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A Sepher Yetsiral Quantum Hologralexology
Autiot H Words and Phrases


Doug Renselle

Commencing June, 2014


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Hologralex™ H Words' Index
Ha'aymeqeem - The depths which describe all Sephirot Hamelekh - the king Hamesha - Oracle, Living~Father, Caulacau, etc. Hamor - Apostasy Havayah - Being Havyani - Quantized life with Aleph ihn it cowithihn another life; a living life within another living life
Hayafah - Her two lives de(omni)scribe her beauty Hegeyonee - Coherent Hhab - Unlimited possibilityings of undifferentiated energyings quantumly~cowithihn ourselves
Hhadash, Khadash - New Hhaim - Life Hhaqaq - Carved Hhavim - New Life Hhayath - Breath of the life of earth Hhedarav - Chambers of him Hhobah - Quantum~cancellation as con(m)cealment, stealth, coversion, hiding, isofluxing
Hhokmah - Consciousness (2nd of 10 Sephira) Hhosheykh - Undifferentiated energy as a grailed cosmic glimmer of the atemporal depths, a metabolic glimmer of isoflux Hinakh - Behold, congratulations

Hologralex™ H Words' Content




(From Suares' opus including his Trilogy 'Sepher Yetsira' and his Song of Songs)

The depths which describe all Sephirot

The depths which describe all Sephirot

Ha'aymeqeem (Hay~Ayn~Mem~Qof~Yod~finalMem:

Hay - Living emanations

Ayn - of existential light

Mem - ihn their existential biosphere

Qof - evolving via exalted~vital~impetus straddling existential and cosmic biospheres, destroying all illusions, all deceit

Yod - ihn existence cowithihn existence'

finalMem - cosmic biosphere.

Following Suares lead (p. 62, SoS), Ha'aymeqeem's Oomq [need reference] quantum~process omniscribes Tree of Life's ten Sephirot ihn all their depths.

This omniscribing of ten Sephirot issi a proxy for a more general quantum hologra[[il][lex][m][ph][view]]ic reality.

In Latin we might see it as quaqua (many holographic di(omni)rections).

Ponder how fuzzonic (quantum~holographic) flux interrelates actuality and n¤nactuality omnirectionally.


Too, ihn actualityings, quantons(bosonic_flux,fermionic_flux)!

Song of Songs II:1 "Ani Hhebatselat Ha'sharawn Shoshanat Ha'aymeqeem."
the king

the king

Hamelekh (Hay~Mem~Lammed~finalKaf:

Parsed, Ha Melekh, "the king."

Hay - Life existence archetype.

Mem - Biosphere. Waters. "The people." Turbulence as chaos~movement antinomially~complementingq peace~rest. Quanton(chaos,equilibria). Always changingq. Changingq allq.

Lammed - Actual projection of Ghimel's organic movement.

finalKaf - Nonexistential projection of archetype Hay. Here finalKaf acts like a cosmic grail, tunnel, pipe, aqueduct, etc.

Doug is leaving this one alone, since Suares didn't spend any narrative on it.

Doug's surmise is that Suares accepts classical interpretation, "the king."

Doug, classically doesn't see a dialectical king, "the king," as having any finalKafq qua. That is Doug's main observation-interpretational deviation here.

But kings were important in those days... fascism was somewhat revered...

Apostasy Index

Hamor (Hay~Mem~Raysh: 5. 40.200)

Hay - Archetype of Life, living in pure Mem without any Bayt, without any Yod, without any structuration.

Mem - Sphere of life living a perfectly pure life without restraint. Spiritually free pneumatic life (without psyche, without hyle).

Raysh - Cosmic comtainment of Mem~Hay.

Simply, pure biosphere of life in cosmic comtainment.

This is a way of saying "Pure flux in actuality, without group, institutional, political hegemony. Pure flux without inflicted social polemic OSFA determinate, predicable, analytic 'politically correct' orthodox and dogmatic çatholiç universal 'order' and 'stability.'"

We see a kind of radical quantum~peace of pure uncertainty (rqpu), pure political agnosis.

We have "spiritual freedom, as pure tolerance...without any kinds of social intolerance."

See Doug's Uncertainty as Peace.

Hamor is second word of Song of Songs' I:13, "Tsarawr Hamor Dodi Li Bein Shadai Yaleen."




(From Suares' opus including his Trilogy 'Sepher Yetsira' and his Song of Songs)

Oracle, Living~Father, Caulacau, YhShWh, etc.

Oracle, Living~Father, Caulacau, YhShWh, etc.

Oracle, Living~Father, Caulacau, YhShWh, etc.


From OT Isaiah 1:28 regarding Elaine Pagels' Naassene exegesis of Caulacau.

Hay~Yod~Hay - Heieh

Hay~Mem~Sheen~Aleph - Hamesha

Hay~Zayn~Hay Hezeh

Phonemically fathom proximals of Hamesha and YhShWh ihn quantum~wave~comtextings of both ~Heieh~ and ~Hezeh~.

Doug clearly isn't Suares, but I want to show Isa I:28 as he might. Grasp my comparative lack of skills:

"Vashnat Memzet Hamelekh Akhaz Heieh Hamesha Hezeh."

Isa 1:28, in Doug's best effort at this stage of his Qabalic emergencings (autinitiation).


Hamesha (Hay~Mem~Sheen~Aleph: 5.40.300.1)

Hay - Life existence archetype.

Mem - Biosphere. Waters. "The people." Turbulence as chaos~movement, Brownian~motion, qycloiding life's perpetual and ubiquitous livings~dyings fluxq, metabolisis as quantons(apoptosis,resurrection), quantons(movement,rest), raging waters and still waters all antinomially~complementingq peace~rest. Quanton(chaos,equilibria). Always changingq. Changingq allq.

Sheen - Inhaling, Yang~like wombing~darkening~mixing~all~ihn~all Tav's retroreflective fermionic life persistence through Shyar towards Aleph's next exhalation.

Aleph - In perpetual re~cyclings of Tav's life sustaining retroreflections, Aleph exhales new light of Hamesha in us, in all of us...if only we could find our inners and grasp essentials of Alt, Song of Songs most primal revelation.

Some interpretation has already leaked out. Allow time for Doug to add flourish...

Suares didn't mention this, however, by example he is teaching Doug to do it too, e.g., Dodi reversed is IDod which means apostasy of YahWeh (e.g., in modern lingo, "hatred of deadFather as Satan."

Doug noticed, as he was re reviewing Hamesha, that its f~luxq projectedq Mesh infix reversed is its f~luxq projectionq Shem [and vice versa].

Shem can mean, quite simply, "name," but it is more often used to mean both God and Jesus as God, YhShWh as livingFather ihn cosmic~existential actualityings.

This may be Doug's pneumatic ostentation (rather, perhaps, austentation :). It is most interesting to Doug, though, since Living~Father appears in, apparently, both Mesh and Shem. For Doug, that issi a Wow!

We see quanton(Mesh,Shem) with non contradicting sema as complementary~antinomials!

We might use a very old Quantonics Symbol to make it, "movement and rest" explicit as quanton(MeshShem).

Try some more just for varying semioteq variegation:



quanton(MeshShem), and

quanton(Projectionq,Projectedq) [a kind of f~luxq 'optical' paradox...stuff of 'illusions' and 'delusions' even what classicists call, quite vilely, "dementia" even "medical insanity"],

This isn't intended for you Mish!:)

Doug wants to quote parts of pages 20-21 of Elaine Pagels' Johannine Gospel in Gnostic Exegesis.

Said quotes introduce us to Isaiah 28:10, but Doug found Isaiah 1:28 better describing her remarks about
Caulacau re Naassenes.

See if you agree:

"TBD soon..."




Havayah (Hay~Waw~Waw~Yod~Hay:

Hay - Life one of a divine pairing (quanton) of two livesq...

Waw - ...cosmicallyq and existentiallyq fertilizingq...

Yod - ...existenceq as beingq ihn...

Hay - two of a divine pairing (quanton) of two livesq.

Existence (Yod) divinely embedded both ihn double fecundity (Waw) and ihn double life (Hay).

We may choose to see (fathom) quanton(cosmic~life,existential~life), two lives supporting a divinely living being (individuals of us as Yod).

We may choose to see (fathom) quanton(cosmic~fecundity,existential~fecundity) fertilizing a divine being. Fertilization requires both cosmic and existential energyings copulating as fluxq fuxq fluxq: QED and all quantum~scintillationings.

Yod ihn Aleph as two lives:

  1. quanton(cosmic~fecundity,existential~fecundity)
  2. quanton(cosmic~life,existential~life)

and like this too:

  1. self~other (interrelationally mortal sexuality)
  2. self (individually we cann¤t abstain from Iht, even ihn death).
From "into being," Genesis II:7 word 15.




(From Suares' opus including his Trilogy 'Sepher Yetsira' and his Song of Songs)

Quantized life with Aleph ihn it cowithihn another life; a living life within another living life

Quantized life with Aleph ihn it cowithihn another life; a living life within another living life


Doug is using that phrase to show what happens to Havyani when we add a Zayn prefix.

Zahav is gold. Zahavy could be a golden life.

Ani is an individual, 'me' life.

Two lives memeoticq still plays out. It appears that Havy is one 'me,' say 'he' life and Ani is another 'me,' say 'she' life: Havy~Ani. He is 'bringer.' She is 'receiver' of his 'gift.'


Havyani (Hay~Vayt~Yod~Aleph~Noun~Yod:

Havy, literallyc (hylicly) is 'bring,' 'to bring.' (Usually interpretedc as "he~she brought.")

LeHavee issi bring.

Havee issi brought.

Idiomatically then, "brought me."

Doug is narrating "cowithin me." This fits interrelations of man and woman as quantons(scin,quan). We can view Yod~Aleph~Noun~Yod as quantized spiritualq cowithinitnessq scintillationq of two Yod.

[Hay]Avi, literallyc may mean 'cause.' Hay~cause, may mean life~cause.

Ani, literallyc is 'I.' (Me. May be he, may be she...)

However, when we Qabalically parse all six of Havyani's Aut like this...

Hay - archetype of quantum~livings, quantum~life~existence.

Vayt - a leaky comtainment of two lives.

Yod - a living life, he (maybe she).

Aleph - partial g¤d c¤withihn two living lives. (Essence of "Aleph ihn blood." We may think of this as Adam, and Aleph~Yod as ihn Qabala, "Aleph~Hay, Yod~Hay.)

Noun - quantadulation of two lovers.

Yod - another living life, she (maybe he).

Doug's novice interpretation of this, parsing Havyani's six Aut according Suares' teaching of Qabala, is, "Two quantum lives, one male, one female are together and in a comtextually sensitive processq of doing~dueing~going..."

According Suares' interpretation of this verse, to Doug, it is ambiguous whether there is one man and one woman, alternatively a man and woman in presence of a King. So Song of Songs is about a duet Qabala twixt man and woman, possibly king and woman (mayhaps like Duchess of Duke Street). Unsure...

Zondervan's ref. says, "he brought me."

But, but, but, what if it should mean, "Life causesc mec, issi affectationalq myq beingq?" If one listens to Mussolini ("'the' state makes 'the' people") and Hitler ("'the' people make 'the' state;" ref. John Lukacs, At the End of an Age), a non generic fascist king might wish for his 'people' to thingkc "he brought them."

Havyani alternatively, using one of Doug's parsings, may mean, "Hay, Avi, Ani." I.e., "Life causesc, preferably affectsq, 'I' (me)." That's pretty straight forward, eh? However, life requires a leaky (middle~includingq) Vayt to affectq a newq beingq. Bayt, instead, may objectivelyc killc, petrify (Peter-fy) a potentially n¤væl lifeq.

Itq ain't easyc...

It appears there is much to fathom here...but Doug is only scratching a scratches' scratch...
Her two lives de(omni)scribe her beauty

Her two lives de(omni)scribe her beauty

Ha Yafah


Hayafah (Hay~Yod~Phay~Hay:

Hay - Archetype of "life existence."

Yod - Aleph's actual projection in actuality with Yod antinomial Aleph and vice versa.

Phay - Undifferentiated energy projection ihn actuality.

Recall that Autiot describes two lives: Aut and Iot, Aleph~Waw~Tav and Yod~Waw~Tav.

Yodq issi quanton(pneuma,psyche)

Yodc issi quanton(psyche,hyle)

Latter has a choice to self~manage its becoming former volitionally. Perhaps 'not.'

Hayafah's two lives are Hay~Yod and Phay~Hay.

quanton(Phay~Hay,Hay~Yod) as


These two lives permit self to view self as a quantum~antinomial~complementation of quanton(Aleph,self): Aleph's undifferentiated but actualized Phay energy issi ihn Yod and Yod issi ihn Aleph.

We see Narootsah of self's said middle~including, coinsiding self's Unsaid. See archetypes.

We also see self's said as but a tiny partiality of self's Unsaid Nawah potentia, Zayn.

We see Jesus' Gnostic Secret Nawah laid bare in Magdalene's fourth Gospel Farewell Discourse.




(From Suares' opus including his Trilogy 'Sepher Yetsira' and his Song of Songs)








"Not coherent"

Hegeyonee (Hay~Ghimel~Yod~Waw~Noun~Yod:

Hay - Life's

Ghimel - Organic movement and rest of

Yod~Waw~Noun~Yod - Actuality quantized~fecundating itself.

Let's do it as two lives:

  • Hay~Ghimel~Yod
    • Actualityq's livingq movementq and restq, and
  • Waw~Noun~Yod
    • Actualityq's quantizedq fecundityq.

Lo'Hegeyonee (Lammed~Aleph'Hegeyonee: 30.1'

Lo is projection of Al projected.

Too, Al is projection of Lo projected.

Antinomialism is quantum~electro~optical~dynamic!!! QEOD! QOD! QSOD!

Can you see why Doug is taking a 'visual' approach to quantum~computing?

We see a very simple exemplar of antinomialism of Lo and Al, of 'that which isn't and that which is.'

Compare Al and Alt and El and Elle and Alla.

Ponder bosons (coherent) and isoflux (isocoherent).

Ponder bosons (coherent) and fermions (decoherent).

Ponder cohera and entropa.

A plausible proxy for 'unentangledq.' See Lesabekh.

Living~existence coheres living~existence.

Quantum~flux EIMA quantum~flux.

Compare Lehavreek (scintillation) as Quantum~flux quantum~fux quantum~flux (QED depends upon entanglement).




(From Suares' opus including his Trilogy 'Sepher Yetsira' and his Song of Songs)

New Hhadash (Hayt~Dallet~Sheen: 8.4.300)

Under his SY Hologralexology™ of Yom Doug writes "Ha Khadash Ahavah."

"The New Love."

Unlimited possibilityings of undifferentiated energyings quantumly~cowithihn ourselves Index

Hhab (Hhayt~Bayt: 8.2)

Hhayt - Undifferentiated energyings and their unlimited possibilityings

Bayt - cowithihn us, our home, our comtainer.

We might also view this, interpret this as Hhayt~Ab, which can be, "undifferentiated energyings of Father." Song of Songs II:1 "Ani Hhebatselat Ha'sharawn Shoshanat Ha'aymeqeem."




(From Suares' opus including his Trilogy 'Sepher Yetsira' and his Song of Songs)

Life Index Hhaim (Hhayt~Yod~Yod~Mem:

Double Yod is divine. Life is divine. We are given life two ways. One via A~Dam, i.e., Aleph in Blood, and two via Ben A~Dam, i.e., Evolutionq of Aleph in Blood. See Farewell Discourse (NT), fourth gospel, paraphrased, "I am in you and you are in me, I am in God and God is in me, therefore God is in you." Jesus is saying Qabalically Aleph (1) is alive and evolving in all of us, and Jesus is saying Jesus is alive and evolving in all of us. Doug – 3Jun2014.

According Carlo Suares 'the church's' major false claim is this, "It may well be that the greatest error of the Christian dogma is the assertion that the Holy Ghost engendered an infant [Jesus] only once, and at a certain date." P. 208, Suares' Trilogy. Doug's brackets.

In other words Jesus is dead and certainly not in any human according the church's dogma and canon law.

All hologra[[il][m][ph][view]]icq realityq is absoluteq changeq, absoluteq fluxq and livingq in any proemially nascent sense.































Hhaqaq (Hhayt~Qof~Qof: 8.100.100)

In first chapter (of six total) first verse (I,1) (of 256 total verses) of Sepher Yetsira we see this phrase: Hhokmah Hhaqaq, which means "consciousness carved." What did Hhokmah Hhaqaq carve? Yah YahWeh!

To Doug this is a metaphor of Eleh (See column right first graphic re Aleph~Lammed~Hay: a kind of Earthly demiurgic (monotheistic, dialectical, i.e., satanic) god) prior becoming (in Genesis, evolving into a lower-actual (UD~) energy (Yod~) son of Jesus' humanity, Jesus' 'church') Adam. This is an Sepher Yetsiral allegory of QCD's TBCSUD quarks descending (from n¤nactuality via) 'Balmer's ladder' into quantized and Higgs bosoned UD actuality AKA quantized Yod. See second graphic Gen III 'Reality' Loop column right.

Observe how that second graphic's (quantizing) h-bar/2 loop appears autsimilar Suares' omniscription of Sephira 1 (Keter) as a "spinning table." Awesome!

Omnifficult to grasp, yet crucial to standunder, we see an infinitive 'to carve' desnouring itself as quantization of Autiot's first two Archetypes, Aleph~Bayt: quantons(Aleph,Bayt), quantons(Unsaid,Said).

Easier to grasp, but essential to recall is that Aleph issi ihn Bayt and Bayt issi ihn Aleph, "without contradiction," (see Pirsig regarding that quote). Absence of classical contradiction is a principle feature of quantum~reality, and Platonic ideasc of classical contradiction are replaced by quantum memes of complementaryq~antinomialismq, said memes being principle features of a quantum~hologra[[il][lex][m][ph][view]]ic reality.

To Doug, it is amazing that SY's I,1 (i.e., Sepher Yetsira''s Chapter I Verse 1) clandestinely shows its Qabalist 'student' Qabala's Aleph~Bayt Quantum Life Motif™ in such an esotericq manner. For Doug this is an ultimate metaphysical~philosophical beauty to behold and embrace with radical vigor. Iht exceeds all Art...

Read Suares' omniscription of TBCSUD (cosmic energy), i.e., descending energy being observed by us through a window with Aleph and Bayt projected in reverse order on said window as: Nativot~Phayliot. Remove Noun and female plurals (ot, iot) and we see roughly reversed V[B]ayt as vita (vait) and Aleph as Phayl (aylph). This is a startling jumbled anagramic blockbuster for Doug! Song of Songs, Quintessencingsq of Quintessencingsq. What would we do without Suares? Perish a th~ought...

You may wish to pause and look at Vayt~Bayt double. Doug - 24Jun2014.

We are at a Sepher Yetsiral quantum juncture: quantons(spiritq,scihænceq).

When Doug views Qof as Cain (Caheen) as "Destroyer of Illusions," Doug imagines Qof~Qof under aegis of Hhayt as "spiritual archetype" as divinity "making actuality capableq (having qua) of better, ihn all newly carved beginningsq."

Doug's use of aegis just above begs a meme of Life (Hay) and its spirit (Hhayt) as ubiquitous and perpetual shields of all Formations omniscribed in Sepher Yetsira.

Autiot Letter~Numbers for Advanced Grail Consideration


Generation III "Spinning Table" Reality Loop for Hhaqaq


See Shasb

New Life








New Life


Hhavim (Hhayt~Vayt~Yod~Mem:

Doug mistakenly typed Thav in place of Mem. Woops!

In human biology cells die (apoptosis), and then they are resurrected (Hhavim). At a microbiological level this Nischmath Hhavim recurs (re occurs) at least one million times per second.

A longer cycle (seculum) of Nischmath Hhavim similarly recurs at a human soma level of quanton(livings,dyings) AKA quanton(Hhavim,Nischmath).

That larger level death~resurrection cycle depends upon an individual's belief in Qabala: Aleph~Hay~Yod~Hay in which Yod abides Aleph..

When Yod abides Aleph, Yod recurs perpetually. When Yod denigrates Aleph, Yod ESQ 'dies.' This is a permanent death.




(From Suares' opus including his Trilogy 'Sepher Yetsira' and his Song of Songs)

Breath of the life of earth

Hhayath ha~Erets


Hhayath (Hhayt~Aleph~Thallet: 8.1.4)

ha (Hay: 5)

Erets ([Hay~]Aleph~Raysh~Tsadde: 1.200.90)

breath of the life of earth
Chambers of him

Chambers of him

Chambers of him

Hhedarav (Hhayt~Dallet~Raysh~Yod~Vav:

Hhayt - Archetype of cosmic energy and its unlimitedness

Dallet - Archetype of material existence. Dialectically either open or closed, e.g., a door. Its double Thallet is quantum offering partiality of openness-closedness.

Raysh - Nonexistential (n¤nactual) projectionq of its archetype Bayt. Raysh is cosmic reality'sq ultimate comtainer.

Yod - Actual antinomial projection of Aleph. Yod may choose to be Yodc, possibly Yodq.

Vav - Vav version of Waw as fertility archetype.

A Doug guess: A spiritually, but dialectically, enclosed cosmic comtainer of human (earth borne) fertility.

If that guess has any value, it illustrates massive malfeasance of (anti Jesus Essene gnostic free will individualism versus) pro social-centric 'Romanesque çhristian' demos will formal, mechanical, objective, tyrannical control of humanity.

This is masculinity (testosterone) run amok.

Study Carl G. Jung's memes of animus and anima. View relevant youtube videos.

Some Jungian analysts claim that anima as a male dialectical external projection of female in "chambers of him," is what is wrong with humanity CeodE nowings.

Doug agrees. Down with patriarchy as male testosterone run amok! Down with male contrived dialectic run amok!

Be mindful: "Gnosis is feminine wisdom!"

See Doug's Tools of Wisdom.

Quantum~cancellation as con(m)cealment, stealth, coversion, hiding, isofluxing Index

Hhobah - (Hhayt~Bayt~Aleph: 8.2.1)

Hhayt -
Undifferentiated energy's unlimited possibilityings
Bayt -
at home
Aleph -
hiding cowithihn vital~impetus,

i.e., Hhobah:


To grasp Doug's Ille Sema see.

A way to think about this hiding, thinking Qabalically is to see, visualize

Aleph~Bayt as a revelation of vital~impetus at home cowithihn an archetype comtainer for all to see. (e.g., Caterpillar)

Bayt~Aleph as a quantum~complementary~antinomial of Aleph~Bayt, i.e., "hiding." (e.g., Chrysalis)

Note how Hhobah's Gematria (8.2.1) are inverted (complementary~antinomial) order from their archetypical ille~sema ordinal order.

Compare Met and Tem: Mem~Tav (death) and Tav~Mem (garners countless semantic enigma).

Song of Songs II:1 "Ani Hhebatselat Ha'sharawn Shoshanat Ha'aymeqeem."




(From Suares' opus including his Trilogy 'Sepher Yetsira' and his Song of Songs)

Consciousness Index Hhokmah (Hhayt~Kaf~Mem~Hay:

Second of Ten Sephira. See Sepher Yetsira below.

On page 437 of Suares' Trilogy, his footnote 1 says this, "Hhokmah is the name of the 2nd Sephira which, according to the Qabala, begot the Autiot."

So both existentialq and cosmic comsciousnessq begot the Autiot, begot the "two lives" quantum~complementary~antinomialityings of Autiot's Realityq Loop.

See Doug's What is Consciousness?

Purpose of consciousness is, as Suares writes, "To go against the stream (of running on automatic, rote tote, status quo dogma, orthodoxy, dialectical-polemics, and canon 'law')." To be incorrigible as absolute stindyanic livingq movementq to become coherentq (i.e., as quantum~omnification of (to hologra[[il][m][ph][view]]icallyq omnifyq) all individual~autonomiesq ihn all individual~autonomiesq). "The function of Autiot~Yassod is to go against the stream." Ibid, Suares.

Obtain, please obtain, Aleph issi quanton(intemporal_comsciousness,temporal_con(m)sciousness). Doug has to guess, but this is probably Aleph: 1000, since Aleph: 1 manifests (via Sheen and Seen) perpetually and ubiquitously (hologrally) in temporal~con(m)sciousness. Due dialectic's earthly logical metastasis its CONsciousness is a classical 'con' job.

Undifferentiated energy as a grailed cosmic glimmer of the atemporalq depths, a metabolicq glimmer of isoflux

See Doug's use Hhosheykh under finalNoun,
and in his Autiot Sema.

Undifferentiated energy as a grailed cosmic glimmer of the atemporal depths, a metabolic glimmer of isoflux

Undifferentiated energy as a grailed cosmic glimmer of the atemporal depths, a metabolic glimmer of isoflux

Undifferentiated energy as a grailed cosmic glimmer of the atemporal depths, a metabolic glimmer of isoflux

Undifferentiated energy as a grailed cosmic glimmer of the atemporal depths, a metabolic glimmer of isoflux


Hhosheykh (Hhayt~Sheen~Khaf: 8.300.500)

Hhayt - Archetype of an immeasurable reservoir of isoflux (n¤nactuality).

Sheen - Sheen metabolically adapts qwfs which pass through Sheen during cycles 1 and 2 of 1:Aleph~Tav, 2:Tav~Aleph. See Sheen (a part of Shyt) ihn Aleph.

We can write cycle 1 sequentially like this: Aleph~Sheen~Tav.

We can write cycle 2 sequentially like this: Tav~Sheen~Aleph.

When one translates Genesis I:1 which starts like this, "Barashyt Bara Elohim..."

It is saying, two first acts of creation include:

  1. Creation of Shyt which is saying "creation of archetype Aleph.1 in existence as Yod.10." This Shyt spelling shows creation of Aleph as Sheen~Yod~Tav.

    Now look at cycle 1 again, putting Yod existence twixt Sheen and Tav:

    Aleph: Sheen~Yod~Tav! We see two lives of archetypical Aleph.1 and Aleph.10 actualized (created).

  2. Creation of Elohim, which can be living, which can be dead. Elohim has a free, wholly uncertain choice: to be YahWeh (demiurge), to be YhShWh (livingFather). Yod too, via Autiot's two lives, has that choice in Iot tricodon suffix of Autiot.

Creation and Sheen metabolic adaptation by Aleph.1000 of both Aleph.1 and Elohim requires a grail channel into undifferentiated cosmic energy (isoflux) which is provided by:

finalKhaf - In graphic far right Aleph '~' nexus to isoflux (dotted quantized patterns of energy of isoflux) happens through cosmic grail: finalKhaf.

Ditto Tav's inverse nexus to isoflux.

Suares appropriately refers finalKhaf.500, "cosmic life." Page 88, Cipher of Genesis, Chapter 7, 'The Light that is Darkness,' Weiser Books, 2005.

Obtain that finalKhaf's 500 is cosmic exaltation of Hay's 5. Hay.5 is Autiot's Life Archetype! Hay.5 is Autiot's Grail Archetype! Column five of Suares' Autiot table issi Hay~Noun~finalKhaf!

Doug's far right graphic shows fermionic "space as energy quantized~wobblings" implicity of this Sheen~metabolic cavityq whose cosmic metabolismq Doug shows semiotically this way:

Said cavity resonates antinomials 'life~cycle' and 'death~cycle.' That semiotic represents what Doug intends, "recapitulative~fractal~recursion." For consciousness as grail and life use 'head' in place of 'capit,' i.e., "reheadulative~fractal~recursionings."

That resonance of 'livings and dyings' is life itself, Hay.

finalKhaf acts as a Grail~of~Life, Life~of~Grail, a worm~holeq to~from is¤fluxings~fluxings, n¤nactualityings~actualityings.

That revelation shows us how important Moses' Exodus 3:14 revelation is!

"Ehieh Esher Ehieh"

"Qabala sanctions Qabala"

Ehieh (Qabala)

Aleph~living (Eh), Yod living (Ieh)

As Good as it Gets!


Quality of Aleph Ihn Us!!!
Doug integrated most of Interpretations in Words column, just left.

Undifferentiated energy (n¤nactual~isoflux) whose actual~flux archetype is actually signifying isoflux' vast isohologral darkness through a cosmic middle~including grail(isoflux,flux) of metabolic quantum~life — autsimilar Jung's glimmerings of 'Spirit of the Depths' — autsimilar Tooraq, yet here, 'breath' is a grailed cosmic glimmer of the atemporal depths, a glimmer of isoflux.

Cycle 1 as Aleph~Sheen~Tav may be viewed as a '~'.

Cycle 2 as Tav~Sheen~Aleph may be viewed as an inverse of Cycle 1.

Cycles 1 and 2 look like this:

Compare Aleph~Sheen~Yod~Tav. Cycle 1.

Compare Tav~Yod~Sheen~Aleph. Cycle 2.

Yod being evolutionarily, adaptively, metabolically steam~rolled over and over and over...

Is your life like that? Doug's is! Buoy selfq abiding Aleph ihn Yod and Yod ihn Aleph!

Behold, congratulations



Hinakh (Hay~Noun~finalKhaf: 5.50.500)

Hay - Hæ com(n)gratulates Hær life's

Noun - principle of quantizationings of Hær peace, uncertainty, and freedom

finalKhaf - cosmically grailing isoflux.

Doug - 24Sep2015.

This issi column five of Autiot table.

This issi a most vibrant, verdant, EIMA, and multi harmonic word which compound columnarly cavitates all life's quanta hologra[[il][lex][m][mmat][ph][view]]ically straddlingq fluxq of actuality and n¤nactuality's ubiquitous and perpetual isofluxq.

Its compound, multi cavitationings manifest at least like this:


This word Hinakh appears as first and fourth words of Song of Songs verse I:15.

Doug - 24Sep2015.




(From Suares' opus including his Trilogy 'Sepher Yetsira' and his Song of Songs)


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