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This is our July, 2006 editorial.

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Bu()sh() administration hypocrisy: trying to blame NYT for a leak which said administration leaked.

Again, we see vast incompetence and ineptness and lies of an administration which our 'public' appears to approve.

Isn't Bu()sh()'s incompetence vividly apparent? His people are the leakers, and he could not stop them.

And to avert blame for his own political failings he blames NYT for simply doing its job.

And these idiots call NYT "recidivist!" A recidivist is a convicted criminal who repeatedly commits criminal acts.

NYT isn't recidivist!

Bu()sh(), if he had previously been convicted, would be a recidivist!

Bu()sh() is a criminal, even though he has yet to be convicted of his criminal acts. How do we know? Supreme Court on 29Jun2006 said that he had "broken the law." He needs to be tried and convicted for that.

Republican'ts need to learn English language before they open their arrogant, putrid, stagnant — entrenching — mouths.

We shall regret Bu()sh() and his lackies folks! We shall!

Doug does.

Doug - 30Jun2006.

Personally, and this is an admittedly radical view, Doug believes our military, with Supreme Court and Congressional approval only, should arrest Bu()sh() and have a tribunal hold him accountable for his arrogant "law-breaking." Bu()sh() has gone too far, and it is time to stop him, to send a precedential message to future 'presidents,' that just like Usama bin Laden, we aren't going to take it any more. Bu()sh() is a political terrorist, folks!

Doug's opinions!

Clifford Geertz, in his Available Light, Chapter III, p. 42, wrote, "A scholar can hardly be better employed than in destroying a fear."

Observe Bush, Cheney, and Rove's technique: "A politician can hardly be better employed than in creating a fear."

Juxtapose Usama bin Laden's technique: "A religious fanatic can hardly be better employed than in creating a fear."

Republican'ts are cowards! How are we k~now-ings that? They use fear and fear tactics, just like Muslim terrorists, to try to control others and what others thin(g)k. Fear is a lose, lose, lose approach to human existence. It is, ultimately, a key disabler of societies and individuals who use it and nourish it.

Doug - 30Jun2006.

Remember how Bu()sh() was reelected for his second term?

He accused Kerry of flip-flopping.

Now Bu()sh() has committed one huge flip-flop himself!

For over five years Bu()sh() has been evangelizing his religious war in Iraq, Bu()sh()'s own Jihad against innocent Iraqis.

Now Bu()sh() wants to "Lower expectations for his Jihad in Iraq.

Why? His own selfish political 'convenience.'

Texas, "put some gravy on dem SOMbitches," leadership, eh?

Doug - 15Jun2006.

PS - Actually, 'President' Bush, that's a Doug compliment. We worry your qua to grasp it, however.

And our US "legal system" gives Humpty Rovety, slimiest of fear-brokering leakers, a pass.

Let's watch Rovety make lemonade out of this one: by injecting more political fear of "terror."

Do you suppose Bu()sh()'s flippity-floppity is a Rovety Republican't tactic (strategy?)?

Doug - 15Jun2006.

PS - "Legality" in USA is merely dialectical 'judge-ment-al tragedy of court-commons opinion.'

Bu()sh()'s courage is beyond awesome. He stood in Air-1's cock pit and watched it LAND!


And he kept a secret, shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh..., for at least six weeks!!!

We are truly awed,

Doug - 15Jun2006.

But why is Bush so so so afraid? So so so paranoid...

Secrecy is incredibly expensive to maintain, and it can never be complete. Try calculating its "Return on investment." Doug's personal experiences running secret projects showed that their minimum overhead is roughly double that of a 'security free' environment. So a secure society can slowly bleed to death from its own fears. Great terrorist tactic, eh? Induce fear and watch a victim die a slow, ignorant death.

Positive energy wins. 'Negative' energy loses.

Doug had a saying in his entrepreneurial days, "98% of what we worry about never happens. 2% which do happen, we lack skills (mainly due Earth's adherence to dialectic reason) to anticipate."

Doug 30Jun2006.

Recently had an article on US home prices. It said that, roughly, home prices in USA have doubled (gone up 100%) in about ten years.

Do you know a financial rule of 72?

Ro72 says that if you are earning 6% on your principle it will double in 12 years, not counting inflation expense.

So if your home has doubled in price in 10 years housing inflation is 7.2%, again, in this case not 'reduced' by 'core inflation.'

USA claims "core inflation" at about 3%. Do you believe that? Aren't these classical-socialist-idiots lying to us again?

We cannot trust society folks. Classical society is dumb, slow, and incompetent. (Bu()sh()'s administration is an superb example...) Only quantum~individuals can have qua to assess actuality, at k~now~ings.

Doug expects that gold will be about $3000 a troy ounce in 5-10 years!

Why? There is an historic relationship (very roughly 30:1) twixt gold price and oil price. What mitigates this ratio is potential for a massive free energy breakthrough which we believe is imminent. See body text below.

Doug - 17Jun2006.

Bu()sh() and his bevy of Republican'ts have turned a dream into a wet dream, no... a nightmare.

Doug - 30Jun2006.

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July, 2006 News

On ... Doug's counsel on quantum energy as "free"...

We've been showing you, since Quantonics began nearly 10 years ago that energy is free. Our multiverse offers "beyond abundant, in excess of plentiful" energy techno 'easily' available to us. We just have to get smarter about developing means to extract it.

A better way has just landed and it is novel in comparison to "cold fusion," "sonoluminescence," "bio fuels," etc.

It is quantum dot electron multiplication. It is a way of making many electrons out of one electron. It is a brand new way of accessing free energy. It is in its infancy yet we can already turn one electron into at least seven electrons. Simple-mindedly that is a "free energy" gain of about seven. Practically it shows up as increasing photo electric efficiency from about 15-20% to at least 42% (although 'scientists' call this a 'theoretical maximum,' which is a classical conspective), and that folks is remarkable! Remarkable in a sense that there may be (similar Moore's Law) no near term limit on how far we can take this novel nano technology in terms of our abilities to produce copious amounts of energy for an indefinite future. Clearly, in terms of scaling of 42% dot efficiencies, there appears no near term limit.

See Science News, Volume 169, June 3, 2006, 'Quantum Dot Leap."

Doug used to do research assistance in an optical lab on things called photon multipliers. Early versions were vacuum tubes with multiple plates arranged so that photons could literally avalanche. Early photon multipliers were large. As recently as last 15 years microchannel plates are used to provide photonic avalanche gains of at least a million to one. Early multipliers weren't even close.

Doug is using that example to show what can happen with quantum dots, except in this case electrons (current), not photons (light), may be encouraged to avalanche.

Some people in Richardson, Texas are working on this quantum dot technology. Quantonics' web site receives thousands of hits per year from Richardson. Bravo!

Memeos involved here are not limited to photo electrics. This can be used to cheaply create hydrogen and oxygen from water. It can be used to cheaply turn enormous volumes of salt water into fresh water. Purify sewage, etc. Even, perhaps, fractionalize radioactive half-lives... Possibilities here are almost limitless, and it is happening NOW.

Change fuels for your vehicles and change nutrition for your mind: DUMP CTMs! ACQUIRE QTMs! Doug.

How does this work? They, scientists, are still arguing about that. Some have classical views, some have relativistic views, and some have quantumesque perspectives.

Peter Weiss describes one view roughly like this: "macroscopic semiconductors have large band gap energy. As a result a inbound photon has to be high energy relative semiconductor's band gap energy. Quantum dots can be made very small. As a result their band gap energy can be made small relative to say a photon of sun light. In that case we can count how many electrons are generated by a single inbound photon by dividing quantum dot's band-gap energy into said photon's energy. If that ratio is, say, five we can estimate about five electrons being emitted for one photon."

In macroscopic semiconductors, we're limited to 1-photon-in:1-electron-out, assuming inbound photon has enough energy (which is usually above natural sunlight spectrum).

This is a very, very big deal folks. It's like saying we have just found seven times all oil ever known on Earth. But, in this case, we never run out of photons and we never run out of electrons multiplied by those photons!

Congratulations Richardson, Texas and University of Texas at Dallas in Richardson. Wow!

Middle East yokels, "ara no yas..."


Thank you for reading,

Doug - 1Jul2006.

See you here again in early August, 2006!



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