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Original artwork titled They Live on Nothing but Wind
by W. Heath Robinson for Rabelais' Gargantua and His Sonne Pantagruel, 1902.
Doug "enhanced" its humor to times of Republican'ts' last stand of 2000-2008.

Doug - 30Sep2006.

On Bu()sh() re: "second guessing..."

Bush has preempted any other first guessing by reserving that role uniquely for himself.

When one does not share in first guessing responsibilities, one can expect to get all the glory for success and all the blame for bad outcomes.

Does Bu()sh()'s mind appear as lame and inane to you as it does to us? It's called "funda mental ISM."

Doug - 29Sep2006.

Literal thingking is littleral socially common, 'lite' thingking. It is Ockhamistic mental minimalism. 'Little thingking! Tiny mindedness! Simple mindedness! Purpose? Hegemonous social manufacturing of classical OSFA minds.

Social manufacturing of vulgate cultural cog 'psychics' and 'hylics.'

It is what Marx and Lenin meant by "[dialectical] religion as an opiate of mind." (Applies to 'dialectical science' too, indeed, 'dialectical any notion.')

Are you chronically mal influenced by social Ockhamistic mental opiation?

If your mind has been socially OSFA minimized, littlerally, lite rally, join our new n¤n pr¤phæt organization: Dialectics Anonymous. We can help you 'get off' society's mental opiate of choice: dialectic.

Doug - 26Sep2006.

Doug has been pretty relentless in his "anti Bush administration" tirades.

But Slick just came out of his water closet! Slick is beating up on Bush admin's. anti terrorism record, can you believe it? Utter hypocrisy! Clear and present Lieberal hypocrisy.

If Bush's record on anti terrorism is lousy, Clinton's is 10x worse!!!

And if Hillarious gets elected President, it will be even worse than that! Doug's opinion.

And some people worseship these two hilt-lieberal deceivers.

Recall Nobright and Richardson? You'd almost thingk they were actually working for, from a dialectical conspective, "the other side."

It's impossible for even Republican'ts to be that BAD.

See! Doug can say something relatively good about BushAgain. (We'll take a shower after we finish this segment.)

Lieberal Democrappeds need to learn a lot about security. Their appellation is a tell, though. Democrat. Democracy, democracy. Word doesn't appear in our Constitution. Why? We aren't! We are a Federated Republic. Doug learned that years ago from vacuum-cleaner, microphone-condomizing, Friedrick von Hayek-worseshiping Rush (in Doug's SOMitic, troglodytic, cave-dwelling days). Rush is right, about 2% of the time.

If you recall, during their decades of control of Congress Democrapt Lieberals castrated CIA, NSA, NRO, probably FBI, etc. They hated it when we assassinated any terror prone leader of state. Biblically, Doug agrees. But from any complementarospective of survival, Doug wholly omnisagrees. Cooperation is above violence as long as all sides respect rights of all sides.

Terrorists wholly disrespect USA's and countless other nations' rights!

As a nation, which Democrat can we 'trust' on terrorism?

Doug is uncertain.

Which Republican't can we 'trust' to be, like Bu()sh(), certain about everything?

All of them! All DIQheads!

Talk about dilemma. Talk about irony. Talk about paradox...

Doug - 21Sep2006.

Muslims 13 (touch down, extra point, and two field goals), Christians 3!

Near middle second quarter...

1,1,2,3,5,8,13, 21...

A real whipping so far: Tribal federation individually grass-staining monastic democracy.

Now which, comparatively, is a better Evolutionarily Stable Strategy?

Geertz, et al., showed us how disassembly is above and more survivable than unification.

USA's founding fathers intuited that.

Now, "Where is that word 'democracy' in our USA Constitution?"

Social democracy has no individual means of evolutionary metastasis, folks! Ditto monistic, monastic religion. Both have to be imperially and forcefully imposed!

Individual terrorism is metastasis!

Dialectical war is imperialism.

Doug - 28Sep2006.

Would you allow your local TV Dealership to impose a 65" (only-) Black & White LCD HDTV on you?

Would Muslims and Arabs ever allow GWBu()sh() to impose (only) socially hegemonized "win or lose" democracy on their Islamic tribal federations?

Who would or could believe that Muslims and Arabs would do that?

Who would or could believe that you would buy a 65" B&W LCD HDTV?

Doug thinks that cocaine damaged Bu()sh()'s brain. He's more Katholic than most Katholics, even that dogmatic hegemonist of hegemonists el Papa. (Can't you see a Bush analogue of a Jihad against anti democratic Iraqis vis-à-vis 'duh' Church's 40 year long Crusade massacre of heretical anti orthodoxy Cathars?). All this while Chavez calls Bush "diablo." Whenever you intentionally try to wipe out a cultural tribal system that has existed for 1000s of years, what should you expect to be called? Same thing we did to American Indians! Do you really believe what Bush and his Republican't cronies are doing is "Noble?" Read Rabelais' raucously humorous Gargantua and Pantagruel. Lotsa diablo funnies in 'dere. As a complementary antidote read Arabian Picatrix. Both damned and doomed by 'catholic' anti hereticals.

(Doug's probably been watching too much Bill Maher... G¤d, Doug needs comedy relief, though...Maher is superb, brilliant! Doug laughs so much watching Maher, he starts to feel "comedy relief." Maher had Goldwater's daughter on. She said her Dad would have abhorred what Bush disadministration is doing. Trouble is, she runs in similar tautological mental rings as d' Bush circus. Lite rally "vicious loops." An American anti Muslim, anti Islam Katholic Knightmare! An Bush testosterone-tumescent Abbot and Costello "Who's on first?" oxymoron. Bush answer, "That's obvious, I am." Bush Ant: "Raise the drawbridge!")

Doug - 28Sep2006.

The Mushroom Cloud we have to worry about isn't from terrorists, it's from George W. Bushagain! Think about that...

Republican'ts have tried to inversely brain wash and propagandize US.

Doug believes the next nuclear weapon used will come from USA hegemonists, not middle East terrorists. The real terrorists are in Washington DC, not Iraq and Afghanistan.

Doug - 30Sep2006.

Tony Blair we have known ye! Tony Blair you exemplify what we see as Good, quantum G¤¤d, in humankind. Bless your Chautauquas in life less politics. Live and love and love life!

Doug - 30Sep2006.

Politics and religion depend upon classical society. Classical society is a Voltairean rogue liar. Classical society values emotionally moving groups, dialectically tail wagging dog groups, to do harm while referring those who follow, "Noble."

Doug - 16Sep2006.

"There is no middle ground." "Institutions are above individuals." and paraphrased, "There will be a mushroom cloud." "Fear is how we control you." George Bu()sh().

"Muslims are violent." and, paraphrased, don't forget to "Forget about what Catholics did during our two millennium long crusades and inquisitions." Pope BentaDIQ.

And an exemplar individual response...

"But that happened over a thousand years ago." ( we should forget about it, similar as Germans and Nazis want us to forget about 'd Holocaust...) Tucker Carlson - MSNBC

Doug has been collecting a precious list of what he would, very quantum~opinionatedly, call "Humankind's Greatest Glimmer~a~Quantum~Gem Quotes:"

"It is with far greater fear that you pronounce, than I receive, this sentence."
Giordano Bruno
January 20, 1600, Bruno to Pope Clement VIII's executioners after classically-certain, without-a-doubt, and infallible el Papa ordered Bruno be burned at 'd stake for Irenaeun heresy.

"The first divine was the first rogue who met the first fool."
(Here we view Voltaire's use of "fool" as kin of Daniel C. Dennett's classical notion of "helpless innocents.")

"Forgive them. They know not what they do."

"Vulgi opinio Error"
Thomas Digges
(Bluntly, "Social opinon is phony.")

"Applied to the world as representative of all the world, facts become superstitions."
Julian Jaynes

"Panta Rhei"
("All things change.")

"You can analyze a thing, but not a process." (We assume Bergson's negation subjective.)
Henri Louis Bergson

"Lila has Quality."
Robert M. Pirsig
(The divine dance of which all life is an agent, coinsides Quality.)

"One may not measure frequency at a point." (Slightly, perhaps, paraphrased.)
Banesh Hoffmann

"[Quantum~]Probability is everything." [Doug's brackets.]
John Forbes Nash

"Negation is subjective."
Henri Louis Bergson

"Indeterminacy is the principal feature of intelligence."
Paul Pietsch
(Adaptive quantum uncertainty is smart. Stubborn dialectical certainty is dumb.)

"Reality is complementary."
Niels Bohr
(All is, and all is also what is apparently hiding. Quanton(wave,particle), quanton(Hyde,Jekyll).)

"Reality is quantum." (Slightly, perhaps, paraphrased.)
Max Planck

"We are sometimes led to make a judgment which has a purely subjective meaning, and this is perfectly legitimate; but if one seeks to replace it afterward by something objective, one does not make progress, but only an error."
Bruno de Finetti

"Interpretation involves according primacy to subjectivity over objectivity." (Slightly, perhaps, paraphrased.)
Philip R. Wallace

We shall maintain our list of Humankind's Greatest Glimmer~a~Quantum~Gem Quotes here.

Doug - 11Sep2006.

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October, 2006 News

On ... Patents running out on FPGA technologies...

Unsure how many of you read EE Times link on our index page. EE Times reports that FPGA technology patents are running out.

FPGAs are quintessentially digital technologies. But Quantonics claims "digital is dead," 'digital' just doesn't realize that yet.

Whatings nextings? EQLOA™! EQLOA™s! Emerscent QLO Arrays!

What are EQLOA™s? Integrated quantum~m¤dalings of arrays of quantum~ømihtørable~adaptable (i.e., Emerscent) wave~function QLO ensembles (i.e., QLOAs).

We have already offered a preliminary graphic depiction of a candidate EQLOA™ emerscitecture here. When we quantum~complement that quantum memeo with some potent existing emerscitecture like this:


...we start to standunder why Doug says, "Digital is Dead!"

Indeed, "Mechanical is Dead!" "Dialectic is Dead!" "Either-Or is Dead!"

It's timings to dump classical concrete and get quantum~real!

Classical notions of cultural and system integration are near quantum~transmutation too. What we call 'circuitry' and 'human interrelationships' are about to go holographic. Take our graphic above and imagine its flatness thogonally iterated ecliptically...

Digital ICs and classical cultures are flat...some 'layered.' Now, how do we do quantum~holographic omnimensional cultural and circuitous quantum~epitaxy? How do we emulate [a] qubit[s] with our quantum~m¤dalings above?

Mae-wan Ho should love this...

Doug - 21Sep2006.

On MRSA staph in college locker rooms ...

The Chronicle's 29Sep2006 issue has an immensely interesting article on an evolved staph bacterium which is becoming a threat, not unsimilar certain viruses we read about almost daily now.

(This MRSA bacterial evolution is probably relevant last month's news re: adaptive fungal evolutionary threat avoidance strategies of both aneuploidy and isochromosomatism...notice how latter is anabiological DNA palindromism...if you didn't k~now, palindromes are a neat way to do partial encryption, and nesting is a bear to does one fathom which has been and which has 'not' been palindromically encrypted and to what recursive 'depth?' And what if palindromicity is flux reference pseudo randomly hopped, similar introns and exons? Sound like quantum nature and fractal DNA? Sound like Quantonics' recursive sqrt(-1) version of Riemann Hypothesis?)

Hospitals are having similar problems!

Several www articles are available on how to use copper as a major biological threat mitigant. Fabricate, coat (e.g., conformal), clad (sheeting), wrap (foils), plate (ion deposition), gauze, wipe and wash (copper sulfate laced detergents and solvents) everything in copper compounds and alloys. There is a whole new and vibrant industry here folks!

Bethahavah counsels an infusion practice. Doug counseled Bethahavah to suggest a novel entrepreneurial opportunity to make copper gauze multilaminate (fine) enmeshed filter paper face masks for air borne threats. No avail... (Most physicians assume they know more than anyone else. LOL.)

Every home, office, and school room should have a supply of these on hand during air borne medical threat outbreaks.

Do a Google Search on <copper bacteria>. You should get at least 4 million hits.

(Perhaps only in Doug's experience M$N search is a waste of time... Keep anticipating a Google announcement of subjective search capabilities. That will blow all competition off d' search map. It will be de rigueur in ten years. Why aren't they doing it already? It's tough, really tough. Kinds of 'subjective searches' abound (~unlimited possibilities), including: multi- and omni-com(n)textual, included~middle modaling of excluded-middles (need quantonic sentences — there are alternatives though — similar Gödel sentences, to do this; Gödel used static numbers while Quantonics uses animate QLOs... see our diagram just above...) so that searches can emulate real quantum~included~middles, holographic~nexi searching (similar how a human brain is an interrelationship(ings) processor), synaesthetic modaling, "tear down those dialectical concrete walls" modaling, and so on... Apple's iTV is about to kill M$ (M$ is helpless in this case, really! Similar their inept, due formal dialectic, trusted computing base 'designs.') as Cringely writes, and Google is about to swamp them with subjective qua outside their mechanized dialectical thingking...When Google and Apple merge, watch out!)

Soon our home bathrooms, kitchens (sinks, islands, refrigerators, stovetops, countertops, toilets and seats, bathtubs, ) etc. will have copper alloy surfaces. That's a tell of how big this is.

It is also interesting to note that some other classes of bacteria actually help extract copper ore from earth.

Doug - 28Sep2006.

On Classical Sentences vis-à-vis Quantum Sentences ...

We offer a HotMemeClassical sentences are dehydrated.™ HotMeme™, A Key SOM Disabler™,

and another,

HotMemeQuantum sentences are hydrated.™ HotMeme™, A Key MoQ Enabler™.

Our quantum Value analogue here is aqua, water. Classical sentences have no aqua, a qua. Quantum sentences are Et in Arcadia qua Ego. Water is in quantum sentences and quantum sentences are in water. Value is in quantum sentences and quantum sentences are in Value.

Compare how a fertile, reserve~energy tapping mind as a hologram with many, many nexi hydrates sentences which it peruses. Compare that to a classical sentence which falls into a mental dearth, a wasteland, a dialectical desert drought of classical formal machinery.

Compare how a quantum hologram's many nexi offer nearly unlimited anabiotic energy well recapitulations of any sentence. Compare that to a flat classical mind's, one unique definition per word, unimetric interpretation of a sentence's meaning.

Classical: the 'called,' the 'psychic.' Quantum: the 'elect,' the 'pneumatic.'

Gives novel semantic head to "all wet," does it n¤t? LOL.

Doug - 30Sep2006.

Thank you for reading,

Doug - 1Oct2006.

See you here again in early November, 2006!


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