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This is our September, 2005 editorial

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In Quantonics we say that a key to peaceful omnicultural interrelationships is mutual respect.

However, respect itself is problematic when we find its bases and exegeses in dialectic reason.

Dialectic is an antithesis of respect. Dialectic formally manufactures inter- and intra-cultural disrespect!!

How? Why?

HotMeme™ "Dialectic generates chaos!"™ HotMeme™.

Dialectic manufactures ideal classical opposition and ideal classical negation! It says 'positive' is a social consensus of belief, therefore there can be only one monistic system of belief. Any other belief is 'opposite,' and 'negative,' i.e., non-socially 'positive.'

Those statements describe absolute SOM dialectic reason for one locale AKA one global society sharing a single belief system (SOM's OGC encompassing OGT).

Cultural relativism (CR) shows us that there are actually many locales each of which can have their own local (from a global perspective, nonlocal), contextual dialectical conspectives of what is 'true.' Latter applies to individuals too. No two of us agree on our individual beliefs. Even worse we find ourselves disagreeing with us over time and emerging changes cowithin our locales. In terms of agreement, all are quantum schizophrenic in heterogeneous timings and loci. We see this everyday in pandemic individual dialectic-borne feuding. But we also see pandemic absence of feuding among those willing to respect others' rights to their beliefs. This BAWAM is a physial quantum tell. Some of us are learning to play nature's 1223-octave violin.

Dialectic reason always arrives at political and theocratic catholic monism: the way, the God, the dogma, the law, etc. Dialectic coalesces monastic centrism!

  • "Cathars are gnostics! Let's kill them all..." (- Pope Innocent III; it took decades, but essentially Catholic terrorism wiped out the Cathars. Read Holy Blood Holy Grail by Baigent, Leigh, and Lincoln.)
  • "Earth is the center of the universe!" (- Pope Paul V)
  • "Agree with our dialectical truth or we'll burn you and yours at the stake!" (- Pope Clement VIII to Giordano Bruno in 1600. And they burned him! Why? He explained how our solar system is not unique! There are unlimited solar systems in our multiverse! "Giordono, don't you see, there is only one church, the church, and if you do not believe that, then you have to die, and we take great delight in doing you in. We have willfully killed millions of others especially witches, so it's no problem taking you out." Thing-king borne of Thomas Aquinas' Catholic interpretations and adaptations of Aristotle.)
  • and on and on and on and social pattern of value? OSFA love of god...ugh...

No monism can abide another monism since, if it did that, other-abidance self-contradicts adherence to a monism. Multiple monisms, viewed uni-notionally, begets pluralism: plural antitheses of monism and antitheses of any classical dialectical notion of monistic respect.

What does that mean?

It means dialectical cultures will innately and by Demos will disrespect any other
cultures which do not adhere said specific dialectical culture's monistic Demos (i.e., 'socially positive,' Tragedy of Commons sense) will.

Read what Heraclitus had to say about dialectic 2500 years ago. He essentially shows us how, in our hermeneutics of his view, dialectic is satanic.

Western culture's bases are dialectical. Christianity's bases are dialectical.
Some Semitic cultures are dialectical and some are less so.

Islam's bases are essentially dialectical: the way, the God, etc.

An implication is that Islam probably disrespects Christianity.
Similarly, it is evident that Christianity probably disrespects Islam.
Christians like Thomas Aquinas see Muslims as "infidels."
Muslims like Osama bin Laden see Christians as "infidels."

It is extremely important to realize that what we believe can open doors, yet it can close doors too. In our view fundamentalism of any kind shuts more doors than it opens. Fundamentalism ('socially positive' dogmatic province: science as discoverer of absolute dialectical truth and thence 'law') zeroes h-bar and incapacitates any intrinsic abilities an individual might have for tapping into reserve energy (e.g., Indigos', "the grid," as "reserve energy;" google search <indigo child> and <indigo adult>.).

Begin Doug's opinions:

A specific example? One of Doug's previous significant others was a Christian and actually hated Jews! To Doug then and now, that is shear stupidity and absence of thought based in Christian mythos and dialectical monism.

Another example? Another significant other left Catholicism long ago due its antifeminism, its dogma, provincialism, and parochialism, its excommunications, its edicts, its inquisitions, its murders, its pedophilia, its paternalism (which fights tooth and nail any memes of a sacred feminine), its outright rejection of 1945-1947 Gospels, its lying, its as-practiced denial of individual freedom, its as-practiced belief in individuals as subservient to a male-dominated uni-monastic hegemony, its papal infallibility ("All humans are fallible." Heraclitus..."N¤ humahn issi ihnfallible!" Quantonics.), its "spirit-as-institutionally-evoked" bat scat. Catholicism isn't religious, it's political. To us, in any sense of quantum~individuality, it is anything but spiritual! Religion, to us, is individual. It cann¤t be institutional! Spirit, for us, is about individual ineffable mystical experience, n¤t institutionalized, dialectically-reified Demos will human-engineered corporate experience.

CTM folk, like Pat Robertson (who exemplified recently classico-non-cogently that of which we speak), use formal dialectic 'reasoning' to spawn fundamentalist Christian hatred against those cultures and their leaders who disagree with fundamental monistic versions of Christian culture.

End Doug's opinions.

An implication is unending jihad and Christian (e.g., G. W. Bushagain's) crusades whose ultimate outcome may be annihilation of one 'side,' much as Hitler's (an German individual which socially reigned a couple of early 20th century decades) Nazis attempted with Jews and Catholicism's Inquisition (an global, 'universal,' multicultural monobelief social institution which has reigned since Constantine: ~1700 years) against "heretics (individual freedom of choice), witches (alternative religion), and infidels (alternative thought and belief)."

"But Doug, shouldn't you and Quantonics respect dialectic?"

We find dialectic as worthy of classical 'respect.' In our view dialectic issi unw¤rthy of quantum ræspæct.


Dialectic disables quantum~æv¤luti¤n amd æmærgænt changæ. Dialectic's CTMs and classical linguistics attempt to prevent and eliminate QTMs and quantum linguistihcs. Dialectic treats quantum hlihty disrespectfully calling hæ~r "Absurd! and Subjective!"

"Who said that?" Generally, all SOMites. Specifically, at least Feynman and Einstein.

However that "absurdity" was 'in' their dialectical minds n¤t ihn nature.

Doug - 20-31Aug2005.

"The conclusions we reached were not postulated in advance. We were led to them, step by step, as if the evidence we accumulated had a mind of its own, was directing us of its own accord."

Holy Blood, Holy Grail,
page 31, paperback, Bantam Dell, January 2004 edition.

For us, this is a quantum tell. It is what we experience every day:
"We are in It and It is in us." A quanton(n¤nactuality,actuality) quantons(Iht,uhs).

Doug - 24Aug2005

Millennial evolution: MII to MIII.

Pisces to Aquarius.

Social Monistic Theocracy to Individual Omniplex Veritas.

Sanguine to Indigo.

Push to Pull.

Dichon to Quanton.

Static to Dynamic.

Stux to Flux.

One to Many.

Exclusion to Inclusion.

Orthodoxy to Hætær¤d¤xy.

Cathedral to Bazaar.

Certainty to Ihndeterminacy.
Effect to Affect.

Analytic Dissociation to C¤herent Ass¤ciati¤n.

State to Pr¤cess.

Manufacture to Emerscenture.

Architecture to Emerscitecture.

One Life Centrism to Unending Ontic Reiterationings.

Tragedy of Commons Sense to Avatars of Individual Extra¤rdinary Sense.
Homo sapien to Neo sapien

Closed to Open

Social Hegemony to Ihndihvihdual Frææ Will.

Doug - 26Aug2005.

"Fermionic wobble renders Hilbertian NDNT apparent physi(c)al solidity."

Doug - 31Aug2005.

"Only dialecticians could ever, ever, ever conclude that war is better!"

Doug - 31Aug2005.

"A socially dialectical strawman cannot retain even a modicum of survivability once its individual opponents gain an quantum~ihntællectual advantage and commence verbally admonishing it...Unless s-he takes a position that he-r dialectical belief is one of many beliefs and worthy of individual intellectual respect, in which case said individual's antagonists have achieved better!"

Doug - 31Aug2005.

"Quantumly, what are tsunamis, hurricanes, and tornadoes? Partial quantum systemic coherencies which we call "solitonicities!" (a bar magnet is an example of partially coherent solitonicity; Fe domains aligned we call "partial coherence;" were said bar magnet totally coherent we would not be able to see it; partial quantum coherence evokes system~wide fermionic resonance~harmony) How can we mitigate partial solitonicity? Decohere it!!!"

Doug - 31Aug2005.
PS -
By-the-way, for about $50B (probably a lot less), we can develop means to mitigate Earth surface weather based solitonicities in air and in water. What to do is easy. How to implement it is huge, tough, and expensive. Think about it. There are many quantum solutions. How does one 'physically' quantum~decohere a partially coherent water wave? See! It's easy! But implementing that in an ecofriendly way is tougher than hell!!! One approach involves large physical structures which alter a fluid(ing)'s solitonic flow a simple 90 degrees (solitonicity begs linguistic possessive singularity of fluid). Another involves high energy lasers using airborne water molecules as diffusers: sort of like large scale bubbles in water lowers water density (something similar, underwater would work for tsunamis too). Latter is our preference. Better than what happened on Gulf coast this week? Cheaper, long term? Return on investment? Isn't it timings for doing our thinkings quantonically? We do not need to stop tsunamis and hurricanes, just slow them down a little. Think of a world class marathoner. How much do we have to reduce his worldclassness for him to relatively lose? Just a tiny bit! Imagine high energy laser bunkers stationed at 20-50 mile intervals along Gulf coast, plus 50-100 airborne units. Katrina could have been slowed down to at least cat3, we believe. Our laser approach over land would have to be very carefully used bewaring a potential for land based collateral damage. These laser systems have other potential uses too, some of which we, in Quantonics, would abhor. Also ponder atmospheric laser, et al., cooling quantiques.

Note: Laminar flow is a 'kind' of solitonicity. Collimation another. Bridge-breaking pulse-synchronous resonancy another. Hitting an iron bar held at a 60 degree angle to an anvil (magnetization) is another. Tsunamis are 'created' similarly via an earthquake impulse.

An interesting analogy here is one way to decohere a bar magnet: heat it. What does diffraction do to quantum coherent signals? What is quanton(frequency_domain,time_domain)? Quanton(solitonic_object,decoherent_wave)? Quanton(partial_coherence,decoherence)? Only way those queries offer quantum lightings is using QTMs and dumping CTMs.

What happens when we take quantum~square~root of partial quantum coherence? What are quantum physial analogues of quantum~square~root?

There's beau coup more here than initially, only apparently, meets one's eyes. Above system high... Ssshhh...

Have fun...Doug. J

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September, 2005 News:

Doug's rant on Intelligent Design... do not read this if you adhere fundamentalist religious dogma and doctrine... you were warned...

What is the gateway to 'understanding' Intelligent Design? Dialectic!

What does dialectic offer its practitioners? ESQ! CTMs! Intellectual stultification. Religious hive-drone thought-cloned robo-zombiism.

Dialectic is a gateway to a thingking Hell. When we enter a belief system called Intelligent Design we are entering a dialectical Hell!

If you believe in Intelligent Design you have relegated yourself to believing in and living in Hell! Good for you. Better, good for those of us who understand where you are and what you really stand for. You are in Hell! How do we know? You are worshiping ESQ! You are actually worshiping Satan! Good for you and better for us who refute any classical ESQ and refute vigorously dialectic which imposes notions of ESQ.

By 'd way, George W. Bush believes Intelligent Design is a pretty good way to believe and thingk.

What is great about Intelligent Design from an evolutionary viewpoint is that its half-life is at least less than a century. Intelligent Design is against both change and change borne of evolution.

Any government and social agency which supports Intelligent Design speaks for and supports ESQ and a bureaucratic non-ESS.

Read Pirsig's letter to Doug about, especially, conservative 'design.'

It's fine to believe in Intelligent Design. You (and we) are free to believe whatever you want to believe. Just do not try to use a public taxpayer supported arena to force it upon those who disagree.

If Intelligent Design has merit, it will pull folk to it without current believers having to shove it down disbeliever's throats. When you push Intelligent Design upon us, it is intellectual harassment, intellectual rape. Perhaps we need some new 'laws' to prevent intellectual rape, eh?

From our perspectives, fundamentalist religion is intellectual rape! Intelligent Design is actually intellectual rape! Note, also from our perspectives, that classical and post modern mechanical sciences are guilty, too, of intellectual rape. Mechanical science and fundamentalist religion share a 'common' self-destructive devolutionary trait: DIALECTIC!!!

Classical design is a mechanical formalism. Intelligent Design is a mechanical formalism! We'll all be better off simply having faith in an ineffable Dios than believing in a mechanical design.

End Doug's rant on Intelligent Design.

Status on quantum holography...

We are attempting to answer our QQA for September 11, 2005.

Given our QQA's emphasis on holography, and David Bohm's reality which he invented twixt ~1940s and 1980s, and which he calls "the holomovement," is based upon a holographic-dichon(implicate_order, explicate order), we started our research on Bohm's works. We offer a list of texts by him which we are using, among others (e.g., David Z. Albert's text, Karl Pribram's texts, Michael Talbot, etc.), for our research:

All of these are available in paperback reprints, almost immediately, from Amazon. No Quantonics affiliation.

Our Imus syndrome has recurred (mid August, 2005) and this time 2mm is double in size at 4mm. Our one remaining little pal is still in kidney bearing down on ureter. When it hits ureter, beyond labor pains commence and then we have a 22cm journey into bladder and an ~22cm trip through urethra. Our 2mm "BB" experience first showed in October, 2003 and was misdiagnosed and mistreated as acid reflux. Labor (just as they say, "totally disabling") manifested 11Feb2005. CT scans ID'd two buggers: in transit 2mm and nestled and peaceful 4mm near kidney top. We struggled with 'passage' at least 90 days and after that all was well till now. Vicodin helps but really slows us down. Can't do decent thinking with and without it. Perhaps this 4mm pebble will just go right straight through, but we doubt it. Pain is so distracting that it makes work nearly impossible... Doc says in no way is it life threatening. We are enjoying a wide variety of phantom pains: quantum remarkable. Evidence of us as EIMA hologrammings. J

Another extreme and extraordinary life experience... Nothing compared to what others suffer with cancer, aids, etc.


A Quantonics approach to a candidate solution to 'global warming's' most probable source -

What happens if we use Bohm's memes and apply quantum holographic thinking to global warming? Is there any chance we might increase our probability of assessing a most probable natural source of global warming?

Again, we are always uncertain, so we can only talk in terms of quantum~probability and ~likelihood omnistributions.

Let's use a Quantonics approach and see what happens. What are holograms? Easy answer: quantum~phase~encodings of quantum flux. What is quantum flux? Easy answer: quantum waves. What are waves? Easy answer, in an emerqancy we can use here, QLOs.

What class of QLOs EIMA global warming? Weather, right?

What kinds of weather are we dealing with here? Our quick answer is four kinds which are most significant to Earth's global warming trendings. Let's make a list:

  1. Sun's surface weather, Ss
  2. Sun's core weather, Sc
  3. Earth's surface weather, Es
  4. Earth's core weather, Ecn (Earth has at least 'two' conspheric cores and a mantle; see NASA link below)

After long and careful thought and making an assumption that it is prudent to 'localize' our thought to our solar system (while acknowledging that Milky Way and beyond have enormous affects on our solar system), those four quantum~affectors appear to us as those toward which we should pay immediate attention.

We have some clues that our approach may be decent. Recent, during September, 2005, pink aurora borealis in Utah!!! Recent massive solar flares and massive increases in solar wind. Earth's core is shifting. Weather pattern changings appear correlative Earth core shifting patterns. 40o latitudes in USA appear trending toward tentative tropical conditions. Robins, starlings, and other migratory birds left our area, totally, about mid-July, 2005. That's at least two months early. Strangely, hummingbirds apparently have stayed. December, 2004 Indonesian tsunami correlates apparent Earth core shifting phenomena. Correlation that hurricanes are massive n¤n~ferromagnets borne of high rate, wide spread rotation of atmospheric fermions.

So you ask, "Doug, how in hell are Utah folk experiencing aurora borealis?" Easy answer: Earth's core is shifting now and thus Earth's protective magnetic field is shifting. Affects? Aurora borealis and australis shift with Earth core shifts. Earth weather shifts with Earth core shifts.

Quantum assessment? Earth's core shifting isn't only QLO ensemble which affects Earth global weather, but it is a major one.

Approach? Start doing quantum QLO pattern assessments of our four high priority weather patterns. Do their QLO interrelationship assessments. Correlate those with Earth surface weather pattern changes. (Also note how Earth core weather changes affect earthquakes and tsunamis.)

Upon how many (using [classical] combinatorics; we are not worrying about Poisson bracket n¤n~commutative, ~distributive, ~factoritive, ~etc. issues yet...) combinations of our four kinds of weather can we assess interrelationships? Four kinds taken two at a time give us six quantons. (4!/(2!·2!)):

  1. quanton(Ss,Sc) (we just do not know what to say here, but experts probably have some ideas)
  2. quanton(Es,Ec) (crucial to our assessments; Earth core(s) weather QLO affectorings; there are actually two cores each acting in omniffering ways producing at least two sets of Earth, extremely holographic phase~encodings of extremely EIMA, core weather)
  3. quanton(Ss,Es) (crucial to our assessments; Sun surface weather corona and solar wind QLO affectorings; there are at least 20, 50, 206, 208, 725, and 1500 year solar-earth, cooling-drought cycles on Earth now manifest and monitored; note that all planets within Sun's heliopause radius (4x Pluto solar radius) are affected; unsure if planet 10 is inside heliopause)
  4. quanton(Sc,Ec) (could be massive neutrino tunneling (oscillating fermionicity and bosonicity) Earth core affects yet unknown by 'science;' Earth's core temperature and fusion maintenance is still mostly enigmatic)
  5. quanton(Ss,Ec) (could be massive neutrino tunneling (oscillating fermionicity and bosonicity) Earth core affects yet unknown by 'science;' Earth's core temperature and fusion maintenance is still mostly enigmatic)
  6. quanton(Sc,Es) (we just do not know what to say here, but experts probably have some ideas)

We are leaving out many other quantonic Bohmian holographic quantum~phase~encodings in our list. They are almost unlimited. But those ~six are major ones for our holographic assessment.

"Can you give us an example of what you left out Doug?" Sure!

Well, our classical combinatorics approach 'induced' several "leave outs:"

CTMs believe that in classical objective reality, 'objects' cannot interrelate themselves. However, in quantum reality, our QTMs insist, due heterogeneity, animacy, and EIMAivity, quantons interrelate themselves! Just to show you how powerful QTMs are, that last sentence is a huge quantum tell of why decoherence of partial coherence will quantum~self~referently, quantum~recursively, quantum~fractally feed on itself in any quantum system. We only need to seed decoherence of a hurricane, tsunami, tornado, or any other partially coherent quantum phenomena, and then its own quantum~self~reference will move toward self~annihilation (we call it "quantum~self~decoherence"). You may recall Mae-wan Ho's quantum description of localized cancer as partial decoherence of a coherent living body. Metastatic cancer is quantum avalanche decoherence of a coherent living system! Doug - 2,4Sep2005.

Just as enormous Earth~Solar l¤calized impulses can qualitatively affect l¤calized quantum~partial~coherence, lesser agents of decoherence of partially~coherent phenomena can affect a localized quantum~decoherence avalanche (viz. snow on a mountain side), born of quantum~self~recursive heterogeneity, animacy, and holographic quantum~phase~encoding EIMAivity. Latter is an QTM ontological (we should alter, now, classical ontological to quantum ontocoquecigrues) extension of AH's OEDC to OEDhP.

Perhaps more obviously, we left out human, animal, arthropodal, Milky-Way, etc. interrelationshipings.

In our quantum assessmentings here, we must be careful to recall that Earth's magnetic axis and Earth's spin axis are not necessarily collinear. Some planets do not have magnetic axes. Those planets do not have any atmospheres and oceans since solar wind blows them away if there is no protective magnetic shield like Earth's. Now if you were a warrior in ancient times and you used a shield to protect yourself from enemies' arrows, what happens when you position your shield incorrectly? Your local 'weather' changes immediately for worse right?

In our opinion that's (those, to us predominate, compound flux sourcings are) what's happening to and massively affecting Earth and Earth's weather right now! Not humans and fossil fuels (as a source they are vastly less than insignificant as predominate 'causes' of global warming)!!!

Warning!!! Earth's core shift (holographic phase~encoding change) rate is accelerating! Implication is that we will see more dramatic and accelerated Earth holographic phase~encoding affectings... These shifts themselves are apparently periodic (i.e., they are QLOs) and core shifts take hundreds of years.

NASA offers a superb and relevant, though still too classical (e.g., dialectical, analytic cause-effect thing-king), page (this page is nearly two years old now, but it makes our point well) on how Earth's core has been shifting over recent decades (most recent high rate changes since about 1885), and is long overdue (roughly 350,000 years) for a complete magnetic N-S reversal. Cursory examination appears to correlate our results above.

...however we can never be absolutely, classically, certain.

Even so, in light of what we have shown above, doesn't an anthropocentric Earth surface-focused A Kyoto Accord appear really silly now? Do we not need at least four weather reports in order to assess global Earth surface weather changes?

Bohm-Talbot: Earth is a holographic thought. What are Earth and Sun thinking together? In this case, it simply doesn't matter much what humans think except in terms of how to adapt and how to escape. And USA is busy running a war against Iraq, trying to globally change their manifest cultures.

Doug - 30-31Aug2005.

Some afterthoughts...

"Doug, why did you leave out Earth's Moon?" In our view, and similar Kyoto protocol, Moon is a 'relatively' small factor in storm emergences and evolutions when compared to Earth and Sun cores' and surfaces' weathers. But we can easily add quanton(Es,Moon) and quanton(Ec,Moon) latter being, in our view, more probable as having affectation on Earth's surface weather. As far as we know, Moon has n¤ core and n¤ surface 'weather' to speak of. However, compared to other stellar affectors, it has huge gravitational affects on Earth and vice versa.

"Doug, what are some classical approaches that might work?" One that occurred to us is subsurface~surface liquid nitrogen 'grenade' phalanx launchers.

"Doug, what are we really attempting to accomplish when we 'attack' a partially coherent weather system?" Let's use a hurricane as an example. We can mitigate a hurricane using these means:

Every quantum coherent system and partially coherent system has "weakest chain links." Find them. Exploit them.

"Doug, how can we cool a hurricane?" Recall that we do not have to sustain any cooling indefinitely, just offer it in bursts, and our delivery system must be fairly mobile and capable of stand-off in terms of distance and say submarine for up close and personal. One meme which crossed our quantum stagings is one we shared above using liquid nitrogen in >>huge quantities. Another way is using

Does this work? Will this work? Dunno! But at least we can start using some innovative, n¤n classical, approaches to thinking about it? We can start asking questions like, "How much cold air (gas) at what temperatures do we need to introduce how fast into a hurricane as large as Katrina?" Similarly, using high power lasers, "How many lasers creating pockets of air turbulence at what density and what rate do we need to slow a cat4 hurricane to cat3?" What are optimum loci in a hurricane to apply what kinds of mitigation? How do we redirect a hurricane's rotation to work against said hurricane? Can we? Can we start mitigation at a hurricane's birthing time and loci? Latter is problematic except for past statistics. If we stop a hurricane early, we never know whether it could have been a Katrina! We have no way of assessing, except statistically, our success rate. But that IS quantum reality, isn't it?!!! Quantum uncertainty reigns! It always has. It always will.

Remember pre Red Adair when no one believed humans could 'put out' burning oil wells? We put out 100s of them in Kuwait, didn't we.

Now, our time to ask you, "Are hurricanes like terrorists? Is terrorism partial quantum coherence? Hmmm...?"

Similarly, "Is societally positive Tragedy of Commons sense partial quantum coherence?" What does Quantonics try to do to try to mitigate that? Hmmm...?

Notice GW Bush's partial quantum coherence decohering lately? J


Doug - 4Sep2005.


See you here again in early October, 2005!







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