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A Sepher Yetsiral Quantum Hologralexology
Autiot Y Words and Phrases


Doug Renselle

Commencing June, 2014


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Hologralex™ Y Words Index

Yaass [Yassod] - Action Yafah - You are beautiful YahWeh - Earthly 'god,' the demiurge;
antinomialism unfolding dialectic as Error. Study Yaleen coresiding this page.
Yaleen - Cosmic vital impetus of perpetuity and ubiquity of Song of Songs base theme of Alt being born~borne, reborn~reborne, forever

Yassod - Masculine singular one
Yatsar - Transmute Yavdel - See Yavdel elsewhere, outside Hologralexology™

Yeleed - Birth of n¤væl but immature patterns of cosmic existence

New! 17Feb2015.

Yetser - Sheen as spirit's grail
Yekolet - Capability; Ability, Kosher Yetsira - Sepheral exegeses of 1-10 Sephirotic emerqancyings Yishoqani - Primal awakening of a (the) woman (Eesha) showing fire of her desire for a (the) man (Eesh: Adam's mutableq precursor)
Yitser - Any one Sepher's role in all emerqancyings Yom - Projection in actuality of Awr; Awr is projected; Yom is its projection Yomer - All saids in existence


Hologralex™ Y Words' Content




(From Suares' opus including his Trilogy 'Sepher Yetsira' and his Song of Songs)





Yaass (Yod~Ayn~Seen: 10.70.300)

Yod - Existential projection of Aleph perceived as qua, capability and capacity to do.

Ayn - Seeing, observing, with Yod twixt Ayn (Yod's sensoryq bandwidth) and Noun (Yod's scintillationing~quantized 'existence') originating self's hermeneutic view of self's metaphysical existence. We see quantum~self~other~referent holographic~networking~reorganization as quantum~evolution, quantum~adaptation. See Ben. See SOrON.

Seen - Focused darkening of Yod, with a visual Ayn sense of con(m)fidence of A[E]sher witnessing~con(m)firming, "...what needs doing." This is a quantum~process evidenced by presence of Noun.

To do.
You are beautiful



Yafah (Yod~Phay~Hay: 10.80.5)

Yod - You are a beautiful existence

Phay - of unlimited existential possibilityings (of undifferentiated energy: isofluxq)

Hay - living (alive, cowithihn your individual life trajectory...).

Hæ issi saying this, "You are beautiful," to Hær.

Most likely "unlimited possibilityings" refers to genetic potentia of a wide variety of existential outcomes (Phay) from their com(n)ception of a new life (Vayt, Veyn, Vein, womb as shell, etc.).

However each of them, Shæ and Hæ, are cowithihn their own individual Gnostic life trajectories (Bayt, Beyn, Bein, life as a trajectory whose ending issi a new beginning, etc.), and those trajectories too have unlimited existential and cosmic, psychic and pneumatic possibilityings.

See finalNoun.

Second and fifth words of SoS I:15.
Cosmic vital impetus of perpetuity and ubiquity of Song of Songs base theme of Alt being born~borne, reborn~reborne, forever

Cosmic vital impetus of perpetuity and ubiquity of Song of Songs base theme of Alt being born~borne, reborn~reborne, forever

Cosmic vital impetus of perpetuity and ubiquity of Song of Songs base theme of Alt being born~borne, reborn~reborne, forever

Yaleen (Yod~Lammed~Yod~finalNoun:

Immature Yod: Yod~Lammed, and

Mature Yod: Yod~finalNoun.

Yod - Its organic movement and its quantum~maturation via its peak~uncertainty and peace in its cosmic~quantization.

Lammed - Immature Yod's organic movement.

finalNoun - Mature Yod's cosmic quantization.

Compare Yaleen and Yeleed.


"All mature openings of me allow my s[io]ngings to be heard throughout cosmos' immanence."

We see how her quantum~lover Dodi (n¤t dialectical demiurge YahWeh: IDod) quantum~enables Hær cosmic singings.

Yaleen is seventh word of Song of Songs' I:13, "Tsarawr Hamor Dodi Li Bein Shadai Yaleen."

Doug's interpretation of Song of Songs' I:13 in full,

 "Apostasy of my life shows my preference for my lover,
while rejecting YahWeh, and
living as my vital impetus [my inner] would
evolve me and open me completely
to sing my songs maturely on Ihts behalf."

In Doug's view, we see Hær Lover complementary~antinomial YahWeh: quanton(My~Lover,YahWeh).

We view Hær blatant rejection of orthodoxy and dogma in Hær heresy of choice of Hær lover unambiguously above YahWeh!

Is it apparent that 'lover' and 'rejection' carry entendres of 'love' and 'hate?' But which kinds of love and hate? Dialectical? Quantum?

Doug recently had this issue arise with a philosopher friend who tends to view 'hate,' especially anyone's use of 'hate,' as always dialectical. Doug offers part of an email with his memes regarding 'hate' and 'love' classical vis-à-vis quantum:

"...I want to address my use of 'hate.'

"Background for my thoughts here: I am working on Song of Songs I:13.

"It gave me a clue to a way forward which I think is good for both of us.

"Suares teaches us that Ben Adam may be viewed and interpreted dialectically as son of man and Qabalically as 'Evolution of Aleph in Blood.'

"In Qabala we wouldn't write Ben Adam as son of man, rather Bar Adam, but then it probably would be son of Aleph in Blood.

"In verse I:13 of SoS, I noticed one of its words is
Bein. This is very interesting to me.

"Permit me to explain why. Suares teaches us that Adam should be thought of at least two ways: 1) Aleph~Dallet~Mem and 2) Aleph~Dallet~finalMem. Former is young~immature, latter is cosmically matured.

"Maturity is our keyword here.

"Ben spelled out issi Bayt~Noun. However, following Suares' lead it could be spelled out Bayt~finalNoun. Immature evolution. Mature evolution.

"Bein spelled out is Bayt~Yod~finalNoun which means Yod (of us as Yod) is maturely evolved (and evolving). In SoS I:13 'She' is opening~sharing her songs to us in Her feminine (finalNoun) maturity (which adores her mature lover [Dodi: projection] and hates dialectically immature YahWeh [IDod: mirror~reversed Dodi projected]).

"Doug's use of 'classical-hate' is like that! Doug sees dialectical 'hatred' as immature, either~or.
Dichons(love, hate).

"Doug's use of quantum~hate issi more mature, both~and. Quantons(l¤væ,hatæ) (treating loveq and hateq as quantum~complementary~antinomials, rejecting dialectics' treating lovec and hatec as ideal formal, objective, mechanical 'opposites').

"So when Doug 'quantum~hates' dialectic, he is maturely
hating its classical immaturity.
Doug is saying, dialecticians should 'Grow up!'
Go Autiot. Go Quantum.

"I hope that makes sense to you. Its philosophical ramifications are quite profound.


Doug - 17-18Feb2015.

Yassod [Masculine One]

Yassod [Masculine One]

Yassod [Masculine One]

Yassod [Masculine One]

Yassod [Masculine One]

Yassod [Masculine One]

Yassod [Masculine One]

Yassod [Masculine One]

Yassod [Masculine One]

Yassod [Masculine One]

Yassod [Masculine One]

Yassod [Masculine One]

Yassod [Masculine One]

Yassod [Masculine One]

Yassod [Masculine One]

Yassod. Yod~Sammekh~Waw~Dallet ( Fathom columnar antinomialismq of Sammekh (feminine: 60) and Waw (masculine: 6). We may view this as both copulationq and hermaphrodicityq as radically quantum comtext sensitive.


Yod is actual existenceq. Dallet~Thallet is physi[c]al form (emerqancyq) giving transmutativeq shapeq to this ambiguousq unionq (coherenceq) of Sammekh~Waw. Keenly be awareq of absenceq of Hay (5) (lifeq existenceq). Doug – 4,8Jun2014. Doug's sic emphasizing use of more natural physial. Doug's sics both may superpose and may cancel.

Sanction Doug's qua to quote Suares here, "The second verse of The Sepher Yetsira mentions the 22 Autiot [without finals], 'Yassod,' and Yassod almost always returns coupled with the Autiot."

For Doug this is quanton(Autiot,Yassod).

Too, we would be remiss in any failing to compare quanton(feminine,masculine). Bringing Jung into our narrative we must show also quanton(Two_lives_of_female, Two_lives_of_male). In brevity, quanton(XX,XY). Another, quanton(Shæ_&_Anihmus,Hæ_&_anihma). Observe, obtain a fine affine here: Animus (as Value) is very quantum. 'anima' (as 'value') is very classical. Some Jungian pundits have been so brave as to suggest this is our world's greatest single human~philosophical problematic.

You may have read many of Doug's narratives using antinomial.

A Doug HotMeme"Two of realityq's greatest 'principles' include memes of quantization (and quantal scintillation) and complementaryq~antinomialismq."™ A Doug HotMeme™.

Since quantons exquisitely illustrateq those principlesq in scriptq, we see that quanton(Female,male) ciphers quantum~complementary~antinomialism of both Female, and male "...these two lives..." They are n¤t 'oppositec!' Their interrelationshipingsq are n¤t classical! Instead and quantumly they scintillateq one another antinomially via fluxq (e.g., bosons and fermions: QED) copula (i.e., scintillationq) of Female quanta scintillating male quanta: quanton(Female,male).

Our world's problem then may be rather simply exegetized by comparing male thing~king and 'doing [Yaass: action]' as dichons(female, male). Males, predominately, use dialectical dichons to thingk. Females, often without realizing it, use quantum quantons to thinkq. Ponder a typical male behavior of often acting without thinking, running on rote tote socialc automaticc 'principlesc.'

Our dialectical 'laws' and associated 'legalc systemc' are great examplars of 'rote tote socialc automaticc' driven with purposec (and very often malice) by socialistc hegemonsc. 'Laws' sort of workc in SOMland, however they lose their 'valuec' almost completely in quantum~reality. Doug's useq of Suares' meme of antinomialismq takes on n¤væl re capitq Valueq, eh? (re-capit-ulation as re~headq~ulation as quant~ad~ulation)

Jung's Animus and anima desnouer Nature's genetically encoded antinomialism of Female interrelationshipings with male, and vice versa. Beware, vice versa in quantum~reality in n¤ way implies classical commutation of Female~male interrelationshipings. We must realize, however, without this (always enthymemetic) antinomialism we have n¤ means of evolvingq selvesq, of learningq howq to improveq (learning how to selfq~manageq; n¤t sociallyc managec) our interrelationshipingsq in agencyq of Nature's apparent evolutionaryq intent.

Note how Doug's "evolutionary intent" is somewhat an oxymoron as used here. To remove that oxymoronicity one must view nature's intent as better, yet n¤t achieved in a classical linear method, rather via quantum~uncertainty's meme of stochasticq modalityingsq' (probabilityq, plausibilityq, and likelihoodq) trial and error by chance~choice~change quantons(scin,quan).

Homo Sapiens are a n¤nsyn¤nym¤us "tree of lifeq" omnivergenceq of evolutionq superseding Cro Magnon and Neandertal.

Howings? QED.

Whatings nextings...?

Continuing our quoting of Suares, "Usually Yassod is translated as 'fundament,' [complament] which explains nothing and introduces a proposition that is not in the text. Rather, the two equations [Autiot and Yassod] should be read as they are, without an intermediary agent: one as feminine plural; the other as masculine singular." Doug has yet to grasp full semantic of this quote.

Doug's novice interpretation of Yassod includes quantum memes like these:

  • Yod(10) is Aleph's actual antinomialq projectionq in existenceq.
  • Yod may stochasticallyq be all mixtures of feminine fertility and masculine fertility, which brings
  • Sammekh(60)~Waw(6) as quantons(feminine,masculine), including XX~XY through true hermaphrodicity and all potential stochasticq combinations among those, but nominally (st¤chasticq~m¤dallyq) quanton(female,male) which is classically fundamental, and other combinations are quantumly compl[ae]mental partialities of aneuploidal hermaphrodicityingsq
    • Sammekh(60)~Mem~Khaf
      • Mem(40): one of Mothers: meaning waters which are still and raging; still waters can be alive; still waters can be a mirror, etc.
      • Khaf(20): one of Khaf, Kaf doubles: meaning a healthy cup which acts sort of like a grail sieve; sieving among Autiot may be thought of as a hologralq middleq~inclusionq
  • D[Th]allet(4) as an Aut double, is a door, a seal, a gateway, a portcullis, a hermetic device which may be all combinationsq of open (Thallet(4)) and closed (Dallet(4))
  • Dallet closed is patriarchalc, masculinec and tends to thoughtsc of divinec religious dialectical EOOO isolationc via dogmaticc, orthodoxc, canonicc, OSFA socialc-universalc-engineeredc (formallyc, mechanicallyc, objectivelyc, manufacturedc) patriarchically-dogmatic 'religionc' which Qabala abhors. Closedc Dallet to Doug explains why Çatholiçs refer Muslims and other non çatholiç adherents, e.g., gnostics, "infidelsc."
  • To Doug when Yassod's Dallet becomes Thallet, dialectic becomes extinct and notionsc of fundamentc are evolutionarilyq disposedq by onset memesq of Yassod[Thallet] as complamentalq.

quanton(Autiot,Yassod) is autsimilar scripting quanton(Evolving_Life_Energy,Evolving_Physi[c]al_Existence). Too quanton(Plural_Femininity,Singular_Masculinity). Also quanton(pneuma,emerqancy). Again quanton(genericity,specificity). Even further quanton(omnivalence,bivalence). And Mae-wan Hoesque quanton(coherence,autonomy). Doug – 4-5Jun2014.

We garner a plethora, an omnivalence of antinomialsq [Nasha]. Our list is only a candidate commencement of many more antinomial~complementaryq quantonic~interrelationshipings. However our incomplete (partialq) list proffers us exemplar exegesesq of more to come.

Autiot symbolizes analog(ous) Aut omniscriptors of a cosmic ephemeral~fluxings actuality, a quantum~bosonic~actuality. In quantonics we would refer each Aut as a phasementingq evolvingq recursionq of phasementingsq, a Aut evolvingq recursionq of Autiot.

Yassod symbolizes analog(ous) Aut omniscriptors of a cosmic physical~fluxings actuality, a pendularq, posentropicq quantum~fermionic~actuality. Doug – 4Jun2014, 23Aug2014.

Quoting Suares, "Yassod [] qualifies the Autiot and makes their ambivalent[~omnivalent] character clear." Doug's sic and brackets. P. 410, Trilogy, Sepher Yetsira, Shambhala paperback, 1976.

Aside - Does Yassod make Autiot's ambivalence~omnivalence clear?:

When Yassodc deniesc Aleph~Yod and thingks and acts like Yodc, Yassodc is a dialectician.

Similar Kuhn's classical science, Yassodc embracing Yodc without Aleph manifests its endless schizophreniac, jumping from paradigmc to paradigmc, seldom getting anything right. Little does Yassodc realize that Nature's evolutionq will get it betterq when individualsq embraceq Hæ~rq betternessq. We see that happeningc now, globally, with Yassod's demiurgec greedily destroying nations' wealth and starting wars and tyrannizing populaces ubiquitously.

Yassodq must learn to antinomiallyq embrace complementaryq indeterminationq and uncertaintyq as spawn of Aleph~Yod's ubiquitous and perpetual changeq, evolutionq and stochasticq, n¤nlinear chanceq, choiceq, changeq livingq ontologyq.

Aside - Does Yassod make Autiot's ambivalence~omnivalence clear?.

Doug hermeneuts an Aut's omnivalence as a posing of any Aut as evolving quantum EWings (quantons) in any cosmic~energy hologra[[il][m][ph][view]]ings.

Continuing our quote of Suares several sentences below... "Yassod expresses something [quantum~actualized], a[n] [ensemble] of elements [Autiot we may con[m]strue as quantons] which constitute a whole." Ibid.

Suares wants us to garner a most important semasiology from his words: we see many as one: Autiot[many]~Yassod[one]! We hermeneut Many~One: A quantum BAWAM (Both~All~While~And~Many). Suares is making a blatant phasementing! Autiot~Yassod is quantum! Wow! Doug – 5Jun2014.

Sanction Doug another quote to bring Autiot~Yassod to a quantum~novel semantic head, "...[Autiot~Yassod] is an internal [individual] processq. <paragraph break>This interior [EIMA] movementq is the base (or fundament) [complamentq] of the [Q]abalistic tongue and di[omni]stinguishes it from all the profane [dialectical] languages. Its internal [individual] processq is a continual [continuity as quantized] [quantum~fractal~recursive~recapitualative] requestioning, a continual [evolutionaryq] regrouping [reemerqancyq] of fixed [fluxing~quantal] elements, a moving weft by means of which the [a] [Q]abalist is freeq to understandq in his own wayq, not only con[m]cepts, symbolsq, signsq and namesq, not only to interpretq their combinations [ensemblesq] according to his own judgmentq, but to abandon himself to the play of forces [interrelationingsq] vital to new combinations [ensemblesq], and in his con(m)templations, making use of them to di(omni)scover in himself and in the cosmic play of life, death and existence, depths hitherto unsuspected. In short, [a] [Q]abalist is a creatorq." Ibid. Doug's brackets, quantum~subscripts, parentheses, and italics. Doug also assumes all of Suares' negations are quantum~subjective, e.g., not as n¤t. Doug – 5Jun2014.

Students should study pages 406-411 of Trilogy's Sepher Yetsira Ibid. carefully and recapitulatively.

Capability; Ability, Kosher

Capability; Ability, Kosher

Capability; Ability, Kosher

Capability; Ability, Kosher

Capability; Ability, Kosher

Capability; Ability, Kosher

Capability; Ability, Kosher

Capability; Ability, Kosher

Yekolet (with a Kosher enthymeme)

Kosher - Ability
(Kaf~Waw~Sheen~Raysh: 20.6.300.200)

Yod - Existential projection of Aleph perceived as qua.

Kaf - Grail as cup sustaining Yod's capabilityings.

Waw - Fertilization and fecund~vicissitudinality [vitalq impetusq] of Yod's capability affectingq existential projection of organic movement to grow [evolveq] one's capabilityingsq.

Lammed - Organic movement and rest [equilibriaq and chaosq] provoked to evolveq by impetusq of Waw.

Tav - [Aleph~] Echo~retroreflectionq of capabilityingsq' metabolic lifeq trajectory. This carries a sense of Doug's use of recapitulation as re headqing [capit ing L.] [thinkqing] Nature's steam~rolling reality [see Sheen, just below].

Sheen - To Sheen one's ability is to ostenseq it in depth and breadth. In this sense we seeq Sheen as an umbral dome (stigmatic~vaginal shadow) over one's evolvingq qua. Until we are Mawt, it never lets up, it persists ihn us. Some viewq this as Nature's tough love its tough libidoq, i.e., Aleph's steam~rolling Yod [Suares in his CoG], which for some is a dark burden too heavy to bear. Buck up! Too, obtain k~n¤w~ings umbral dome as allegory of She[en] ihn diffuseq cuneiform 'V,' and Seen [relatively dead absence of Hay] (masculine non umbral pointed focusc) as its inversion.



Ponder complementaryq~antinomialismq throughout.

Raysh - Raysh~Sheen (breathing ¤ut; masculine) together and Sheen~Shyar (breathing~ihn; feminine) together cosmos' living cycle holographic~middle~inclusion of all things.

In Raysh Doug is using Shyar (i.e., Raysh spelled~out in reverse) as ciphered by Suares in Chapter I, Verse 1 of his Song of Songs remediated from badly translated OT 'Song of Solomon.'

"Shyar Ha Shyareem Esher Le'Shalomoh." [Sheray is song[as qwf]. Notice partial anagramq of Shyar.]

Qabala says that autsimilar this, "Quintessence [song, qwf] of Quintessencings [songs, qwfs] Witnesses (Comfirms) Her Peace." We see Shalomoh is n¤t Solomon (as translated) rather is Peace.

Doug's use of 'reverse' in omniscribing Shyar [raySh] is in an antinomial sense of projectedq vis-à-vis projectionq: quantons(projected,projection). See Kirker an infix [of Sh'hharhhoret], [to kindle], for an example of projected vis-à-vis projection.

Yekolet: Capability of Yod. Kosher: Ability of (Cosmos?).

Comtextuallyq, Doug wishes to repeat here apropos two year old text and graphics he innovated in his Jung Plate 127 review:

"Thus the so-called Spirit of God acts like a steam roller every time Yod does not play the game properly. And that action is one of the facts of life that we know best: wars, destructions, disasters of all sorts, both in the outer world and in our own inner life; our frustrations and failures; the annihilation of our achievements; and the terrible refusal of life in response to our hopes and our projects. But from these ruins, these misfortunes, rise triumphs of ever-fertile life. In order that the new [Vayt] may spring forth without ceasing, must not the old, also without ceasing, be destroyed [Bayt]? This destructive aspect of life is essentially the activity of Aleph: the action of non-temporal life against the continuity of existence, with its resulting violence and despair."

Pp. 81-82, Cipher of Genesis, 1st edition, March, 1970, Shambala Publications, Inc., Berkeley. English translation by Vincent Stuart and John M. Watkins, Ltd., 1970, London. Text unsullied by Doug.

That text explains quadrant 2 better than Doug ever could. A graphic illustrating some Essene~tials:

Aleph's Quantum~Life Motif

Wayve~ings of Life~ings

Notice quantum~complementary permutative interrelationshipings
Aleph's Hammers and Anvils in Aleph's quantized Living~Wayves

Realize when Yod is s[h]een as 'the small,' as quanta, Aleph issi ihn Yod. Side with Aleph and reject Yod as 'the large.'

Gives n¤væl semantic head to Political and Economic 'State's' "Too Big to Fail," eh?
TBTF: Yodc 's socialc worse-ship of 'Minskyian Idealc Centrally-Planned Stability' becoming extinctc!

About to be steam~rolled by Aleph...about to be washed away by Aleph...

. . .
Earthly 'god,' the demiurge;
antinomialism unfolding dialectic as Error.

Earthly 'god,' the demiurge;
antinomialism unfolding dialectic as Error.

Earthly 'god,' the demiurge;
antinomialism unfolding dialectic as Error.
Index YahWeh (Yod~Hay~Waw~Hay: Essentially YahWeh is Yod living a fecund life.

Qabala is Aleph~Hay~Yod~Hay: Aleph~living, Yod~living.

YahWeh (humanity as a whole, waters, hoi poloi, etc.) is in trouble from any getgo. YahWeh is put in a situation of having choices borne of nature's intrinsic~gnostic~individual coherentlyq~autonomousq quantum~free~will:

  • Abet (middle English in a better (abettor) sense) Aleph in blood and Aleph's EIMA antinomialq indeterminationq borne of fluxq,
  • Deny Aleph in blood and abet (modern English, criminally worse sense) dialectic's EEMD oppositionalc predicatec certaintyc borne of statec.

Will YahWeh choose option two? If YahWeh chooses option two, YahWeh becomes hell on earth: the demiurge. Today's world, during biblical day three (beginning of Millennium III), shows us by direct con(m)temporary empirical experience that YahWeh has chosenc option two.

Doug can show those two options another way:

  • Abide quantum~thinkqing, pneumatic~psychic thinkqing
  • Abide classical-thingcking, psychic-hylic thingcking

Now have your own epiphanyq that Autiot showsq us those two antinomialq~complementaryq choicesq in its two lives letter script and gematria:

  • Aut: Aleph~Waw~Tav (1.6.400), partialq presenceq of Aleph

    pneumatic~psychic life (life of YhShWh)

  • Iot: Yod~Waw~Tav (10.6.400), partialq absenceq of Aleph

    psychic~hyliccdead amd~¤r qliving life (life of YahWeh)

    When YahWeh makes a choiceq for Aleph in blood and a livingq lifeq, YahWeh evolvesq into YhShWh and dialectic becomes extinct. Doug - 1Aug2014.

Option two clearly shows YahWeh's psychic-hylic choicec to abideq Aleph in blood or denyc it. Most humanity, following demiurge's state-ic, stux sux status quo way, have adopted option two's denialc of Aleph in blood.

However, during Millennium III dialectic will plausibly become quantum~viewed, ~perceived as the demiurge's cause-effect, linear, closed language of Error, of Satan.




Index Yatsar (Yod~Tsadde~Raysh: 10.90.200)

Formed [Emerqed].

We see feminine~energy emerqing fermionic quantons as quarks then neutrons and protons.

Observe please, and quite eloquently too, no Waw fertilization is present here.

Could this be why Chaldaæn Gnostics refer Godhead "Mother?" That is Doug's quantum surmise! That is why Doug self refers "A Qabalic Quantum Chaldaæan Gnostic."

Doug's Shem ihn Qabala issi Aleph~Bayt~Ghimmel~Aleph~Yod~Qof: "Abga~yeek." Three syllables. 1, 2, 3.

Eyes, nose, ears, taste, tongue, bi~lobes, corpus~callosum, all qwf~re~head~ulate qwf~recapitulate all, 1~2~3~1~10~100.

It means, "Destroyer of [dialectical] Illusions." Doug also refers self, "A planter of Memes." A kind of Johnny Appleseed of quantum~memes and memeos.

Clifford Geertz might have referred Doug as a "Destroyer of scientism's bluffs." Maybe a destroyer of classicism's great deign to feign sheigm. See Geertz' Available Light.

Once Yod as actuality 'exists'...

 (having been 'created' via QCD:
quantum~chromo~dynamics' declining energy 'rainfall' of quarks:
Top, Bottom, Charmed, Strange, Up, and Down)
actuality's Yeleed Up and Down quarks tricodonically~merge
to make Yeleed DUDs (neutrons) and UDUs (protons)
which constitute what we now refer as
"quantum~fermionic material~wave reality," perpetually mutates, transmutes, experiences transmutation.

In quantum~reality this transmutaion issi quantons(scin,quan).

Feynman and Dirac among others referred it QED: quantum~electro~dynamics.

QED is one type of quantons(scin,quan) AKA [trans]mutation of actuality via electron~photon interrelationshipings.

Another type of [trans]mutative quantons(scin,quan) issi radiation, usually involving other classes of heavier quantons like neutrons and protons and higher energy quantons like gamma rays.

Birth of n¤væl but immature patterns of cosmic existence

Birth of n¤væl but immature patterns of cosmic existence

Yeleed (Yod~Lammed~Yod~Dallet:

Immature Yod, hiding behind
immaturely, dialectically, closed doors.

Yod - When Doug sees Yod in this comtext he thinks of Shyt, which is a cipher of Aleph as Tav hammering (steamrolling) Yod while using Sheen as an anvil.

You may recall first word in Genesis is Bara~Shyt: creation of Aleph as Sheen~Yod~Tav, transmuting immature Yod qwfs into more highly evolved wave~functionings.

Lammed - Lammed's role here is organic~movement as dialectically sluggish, almost stuck in actuality.

Dallet - Dallet's immature role here is to dialectically keep Yod's door tightly closed so that it cannot evolve out of control.

From Doug's original Autiot of Proemial Nascence, "Leefney Ha Sheray Havayah Yeleed."

Interpreted, ciphered in English as, "Before the Song Being Sung (born)."

In a way, Proemial Nascence as "Infancy of infancies."

Doug innovated that Autiot (using Webster's Hebrew Dictionary) before he grasped Song of Songs I:1, which begins "Shyar Ha Shyareem..." and ends "Esher LeShalomoh."

Ciphers as "Song of Songs..." thence, "Witnesses my Peace." In Doug's quantonese she is saying "Quantum~monitoring wave~functions (songs) sanctions my Uncertainty (peace)."




(From Suares' opus including his Trilogy 'Sepher Yetsira' and his Song of Songs)


Sheen as spirit's grail






Sheen as spirit's grail






Sheen as spirit's grail

Index Yetser (Yod~Tsadde~Raysh: 10.90.200)

This 'word' is obviously relevant Sepher Yetsira.

Suares warns us autsimilar Qof (i.e., omnifficulty of understanding), Yetser is Key to understanding (standingunder) Tree of Life as described by 'The Book of Formation,' Sepher Yetsira.

Doug, quoting and paraphrasing Suares, will spend much effort here describing Yetser. Why? It is key to interpreting Sepher Yetsira, thence Genesis, and perhaps Song of Songs. These are the great Gnostic works. Keep in mind that Jesus was not a 'christ,' rather Jesus was an Essene Gnostic (ref. Pagels, The Johannine Gospel in Gnostic Exegesis, ~1975).

Suares writes, "Note Yetser well: 10+90+200=300=Sheen=Rouahh~Elohim. It can be said that YHWH~Elohim operates with Rouahh~Elohim through Yetser."

In Doug's novice opinion, Suares is saying that the demiurge earthly father 'works' through Yetser. We can recognize this dead father through his works of state, staticity, demos will (laws, rulers and rules, aka principles), stability, status-quo, hegemony, tyranny, "our way or the highway," "there is no middle ground," orthodoxy, dogma, patriarchy, parochialism, provincialism, polemicism, "One World Order," "a few ruling many," dialectic (Error), testosteronic-hatred, war, etc. See Heraclitus, Jesus, Gnosis, etc.

Doug infers...had Suares written YhShWh~Elohim he would be referring "Living Father." Latter we can recognize via "movement and rest" in all living things.

Doug wants to try to extend Yetser, experimentally, con(m)jecturally, heuristically just to see what happens. Doug is playing Qabala's game, and he takes his new role seriously.

It troubles Doug that YhShWh isn't YahWeh. Why? It appears to Doug Suares is using 'the' demiurge in place of Reb YhShWh! Too, it troubles Doug that Elohim isn't Elohimot. Doug is intuitive and instinctive about latter. He feels there is a deeper sema, and perhaps a deeper semasiology to be extracted from his troubles. Let's see what happens when we mimic Suares in his "Note Yetser well: 10+90+200=300=Sheen~Rouahh~Elohim. It can be said that YHWH~Elohim operates with Rouahh~Elohim through Yetser."

To illustrate Doug's empiricism and its choice~selection~quantadulation (heresy against dogma and orthodoxy) to do heuristics on his quote of Suares let's cipher a new quote:

"It can be said that YhShWh~Elohimot operates with Rouahh~Elohimot through a truly divine Yetser." (Doug's btwsdq impetus here is his own Chaldæan Gnosis, that of Abraham, whose godhead is a hermaphroditic 'female.')

YhShWh~Elohimot ciphers as Yod~Hay~Sheen~Hay~Waw~Hay~Aleph~Lammed~Yod~Mem~Waw~Tav: which in numbers is 10.5.300. = 818 = Hhayt.Aleph.Hhayt.

Doug recalls a triple similar that looking something like Yod~???~Yod, and it is very special. I'll try to find that and compare it. Doug realizes he isn't using addition of Aut here, rather he is using a sum's whole pattern of three digits to make a new Autiot pattern.

If we factor that 818 additively we can show something like Thav~Aleph~Hayt~Thav, perhaps better Aleph~Thav~Hhayt~Thav: 1.400.8.400. Semasiologically we might have, "As Thav echoes Aleph, Thav also echoes Hhayt. We might choose to hermeneut that as, "As all endings echo all vital impetus, too all endings echo life's breath." But Doug has mixed his pattern reductions.

We really need our additive factoring to do something like this: 1.400.8..8.400.1, for Doug this shows a kind of recursive and palindromic divinity whose inner is 8.8 (Hhayt~Hhayt), and whose next layer out is Thav~Thav, and whose next layer out is Aleph~Aleph. Doesn't this look like "movement and rest" at a much higher, more divine, energy level? We see Aleph~Tav then as a reversal of breath via Hhayt~Hhayt then Tav~Aleph.

Is Yetser ihn that novel pattern? We can make it happen, but Doug has n¤ meme whether it is valid ihn Qabala, but Doug has been taught to try all patterns (that is part of the game) so let's try another iteration:

Aleph~Sheen~Qof~Hhayt~Hhayt~Qof~Sheen~Aleph: 1.300.!!

Yetser is ihn that cipher twice and so is Qof (destroyer of illusions)!!! And Qof is perpetual ihn its life~death, breathing~ihn, breathing~out durational cycles. Note too that Rouahh (as archetype 8) is at center of all vibrations and all vibrations begin~end ihn Aleph.

As a novice, I am very uncertain about what I have just written, but I am learning. My hologral memeory palace is fledging more and more...adding more quantons day by day. I love Qabala's game of hologra[[il][lex][m][ph][view]]icityq.

Sepheral exegeses of 1-10 Sephirotic emerqancyings Index Yetsira (Yod~Tsadde~Raysh~Hay:

Yod as Feminine existential archetype Tayt's projection of Tsadde contained in Raysh a living (Hay) cosmic con(m)tainer nonexistential projection of Bayt con(m)tainer archetype.

Literally ihn Autiot: Formationc, emerqancyq. Better, "living formation."





(From Suares' opus including his Trilogy 'Sepher Yetsira' and his Song of Songs)

Primal awakening of a (the) woman (Eesha) showing fire of her desire for a (the) man (Eesh: Adam's mutableq precursor)

Primal awakening of a (the) woman (Eesha) showing fire of her desire for a (the) man (Eesh: Adam's mutableq precursor)

(Yod~Sheen~Qof~Noun~Yod: 10.300.100.50.10)

Visualize Yod~Yod with Sheen~Qof~Noun livingq twixt (middle~includingq) those two Yodsq.

Canonically Yod~Yod means divine, another script for 'God.'

We see Sheen~Qof~Noun middle~includingq Godq (G¤d).

Sheen issi organic movements' n¤n existential projectionq of archetype double Ghimel (Djimel). Sheen cipheredq is (Sheen~Yod~Noun: 300.10.50).

Qof issi life~deathq perpetualq cycloidingsq n¤n existential projectionq of archetype Aleph. Qof cipheredq is (Qof~Waw~Phay: 100.6.80).

Noun issi quanta~quantal waviculateq scintillatingq actual projectionq of archetype Hay (lifeq existenceq).

Sheen~Qof~Noun means quantized cosmic energy's vitalq impetusq immanatesq n¤n actualityq and affectingsq [verbq] actualityq vitallyq via Qof's own immanenceq.

 Eesha (she) is set afire quantumly and awakenedq to her needq to use (the) serpent's energy~grailingq qua to give that fire (quantized~energyings) to Eesh (him). Eesh thus trans[[formed][emerqed][muted]]q into Adamq has said fire and can vitally~share his sapience (oils, quantadulative~seed, sexual~libidicq quantum~lubrication) with Eve and ignite the evolutionq of humanity alight (afire: Aleph ihn blood; "a light" is metaphoric Jesus).

Indirect implications of this include: not only is aleph ihn our blood, too Jesusq is (perpetually livingq) ihn our blood. See Fourth Gospel, 'Farewell Discourse.' "Iq am ihn G¤d, G¤d is ihn meq. Iq am ihn youq, youq are ihn meq. Therefore G¤d is ihn youq." Jesusq.

Too, we may infuse, k~n¤w~ings, Jesus' missing ellipsis, "Therefore youq are ihn G¤d." I.e., Yodq with its Sheen~Qof~Noun issi ihn quanton(Yodq,Yodq), with comma~nospace role~playingq middle~inclusionq of Yodq coinsideq YodqYodq (G¤d). Compare this with memes re Templar Blazon being twixt shoulders of some Merovée. Also see OT''s Deuteronomy 33:12.

Yodq issi quanton(Yodq,Yodq) offers potentiaq (i.e., qwf ~Zayn~) to answer several of Jesus' nonconceptualc (to hylics) parablesq.

Obtain potentiaq of "parables" beingq Jeshuitq Poisson~Bracketingq rqcs, rqfv, rqis, complementary~antinomialq [Zayn] hypothesesq:

1) Doug made this one obvious, following Suares' Song of Songs, in this Hologralex of Yishoqani:

Yodq issi quanton(Yodq,~Sheen~Qof~Noun~,Yodq)

It becomes pneumatically clear that qwfs ~Sheen~, ~Qof~, and ~Noun~ middle~include two ~Yodsq~.

2) Two others are Jeshus' paraphrased queries, "What will you do when you become two? One?" Ref. Thomas Gospel. A very quantum~gnostic~gospel. We see, instead of classical ana lysis, quantum BAWAM of middle~inclusion of energiesq phasistically~phasementallyq cancelingq and superposingq hologra[[il][lex][m][ph][view]]icallyq. For Doug, in his own quantum~empiritheoretical venue, this has much to do with both QED and QCD, especially spins 1 (bosonic, zeroentropic light flux: Jeshus) and 1/2 (fermionic, posentropic material reality, Jeshus' trap ihn Yod, ref. "Eli Eli lama sabachthani?").

We might ask what will Yodq do when it becomes Yodq~Yodq? Too, what did immature Adam (Mem: 40) do when he became mature Adam (finalMem: 600)? Try similar for immature and mature Qof using Phay: 80, then finalPhay: 800.

3) And we may choose one of many queries from that hypothesis... Zayn: unlimited potential, Ayn~Sof.

4) Inability of hylics to find their inner.

5) All hylic illusionsc and self-delusionsc...

6) List may be Ayn~Sof in its extensible proportions...

Any one Sephera's role in all emerqancyings Index Yitser (Yod~Tsadde~Raysh: 10.90.200) Form [Emerq].
Projection in actuality of Awr; Awr is projected; Yom is its projection

Projection in actuality of Awr; Awr is projected; Yom is its projection

Projection in actuality of Awr; Awr is projected; Yom is its projection

Projection in actuality of Awr; Awr is projected; Yom is its projection

Projection in actuality of Awr; Awr is projected; Yom is its projection

Le-Awr Yom


Yom (Yod~Waw~Mem: 10.6.40)

Yod - Aleph.1 in existence, Aleph.10.

Waw - Fertilization of 'existential' actual biosphere.

Mem - A Mother as existential (actual) biosphere.

I think it is worth any Qabalist's endeavor to fathom Yom with finalMem as a mature version of Yom.

Ditto Maym, since Maym envelopes Yod in two Mems with two sema for Mem and finalMem vav Mem and Mem. This latter combination use of Mem and finalMem allows a Qabalist to see biospherical epigenesis assa quantons(n¤nactuality,actuality) assa quantons(finalMem,Mem) enclosing Yod as all possible biospheric~epigenomic ephemeral affectationingsq on Yod as signaturedq by Yod's evolutionq.

. . .

Awr (Aleph~Waw~Raysh: 1.6.200)

Aleph - Best guess by Doug is this is isoflux (Aleph.1000? See right most column, applying Genesis I:1's Bara, "Transmutative~creative~projections").

Waw - Fertilization of cosmic n¤nexistential comtainer Raysh.

Raysh - Affirms Doug's guess: Awr as isoflux.

In Genesis I:5 Awr (Light) issi renamed Yom. Aleph becomes Yod. 1 becomes 10.

Aleph 1 becoming Yod 10 means Aleph is now ihn 'existence.' Aleph 1 is an archetype of its n¤nexistence (n¤nactuality). As Yod 10, Aleph 1 is projected into its existential projection. See Doug's acronyms for pjctd and pjctn.

But 10 has a freedomq of choiceq:

  • Worseship self as YahWeh,
  • Bettership self as YhShWh.

Those alternatives map back onto Iot tricodon of "two lives" Autiot. Using Greek Topos of pneuma, psyche, and hyle, Doug will attempt to illustrate Autiot's expression of multiple lives' semantics:

  1. Pneuma - pure spiritual life (Aleph.1000?, isoflux more likely)
  2. Pneuma~psyche - quanton(spirit,existence)
  3. Psyche - pure intellectual life
  4. Psyche~hyle - dichon(intellect, material-dialectic)
  5. Hyle - pure material life

Now let's try to do~due that using Aleph~Yod:

  1. Aleph.1000 - pure spiritual life (home, final~grailed by Hhosheykh)
  2. quanton(Aleph.1,Aleph.10) (mature Yod)
  3. quanton(Aleph1,Yod) (immature Yod)
  4. dichon(Aleph1, Yod) (immature Yod dialectically denies Aleph)
  5. dichon(Yod, Yod) (immature Yod worseships self: humanism: dialectical socialism)

. . .

Similarly they map onto Dodi~IDod.

  1. Dodi - My Lover YhShWh,
  2. IDod - YahWeh (demiurge).

See pages 90-91 of Suares' Cipher of Genesis, Chapter 7, 'The Light that is Darkness,' Weiser Books, 2005.

. . .

[Transmutative~creative~]Projections into actuality of isoflux (pure Light, Awr) from n¤nactuality follows a life~death~cyclings ontology.

Doug has shown what happens ontologically (isoflux, isoV, 'isawrV,' Awr to fermions and bosons, Yod), using QCD allegories, projected isoflux becoming projections both bosonic (existential~actual light) and fermionic (existential~actual material).

Projected vis-à-vis projection is a bigger deal in quantum~reality than anyone might imagine. Doug has shown this metaphor many omniffering ways. One very simple way is to show quanton(wavings,wavicles) which using single characters looks like quanton(~,¤). Tilde is a wave. Quantized '¤' is a part(wav)icle. Wave is what we mean by projected. Wavicle (projection) is what we mean by 'particle,' latter is a classical misnomer. Quantum reality isn't classically closed-objective 'o' 'particulate.' Rather, it issi open~quantized '¤' waviculate, wavicles as quanta.

Let's make it experiential: a photon is projected, its scintillation of a surface is projection. We should interpret that as, "pr¤jected is quantum~antinomial c¤mplement of its pr¤jection." We see quanton(pr¤jected(~),pr¤jection(¤)) n¤t dichon(projected(o), projection(o)).

Logicc of dichon claims...

(based on a belief in idealc negationc)

...that "projected ceases to exist when it... (classically projection negates that projected)

— scintillatesc a surfacec (any 'targetc') and —

...becomes a projection." See What is Wrong with SOM Logic?, SOM Limitations, SOM Logic.

Coquecigruesq of quanton assures us that both pr¤jected and pr¤jection surviveq their mutations. This is profound once you get it. Actually, it is one of quantum~reality's greatest revelations. Few can, have qua to, 'get it.' Sad. See Doug's QELR of belie. See coquecigrues.

Obtain what surviveq means for quantum~perpetual~living vis-à-vis classical-eschaton. We see essence of Qabala! Aleph~Living~Yod~Living via ~Beyn~Veyn~Beyn~Veyn~ cosmic~metabolismq.

Another way we can show this is Bergsonian wave as duration (open quantum unstoppable perpetuity of wave~energy) and circle (with its closed classical degenerates: ellipse and edge view) as nonduration (only apparent stoppability, analyticity of wavicleness).

When we understand that reality is wave~energy~unstoppable (ubiquitously perpetual), we realize how any stoppable representation of reality then is dialectical, classical, formal, retarded, ersatz, facile, a faux pas, a genetic defect in human reason.

So when we draw a circle on a white board, its projection is said drawn (apparently stopped, n¤ndurational) circle, while its pr¤jected energy is durational ('hidden' flux which persists as quantum~entropy, a kind of perpetual quantum~memeoryings).

Clearly we have a quanton(pr¤jected_circle_energy,circle_projected_analytically). Classical, dialectical minds only see projected 'state.' So that is why Doug claims dialecticians are Blind, they cann¤t see and imagine both quantum~antinomial~complements (i.e., both wave and wavicle, both pr¤jected and pr¤jection) of any quanton. They cann¤t fathom holograilic both~anded~middle~inclusion of quantum~reality. They assume and presume dialectic either~or~excluded~middle of classical-reality. Latter is bogus due its notable incompleteness in one's inability to understand and standunder a much more miraculous and profound quantum~reality which appears absent to tiny minds. As Heraclitus said, "Nature loves to hide." Tiny minds can only see Platonically ideal 'particles,' and ensembles of 'particles' which they refer (Aristotelian substantial-material Newtonian) 'objects.' To tiny stux is crux minds, "reality is putatively objective."

What Doug just wrote is quintessence of learning to move from CTMs to QTMs.

Isn't it profound that some (e.g., Abraham) ancients (as Pirsig observed) intuited quantons? However, and as an exemplar, 3600 years ago Abraham saw quantons, yet his son's Ishmael (founded Islam) and Isaac (founded Israel) were dialecticians. Guess what? They made war with one another and those two Hatfields-McCoys clans are source and agency of most of our world's problems today.

Don't Blame it on the Bossa Nova, don't blame it on 'Ha Khadash Ahavah,' blame it on the old dialectic.

Now you are k~now~ings why! As Heraclitus said, "Dialectic is war." Jesus said, "Dialectic is Error." Those who do not standunder reality as a both~and of waves and wavicles, duration and n¤nduration, are doomed, to their own blindness, to not fathoming Heraclitus' the logos, the account. Tiny minds cann¤t find their inner!

"Dexter, let's help these lemmings find a cliff,..."




(From Suares' opus including his Trilogy 'Sepher Yetsira' and his Song of Songs)

All saids in existence

All saids in existence

All saids in existence

All saids in existence

Yomer (Yod~Aleph~Mem~Raysh:

Yod - All of existences' saids as

Aleph - vital~impetus of

Mem - evolving existential biospheres of expressionings

Raysh - cosmically comtained.

Said (verb as a noun). Doug's quantum~intuition heralds an alternate view of 'said' as a noun.

This opensq indeterminationq of multiple saidsq ihn existenceq and unbounded unsaidsq ihn n¤n existenceq.

Con(m)sider Doug's HotMeme™, "What is unsaid (undifferentiated n¤nexistence) is more important than what is said (in existence)."™

We see comtextual potentiaq of interpretation here using Em (Aleph~Mem) as mother.

Then Yomer could mean "Existential mother cosmically biosphered." It becomes humorous when we ask a question.

"Who usually does all the talking?"

Think of speech metabolicallyq as cloudsq of water vapor vibrating~cavitating our vocal cords. See Doug's efforts on Y~Cloud.

Now, let's ponder Ve'Yomer as it issi used ihn Genesis I:9.

We see Ve'Yomer (Vav~Yod~Aleph~Mem~Raysh:

Vav - Fecundity, fecundation, quantum~making~wayveingsq of, copulation of, libido of, eros of,

Yod - both all of existences' saids as:

  • Yod.10 as all of existences' saids as "two lives" as:
    • Hay.5~Hay.5 as life1 and life2,
    • Aut~Iot, as Aleph~Waw~Tav (Aut) as life1 and Yod~Waw~Tav (Iot) as life2 and life2 as "two lives" Hay~Hay~Waw~Tav (Iot with Yod replaced by Hay~Hay),
    • Yod~Hay~Yod as existence~life~existence as "two lives,"
    • Qabala's Aleph~Hay~Yod~Hay as "two lives,"
    • YahWeh's Yod~Hay~Waw~Hay as "two lives,"
    • and so on...immanent ubiquity of "two lives" revelationings...

Aleph - and vital~impetus of

Mem - evolvingq existential biospheres of expressionings

Raysh - cosmically comtained.

So in Ve'Yomer we see a "two lives" copulationq (Vav.6) of Yod and Aleph. Now recall Yod.10 and Aleph.1 as wayveq~undulatingq cavitating~columnar complementaryq~antinomialsq of one another. Too, we may perceive Yod as Aleph.1's projectionq cowithihn existence. Suares indirectly suggests we can think of them together as Yod~Aleph as 11 (10+1). Latter corresponds Iot (from Aut~Iot) life choice of "Yod abiding Aleph." Its alternate as a dialectical Error is Yod binary-alternatively-denying Aleph. Again, we see "two lives."

Ve'Yomer thus shows us that, according Genesis I:9, Aleph and Yod are married, wedded. Aleph issi ihn Yod and Yod issi ihn Aleph, "without comtradiction!"

Suares shows us that a theme of Genesis I:9 is how Aleph issi buried cowithihn Earth (Eretz), and that is done so that a revelation of "Aleph being buried in Earth offers Aleph's perpetual and ubiquitous potential for resurrection."

In Genesis I:8, and verses prior we see Maym (Maim) used very often in its various sema. Mem~Yod~Mem, "waters." Yod issi immersed quantumly cowithihn two existential biospheres which are undulatingq Yod wayveicallyq.

A thermodynamicq epiphanyq emerges here. That "two lives" as quantum~complementary~antinomials are quintessence of quantum~thermodynamic metabolism's presence ubiquitously cowithihn nature. We can show that ihn Autiot ast Aleph~Tav, Tav~Aleph which Doug acronyms as Atta. Doug refers "Atta" as "Autiot's Reality Loop," its perpetual thermodynamicq life as "two lives:" life and its complementq death alternating one another as "breathing~¤ut," and "breathing~ihn."

So we see "two lives" theme as sempiternal, livingsq assa quantons(livingsq,dyingsq), Aleph's never~ending "libidic~pulsationingsq of lifeq assa quantons of 'two lvings.' "


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