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A Sepher Yetsiral Quantum Hologralexology
Autiot D Words and Phrases


Doug Renselle

Commencing June, 2014


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Hologralex™ D Words Index
Dabor - Scintillation, Echo, Reverberation Dimitikh - Cosmic con(m)tainer's engendering metaphysics of soma's transition and Raati: Metaphysiq fight dialectic Dodeykha - Nipples of breasts from Song of Songs [OT]
Dodi - My lover

Hologralex™ D Words' Content




(From Suares' opus including his Trilogy 'Sepher Yetsira' and his Song of Songs)


Echo, Reverberation
Index Dabor (Dallet~Vayt~Waw~Raysh: Echo or voice reverberation (Vayt, new beginning, Waw, fecundation) of, for an metaphorical~allegorical example, a plucked, possibly sympathetically vibrated, guitar (Dallet, tuned) string. Something similar happens with thoughts in our quantum~stagings Qol~ing our nousq' EWings: evolutionq of mindq.
Cosmic con(m)tainer's engendering metaphysics of soma's transition: Metaphysiq fight dialectic

Cosmic con(m)tainer's engendering metaphysics of soma's transition: Metaphysiq fight dialectic



Dimitikh (Dallet~Mem~Yod~Tav~Yod~Khaf:

Dallet - A door.

Mem - A biosphere of tentative life.

Yod - An somaticq existence of life in actuality, assuming Yodq.

Tav - An potential ending of a life's trajectory.

Khaf - A grail which may perpetuate life's tunnelingq and just hold it sloshing in a cup. We see two attractorsq, of potentiallyq many, exhibiting chaoticq and equilibrialq manifestaq.

~ ~ ~

Raati (Raysh~Ayn~Yod~Thav~Yod:

Raysh - Cosmic con(m)tainment.

Ayn - Quantum~vision.

Yod - Perhaps over simply, Soma.

Thav - A leakyq version of Aleph's Echoq.

Under Dimitikh:

View 10.20 (Yod~Khaf) as "...soma grailed away."

View (Dallet~Mem~Yod~T[h]av) as "Door closing a life's (Yod's) trajectory upon death of soma."

View 4.40.400 vertically as our familiar fourth column of Autiot's 3x9 columnar layout. We may view this columnar exegesis in our local comtext over~simply as "death'sq doorway'sq ¤pænedness~cl¤sædness issi stochasticq, n¤t dialecticalc!

Under Raati:

View 200.70 (Raysh~Ayn) as "...cosmos' hologra[[il][lex][m'[ph][view]]icq seeingq of..."

View 10.400.10 (Yod~Thav~Yod) as "(Selfc-proclaimedc)Elite's pseudo-prestige based upon fiat violating Metaphysiq using retardedc and moronicc dialecticc.

Dimitikh is from Suares' SoS Chapter I, Verse 9: "Lessoossati Berikhvey Pharoh Dimitikh Raati."




(From Suares' opus including his Trilogy 'Sepher Yetsira' and his Song of Songs)


Nipples of breasts
from Song of Songs
Index Dodeykha (Dallet~Dallet~Yod~finalKaf: Nipples of breasts. A source of feminine energy. See Song of Songs, OT, Autiot, verse 2. See Suares' Song of Songs, first ed., hardbound, pp. 38-39.

Here we may obtain double Dallet as di[omni]vine. Suares describes it as "two resistances." Recall that Dallet~Thallet is a Autiot double, e.g., a door which may be open or closed. Hence nipples may be open or closed in any sense of milk flowing. Gives novel semantic head to "dry spell." Possibly too, "malnourished child." Dallet (closed), Thallet (open).

Dallet may be classically ideal: dichon(open, closed). Dallet may be quantumly subjective~subjunctive~qualitative: quanton(¤pæn,cl¤sæd).

See Autiot's two lives omniscription of hylic~psychic dialecticc (Life 1c: Aut) vis-à-vis psychic~pneumatic hologra[[il][lex][m][ph][view]]icq (Life 2q: Iot). A human's right to choose (some refer it heresy) is thus made apparent as Autiot's "Two lives: Life 1 (Aut: Aleph fertilizing Tav) and Life 2 (Iot: Yod heretically choosing either to classically or to quantumly be fertilizing Tav)." We see, Essene~ce of free~will. Suares claims that Noun also represents a meme of free~will whose bases of self~fathoming~self (finding one's inner) emerge from quantum~memes of indetermination and uncertainty. See Doug's Aleph~Yod script.

For Greco sema comtextings see our Topos Table under Elaine Pagels' Johannine Gospel in Gnostic Exegesis, Chapter 1 review.

"Double-fronted point of view." Russell Crowe, A Good Year.

My lover

My lover

My lover

My lover

My lover

My lover

My lover

Dodi (Dallet~Waw~Dallet~Yod:

Dallet - Here, vaginal 'door' is open.

Waw - Here, male phallus is engaging.

Yod - Here, life experience of man~woman libido issi ihn 'existence,' ihn quantum~actuality.

We are all learning how all Aut are phenomenally, rqcs.

Waw is fertilizing two Dallets ihn Yod.

Dodi's double Dallets are a tell of quantum female, "Double-fronted point of view," experiencing masculine copulation as libido all happening in Yod.

Suares asks us to compare Dodi reversed (Idod) and YahWeh as

  • Yod~Dallet~Waw~Dallet,
  • Yod~Hay~Waw~Hay.

Doug's interpretation of that comparison is that IDod's double~resistance is against actuality's demiurge deadFather: YahWeh.

Said deadFather is dialectically dead...

[without spiritual Sheen~assistance, without advocacy and acceptance of Aleph~Tav~Tav~Aleph's vital impetus]

...existence as 'state.' Quantum~apostasy hates, rejects deadFather similarly as quantum~apostasy rejects, evades classical-certainty and its objective, dialectical intolerance.

IDod shows us, in Doug's opine, that quantum~femininity, quantum~gnosis, quantum~wisdom share quantum~apostasy of deadFather (state-ic, demos-will-ic institutional-hegemonic demiurge).

It is a direct quantum~affirmation of Doug's claims (con(m)jectures and heuristics) that QTMs are hyper CTMs. That is a way of saying,

"Qabala: Ehieh~Esher~Ehieh: Aleph~Living~Yod~Living quantum~affirms Aleph~Living~Yod~Living."

Compare YahWeh (deadFather) and YhShWh (livingFather).

Dodi is third word of Song of Songs' I:13, "Tsarawr Hamor Dodi Li Bein Shadai Yaleen."

Dodi is third word of Song of Songs' I:14, "Eshkol Hakofer Dodi Li Bekharmay Ayn Gedhi." Suares buoys this Verse as 'the verse' of Chapter I of Song of Songs. Why? It is a premier verse of quantum~k~now~ings, a verse exegetizing raison d'etreq of Qabala (i.e., ever~evolvingq quantum~k~now~ings). Remaining verses in Chapter I Suares declares congratulatory. In that regard Doug intends to move on to Chapter II of SoS. What a ride! Better than my '64 GTO.

We see two '1, 2, 3' wave~functionalq sequences...:

  1. ~Tsarawr~Hamor~Dodi~, and
    1. Tsarawr - living Value
    2. Hamor - Apostasy
    3. Dodi - Dodidod two in one palindromic fluxq~mirrorq~reversalq desnouring IDod as Apostasyq via antinomialq rejection of YahWeh as deadFather
      1. Dodi as livingFather: YhShWh ("my lover")
      2. IDod as deadFather: Yahweh (antinomialq of 'my lover')
  2. ~Eshkol~Hakofer~Dodi~
    1. Eshkol - learned, mature (Kol) man whose spiritual fire's (Esh)...

      (whose Esh, fluxq, music of his soul)

      ...preferentialq signature intensities are assessed~witnessed~comfirmed~sanctioned...

      (Kol~ed; Important! Affirms quantum~assessment as Qabala's k~now~ingsq!) energyingsq...

      ("living Valueq" as Qabala, whose raison d'etreq issi living~k~now~ingsq)

      ...of those intensities' signatures, their peace, their grasp of realityq, similarities to her own, "Shyar Ha Shyareem Esher LeShalomoh"

      Observe a fountain of understandingq here regarding C. G. Jung's female animus assessingq male, while male's anima is coassessingq female!

      For Doug, perhaps only for Doug, key here is assessment as — soul~of~apostasy~intrinsic~in — choosingq, chancingq, and changingq: quintessence of freedom, quintessence of peace, "[His anima's] Song of Songs assesses Hær peace." And, "[Hær animus'] Song of Songs assesses his peace." We may fathom systemic assessment of signatures as SOrONs. Quantumly we may view those SOrONs as Reservoirs of Wave Functionings.
    2. Hakofer - Denial as antinomialq agency of reconciliationq. If it works, cooperation emerges and that explains Hakofer's root Kifar which means village: a pool (a reservoir of wave functions) of cooperation represents a potentially peaceful village. Dialectic in a village guarantees its destruction since dialectic insists on monism (OSFA, One World Order, etc.) of views of villagers. That's why Doug's use here of antinomialism is crucial as a quantum~meme. Antinomialism eschews dialectic as source and agency of YahWeh!
    3. Dodi - Dodi's implicit apostasy hasn't faded in its use and semantic from Verse 13 to Verse 14 of SoS.
      1. Rejectionc of YahWeh is key. Rejectionc of dialectic is key.
      2. Acceptanceq based upon assessmentq of YhShWh is key. Acceptanceq of antinomialismq is key.

...these two '1, 2, 3' sequences...illustrate, narrate Hær assessmentq and preferenceq for YhShWh hyper YahWeh.

See Dodeykha.




(From Suares' opus including his Trilogy 'Sepher Yetsira' and his Song of Songs)


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