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"The story of the quantum is the story of a confused and groping search for knowledge conducted by scientists of many lands on a front wider than the world of physics had ever seen before, illumined by flashes of insight, aided by accidents and guesses, and enlivened by coincidences such as one would expect to find only in fiction.

"It is a story of turbulent revolution; of the undermining of a complacent physics that had long ruled a limited domain, of a subsequent interregnum predestined for destruction by its own inherent contradictions, and of the tempestuous emergence of a much chastened regime—Quantum Mechanics.

"Though quantum mechanics rules newly discovered lands with a firm hand, its victory is not complete. What look like mere scratches on the brilliant surface of its domain reveal themselves as fascinating crevasses betraying the darkness within and luring the intrepid on to new adventure. Nor does quantum mechanics hold undisputed sway but must share dominion with that other rebel, relativity; and though, together, these two theories have led to the most penetrating advances in our search for knowledge, they must yet remain enemies. Their fundamental disagreement will not be resolved until both are subdued by a still more powerful theory which will sweep away our present painfully won fancies concerning such things as space and time, and matter and radiation, and causality. The nature of this theory may only be surmised, but that it will ultimately come is as certain as that our civilization will endure—no more nor less." Preface.

From its back cover:

"...age of the quantum...a magnificent new theoretical structure created...

"How then, could laymen understand it?"

The Strange Story of the Quantum
by Banesh Hoffmann
285 pages including index; Dover
General Publishing Co., Ltd., 1947 and Dover, 1959 reprint.

Via Quantonics!

"As the tale of the quantum unfolds we shall come across answers to some of these questions, and shall enjoy the spectacle of science again and again changing its mind." Page 5, The Strange Story of the Quantum.

Hoffman illuminates schizophrenic 'science.'

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December, 2004 News:

! Q u a k e  &  T s u n a m i !

! A n  u n a n s w e r e d  g l o b a l  p h o n e  c a l l  f r o m  M o h a m m e d !

"T h o u  s h a l t  c e a s e  t e r r o r i s m  a n d  w a r,

a n d  l e a r n  t o  r e s p e c t  t h y  n e i g h b o r."

This is Quantonics' best real example of what we mean by "macroscopic quantum uncertainty!"


From a mental quantum stagings growth perspective, 2004 was our most successful year. We hope that most of our students have been able to keep up. Imagine what a challenge to start from scratch! For most classicists a scratch start in Quantonics at this point would be incredibly tough and require a full time effort for a minimum of five years, and that would require significant assistance. Of course that is our view, not the view.

We offer our best and happiest wishes to all of you for quantum betterings in 2005.

Beth and Doug have been so busy... We hardly get a chance to catch our breath.

We are planning our holiday fun and meals. (So far, fireplace~ambianced Scottish smoked salmon toast points with capers, onions and eggs with champagne, Christmas eve. See Williams and Sonoma catalog on web.) Beth has been busy decorating and adding enormous cheer for our digs and our visitors. All is well and there continues to be no end of fun tasks to tackle.


Did you see that Andy Goldsworthy segment on CBS's Sunday Morning program on 26Dec2004?

We appellate Goldsworthy as our first known genuinely quantum artist.

Goldsworthy thinks quantum! His art acknowledges quantum reality!

This is, for us, just wonderful and full of wonder.

May you experience it thus...

Here is a good link. Another. Biography. Search www for <"Andy Goldsworthy" art>

Quantum, very quantum, indeed...natural, probabilistic QVP and QTP.


Many of you have asked, "How does Finding Forrester (movie) apply to teaching?"

We have a simple answer: "Push is stux sux. Pull issi flux' crux." (Latter is quantum~gravitational essence!) Jamal was pulled to Forrester by intrigue and curiosity (IC pull, n¤t IQ push; pull issi emergence itself, push is a rote tote; Pull is "There are n¤ rules (flux issi crux' pull)." Push is, state-ic societal "Rules is (stux sux push) Tules for Fules.").

Modern academia from Kindergarten up is an epitome of PUSH!

Classical academic PUSH is, "...just another brick in [SOM's] wall!" Pink Floyd. Building SOMitic brick walls...that is academia at Millennium III's commencement. "[Classical pushing] teacher[s], leave us kids alone." Doug - 22Jan2005.

Genuine quantum individuals follow their noses and dislike any societal institutional shoving or advocates of it. Prodigies like William James Sidis found state-ic social patterns of value abominable, especially, e.g., war.

You asked, and you get Doug's opinion!

Another great example of academic push is Dead Poet's Society. Ultimate academic ugly! Social over individual shoving par state-ic-excellence.

Quantum issi: Ihslandihc. Ihslandings. Ihslandscape~ings. Quantum ræhlihty has n¤ 'states.' Either logical, or political!

Our Quantonics' solution to classical academic push issi quantum learning~teaching issi Quantum Thinking Modalic (QTMic) Recursive Everywhere~Included~Middle~Associative Recapitulatings (REIMARs)! Red text added 6Jan2005 - Doug.


Many of you have asked, "What do we mean by ESS?"

We borrow that term (acronym~mnemonic) from Richard Dawkins' The Selfish Gene. It means Evolutionarily Stable Strategy. Astute reader adepts and students of Quantonics will recall that Dawkins also coined meme, a term we have adopted and QELR~augmented within Quantonics to be an analogue (analogue is classical; notice its 'log' infix; we intend an entendre) of quanton. We use meme as quantum for classical 'idea.' We have also invented:

as further augmentation of Dawkins' meme.

Other relevant Quantonic memeos we must mention here:

Good memes practice and pr¤cæss ESS quantum~pragma1 (quanta; quantum least action EIMA sorso recursions)! They survive via their fully~adaptive self~other quantization! They use QTMs! They use wMBU. They discard CTMs and passé ways of classical objective prototyping and waterfall development NRADCTIMSDD2 system theories and practices.

An example of a bad meme is classical mechanics, e.g., use of it in developing NASA's space shuttle. Another is Bush's administration and its imperialist socialist war and cultural-missionary policies. Another is our Western Academy's classical practices which resist change.

How can we easily say what makes ESS pragma possible? It is what nature does: adapt. ESS is adaptability.

A BIG point we try to make in Quantonics is that mechanical systems are innately (by anthropocentric design) incapable of ESS. Mechanical design and thing-king is oppositive ESS! Mechanical things cannot evolve, per se, in situ.

But biologicals, great examples of what we mean when we say "quantons," do evolve, in situ!

Have you been reading recent startling and quantonic~expressive, ~telling, ~vivifying, ~exegetic, ~exoteric, ~exemplifying rat brain stories of late?

Brilliant folk at University of Florida have evolved neurons from a rat's brain to fly an F-22 simulator! Neurons are quantons! They are intrinsically (physially) capable of ESS! They can adapt to do pragma which rats aren't usually thought capable of doing.

This is a breakthrough of astounding proportions. If you have seen I Robot, and AI, you know now those kinds of humanesque appliances are part of our immediate futurings.

Just a comment, to eidetify our non ESS governmental SOMiticism: NSF has contracted $500,000 to turn that rat brain's neurons into code. They want to mechanize quantons!

It is omnifficult to be any more stupid than that! Really, they want to evolve what they want, then mechanize it, so that they can classically manufacture and reproduce it. But it won't work! Why? Said code is incapable of ESS, due its own innate mechanicity. It probably will not even work in that simulator. See our Darwin's Chip review for exemplification.

What issi quantum essence here?

A rat's brain has and issi cowithin quantum free will! It issi locally self-directing! It issi a quantum~locally~self~directing self~organizing~neural~network.

Classical, formal, synthetic, objective mechanisms must be other-directed. Worse they are socially-positive state-ic: innately incapable of self organizing via quantum emergent evolution!

Doug - 28Apr2005.

What NSF should be investing in is a non mechanical (Bohmian) system development environment. But quantum biologists already do that, don't they?

Doug - 20Dec2004.


How many of you saw Scorsese on Scorsese?

Could you fathom what primal theme he is wrestling with as his whole life endeavor? Our view is that he can't place his finger on it, but that intellectual, emotional, and "psychotic" (as Scorsese refers it) theme is dialectic! Remarkable, indeed!

We really enjoyed watching his The Last Waltz. Coincidentally, Beth and Doug had just watched a fabulous PBS (video tape) series on the Strausses a couple of days prior. We, perhaps, enjoyed hearing Joni Mitchell most and Doug felt personal tremors at her "Look out coyote!" Her voice in Coyote is extraordinary, telling story poetically as recursive mnemonic rhythm.

To us Scorsese's theme tautologically desnouers classical societies' worst dis ease. Self-other hatred requires classical negation, prokaryotic spawn, borne of dialectic.


Bless Canada!

Their high courts and legislatures see, fathom, and understand gender as free! Gender is quantum! Sexuality is not a classical Bill EOOO'Reilly socially positive, naïve realism dichotomy, it is a quantum likelihood omnistribution (QLO). What an exquisite example of good and tolerant humanity from our quantum~positive neighbors to our north. Bless you, Canada, and all your provinces and your beloved people and your beloved homeland!

Canada has their own, from our Quantonics perspective, Martha Stewart plus both after burners and quantum antigravity: she is Belinda Stronach. Literally soaring, Ms. Stronach has run a Canadian company with 75,000 employees in 22 countries! Awesome lady, and she is now M.P. Canada's opposition (read conservative) party. Google search "Belinda Stronach." She has her own web site. Here's a pix from WWW: (try Google's images)

Millennium III's Quantum First Lady
(Doug's intuition and opinion.)

We believe that Belinda Stronach, M.P., is going to be a major player in helping Canada move more rapidly into Earth's 3rd millennium. She is searching for ways and means to lift Canada to international trade heights previously unforeseen.

Belinda, shall go quantum!

Canada offers a novel atmosphere for Millennium III think-king, e.g., McGill U., U. of Guelph, et al. Canadians are much less dialectical than our own currently dissembling interregnum Union States Federated Socialist Republic and its Greco-Roman-Evangelical Demos will folk.

Speaking of Martha...


Martha Winters Gilliland

You may recall this from our 2002 News, ...

"Indicators of this massive disassembly change from groupthingk to individualthink are countless, but we cannot, do not see those indicators until we are sensitized to their presence.

"A huge indicator just appeared in The Chronicle's 1Nov2002 issue, an article titled 'THE FACULTY: Chancellor Says Transformation, Biologists say Mumbo-Jumbo.' Martha Winters Gilliland, chancellor of UMKC, Kansas City, Mo, has set a mission for UMKC to go 'quantum.' Can you imagine our glee when we saw those words? This is, for us, a first. A leader of an academic institution saying that under her leadership that institution must take a quantum approach. This is fabulous. It is as big an indicator as we have seen! But notice article's title: biology faculty members think a quantum approach is 'Mumbo-Jumbo.' Ha! Would that they understood how quantum biology is devastating classical approaches (Gilliland calls classical approaches 'Descartesian;' Descartes, René...was a SOMite par excellence, father of Bergson's despised 'spatial extensity')."

Over two years later, December, 2004, "In recent weeks, the College of Arts and Science, the School of Law, the Bloch School of Business, the School of Biological Sciences, the UMKC-Chapter of the American Association of University Professors, and an association of part-time instructors all voted, by substantial majorities, No Confidence in Chancellor Martha Gilliland. (Update: The School of Education subsequently also passed a vote of no confidence.)" "Mumbo Jumbo" Dumbos quote from bioscibuzz.

Roughly 1st week of December, 2004 The Kansas City Channel announced that Martha Gilliland is resigning as Chancellor! Gilliland was UMKC Chancellor from 2000-2004. The Mumbo Dumbo Jumbo UMKC SOMites have struck a tentative blow. They do not see it yet, but it is really a loss for that entire faculty, KC, and Missouri and Kansas states. A huge loss!

We wrote an email letter to TKCC re: this topic,

"Dear TKCC,

"We just read about Martha Gilliland's resignation.

"Supreme loss for UMKC, in our opinion.

"Classical biology and its Descartesian adherents are non evolutionarily survivable, passé, anachronistic, and inept. Their thing-king is what is 'mumbo jumbo,' not Dr. Gilliland's. That's what Gilliland wanted to fix.

"If you want an example of where quantum biology is really going, search www for
Rat brain flies F-22. Classicists have no means of accomplishing a feat like that. They are incapable of that (quantum-) level of thought.

"All that tells us that KC, sadly, is in 'fundamental' academic decline.


"Doug Renselle
In Quantonics
1950 East Greyhound Pass, Suite 18, #368
Carmel, INdiana 46033-7730

"Suggested reading: Mae-wan Ho's the Rainbow and the Worm.

"Search on 'quantum coherence in biology.'"

Kansas, intellectually and academically, is a really backward state. See our Kansas Humor. The Academy won't change so it faces gradual extinction.

Compare how University of Florida (rat brain in F-22; read Satinover's Quantum Brain; study SONs; see our Darwin's Chip) sees huge opportunities in quantum biology. Biologicals are quantum computers! Doug's opinions.

Have you thought of what Google will be capable of when it builds a search hybrid of PCs and rat brain biological analogues (RaBBAs)? True quantum qualitative search capabilities!

And, speaking of Martha...


Martha Stewart

Martha only has a couple of months to go on her 'sentence.'

Martha, to us, is An Adept Woman of Essential Capabilities.

By comparison our government and its 'legal' lackeys are fundamental inepts of massive incapabilities. (They sentence Martha and give Bernard Kerik a pass? And Bush is gonna give Rummy a pass. Who are real criminals here?)

Anyway, Martha already has new business on her plate. She will land running and scale new heights! Go Martha! We admire and adore you, young lady.

Hey! Kellys and Keriks! "Exalt your extinctions." Doug's opinions.


On our MAC equipment...

Two years ago we made a commitment to change from Win$tel to Apple.

It was a good decision. We installed our equipment one time and have not had to do any OS re-installs since (only simple, easy online updates). Apple does not require us to maintain a strangle hold with their auto update system. We had one kernel panic about two weeks ago only after we dropped our Titanium! No problems since a reboot. People at MACOSX Hints helped a lot here with our understanding of what happened. Join them! BTW, used Titaniums are available online now for about $1400. (Way less than half original price! Be sure to get latest OS X upgrades.) Fabulous machine! Visit MAC OSX Hints' sponsors to find deals. No affiliation to Quantonics, Doug is just a member.

We're running two browsers, each their latest versions: Netscape and Firefox (our preference). By looks of our access logs, almost everyone appears to be switching to Firefox. Bravo! Of course our access logs exhibit only a tiny parcel of WWW's community.

On our Win$tel systems we would have had countless blue screens and almost limitless trouble. By comparison, we have almost no trouble with our MACs.

Win$tel still retains a few advantages (apparent initial low $, system response, and display resolution) but they are few...and IBM has sold their PC business to Chinese interests.

What does that mean? Some pundits say PCs are already obsolete. We are heading for a much omnifferent way of computing. Most believe it will be a heterogeneous approach with low cost appliances for specific applications. Imagine us carrying around 10 $200 appliances? Ugh!

Our view is that interim (2005-2015) quantum computing will be hybrids of formal and biological, similar that mentioned just above. Big challenge here is to evolve both organics and inorganics to physial, intrinsic biological capabilities. This will not be a classical 'manufacturing' challenge, rather a quantum emerscenturing opportunity.

And Apple is putting their iPod in cell phones! Motorola cell phones! We anxiously await their imminent vPod.


Here is an alphabetized list of new Quantonics pages which appeared first in 2004:

Level_3_TQS_2005_News (You are in this page now.)

This appears way below our usual quota. We have lots of research pages in progress on QCD and QED which are not quite ready for publication. We also have about six reviews running in parallel. Lots of other pages, including a comprehensive set of quantum term descriptions and their classical dual 'definitions.' Latter we have been working on for over five years and it simply isn't yet ready for publication.

On top of all that we had to completely redo our single QELR page and create one page for each A-Z. We did something similar for our Coined terms too. Our QELR is just about ready to go to one page per QELRed term. That may happen in 2005, but more likely in 2006.

We have made significant updates to our QELR during 2004. If you have time, you may want to rescan those A-Z pages.

Our Recommended Reading page is way too big. One issue is several partial reviews there which should have their own separate review pages. We intend to do that early in 2005.

Another similar issue is our TQS News. It keeps growing! 2005 will probably be our last year with a whole year in one page. Subsequently we will go to separate monthly news pages.

If you haven't been keeping track of our work on A Quantum Pendulum you probably should. It is one of our most popular and important recent works. Too, significant changes have been accomplished on our popular Stairs and How to Become a Student of Quantonics pages.


Thank you for your interest and your support.

See you here again in early February, 2005!


Notes -

Note 1 - Here are some Quantonics links which show quantum~grammatical applications of quantum~pragma:

Note 2 - Rainfall Design Steps: NRADCTIMSDD - Need, Requirements, Analysis, Design, Code, Test, Integrate, Manufacture, Support, Decommission, Dispose.




To contact Quantonics write to or call:

Doug Renselle
Quantonics, Inc.
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