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"G¤d r¤lls quantum dihcæ!"

Doug - 30Jan2006.

Two are n¤t a society!

Doug - 31Jan2006.

An incredible individual insight re: growth, feeding and radical jihad imprinting of terrorists:

"The important point here is that interpersonal [individual inter-] relationships were at the center of these individuals' radicalization, not psychopathologies, discipleship, [n]or prior ideological beliefs. That suggests a profoundly different mechanism [rather, quantum evolutionary, emergent EIMA processings] for how people develop radical beliefs: Emotion and social ties precede the acquisition of an ideology. Choosing terror, then, might seem more a product of chance — the type and intensity of grievances one lives with, the means available for dealing with such stressors, plus the network one falls into — than anything else. Furthermore, and with huge implications for notions of deterrence and how we fight terror, joining the jihad is a social and [individual] emotional process that happens over time."

By Nichole Argo,
Doctoral student at MIT
In her article 'The Role of Social [and Individual] Context[s] in Terrorist Attacks,'
The Chronicle Review,
February 3, 2006 issue.

Our brackets and bold.

In Quantonics, any classical society cann¤t thingk let alone think and classical society is 'rationally' emotion free.

Doug - 31Jan2006.

Did you see Imus 6Jan2006?

(...later, video replayed...) Letterman to guest Bill O'Reilly, "Your opinion is about 60% crap."

Imus' fabulous (sincerely Doug's view) Tracy (she is so quick, so swift) did a video montage of Letterman verbally taking on SOMwit Bill EitherOrthodox'Reilly. EitherOrthodox'Reilly said to Letterman, "I respect your opinion, you should respect mine."

Quantonics adepts do n¤t agree!
(Do you grasp why we may n¤t use classical 'disagree' here?)

That statement shows how really stupid EitherOrthodox'Reilly's dialectical (read 'universal' orthodox) 'logic' is.

But Doug, how, why?

EitherOrthodox'Reilly should have said, "I respect your right to your opinion, as you should respect my right to my opinion."

Now we can respond as Letterman did, "Your opinion is about 60% crap."
(Doug's version: "Your (EOOO'Reilly's) opinions are crappy, but I do respect your right to your crappy opinions.")

We agree!

Our opinion, similar Letterman's, is that Bill EitherOr'Reilly is just another "tragedy of commons sense" DIQhead.

To understand, extremely well, what a DIQhead is, see SOM's Bases of Judgment. Focus on yellow background text, bottom up.

Doug - 6Jan2006.

Senator John McCain's threatening Italia Federici with "contempt of Congress" is a lot like a white man commanding Rosa Parks to, "go to the back of the bus."

USA's Congress is that which is contemptible: a corrupt saserp menage of political inepts.

In our view, McCain too is corrupt by association with his corrupt king-cong-regressional Republican't peers.

Italia should have said, "No senator, it is I who hold you in contempt of my individual rights. You are not my sovereign! You and this congress report to me, not other way around! You serve at my pleasure, not other way around."

Doug - 6Jan2006.

We just finished Elaine Pagels' The Gnostic Gospels.

She tells us in her Conclusion, "I believe that we owe the survival of Christian tradition to the organizational and theological structure that the emerging church developed...But the discoveries at Nag Hammadi reopen fundamental questions..." Page 142 of Vintage September, 1989 paperback.

Pagels shows us how catholicism realized that the masses appear to want to be herded and to share herd consciousness AKA "common sense." Catholicism used quantity of humanity to put down quality of humanity. That explains why 'society' today hates and fears intellect and tries to coral intellect in tiny dialectical boxes called "colleges and universities." While humanity's catholic proletarian masses work for money, and while wholly inebriated, somnambulate coliseum activities via television.

This too shall change...

Doug's side bar on that page is, "Doug believes Roman orthodox Christianity metastasized dialectic globally. Quantonics has shown how and why dialectic is a core psychopathology with which Occidental humanity still lives today."

Our two bottom lines from Pagels' text:

1) Orthodox 'universal' Christianity (AKA "anti~Jesus'~Essene~Gn¤sis"), what we now call Romaninanity, is a mentally ill bastion of dialectic.

2) Jesus' optimistic gn¤stic (~gn¤sist) teachings, desnouered in Nag Hammadi's gospels, are mostly quantum rhet¤rihcal, and quantonic.

Read slowly and carefully Pagels' TGG Chapter VI.

Pagels, as do most academics early in Millennium III, does not yet grasp funda mental ills of dialectic, and its imminent demise at hands of quantum~Pirsigean rhet¤rihcians.

Individual gn¤sticism (~gn¤sis) is more quantum, and comparatively it is n¤t dialectical orthodoxy!!!

Most types of gnosticism (~gnosis) say there is no human authority, socially authorized or otherwise, and anyone who claims authority suffers a genetic defect in he-r reasoning. Adepts of quantonics have observed both Doug and Pirsig express this several other ways. Note that Pagels also mentions: Blake, Rembrandt, Dostoyevski, Tolstoy, and Nietzsche. We should list at least Jesus and Heraclitus, too. Pirsig hasn't confided this with us, but we infer gnostics (~gnosists) share an hærænt~individualists' umbrella of coquecigrues~nous, ~mens, and ~philo Sophia with his "ancient sophists." Our post-Pagels-TGG-brightened quantum~lightings offer additional memes of how we and Jon and Pirsig, et al., viewed them as heroes and heroines who practiced quantum~individual aretê (Greek virtue is 'aretê,' where 'ê' is eta, while Greek excellence is 'aritos' and Greek individual excellence is 'martus aritos.' We can find no Greek alpha-rho-eta... words in our Pocket OxUP.), and for over 1800 years Catholics did their best to euthanize them and efface their "gnostic (~gnosis) heresies." We shall have our individual way, as Pagels uncovered for us: Jesus' gn¤stic (~gn¤sist) way, with Catholics though, shan't we? A quantum~gn¤stic (~gn¤sist) tsunami is imminent!

To be a tad more thorough, we should edify readers that Frances A. Yates describes (in her Giordano Bruno) two categories of gnostics:

1) pessimistic (more dialectical, quantitative, objective), and
2) optimistic (more quantum, qualitative, subjective), where

Optimistic gn¤sticism (~gn¤sis) is close kin of quantum~individualism.

Institutional orthodoxy is only social tragedy-of-commons, hive-droning, herd mentality, vigilante, inquisitional sense.

Quantum gn¤sticism (~gn¤sis) says, "each of us is ihn G¤d while G¤d is ihn each of us." Jesus teaches this! Quantum reality supports this teaching, heræntly!

Orthodoxy says, "all of us are separate from God and God is separate from all of us." 'The Church' teaches this. Ask yourself why, and ask why 'the church' hated and hates gnostics (~gnosis)?

Orthodox 'separation' is ideal lisr application of SOM's Knife!

Orthodoxy, BOAKYSAG-BYE.

Doug - 7Jan2006
(Doug's clarification of Roman hylic demiurgical Christianity which is really "anti~Jesus'~Essene~Gn¤sis." - 29Jul2009.)

We must offer a qualitative quantonic fuzzon regarding USA's Supreme Court.

What does it do?

It's primary 'function' is to interpret USA's constitution.

What does 'interpretation' mean?

Philip R. Wallace, professor emeritus, McGill Universtity in his Paradox Lost said, paraphrased slightly, "interpretation involves according primacy to [quantum] subjectivity over [classical] objectivity." See our QELR of subject.

Our view is then, that our USA Supreme Court must interpret our USA Constitution n¤n dialectically!

Doug - 7Jan2006

Classical mathematics based upon static dialectical objectivity is our planet's biggest and naïvest toy box! A SOM box of simple toys filled with rools for fools!

Classical mathematics is an impediment, a detention center of thought, n¤t an agent of evolutionary SON~adaptive quantum~physial change.

Doug - 8Jan2006.

All humans are n¤t 'created' classically, dialectically, DIQheadedly 'equal!' All sentients are quantum~emersced both holographically and isoholographically with equipotential! Oversimplified we all have equipotential for access to quantum reality's reserve energy! Trouble is, DIQheaded SOMites and CRites are blinded to quantum equipotential! Those of us who are not blindered and blinded, are omnifferentiated quantumly in a sense that n¤ne of us can, should, or shall exploit our quantum~equipotential socially-uniparadigmatically.

Weigh how 'modern' academe insists on a disciplinary status quo is the way to go OSFA politically correct dialectical uniparadigm for 'education.'

We are using "equipotential" in light of our 2005-2006 learning from Paul Pietsch's Shufflebrain, HMCO, 1981.

Again, we emphasize you ponder and fathom quantum~quintessence of this graphic:

Doug - 26Jan2006.

A græht quantum~mihraclæ which I epæriænce at my quantum frææ~wihll~n¤wings issi that ræserve ænærgy issi ahlways thæræ whæn I wahnt amd nææd iht, amd iht issi ahlways apparæntly n¤t thæræ whæn I apparæntly d¤ n¤t wahnt iht amd nææd iht.

Doug - 26Jan2006.

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February, 2006 News:

On Google in China ...

Those young folk who run Google are simply brilliant!

They recognize, where others fail, that China is an entirely omnifferent and omniffering comtext than USA and western EU.

China isn't a 'democracy!' It isn't trying to be a 'democracy.'

China has its own values and it has a right to its own values whether we disagree with them or long as they respect our rights to our we should respect their rights to their values.

Google implicitly does Good (i.e., does no harm) by respecting Nations' freedoms of values as in USA we respect individuals' rights, including freedom of speech!

Bravo Google! Again, with vigor: Bravo Google!!!

On What is Wrong with Democracy ...

Democracy is dialectical!

Democracy is a dichon(win, lose). Classical democracy is conflict(individual, society), conflict(individual, individual), and conflict(society, society).

Democracy is dialectical social patterns of oppositional value. "You are either for us or you are against us." GW Bu()sh().

Greek demos is about society above individual, and social union institutions above individuals. Democracy is Greek demos. Democracy takes wealth from individuals and then treats individuals as classical 'subjects' who must 'subject' themselves to objective 'societal' demos will 'rules,' 'laws,' 'principles.' Society views itself as sovereign to individuals. Evil! Evil itself!

Constitutionally USA is not a 'democracy.' USA is a Republic, period. That word 'democracy' appears nowhere in our USA Constitution, regardless what that catholic idiot Alito says. See Article IV, Section 4.

A Republic and a democracy are entirely omniffering kinds of government.

It is important to understand that democracy is fundamentally evil in its form idealized in our USA. Why? It finds its epistemological bases in dialectic. Dialectic is basis of democracy's demos will.

Let's say it again:

"One notion that is incredibly important to grasp here is that all 'as practiced' logic and mathematics on Earth today find their bases in Aristotle! Few understand that he was just wrong! To us, that is a major catastrophe for our world. It is the key SOM disabler of nearly all thinking on Earth at Millennium III's emergence. Perhaps even more important: Aristotle infects everyday judgment, society, law, epistemology, ethics, politics, and so on. It is an unmitigated disaster of maltuitive thought. We've lived with it for 2500 years. It is nowings rent and purchase for change."

By Doug, from our 2004 review of Max Jammer's Chapter 8 titled 'Quantum Logic,' from his book The Philosophy of Quantum Mechanics.

That paragraph is about Greek Attic dialectic!

But Doug, "What ab¤ut quantum dæmocracy?" O'gadon, you make us proud!

In quantum science when we talk about quantum~energy we can say that direction and amplitude of quantum~energy~waves are irrelevant. Similarly, in quantum democracy we can say that winning and losing are irrelevant1. We say that classical dichon(win, lose) is worse and quanton(winnings,winners) is better.

1Browser search for 'irrelevant' at our QELR of 'rectify.'

But Doug, "How is that possible?"

Let's use a table to compare classical and quantum reasoning re: classical logic and quantum coquecigrues:

Classically Logical Democracy

Quantum Coquecigrues Democracy
Objects in reality are either negative or positive scalars Quantons in reality are positive interrelationshipings
Negation is mechanically ideal Evolutionary selectionings are phase~encodings' positive interrelationshipings
Probabilities are static and may be positive or negative allowing zero and one as 'logical' two-valuedness Probabilities are animately positive, n¤n~zero, and n¤n~unitary
Global either loss or win may be formally assessed dialectically Local betterings and worsings may be monitored comparatively, complementarily
Not to win is to lose All are winnings comparatively (we are n¤t saying: all finish 'together;' and all are equal) better; handicap was 14, now 12; 10k run was 40:21, now 39:30, etc.
Those who do not fit 'the correct' social model are losers Everyone invents their own style and quantum~locally, quantum~relatively wins
Classical society is positive while classical individual is negative; a non ESS approach A quantum society of quantum individuals is an evolutionarily successful strategy
Societies are winners; individuals are losers: dichon(society, individual) Societies of individuals are winners: quanton(societies,individuals)
Classical democracy opposes society against individual by placing society above individual

Quantum dæm¤crahcy hæræs societies and individuals ihn a Geertzian fashion:

  • both quantum~societies aræ ihn quantum~individuals,
  • and quantum~individuals aræ ihn quantum~societies

We have seen how dialectical democracy works just as well, however antithetically, for Hammas as it does for USA. Bu()sh() has just found that democracy alone does not impose his funda state mentalist SOMiticisms. Dialectic can be made to work in nearly all contexts. Hammas just demonstrated for us that two-valuedness, status quo, OSFA, dialectical notions are "not the way to go." Democracy can, and does, elect that's a threat...much greater than terrorism! Can't happen (without a massive conspiracy) in a Republic, which is why our founding fathers insisted that USA be a Republic! Again, read US Constitution, Article IV, Section 4.

Beware classical democracy! A bummer! A bogus bummer!

Doug - 31Jan2006.

On Why Digital is Dead ... (Need MT Extra font for Planck's h-bar just below.)

We wrote to Cringely 'bout 'dis, but he didn't respond. His work is excellent, though... Do not allow our remarks to turn you away...

Digital is dichon(zero, one). Dichon(0, 1). Digital IS SOM's Wall!!! Digital is either-or. Digital is binary. Digital relies upon 'enlightened' two-valuedness: dialectical verity versus falsity. Digital zeroes Planck's 'h' and 'h' (h-bar) thus disabling quantum hlihty! Digital is a thought-crippled dualism of two numeric monisms. Digital is binary alternative denial, BAD. Digital is about contradiction. Digital depends upon a formal dialectical classical model of reality to work. Digital is n¤n viable ihn quantum ræhlihty. Why? Quantum reality's 'bits' are qubital fuzzons!!!

Digital was born dead: born ESQ!

Reality cann¤t be classically, ideally represented really by immutable, concrete classical 'zero' and 'one.' N¤r can reality be represented by 'registers' of zeroes and ones.

Doug, "How can we represent natural reality?" Uhsing anihmatæ EIMA qubihts, uhsing quantons; by quantum~ømniht¤ring fuzz¤nihc ræhlihty, 'not' by using dichons.

hlihty issi a quantum BAWAM hlihty, 'not' a classical EOOO reality!

Digital is dead! Qubital is emerging...

Believe it!!!

Doug - 27-31Jan2006.

On Gnosticism~Gnosis vis-à-vis Pirsig and Bergson ...

Our TQS News has taken a recent turn, an evolutionary scion, a quantum tangential re vectoring toward Pirsig's ancients, their aretê (i.e., martus aritos), and how we are starting to quantum illuminate their essences as gnostic, (~gnosist,) and especially how we want to remediate and update ancient classical Gnosticism to quantum~Gn¤stihcism. So, we decided to spend some time in this news segment (January-February, 2006) to talk more about Gnosticism (~Gnosis) and put it in Quantum Lightings. Our sources for our efforts in this vein include: Giordano Bruno by Frances A. Yates, The Gnostic Gospels by Elaine Pagels, The Nag Hammadi Library by Robinson, Thomas Gospel, Philip Gospel, Giordano Bruno by J. Lewis McIntyre, Encyclopedia Britannica, Holy Blood Holy Grail by Baigent Leigh and Lincoln, and possibly Daniel C. Dennett's 2006 Breaking the Spell (we worry that Dennett is a SOMite par excellence, see his BtS adaptation in The Chronicle's 20January2006 issue; see Michael Shermer's review of BtS in 27Jan2006 issue of AAAS' Science journal, p. 471; according to Shermer both he and Dennett are self declared atheists, and we infer Dennett as a dialectical determinist — anti quantum real from a Bohmian and Quantonics qualitative perspective — from our perusals of two other of his texts; we wrote Dennett regarding our concerns having perused his 1981 The Mind's I contribution, his 1995 Darwin's Dangerous Idea, and his 2003 freedom evolves, and he responded that we can expect more of same: status quo is the way to go ). Of course, we are using Quantonics own vast resources and innovations too.

Gnosticism, from any classical conspective is a dualism, a dichon(spiritualism, materialism).

Aside - 5Dec2006 - Doug:

Since we wrote that statement nearly a year ago, Pagels' The Johannine Gospel in Gnostic Exegesis gives a better now (EOY 2006) technical description of what we need to say here. Gnostic (~gnosis) topos has three, n¤t two, levels: pneuma (spirit), psychic (intellect), and hylic (matter). See her glossary of technical terms. This trichon offers us bountiful classical and quantum means of heuristic hermeneutics.

Classical -

Quantum -

Students be aware that Pirsig, some Hindi, quantum~reality, Bergson, Heraclitus, Cratylus, Doug, and a few others view reality as essentially p¤sitive. Pirsig's view says "ESQ cannot exist in an MoQ reality." Quantum reality says, "There are n¤ classical negatives, since quantum~flux may n¤t be negated." From those two exemplars we infer, and so does Pagels, that Satan does n¤t 'exist.' Only a classical, formal, analytic, mechanical, dialectical mind using CTMs can induce a classical notion of Satan as real. (Doug admits that some quantum~flux ensembles may appear 'evil,' though: tsunamis, volcanoes, hurricanes, super novae, galactic collisions, etc. However, those are n¤t dialectically "wrong," and "satanic," rather they are simply part of nature's vast evolutionary quantum~flux pr¤cessings, which in our view are themselves, dæi ¤pus.)

End 5Dec2006 aside.

What is apparent in that belief? Would you say SOM's knife is apparent? How?

Our dichon's comma-space represents, from Quantonics' MoQ perspective, and is SOM's knife!

What else is apparent?

Two monisms! Classical dualism creates two monisms. In this specific example those monisms are:

Now, let's use our last 20 years of evolving and growing more and more intense quantum studies and our development of Quantonics from our own innovations and our quantum mentors' guidance as a means of assessing classical Gnosticism (~Gnosis) and thence quantum~remediating it. There is much in classical Gnosticism (~Gnosis) which hints of prescient ancient quantum~aretê. Pirsig sicced us on to this..., but it didn't gain traction until Beth sicced us on to Dan Brown's Angels and Demons, and his The Da Vinci Code. Mitch sicced us on to The Thomas Gospel (WWW online). Then all Hell broke loose and we are still trying to recover. We are indeed thankful for our quantum~sorso~taught abilities to tap into reserve energy. We need it! In spades! We need it!

What does quantumism show us about reality? Recall Pirsig's model and Bergson's model. Pirsig's MoQ reality 'divisions' are DQ as a monism and SQ as a pluralism. Bergson's I3 reality divisions are similar to Pirsig's, however Bergson interprets them inversely in terms of their monism and pluralism like this: Qualitative Multiplicity as a pluralism and Quantitative Spatial Extensity as a monism. Notice how similar Pirsig's DQ and Bergson's Qualitative Multiplicity are memeotically, yet Pirsig sees his version as a monism and Bergson sees his version as a pluralism! Students of Quantonics should keenly observe and self~apprise that all of Bergson's links, under Qualitative Multiplicity, are quantum~precursors. Example? Numbers as multiplicities! Numbers as durational multiplicities! Thence a tiny Quantonics quantum~evolutionary step a la John Nash: numbers as animate durational multiplicities!!! Awesome, eh? Essence of quantum pluralism, quantum absolutely animate heterogeneity! Doug - 25Jan2006.

Both Pirsig and Bergson describe their divisions variously. Each describes their divisions as both excluded-middle 'cut' and (we have to infer with effort i.e., Bergson's "duration," (Bergson's "duration" is a quantum precursor, a quantum~prokaryote, of a long list of quantum terms, including: EIMA, OEDC, REIMAR, included~middle, QLO, peaqlo, semper flux, absolute animacy, perpetual motion of all quantons, etc.) and Pirsig's "It is in us and we are in It," and his "keeping DQ with SQ, else SQ loses its Quality") included~middle 'sutured.' Of course, in Quantonics 'cut' implies SOM's knife, and for us 'sutured' is a way of describing quantum reality's genuine included~middle. Let's distill comparisons of Gnosticism, Pirsigism, and Bergsonism:

Latter two require much more discussion than what we are offering here. Please see our Pirsig and Bergson on Monism and Pluralism.

Vivification looms when we compare those assessments with Quantonics' quantum script description:

Aside - 15Jan2007:

Allow us to use our 5Dec2006 aside above to offer more exegesis.

Gnostic (~Gnosist) topos is incredibly useful here. Let's show it as a quanton(pneuma,psyche,hyli). Again, quanton(spirit,intellect,material). Again, quanton(DQ,compenetrationings,SQ). Those three quantons are powerful! Consider 'classical mind.' Ponder quantum~stage. Fathom classical mind vis-à-vis quantum stage. Ditto psyche and intellect. Recall Bergson's eloquent "intellectual sympathy?" We may choose to think about that as a quantum~EIMA holographic SOrON.

We may think of quantum stage as:

"But Doug, What do you mean?"

I mean, "We see emerscenture of quantum~heuristics, quantum~semantics, quantum~memeotics, and quantum~hermeneutics of real quantum~included~middlings, our c¤mma~n¤spacæ as quantum~straddling!"

Pirsig's ancients, in Doug's c¤mplæmæntar¤spæctihvæ amd quantum~bæliævings, somehow 'saw' and 'intuited' and 'anticipated' that. It is quantum~essential quantum~reality! And that, folks, is spectacular! Doug.

Extra study: compare saw, intuited, and anticipated to Hume's was, is, and ought.

End 15Jan2007 aside.

To be continued... We intend to use this space as a worksheet for further work on gnosticism (~gnosis) vis-à-vis Pirsig vis-à-vis Bergson, et al.

Gnostic (~gnosis) Update 1 14Feb2006:

In our quantum description of quantumism above, we need to, Ihn Quantum Lightings, immanate and illuminate both n¤nahctualihty and ahctualihty like this:

Doug's use of 'immanate' here is classically non grammatical. We intend quantum stage neural network associativityings which emersce n¤vel quantons AKA quantum interrelationshipings.

Then we can show quantum gn¤sticism, remediated, like this:

Using that remediation allows us now to view classical gnosticism's spirit as quantum_n¤nahctualihty animately REIMARing classical gnosticism's material as quantum_ahctualihty.

Now when we hermeneut all those classically apparent paradoxes in, for example, Thomas and Philip Gospels, we should experience Quantum Lightings.

Before we try some of those, would it be a good meme to review prior efforts which we still view as viable? Here is a list:

Our Quantonics claim is that quantum remediation cures all those paradice using several simple, oversimplifying, "quantum flux issi quantum simple," memes:

Now let's ask a very simple question. Why could 'not' most of Jesus' apostles understand some of his remarks? What if they classically, simply, "notionally classical stux is classically simple," assumed:

As you may now fathom, if Jesus was talking quantum and apostles were listening our view this is a powerful exegetic of what may have happened.

Won't it be fun to take Jesus' paradice and hermeneut them quantumly? We'll try that nextings... Doug.

End 14Feb2006 Gnostic (~gnosis) Update 1.

Gnostic (~gnosis) Update 2 19Feb2006, 4-6Apr2006, 4-5Oct2006:

Let us begin this update by picking up where we left off prior.

Review our prior update's penultimate sentence, "What if Jesus were talking quantum and apostles were listening dialectically...well..."

Well, Doug will show many examples of "What if..."

Thomas Gospel. Gospel of Thomas. Which Thomas? Aquinas? N¤! Didymos Judas Thomas. (Aquinas was an pure bred Aristotelian dialectician.)

Thomas Gospel from whence? Nag Hammadi.

Translated by whom? Stephen Patterson and Marvin Meyer, translation copyright 1992. Available to all via their Scholars' Translation website.

Our approach? We will not quote their translations directly, rather show their quotation numbers. Similarly as we quantum~paraphrased Heraclitus, we shall quantum~paraphrase their translations of Thomas' Gospel. At this juncture we have n¤ memeo whether we can do this, i.e., whether our qua can, so we shall just proceed and do our best. We shall start by paraphrasing those which appear obvious to us, for example 1, 2, and 3 appear obvious to us. Any numbers which are missing means we did n¤t try it yet, we did not see a way to paraphrase those, and mayhaps we felt they are too trivial to do. Latter view can be arrogant, perhaps even stupid. We agree!

Let's "Just do it." We offer eight to start. We'll do others gradually. Mean timings mayhaps you ponder some yourself. Tap into RE, and we shall assist you... Doug - 19Feb2006, 4-6Apr2006, 4-5Oct2006.


Doug's Paraphrasings

Doug's Comments

By Doug Renselle — ©Quantonics, Inc., 2006-2030 — Created 19Feb2006 — Revised 20Aug2008 (see pink background)
1 Quantum hermeneutics keep us alive. Quantum reality is an unending cyclicity, not an one-life, begin-end, alpha-omega, "that's all there is my friend..."
2 Quantum recapitulatively keep trying to understand. As you begin to understand you will tap into reserve energy and commence understanding and begin to see how dialectic social tradition has misled you and you shall rise above all actuality. Your understanding will give you n¤vel peace.

Belief in quantum reality allows one to become ¤ne with quantum reality. See 3.

Quantum reality is self~referent:(i.e., biocoquecigruesically anabiotic) ensembles of individuals self~referring. Implication? Those individuals who dialectically only other-refer shall become extinct. Funda mentals whose minds are objective either one or other diodes shall become extinct. Red text added 4Oct2006 - Doug.


Society will try to tell you that dialectic is 'true.' Learn to disavow dialectic! You are ihn It and It is ihn you. Knowing and believing that will make you rich with wellness.

To oversimplify Jesus' words here, "Ignorance secretizes Sophia." Doug - 16Sep2006.

Belief in quantum reality allows one to discard classically social dialectical thingking and learn to replace dialectical thingking with quantum thinking. Quantum thinking allows one to view~recursively~everywhere~included~middle~recapitulate~self Essene~Gn¤stically as a quanton. Self issi flux~fractal quanton(It,You). Society (we) wants you (you) to believe and view self as a stux sux dichon: Society wants you to view self like this: self is dichon(Society(we), You). In this case, society is classical, dialectical, a monism of many, a classical mechanical-formal synthesis manufacturing a we 'the Demos will 'civic people where all yous are hive drone carefully taught mental social clones. Compare that to Mae-wan Ho's quantum quanton(quantum_coherent_society,many_islandic_individual_autonomies). Doug - 4-5Oct2006.

Jesus' quantum~society quantum~included~middle compenetrates individuals. See 7, 11, and 22.

4 Quantum complementarity is quantum~cohesive. Quantum coherence offers holism. Quantum multiplicity offers potentia of islandic autonomies. Individuals may heterodoxically self~refer autonomously cowithin coherent holism. Quanton(coherence,autonomy).

A jesuit1 proto description of a Mae-wan Hoesque society of individuals.

1- Here we use 'jesuit' in a sense of followers and apostles and disciples of Gn¤stic Jesus, not in a 'catholic' sense of The Society of Jesus. Gnostic Jesus' provenance is neither dogmatic orthodox catholic nor protestant, rather Essene gnostic (~gnosis) as foreclosed in some Nag Hammadi gospels. Here it is in Doug's own extremely abbreviated pragmapolychronos:

  • quanton(ascendant_Jesus,apparently_descendent_Jesus) AKA quantum animate EIMA, "Jesus is ihn us and we are ihn Jesus," a quantum~straddle,
  • quantum~Jesus,
  • Gn¤stic Jesus,
  • martus aretê Jesus,
  • Messianic Jesus (read HBHG on ancient Judaic semantic of messiah),
  • Violent adolescent Jesus (HBHG; "I bring not peace but a sword," Matthew (one among three synoptic gospels) 10:34; and GoT:16),
  • Beth David [Dah veed] Jesus,
  • Tribe of Judah Jesus,
  • Essene Jesus,
  • Naza(i)rean Jesus,
  • etc.

Understand that n¤ concrete socially-contrived wall prevents you from seeing all reality.

All is anabiosis: both apoptosis and resurrection. OEDC issi metabolisis: anabiosis as recapitulation...anabolisiscatabolisis.

Take off your SOM blinders! Attenuate using CTMs! Accentuate using QTMs!

Allow Quantum Lightings™ to shine through SOM's wall and you shall see all! Pneumatically, quantum~gn¤stically, Jesus means quantum lightings!

6 Quantum [gn¤stic (~gn¤sist) Essene jesuit1] individuals are above classical society; dogmatic and orthodox society has n¤ sovereign authority over quantum gn¤stics. Jesus' quantum~individuals, who gn¤stically understand and perpetually self~refer themselves are more highly evolved than any society.
7 "We are in It and It is in us." Life is in Qualogos and Qualogos is in life. Logos insists that life evolve and perpetually improve. Evolution is moral. [Inferred antonym: stasis is quantumly amoral, i.e., quantum~negation is subjective.] A jesuit1 proto description of a quantum included~middle.

Always select ...

(choose: i.e., in Greek heresy, in Quantonics we say, " 'dulation, quantaldulation," etc.;

(fathom how heresy is what Catholics are against; Catholics are against what Jesus is for)

(choosing is a manifestation of wisdom, sophism, gnosis, individual 'you' freedom...Catholics are against it) as a quantum~gn¤stic~coherency of many (n¤t a classical mechanical formal synthesis of many). gn¤stic! Choose quantum~coherence. Bæ anti-Catholic! D¤ n¤t bæ anti gn¤stic!

Make choices which allow little ones to emerge and grow into coherencies of one as many! D¤ n¤t waste! Cultivate y~our resources, else we all lose them.

Flux eats flux!

When Doug went to study vacuum electronics (c. 1961) in Louisville, Kentucky, (almost) everyone said "y'all." Just now beginning to fathom, biblically, what they, perhaps unintentionally, meant! Earth's "transistor tsunami" was just cusping then... Next was LSI, then VLSI... 10 micron line widths were a distant horizon... Now some folk are talking 10 nanometer line widths... And our now (c. 2007-2030) cusping "quantum tsunami" will make all that, relatively, meaningless... Put all that in a larger lime light: JesusQuantum~Lightings

Under our QELR of 'select' column left, we can view 'analog' as a flux metaphor, and digital as a classical formal 'state' metaphor.


Nature cultivates he~rself.

Flux eats flux!


Reality is absolute change.

Nature changes all absolutely and always changes absolutely.

A quantum tsunami is imminent. When it cusps our universe shall experience absolute "...change in hearts of all humankind." Dialectic (false thought, psychic thought and hylic thought AKA Error) shall fade and quantum rhetoric (pneumatic thought) shall emerge in its fullest manifestations."

Classical Dialectic is Noise using Noise to make Noise.

Quantum sophist gn¤stic (~gn¤sist) rhetoric is Music (absolute quantum flux) using Noise and Music to make better Music. This answers Jesus' "What will you do?"

This is a most profoundly quantum Jesus being quoted by Didymos...

One becoming two... Quantum [gn¤stic (~gn¤sist) Essene jesuit1] ontology cycles in waves. Bosons to fermions, and then? All is quantum complementary: quantons(unknown,known); each known describes its unknown and each unknown describes its known. Flux is crux. Flux may emersce stux into flux.

See 7, and 22.

Reality issi quanton(living_processes,dying_processes). All of reality is quantum~complementarity of quantons(anabolisis,catabolisis), quantons(self_resurrection,rebirth).

Nature turns (iso)flux into inorganics and inorganics into biologicals and biologicals into aggregations of biologicals and aggregations into sentience and...

How will you be excellent?

Cells divide thus doubling their mass...

Genomes superpose two ones into two as one, both two as you while and you as two. As two how will you be excellent?

Doug - 5Oct2006.

This is one of most potent Gospel of Thomas quotes of Jesus. For us, now in our sixth decade, it brings an avalanche, a quantum~tsunami of incredible déjà vu.

Fibonacci! 1, 2, 3,... Cuneiform. Venus. Phi: 1.618... Priori de Sion. Quantum spin. Isoflux. Flux. Wobble as actuality. Bosons and gluons as 'hidden' actuality. Isoflux as unknowable and ineffable n¤nactuality. N¤npreferential flux. Preferential flux. Creatio ex nihilo aperio. Martus. Bosons, fermions, entropa, cohera, adiabaticity, tunneling, teleportation, action at a distance, acausality, scalarbation, stochastics, antimechanics, antidialectic, antiformality, qua, quala, quality, logos, qualogos, exegesis of absence of 'negation,' 'one,' and 'zero' in quantum flux. Unstoppability, perpetuity of quantum flux. And on and on and on and...


Our quantum brethren, our gn¤stic (~gn¤sist) brethren, are always with us wherever we are, both living and dying. We may always counsel them5 whenever and wherever we are. We are in our Brethren and our Brethren are in us.

5 - Doug colloquially refers this as n¤nsectarian "tapping into reserve energy."

Doug, in about 1991-1992 said to a friend's wife at a business picnic, "Jesus is in us and we are in Jesus. Current 'christian' metaphor of God as dialectically separable from living beings is wr¤ng!" Doug did n¤t understand what that meant then, he only intuited it. (At that time, Doug's very-weakly developed quantum philosophy he called "flame flicker.") During 2005, thanks to Bethahava's insistence, Doug discovered how gn¤stic (~gn¤sist) Jesus told his followers to look into themselves and they will find G¤d. [Society and self proclaimed sectarian, denominational religious sovereigns will lie to you and mislead you for their own purposes political and otherwise: Daniel C. Dennett's whole point in his Breaking the Spell. Voltaire said it, perhaps best, "The first divine was the first rogue who met the first fool [Dennett's "helpless innocents."]."]

Prior that, between about 1993 and 2005, Doug had, without any self~apparent religious tenor and mostly a postmodern SOrON quantum~scientific philosophical bent, expanded his quantum~philosophy and self~innovated a n¤n Aristotelian, n¤n Thomist (Aquinas), view of a physial quantum~included~middle. Quantum Lightings of those two intuitions together offered an epiphany of profound implications for Doug. It explains so much. For Doug, it shows why Muslims call 'christians' "Satan." And much, much, much more. Doug - 4Apr2006.


Jesus and God, indeed their quantum reality is ineffable. But...

Simon Peter and Matthew claim to know what they are like! Error. False dialectical thought and arrogance!

Didymos Judas Thomas says, "To me, you are ineffable." Rhetoric. Uncertainty! Pneumatic thought and thinking!

Dialectic will make you into ESQ!

Quantum rhetoric, quantum uncertainty, unlimited wonder, quantum~spiritual~pneumatic thinking will save you from ESQ.


Society and its dialecticians will ask you to do acts which support their dialectic!

Use your spirit to help others as well as you can.

If you speak dialectic, you defile your own spirit.

15 God is hermaphroditic. (Doug admits that this term is just too naïve here.)

We must worry here and be very uncertain. Quantum life, in general, perhaps may not be just variations of stochastic themes of male and female. We doubt that it is, indeed, since dichon(female, male) is a pure dialectism.

To our advantage, Jesus knows that 1 and 2 are prime. He knows that 3 is prime and sum of 1 and 2. XX and XY are prime, and two kinds of two.

"And when you become two, what will you do?"

Perhaps we can become three.

Indeed, we are seeing now trisomia on nearly all human chromosomes.

"And when you become three, who will you be?" (Doug's arrogant paraphrasing for assisting some of us to leave classical endarkenment.)

Keep in mind that as Pagels warned, Jesus appears to view classic society as an Error prone perpetrator and promulgator of dialectical polemic. Dialectical 'law' is its classico-societal "disciplinary matrix." Societal 'law' is a "Tragedy of commons sense," "A tragedy of dialectical Error."

Doug - 5Oct2005.


Jesus brings us dialectic so that we may look within ourselves and find quantum rhetoric.

We have to learn to play a violin, initially, making noise; our goal is to learn to turn noise into harmony. Dialectic is hate, war, conflict. Quantum rhetoric is love, respect, and an ability to turn conflict into harmony.

But with and attending quantum absolute change, no sooner have we turned conflict into harmony, than we have n¤vel (classically, dialectically, psychically 'new') conflict, and we have to learn how to make harmony of that...and so on...

Reality is unending quantum recapitulative loops of changings, harmonizings, changings, harmonizings,...

"What will you do, change and harmonize, ..., remain still?" "Make music, ..., make noise?"

See our Quantonics' quantum~ontology.
17 Quantum flux is free, ensemble freedom, free will, Good. Quantum flux hides. Nature likes to hide.

A crucial observation we offer: in order for you to decide "What you will do," you must have individual free will!

Any society, group, or organization which denies your individual free will to choose what you do violates Gn¤stic Jesus' omnictum.

Doug - 5Oct2006.


Quantum nowings are quantum~complement(beginnings,endings).

"When do you decide?" Nowings! Bæ k~now~ings!

See timings.

Doug can only hermeneut Jesus' first sentence here.

Those who are k~now~ings quantum~recursion shall live forever.

Doug, at this stage of his spiritual development, lacks qua to understand and hermeneut other of Jesus' sentences here.
20 Heaven is quantum~emergence' source and mediator.
21 Those who practice and teach Error shall try to steal your mind and goods. Use quantum~sophism to neutralize their efforts.

Two becoming one...Quantum [gn¤stic (~gn¤sist) Essene jesuit1] ontology cycles in waves. Fermions to bosons, and then? Actual babies suckle fermions. N¤nactual babies suckle isobosonic isoflux. Both~all inner while~and outer. Both~all upper while~and lower. Both~all female while~and male. Both~all multiplicity while~and holistic coherence. Both~all SOON holograms while~and~cowithin~coinsiding~compenetrating SOrON holograms. When you understand latter as the logos, Logos, qualogos, you are tapping into reserve energy!

See 7, and 11.

Quantonics quantum gn¤stically shows this ontology: becoming (TBCS)(UD) beingchangingunbecomingisobecomingisobeingisochangingisounbecoming. See page top of A Quanton Primer. See our quantonics ontology loops.

See Quantonics' Gen III Reality Map. See our fermionta. Search for <quantonics QCD>, and <quantonics TBCSUD>.

Adepts may notice Jesus' both~and requisite of quanton(female,male) as true hermaphroditism. Quanton(XX,XY)! Adepts may further notice how what we call "males" are actually quantons(half_female,half_male). Haplohermaphroditism. Quanton(X,Y)! Females are quantumly pure quantons(X,X), but their Xs can transemerq Ys.

Only in quantum reality may onenessings twonessings.


Ponder how quantum transemerqancy and transemerqation (evolution) ontologies require this animate REIMAR SOrONings emerscenturings' quantum~fractal~sophisms.

20Aug2008 aside:

If one makes an effort to grasp bases of semantic in Peter's Letter to Philip, one will omniscover at least two aspects of Jesus' messages to his listeners:

1. 1(2,3), (4) is what Jesus means by deficiency, and

2. 1(2,3),(4) is what Jesus means by absence of deficiency (via learning and understanding The Gospel)

Item one represents "separation as Error!" In modern times, c. 2008, we call it "dialectic." However, in Gnostic times folk like Heraclitus called it "Error." Item one illustrates, using Doug's quantonic script for Chaldæan gnosis -- Limit the Separator --, "dead father's" separation from a Chaldæan godhead: Mother(son,Sophia), (dead_father). This is dialectical Error!

Item two shows "absence of deficiency" via quantum included~middlings of "living~Father's" quantum~coherence with a Chaldæan godhead: again, Mother(son,Sophia),(living_Father). This is quantum~reality from any Essene~Jesuit Gn¤stic perspective.

Please realise that item one is what C a t h o l i c s and P r o t e s t a n t s believe now, c. 2008.

Item two is what real quantum~Gn¤stics believe now and have adhered since their time with Essene Jesus over 2000 years ago.

In simple summary:

1. Separation is anti-Gn¤stic Error, separation is deficiency. C a t h o l i c s and P r o t e s t a n t s teach separation of God and humanity.

2. Belief and understanding of spiritual inclusion of G¤d ihn us and~dna us ihn G¤d removes deficiency, removes Error! MoQ's quanton(DQ,SQ) vis-à-vis SOM's dichon(DQ, ESQ).

See our coined terms: dichon and quanton. See our acronyms MoQ and SOM.

O'gadons should compare and ponder:

End 20Aug2008 aside - Doug.

Doug - 6Apr2006.

26 We see dust in others' eyes while disregarding bricks in our own. Remove bricks from y~our eyes so that you may help others remove dust from their own.

See How SOMites view reality. From Doug's own quantum perspectives DIQheaded SOMites are quantum reality's "infidels." Examples? Parmenides a founder of DIQheaded SOMiticism, Plato (follower of Parmenides), Aristotle (follower of Plato), Thomas Aquinas was a DIQheaded SOMite. Newton was a DIQheaded SOMite. Einstein was a DIQheaded SOMite. Counter examples? Heraclitus, Zeno of Elea (TSE), Gn¤stic Jesus, Pirsig, Bergson, Ho, James, Bohr, Bohm, de Broglie, Schrödinger (To Some Extent, TSE), Dirac (TSE), d'Espagnat, etc.

Doug is working thoroughly at leaving his own personal DIQheaded SOMiticism and inventing his own QICheaded MoQiticism.

See How MoQites view reality.

See How SOMite Classicists View Actuality vis-à-vis How MoQite Students of Quantonics View Quantum Reality

72 Quantons ("I, Jesus") cohere and superpose. They (we) cann¤t reduce and lisr-break that which is into dialectical parts and analytic pieces. Gn¤stic Jesus describes h¤lism(sælf~¤ther) as quantonic.
77 I am everywhere, in and around all. I am all!

Jesus describes himself as ubiquitous compenetrating quantum~isobosonic isoflux. His self description is that of an isobeing. Some biblical descriptions say he never left any footprints. Potential quantum implication? His actual 'projection' had to be bosonic; n¤n fermionic. Implication is n¤t socially-positively logically-dialectically 'true,' rather is based upon quantum hermeneutics of what we are k~n¤w~ings.

Notice how quantum Gnostic Jesus describes a quantum~included~middle. Too he describes quantum superposition! We can comclude n¤wings that all issi quantum~flux, just based upon what Gn¤stic Jesus said. Wow!!!

78 Classical dialectical society does n¤t understand the Logos. Society plays (Glass Bead Games) with dialectic's simple logical toys. See Heraclitus.

Patterson-Meyer: "86 Jesus said, '[Foxes have] their dens and birds have their nests, but human beings have no place to lay down and rest.'"

Robinson: "[The foxes have their holes] and the birds have their nests, but the son of man has no place to lay his head and rest."

The son of man is a unique phrase re: Jesus' own revelations, i.e., what he calls himself. Gaffney makes us keenly aware of this, since it marks a major change in how individual humanity can and shall protect itself from evils of society. This is quintessence of gnosis. To know this is Good. To deny it is to claim one's own hylicity and psychicity.

Gaffney shows us in his Gnostic Secrets of the Naassenes, that Jesus rebuked Peter for calling Jesus "Messiah," and "Christ, son of God." That rebuke is similar Jesus' rebuke of 10 disciples, not John~Mary nor Didymos, for their inabilities to place individual gnosis above social hyle and psyche.

Gaffney also concurs how Paul probably should be placed among the hylic-psychics for similar reasons. James did not teach Essene gnosis to Paul, so he was ignorant of Jesus' revolutionary pro individual message.

This saying update - 30Dec2007 - Doug.

89 Patterson-Meyer: "89 Jesus said, 'Why do you wash the outside of the cup? Don't you understand that the one who made the inside is also the one who made the outside?'"

During late 1980s Doug had a spiritual experience which is relevant this saying. Doug prior had, during 1970s read Jeremy Campbell's Grammatical Man. Too, if one reads The Goldbug Variations by Richard Powers, similarly as Campbell one may grasp Essence of John's gnosis re flesh is in grace and grace is in flesh. Both Campbell and Powers saw human DNA in that manner: DNA is in us and we are in DNA. Here in this TG89 quote we find similar: cup is in us and we are in cup; a clear implication that G¤d is in us and we are in G¤d. One finds validation of John (not the baptist) as quintessentially gnostic.

Doug, in late 1980s verbalised that Essence and with it came an awakening of great gnostic import.

Subsequently, Doug coined coinsidence, and it became an atlante for his quantum research. Ultimately it became clear to Doug that quantum~reality is almost wholly an included~middle system. Of course, that breaks all dialectic, all current science, all current physics...and so on...

Similarly this cowithinitness explains much in The New Sciences and their new physics, their new philosophies, their new metaphysics. Bergson omnisclosed a major change: negation is subjective! Another: reality is change (flux). Another: objective independence is an delusion-illusion.

Doug's hermeneutics of Pirsig's MoQ lead to similar epiphanies: MoQ's DQ is in SQ and MoQ's SQ is in DQ, thence voila! quanton(DQ,SQ). Quantonics emerges in 1992-1998.


HotMemeQuantonics issi ihn Gn¤sis and Gn¤sis issi ihn quantonics!HotMeme™.

This saying update - 27Jul2008 - Doug.

113 Society wants you to dialectically, dichotomously wait for Judgment Day. It will dialectically 'not' come. Weings areings in Itings Nowings. Our kingdomings are hereings nowings. God is cowithinings youings and meings alwaysings. Believe and understand that. Quantum reality issi p¤sitive. Judgment Day is a dialectically negative social proposition whose purpose is maintaining a master slave, object subject hegemony over individuals. Gnostics (~gnosists) refused to permit that, and catholic Romaninanity tried to euthanize all of them and their Gnostic (~gnosis) texts. They tried to euthanize Essene Gnostic Jesus. Are you beginning to commence real quantum understanding now?
114 Quantum hermaphrodites shall become ¤ne with G¤d. It will be very interesting to see whether Neo sapiens are true hermaphrodites. Doug's belief is that Holy Blood is quanton(XX,XY), i.e., 92 chromosomes instead of 46. If so then when we are all quantons(XX,XY) we shall all be quantumly Holy Grail. Doug - 19Feb2006.

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End 19Feb2006 Gnostic (~gnosis) Update 2.

Doug - 1Feb2006, 14Feb2006, 19Feb2006, 4-6Apr2006.

See you here again in early March, 2006!



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