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Our editorials are often intentionally provocative! Especially regarding religion and politics. If they offend you, do not read them, or better yet, laugh at them. If you need total emotional sunshine in your life, move closer to Earth's equator...

Need some rtf (especially ¤ and æ perhaps é and á) and MT-Extra plus Wingding fonts.

We're using a very uncommon word in this editorial: indagate. It means to understand (for us, quantumly ihndagatæ) via probing examination and durational due diligence investigation. Sort of phasæ~ænc¤ding c¤~ihnsih~nt "quantum~research."

For fun coin your own word, try, invesdagate.


Republican'ts should apologize to US voters for a six year record of right wing incompetence!

Doug - 1Nov2006.

We were really HOT on Barack Obama until we heard 31Oct2006 on CNN that Jesse Jackson is one of Barack's best pals.

Jackson is about as anti-Semitic (you may recall his blatant "Hymietown") as one can be!

Forget it Obama, else get a new set of friends.

Jackson makes us think of that Detroit ooze, Notown slime, we wrote about a year or so ago.

Beth and Doug and some of our friends were really excited about Barack Obama. That excitement is palpable now, especially in network snews.

Beth just said, regarding Jesse Jackson's slime-mold growing on Obama, "That's a shame."

Sorry! Barack!

Doug - 31Oct2006.

1, 2, 3...Pirsig, quantum~gn¤sis, and quantonics:

Pirsig's topos is DQ, intellect, then SQ.

Elaine Pagels writes of ancients' gnostic topos as spirit, intellect, material.

Quantonics' topos aligns like this as nonactual isoflux, quantum~stage~included~middle, actual flux.

Did you just have an martus aritos "aha?"

Doug - 31Oct2006.

Apparently, some of you have just bought your first Apple MAC~InTao laptop or desktop computer. Good for you! Total life cycle costs of these machines are much lower than Win$Tel. Pay more $ up front. Pay much less as you go, especially personal and personnel time lost...

One of you searched our site on "how to use Unix on mac os x."

Well folks, with patience (like learning golf and tennis) you will learn to love Unix. It is secure. It is powerful beyond imagination! Steve Jobs via his insight to use Unix as a substrate for MAC OS X, is simply a genius, really! Some of you are beginning to understand this...

We are not Unix experts. Nor do we offer Unix services. But we use Unix a lot. We use it sometimes for days without ever seeing a Tiger. Then there are periods like now when we only go to Unix to convert this (November 2006 News) MAC HTML to a Window$ compatible version (which is how our site began; on Win$Tel). All page names and links under Apple differ those on Win$Tel. They have to be mapped. Lots of other neat text operations are accomplished in Unix too. A good example here is part of our text is classical (default) and part of our text is quantum (quantum text is marked using Unix and HTML features). Quantum text is automatically QELRed in Unix. As our QELR grows, our current HTML files get upgraded to latest QELR each time an HTML file is edited and processed for Win$Tel. Doug has written Unix and Perl functions-methods which do and undo our QELR automatically. All previous generation QELR is undone each time a file is edited. Undo puts all quantum QELR back to classical HTML text in Unix; a single alias titled mac2win1zhtml does this. That fresh classical text is then QELRed with our latest QELR changes and quantum word additions.

We bought our first MAC with OS X in December, 2002: a MAC Titanium G4 PowerBook. Superb machine which we are using right now to edit our November, 2006 News. (Doug just ordered a new MAC~InTao 17" MacBookPro...about 7x faster than our Titanium.)

If you have never used Unix before it will take some serious time to come up to speed, but you can and in our opinion should do it.

If you have used Unix before, MAC Unix is a piece of cake once you learn some basics.

In that case, under Applications (in finder or pathfinder) look for utilities. Under utilities look for terminal. Start up terminal. That's where Unix is!

You'll get a Unix terminal screen. You may start typing Unix commands immediately.

Doug's Titanium came with...

(Jaguar OS X 10.2 upgraded later to 10.2.6...what's cool about this OS version is you can boot MAC OS 9 in it and run OS 9 natively on your we have kept it that way to allow us some nostalgia with a more primitive Apple OS...No way to do that (not that you would want to) on MAC~InTao gear.)

...tcsh as a default Unix 'shell.'

(bash is Berkeley Shell; tcsh is The 'C' Shell; there are lots of shells: sh is Bourne Shell; ksh is Korn Shell; Unix shells provide a purely textual, non GUI, command line user interface to Unix as an OS; MAC OS X adds a great GUI layer on top of that which currently is Tiger, 10.4.8; in doing that, somehow Apple's Darwin, one of Apple's most innovative breakthroughs, is involved with Unix itself, and at that point Doug runs out of gas...)

Apple has changed default shell to bash. You can change to whatever shell you want under terminal preferences. It's trivial to do. Since we started out with tcsh in 2002, we change our new systems default shell from bash to tcsh for our own compatibility. Apparently bash is better than tcsh, but we may have a huge effort to convert our aliases and batch files to work under bash. MAC OS X Hints has published a process which helps automate this transformation if you need to do it.

If you do not know Unix or need to brush up, join MAC OS X Hints. Great place to learn. RobG, Hayne, Phil St. Romaine and others there are great people. Search their forums for examples of your issues. Avoid asking questions which have already been asked and are documented there for your perusal. You Will find help there. First though get 'Unix in a Nutshell,' and 'Learning Unix for MAC OS X.' Start with latter and study both well. Also get a good Tiger (MAC OS) book as a reference to your MAC. Best of all, MAC OS X Hints has a "Unix for Newbies" forum! They are gentle...

Apple will announce a new generation OS X, called Leopard, in 2007. You will want to keep your OS X current, and it is immensely easier to do with Apple than with Win$Tel. If you do not have cable internet, you probably will want to consider getting it. Last night Doug down-loaded to our G5quad a 209 megabyte file...

(TechTools which come with AppleCare - our G5 quad is a year old and Doug wanted to do diagnostics on whole system...we run Temperature Monitor on it 24x7x365, but TechTools give lot more total system info)

...from Apple in just a few minutes.

One of ugliest issues with MAC OS X Unix is that we have to change MAC files to Unix format and vice versa. Learn about m2u and u2m aliases first. (This applies to most OSes vav Unix, not just MAC OS X.)

One of greatest capabilities of MAC OS X, especially if you are into total system automation, is 'recordability.' You will want to learn more about that. All native Apple app's. are recordable intra and inter app. Recordability allows Apple Script to be automatically generated as you work. What is recorded can be saved and reused. I know, it sounds like Macros, but recordability goes way beyond that!

Here is our .cshrc file's m2u alias:

alias "m2u tr \\015 \\012"

So your first Unix command to learn may be tr: transliterate. Above translits all carriage returns in any file to a linefeed.

for example:

m2u <macfile >unixfile

And you are gonna love Unix pipes!

Doug - 31Oct2006.

Did you notice on 17Oct2006 that both Apple and Google were down $1.11?
(At least that is what our Financial Times showed...)

Over a week later Apple has blown through $80 per share and Google is pushing $500 per share. Say good-bye, M$!

Also, have you been aware that M$ has to buy its own shares to get its market price to go up? Since M$ started buying its own shares earlier this year its stock has gradually (pennies a day) moved from $22+ to $28+.

Doug - 17,27-28Oct2006.

We've noticed that several of our students are investing in Apple's Intel MACs with OS X

Doug - 30Oct2006.

Did you see ( where Gartner recommends that Apple license Dell to manufacture Apple computers?

(In Doug's opinion:) What utter idiocy!

Dell's reliability is awful compared to Apple's. Why would Apple ever want a PC manufacturer, especially in USA, manufacturing its superb ultra quality MACs?

We have switched entirely to MAC hardware and left that 'low budget'...

(Actually life cycle costs of PCs, and personal and personnel productive time lost costs, are higher than MACs even though PC purchase price is much lower: on total cost of ownership MAC now has an immense advantage!)

...PC nightmare behind. One other not so minor con(m)sideration: PCs aren't as green as MACs. Far more PCs are discarded prematurely than MACs! We have yet to throw away a personal MAC! We still have and use our PowerBook 140! You can buy them for $10 now. They cost about $4,000 new in 1991-1992! Most of our PCs after three years are just junk. Some were junk when we got them.

Doug - 20-22Oct2006.

Doug is hearing a word more often now, especially in 'political' con(m)texts: "messiah."

Barack Obama used it recently to describe Bu()sh() as believing God has somehow blessed 'W' with "messianic certainty."

Most folk of Western Christian culture have been carefully taught to view "messiah" as a term which describes 'God,' and being 'god like.'

We used to believe that. But Baigent (anagrammatically Teabing), Leigh, and Lincoln in their Holy Blood Holy Grail set us straight.

"Jesus' lifetime spanned roughly the first thirty-five years of a turmoil extending over 140 years. The turmoil did not cease with his death, but continued for another century. And it engendered the psychological and cultural adjuncts inevitably attending any such sustained defiance of an oppressor. One of these adjuncts was the hope and longing for a Messiah who would deliver his people from the tyrant's yoke. It was only by virtue of historical and semantic accident that this term came to be applied specifically and exclusively to Jesus.

"For Jesus' contemporaries, no Messiah would ever have been regarded as divine. Indeed the very idea of a divine Messiah would have been preposterous if not unthinkable. The Greek word for Messiah is 'Christ' or 'Christos'. The term - whether in Hebrew or Greek ­ meant simply 'the anointed one' and generally referred to a king. Thus David, when he was anointed king in the Old Testament, became, quite explicitly, a 'Messiah' or a 'Christ'. And every subsequent Jewish king of the house of David was known by the same appellation. Even during the Roman occupation of Judaea, the Roman-appointed high priest was known as the 'Priest Messiah' or 'Priest Christ'.'

"For the Zealots, however, and for other opponents of Rome, this puppet priest was, of necessity, a 'false Messiah'. For them the 'true Messiah' implied something very different - the legitimate roi perdu or 'lost king', the unknown descendant of the house of David who would deliver his people from Roman tyranny. During Jesus' lifetime anticipation of the coming of such a Messiah attained a pitch verging on mass hysteria. And this anticipation continued after Jesus' death. Indeed the revolt of A.D. 66 was prompted in large part by Zealot agitation and propaganda on behalf of a Messiah whose advent was said to be imminent.

"The term 'Messiah', then, implied nothing in any way divine. Strictly defined, it meant nothing more than an anointed king; and in the popular mind it came to mean an anointed king who would also be a liberator. In other words, it was a term with specifically political connotations - something quite different from the later Christian idea of a 'Son of God'. It was this mundane political term that was applied to Jesus. He was called 'Jesus the Messiah' or - translated into Greek - 'Jesus the Christ'. Only later was this designation contracted to 'Jesus Christ' and a purely functional title distorted into a proper name." Pp. 360-361 illustrated ed.; pp. 326-327 paperback. [Our bold.]

Holy Blood Holy Grail

We can blame Saul-Paul for this massive appellative perturbation.

Doug - 11Oct2006.

Some of you have wondered why Pirsig appears to complement both Phaedrus and Wolf.

Doug has been trying to fathom this for at least 20 years.

We are now prepared to offer our personal best (PB) guess.

A little background first.

Quantum Background...

If you study quantum reality, you learn right away some bases of quantum~thought run entirely counter nearly everything you have been taught by the academy.

Our simplest examples are:

First, quantum reality isn't classical concrete. Rather it is absolute quantum flux and all of fluxes' (from any classical conspective:) "perverse" quantum~accoutrement.

Second, lingua~descriptively, quantum reality isn't classically middle-excluded dialectical. Rather it is absolutely middle~included sophist~rhetorical.

Third, quantum reality isn't classically either-one-or-other two-valued and 1-1 correspondent. Rather it is absolutely both~all~while~and~many flux~superpositional, flux~co~ihnside~ing, flux~æntangling, flux both n¤n~ and ~ihnterfering, flux~c¤here~ing, etc..

Summary: quantum reality issi c¤mplementary. Classical reality is analytic-synthetic.

That's a quantum part of our background.

There's a gn¤stic part of that background too.

Gn¤stic Background...

Gn¤sticism issi Sophia: individual wisdom.

Philo sophia, love of sophia, love of individual wisdom.

Gn¤stic individual wisdom says HotMeme™ "...what is unsaid is more important than what is said." HotMeme™.

Let's Mix 'Em...

That allows us, using Quantonics script to put both quantum th¤ught (~indagation) and Gn¤stic thought ihn n¤vel Quantum Lightings™.

HotMemeQuantum Gn¤stic c¤mplæmæntation quanton(unsaid,said).™ HotMeme™ Doug - 28Oct2006.

If you grasp that Quantonics HotMeme™, we say you are quantum~adept, and commencing gn¤stic adeptness, thence we may even call you "O'gadon!"

That HotMeme™ is analogous: quanton(n¤nactuality,actuality), quanton(DQ,SQ), quanton(is¤flux,flux).

When Heinlein, Hesse, and Goethe write, "Laughter of Gods has no object," they are telling us that Gods laugh at what is "unsaid," and find little humour in what is "said."

Quantumly, absence of space, absence of time, absence of mass, absence of energy, absence of temperature thus we see, to Gods, are fabulistly hilarious! Banesh Hoffmann called it, quantum tongue~in~cheek, "perverse." Neo classical constructionists call it "absurd, blasphemous, equivocal, nonsense, insane, prevarication, and quackery."

Unsaid of Gn¤sticism's Said...

What is an unsaid of Gn¤sticism's said, "Gn¤sticism issi Sophia: individual wisdom?" One unsaid is, "You is above we." Another unsaid is, "Individual is above society." Another unsaid is, "Individuals think individually, but classical society as a civil analytic-synthetic union cann¤t think, let alone thingk." Another unsaid is, "Concord of classico-social mediocrity is n¤t and cann¤t be 'truth.' " Another unsaid is "Extraordinary is individual." Another unsaid is "Mediocrity is social." One more..."Individuals pioneer, while society tautologizes." Doug - 28Oct2006.

Every great thinker has used that quantum memeo, "...what is unsaid is more important than what is said," for instruction of both elite and masses. Excellence indagates ("Yes, Gracie, a most uncommon word.") unsaids. Mediocrity tunes unsaids out, while tuning-in mundane social mediocrity: (tragedies of) common sense. Doug.

If you study religion, you will find that Confucius, Buddha, Jesus, and countless others used that quantum~memeo to teach.

Quantum Said's Unsaid Complement...

Pirsig did too. "Quantum Gn¤sticism is SOM's unsaid DQ complement." Actually Pirsig didn't say it in those words! Doug infers DQ as said SQ's SOM unsaid from Pirsig's opus.

Quantum Both Phaedrus And Wolf...

Doug now has a modicum of co(n)mfidence that Doug may now know why, perhaps more so — how, Pirsig appears to complement both Phaedrus and Wolf.

What famous place will you find both Phaedrus and Wolf used proximately?

Aesop's Fables...

Allow us to refer Fyler Townsend's 1899 translation of Aesop's Fables, Doug-translates from Latin on p. vii to this:

"That a coin's sides are complementary, intentionally reminds us that life is a complementary provocation of both laughter and wisdom."

Nearby Townsend writes

"The Tale, the Parable, and the Fable are all common and popular modes of conveying instruction. Each is distinguished by its own special characteristics. The Tale consists simply in the narration of a story either founded on facts, or created solely by the imagination, and not necessarily associated with the teaching of any moral lesson. The Parable is the designed use of language purposely intended to convey a hidden and secret meaning other than that contained in the words themselves; and which may or may not bear a special reference to the hearer, or reader. The Fable partly agrees with, and partly differs from both of these. It will contain, like the Tale, a short but real narrative; [The Fable] will seek, like the Parable, to convey a hidden meaning, and that not so much by the use of language, as by the skilful introduction of fictitious characters; and yet unlike to either Tale or Parable, it will ever keep in view, as its high prerogative, and inseparable attribute, the great purpose of instruction, and will necessarily seek to inculcate some moral maxim, social duty, or political truth. The true Fable, if it rise to its high requirements, ever aims at one great end and purpose — the representation of human motive, and the improvement of human conduct, and yet it so conceals its design under the disguise of fictitious characters, by clothing with speech the animals of the field, the birds of the air, the trees of the wood, or the beasts of the forest, that the reader shall receive advice without perceiving the presence of the adviser. Thus the superiority of the counselor, which often renders counsel unpalatable, is kept out of view, and the lesson comes with the greater acceptance when the reader is led, unconsciously to himself, to have his sympathies enlisted in behalf of what is pure, honorable, and praiseworthy, and to have his indignation excited against what is low, ignoble, and unworthy. The true fabulist, therefore, discharges a most important function. He is neither a narrator, nor an allegorist. He is a great teacher, a corrector of morals, a censor of vice, and a commender of virtue. In this consists the superiority of the Fable over the Tale or the Parable. The fabulist is to create a laugh, but yet, under a merry guise, to convey instruction. Phaedrus, the great imitator of Aesop plainly indicates this double purpose to be the true office of the writer of fables."

Now, view Phaedrus as quantum~complementing Aesop. In Quantonics script, quanton(Phaedrus,Aesop).

How does that Wolf get into our study?

Like this:

The Wolf and the Lamb...

"A Wolf meeting with a Lamb astray from the fold, resolved not to lay violent hands on him, but to find some plea, which should justify to the Lamb himself his right to eat him. He thus addressed him: 'Sirrah [i.e., lesser boy], last year you grossly insulted me.' ' Indeed,' bleated the Lamb in a mournful tone of voice, ' I was not then born.' Then said the Wolf, 'You feed in my pasture.' 'No, good sir,' replied the Lamb, 'I have not yet tasted grass.' Again said the Wolf, 'You drink of my well.' 'No,' exclaimed the Lamb, 'I never yet drank water, for as yet my mother's milk is both food and drink to me.' On which the Wolf seized him, and ate him up saying, 'Well! I won't remain supperless, even though you refute everyone of my imputations.'

"The tyrant will always find a pretext for his tyranny."

In today's c. 2006 political neocontext, i.e., how to newcon text, that sounds familiar!

Is Tyranny, Like Love~Hate, Quantum Complementary?...

But gn¤stically, Wolf's tyranny was to sup said Lamb...what was Lamb's tyranny? Lamb's gn¤stic unsaid tyranny was to become said Wolf!

So we see many said and unsaid quantons. Quanton(Phaedrus,Original_Pirsig), quanton(Phaedrus,Aesop), quanton(Original_Pirsig,Aesop), quanton(ECS_Annihilated_Pirsig,Phaedrus), quanton(Aesop,ZMM), quanton(ECS_Annihilated_Pirsig,Aesop), quanton(Psychologically_Healed_Lamb_Pirsig,Intellectual_Predator_Phaedrus), quanton(Phaedrus,Wolf).

Lamb Pirsig ate Wolf Phaedrus? And thence Wolf Phaedrus became Lamb Pirsig? Was n¤n Phaedrus Pirsig really a Lamb?

Something like that anyway...but which is more highly evolved?

Are both Lion and Human a Quantum Sophism?...

"Lucky is the lion that the human will eat, so that the lion becomes human. And foul is the human that the lion will eat, and the lion still will become human." Thomas Gospel, number seven.

ZMM is about Phaedrus~complement~Pirsig becoming ECS-annihilation Fixed_Original_Pirsig~complement~Pirsig.

Former was a Wolf predator. Latter a Lamb prey. "Fortunate is the Lamb whom the Wolf would eat." and "Lucky is the Wolf..."

(Classical minds can never, ever indagate this! Need to indagate quantum~genetics...sssshhhhhhhush...garlic toast in place of unleavened bread and Red Zinfandel in place of grape juice...)

And now we see first time ever, since about 1974, ZMM is a first person nascent Fabulist instruction primer in quantum BAWAM complementary indagative philo~sophia. And Pirsig is a fabulist of both Wolf and Lamb: quanton(Wolf,Lamb).

That last sentence shows how Pirsig was able to respond to his son Chris' "Dad are you really insane?" with a "No."

Now you may view how Doug sees Pirsig's Phaedrus as Wolf.

"But Doug is this Mu?"

Only Pirsig knows for sure. Like our HotMeme™ said, "...what is unsaid is more important than what is said."

Quantum reality says, Pirsig is in Phaedrus and Phaedrus is in Pirsig and Wolf is in all that and all that is in Wolf...

Yes you may now surmise how, to Doug, Pirsig is a peerless Philosophical Fabulist. "You can sort of tell these things."


You may recall that William James Sidis appeared to some as lupine, wolf-like.

Doug - 26-28Oct2006.

Beware EU carbon emissions trading! It carries a rancid stench of an inverse VAT!

VATs are hidden. Evil itself as unaccountable stealth. Corruption of government by government for government. VAT is social sintax detention of individual freedom.

Doug - 27Oct2006.

Financial Times had an interesting note on effectiveness of vaccines.

Think about it. A vaccine is specific. Once it is made, its protection is static. No vaccine mutates once it has been made, and if it did its context would be in vitro local, non general. But natural viruses mutate, generally, and thus attenuate effectiveness of any vaccine against them. Your body's fight against any virus is your best vaccination. Trouble is, that can kill you. Only strong and young survive? Nature's strategy!

Quantum change is... Classical dialectical 'state' isn't...

Doug - 27Oct2006.

Wouldn't you just love to "water board" Cheney?

Doug - 27Oct2006.

Muslims in Iran are now acting like Nazis. See Iranian dress code for Christians, Jews, et al.

Thanks to Judy S., NYC for this info.

Doug - 27Oct2006.

Richard Powers' new book, The Echo Maker is out. Just got our copy. Hoorah!

Doug - 27Oct2006.

There's a lot of stuff we have yet to see in my~our own forest and my~our forest is growing faster than us.

A qualitative~flux impetus for quantum~protean adaptation.

Doug - 29Oct2006.

Be sure to read Jeffrey J. Williams' Terry Eagleton, the Wanderer, in 20Oct2006 issue of The Chronicle.

"Settlers are drawn to Parmenidean sameness, wanderers to the Heraclitean flux."

Doug - 29Oct2006.

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November, 2006 News

On ... Searching our Quantonics Web Site...

Some of you have been searching for "neosapiens." If you do that, you find only one page, our review of Clifford Geertz' Available Light.

We use MAC OS X to do all of our site work. OS X is built upon a Unix substrate, therefore we can do Unix commands inside a Terminal window where we use a shell called tcsh.

Following is a list of website HTML files on our web site which contain patterns like: Neo neo sapiens, neo sapiens, neosapiens, et al.

We generated that list using this Unix command:

grep '[Nn]eo[ ]*[Ss]apien' *.html | less

Unix shows a line (alternatively as many con(m)textually local as you wish to see, for example that line plus say plus six lines after it and minus six lines before it) of raw HTML with embedded HTML codes...

Quantonics Web Site File

A Line in Site File Which Contains Matched Pattern
almost perceives Pirsig as a Neo sapiens, i.e., Homo sapiens'
bright as Neo neo sapiens go... We're, possibly, only protocursors...
Neo sapiens, and anticipate their appearance by Millennium VIII.
potential. Neo sapiens and other much more advanced biologicals
as quantum Neo sapiens' sophist phoenice from <A HREF="Coined_Quantonic_Terms_I.html#Isoflux">isoflux</A>
though, appears formidable. Let's hope Neo sapiens are more Gnostic,
<P>Well, Neo sapiens are gonna get rid of, er um evolve out, Homo
one of Doug's books. This book is about Neo sapiens. Here are
Neo sapien intellectual virtuosity.
do? Neo neo sapiens?)</P>
<TD ALIGN="CENTER">Homo sapien to Neo sapien</TD>
have landed. Neo sapiens are imminent.</P>
<TD ALIGN="CENTER">Homo sapien to Neo sapien</TD>
be very interesting to see whether Neo sapiens are true hermaphrodites.
<LI>Neo Sapiens-ings and
Neo sapien</CENTER></TD>
<LI>Neo Sapiens-ings and [This is that pattern in this file.]
Neo sapien
sphere shows another new form about to emerge &#151; <I>NeoSapiens</I>.</TD>
Is Oryx Neo sapiens ne&curren; sapiens?</P>
we see as a precursive quantum tell of Neosapiens, i.e., Homo
emerqants. Our most vivid exemplar<B>:</B> we see Neo sapiens
next iteration is imminent. I call it Neo sapiens. I believe it
will happen within the next 5-10 millennia. Neo sapiens will find
<P><B><FONT SIZE="-1">Longer term, when Neo sapiens reigns, the
<P>Does abortion contravene Neo sapiens? (What if our predecessors
<P>But then, we believe Neo sapiens is imminent...</P>
SIZE="-1">Neo sapiens, superluminal senses, emergent<BR>
<P>Or perhaps a 35km asteroid or Neo sapiens arrives first...</P>
Neo sapiens, will differentiate themselves is by inhering this
We imagine our Neo sapiens successors with three or more brain
1987), we predict Neo sapiens will arise within five millennia
appears to. James, to us, is a quantum Neo sapiens precursor.
neosapiens. Too, it is clear to us, James did not wholly harbor
<I>sui generai</I> for Neo sapiens. That is how reality BAWAM [This file is in production, not on ISP, now.]
presume our immediate evolutionary successors', e.g., Neo sapiens')
then Father. We wonder, was Sidis a Neo sapien Sophist in a classical
will probably see emergence of Neo sapiens as &quot;problematic.&quot;</TD>
precursor of Neo sapiens.</TD>
Potential evolutionary precursor of Neo sapiens.</TD>

Unsure if Google offers Unix "regular expression" searches. If they do, you can duplicate what we did above minus that file which is in production, now.

One way to do this in Google is like this: <neo sapiens+neosapiens>. Google usually ignores upper | lower case.

Doug is enthralled with almost unbounded formal 'power' of Unix and its regular expressions. Just imagine being able to do Unix "subjective expression" searches! Can you imagine what your marketing department could do with that?!

On ... Quantonics' Most Popular, Top 20 Hits Higher to Lower...

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On ...Why Quantum Uncertainty Shows Us that Static Truth is Irrelevant...

You may have read Doug quoting Dirac as saying, "Amplitude is irrelevant," and "Direction is irrelevant." To be fair we should put "classical" in front of "amplitude" and "direction."

Note how Dirac's "Notions of irrelevance" have huge relevance.

For example, if "direction is irrelevant," then "velocity is irrelevant."

Of course, at deepest issue here is a need to omnistinguish classical irrelevancies vis-à-vis quantum irrelevancies.

Our best comparison is a classical notion of static 'truth.' Classically 'static truth' is extremely relevant. It is foundation of all classical reason!

Yet in quantum reality, which is absolutely dynamic, naught is classically static!

Classically ideal truth is Platonic: good for all time. We call that classical "consistency." Classical "consistency" is part of what we mean when we talk about classical "absoluteness." Another part is "completeness." Complete classical truth subsumes all truths. Aristotle's syllogisms are examples. Also his assumptions (as self-evident) of reality as substantial, material, objective, and dialectical.

Let's take this to an over simplified bottom line: quantum memeos show us that reality isn't true, reality is uncertain.

That's why we proselytize quantum uncertainty shows us that truth is irrelevant.

If you are taking classes in philosophy, we offer a couple of good questions to serve in class:

As part of your efforts you should attempt to describe "what true is," and "what truth is." Especially ponder their static and dynamic flavors.

We also offer two classical exemplars which may help you move closer to essential issues involved:

Compare a natural gas home constant_fan-constant_burner furnace which uses an on-off thermostat with a plus three degree "off" and a minus three degree "on," to a natural gas home truly proportional_fan-proportional_burner furnace which uses a delta-modulation thermostatic follower.

Compare them based upon these quantitative and qualitative 'measures:' cost of acquisition, cost of installation, cost of operation, comfort level, air quality, recirculation rate, humidity, system life cycle, relative return on investment, etc. Try to assess uncertainties in your two sets of evaluations.

Now do your results hold true for all time? For example, does your ROI stay linear with system age? What impact does change in technology have on your potential ROI? Are you certain? Explain why you cannot be certain.

Thank you for reading,

Doug - 1Nov2006.

See you here again in early December, 2006!



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