeded potency of imminent life. Tav as Aleph's mirror qycloidally perpetuates his nexus with Hær, his auturge and his produce.

In both semantics Waw is double~Sheened, quantum~assessed to offer Hær confirmation of Rose's and Lover's qua, as "residue of residues."

Literal Phrase Words Interpretations
(From Suares' opus including his Trilogy 'Sepher Yetsira' and his Song of Songs)
Our role in existence: Quantized quantadulation of two metabolisms freely quantizing their existential struggle with vital~impedance.

Our role in existence: Quantized quantadulation of two metabolisms freely quantizing their existential struggle with vital~impedance.

Shoshanat (Sheen~Waw~Sheen~Noun~Tav: 300.6.300.50.400)

Sheen - Double cosmic~metabolism,

Waw - both ihn copulation,

Noun - existentially, freely quantizing

Tav - their vital~impedance.

This represents the role of being ihn existence.

Compare Shoshanah just above.

Men and women mate. It issi partq and partialq of their individualq strugglings cowithihn beingq.

Together, when they harmonize their strugglings, they can make beautiful music.

But they must manage sour notes too!

Fathom "freely quantizing" as a system theory approach to, "How does one eat an elephant?" One quantized bite at a time.

Without quantization, solving systems problems issi almost impossible. See? Dialectic is bogus. Dialectic is deceit. Dialectic is a route to failure!

A Dugger HotMeme
"Quantization terrorizes dialectic!"™
A Dugger HotMeme™.

How does nature emerq and evolve a 'verse?' One quanton, then many quantons after another! Nature makes it appear easy.


Song of Songs II:1 "Ani Hhebatselat Ha'sharawn Shoshanat Ha'aymeqeem."

See Atta.

See Autiot's Reality Loop.

End -

Turning off Planck's clock - turning off quantum~reality's Esh


Sof (Sammekh~Waw~finalPhay: 60.6.800)

Sammekh - female fecundityings

Waw - male fecundity

finalPhay - unlimited cosmic undifferentiated possibilityings, unlimited unsaidings of

Doug issi now endeavoring to retranslate Sepher Yetsira. He issi working on SY I:6.

This interpretation of Sof as end issi taken from that retranslation opus.

"We see end as a cavitational naked columnar declension from feminine fecundityings to masculine fecundity, i.e., a fertility degeneration adversely affecting, indeed shutting down, unlimited cosmic undifferentiated isoenergyings' possibilityings (astutes please fathom this as an allegory of turning off Planck's clock)."

Column right illustrates Doug's recent Quantonics Cavitational Script™ exegesis of that quote.

We see ~{60.6}~ devolving ~800~.

We see a cavitational naked columnar declension from Sammekh to Waw, i.e., a fecundity degeneration adversely affecting finalPhay's unlimited cosmic undifferentiated possibilityings.

Doug issi adding this Sof graphic to show how Sof's Aut quanta are, like all Aut, quantum~self~other antinomialq~complementaryq. Doug - 2Feb2016.

A Flux vis-à-vis Stux HotMeme
Quantum coquecigrues of fluxq issi radically unlike dialectical 'logic' of stux.™"
A Flux vis-à-vis Stux

Doug - 2Feb2016.
Literal Phrase Words Interpretations
(From Suares' opus including his Trilogy 'Sepher Yetsira' and his Song of Songs)

A sphere of emanation
Index Sphere (Anglican)

In Sepher Yetsira 'sphere' is used figuratively to "embrace a wide range of k~now~ledge, as well as a field of action or influence (sphere)." Ibid. Page 420.

Compare Doug's usage of EWingsq (rqcs spheresq) as hologra[[il][lex][m][ph][view]]icq attractorq stochasticq interrelationshipingsq among (EIMA) EWingsq.

Has coated me (idiom)


Has Signatured my Peace (quantum)

Has coated me (idiom)


Has Signatured my Peace (quantum)

Has coated me (idiom)


Has Signatured my Peace (quantum)

Has coated me (idiom)


Has Signatured my Peace (quantum)

Has coated me (idiom)


Has Signatured my Peace (quantum)


"...blackened sun leaves a glimmer of light, a signature, of my peace..."


Sh'Shzafatni (Sheen~Sheen~Zayn~Phay~Tav~Noun~Yod: 300.300.

Sheen - Double sheen here is like saying "breath of God" twice in a row. It is like God double~Sheening us by cancelingq our qwfs to assess our living~signatures. Our signature would tellq our spiritual maturity since some spiritual light issi always shining (and n¤t: ultimate~maturity as [apparent]extinctionq).

Double~Sheening Yod to assess its (our)

pitch, its (our)
Zafatni issi quanton(lightness,darkness):

Zayn - Unlimited potential.

Phay - Existential perspective of n¤n existential (cosmic) flux.

Tav - Aleph's mirror which acts like a cosmic door keeping life~death cyclings ihn existence, yet when maturity has exceeded its bounds of survival releases one's spiritual Signature back to n¤n existential cosmos. Back to Jung's Red Book "Spirit of the Depths."

Noun - Quantization of existence, essence of quantum~uncertainty manifested by perpetual and ubiquitous ticking of Planck's clock which ticks at least 10 orders of magnitude faster than light speed in a vacuum. Superluminal, here, is an understatement.

Yod - Actual existence, e.g., us. More extensively, all of actuality.

Ponder Atni assa "Tav ihn Ani, Tav ihn me, myself."

In one way, it is saying gnostically to any reader, "Cosmic doorq to unlimited potentialq issi ihn youq, and it is up to youq to open it, and allow some lightnessq ihn yourq beingq."

According Suares 'root' Zafat means pitch.

Quantumly, this is an optical miracle which we refer cancellation. Creation of blackness (absenceq of lightq) by phasementing two autsimilar 'lights' in inverseq interrelationshipingsq so that two sustained positiveq energiesq apparently sustain darknessq (pitch). If either Sheen (positiveq energyq qwf) evolvesq relativeq to other Sheen, a signature of lightq will appear.

Note how this is quintessence of Song of Songs I:1 "Shyar Ha Shyareem Esher LeShalomoh." Doug can interpret that (c¤)here ihn this localq comtext as, "Light of Lightings Signatures Hær Peace as Uncertainty (residual lightq)."

Another, "Sheen of Sheens shows us how uncertainty (residual light) is peace."

Another, "Omnitoring measuresq uncertainty."

Pure eshatonic darkness is classical, ideal, formal, mechanical, dialectical certainty of 'zero' light. "Dead, classical light."

"Mom, please turn the dark switch off." Pasquale, Rose is Rose.

We may choose to intuit perfect darkness as a kind of Maxwellian 'heat death' where all is certain, all is dead, but only apparently.

Certainty 'is' death! Certainty equalsc deathq [eschaton]! Certaintyq by dogmaticc orthodoxc canonc lawc isc perfectc dialecticalc absencec of lightq. It's all classical, Victorian, Parmenidean, Platonic, Aristotelian, Cartesian, Newtonian, Einsteinian, Stux-Sux B.S.

Quantum flux can hide ihn many ways, however it is always positive[] and its...




...perpetually and ubiquitously. One may never classically, objectively negate quantum flux, period!


Song of Songs!

"C'mon baby, Light my fire!"

Give me a peace of your enduring love.

Aleph(1) ihn blood: A~Dam!

Evolutionq of Aleph(1) ihn blood: Ben A~Dam.

What will youq d¤~duæ? Find your inner!!!

Sh'shzafatni is fourth word in Song of Songs I:6, "Al-Tirooni She'ani Sh'hharhhoret Sh'shzafatni Ha'shemesh Bni Imi NihherouBi Samooni Noterah etHakiramim Karmi Sheli LaNatarti."

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