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— The Quantonics Society News for 2006 - October —

Mid Terms Special Editorial Edition

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If our editorial opinions PYO, don't read them!

Especially you, Chris!

Hasn't US' Congress, much like USNail, become a passé anachronism?

Do we citizens, as individuals, need Congress' corruption, their massively excessive perquisites, their pandering and pimping of us to lobbyists?

Do we need their profound eidetic ineptnesses?

Do we need their unsolicited troglodytic mail bearing only more lies and hubris?

Do we need their self-maltuited bogus 'catholic' sovereignty over us? McCain to Federici, "I am about to hold you in contempt of Congress." Yeah, wrong! We, individual citizens of US, hold you, Congress, in contempt! And that Irenaeun anti Christ administration too.

Do we need their calling US government a 'democracy' when our Constitution says we are a "Federated Republic" and nowhere even uses a word, 'democracy?'

'Democracy' is innately insecure! 'Democracy' is unsurvivable. 'Democracy' is social 'intelligent design' by idiocy.

Federated Republic is modular, thus more secure. Federated Republic is redundant, thus more survivable. Federated Republic is naturally quantum~emerscence.

Democracy is a lowest common denominator, tragedy of commons sense, OSFA scum floats to pond's top bureaucracy. (Isn't it clear that is where USA is today? Scum on top. Quality on bottom.)

Federated Republic is a many sizes fit many capitalistic individual free will approaches, extraordinary talent rises and wins via multiplicity. Democracy's OSFA scum sinks to bottom

Democracy begs more terror. (Compare M$-virus magnet, and Apple-virus free.)

Federated Republic nips terror prior its instantiation.

Doug - 21Sep2006.

Our founding fathers were geniuses! Don't see a hell of a lot of that around any more.

Democracy is about One 'society'. Federated Republic is innately about Many individuals.

Many survive[s]. One intrinsically self-extincts. One is an easy terrorist target. Many are innately problematic as individual targets.

Wake up! USA!

There's a new FOX cable network! Have you noticed? MSNBC during September, 2006 changed! They now sound just like FOX. That's sad. Very sad. We just won't listen to unilateral Right Wing evangelical OSFA monistic-monastic either-or goshpel from any news network, regardless. MSNBC's bosses and owners must be Right Wing twidlos similar Bu()sh().

US News networks are practicing classical either-or partisan politics, and it is transparent as we go into mid terms.

Say good-by MSNBC! We stopped viewing those FOX News Ockhamistic [in a] Nutshells years ago and you were our had our respect, but no more!

Contemptible ne'er-do-wells...

Doug - 21Sep2006.

Financial Times needs a world cable news network, similar BBC! Gladly subscribe to that...a world view of USA is much more valuable than national incestuous network and cable TV. Owners of TV networks need to keep their personal politics far away from networks' talking heads.

Doug likes it when talking heads narrate their personal politics, but not when talking heads allow their personal views to become peons of 'management' and 'owner' political either-or classical polemics. Especially when it is so apparent that said purpose is to influence voter behaviour at polls. In our view, in our opinion, it became riotously apparent and blatantly apparent that or something extremely similar is happening at MSNBC during September, 2006.

Freedom of speech is an individual right. Freedom of speech is not a socially-approved 'privilege.' Freedom of speech isn't democracy at a OSFA social opinion level, it's Federated Republicracy at an individual opinion level.

Want to stop terrorism? Cease adhering USA malnotionally as a 'democracy.' Start proselytizing self and USA as a Federated Republic and watch terrorism plummet!

It's a Meme Theme™!

Doug - 21Sep2006.

Classically, Christianity and Islam are dialectical OSFA 'opposites.'

Quantumly Christianity and Islam are rhetorical complements.

Omnistinguishing those and understanding those opens a way forward, "Into the Light."

Classically Christianity is 'not' in Islam and Islam is 'not' in Christianity.

Quantumly Christianity is in Islam and Islam is in Christianity.

But OSFA classically, "Allah says, when you encounter those who deny Islam, strike [their] necks."

from the Koran [Quran], sura 47, verse 4

And OSFA classically anti-gnostic (Irenaeus-approved Roman) Jesus: "I bring not peace, but a sword."

from Matthew 10,34: NIV Study Bible.

We had best grasp this nowings, lest we behold Nietzschean nihilism!

Please affirm here there are at least two Jesuses: gnostic (Irenaeun "heretical") and anti gnostic (Irenaeun "approved").

Socially approved: democracy. Individually heretical: Federated Republic.

Doug - 20-21Sep2006.

"Demos has n¤ will! Its will expediently and exigently (i.e., with urgent exigency) turns on a digm as soon as one seriously and thoroughly challenges it."

A challenge to all our dedicated students of Quantonics: learn to challenge classical Demos will.

Learn to be more like Rosa Parks, Josephine Baker, and Martin Luther King...real Gn¤stic Jesuits all...

Compare Mel Gibson's anti gnostic dialectically oppositional, inquisitional, crusading 'catholicism.'

(If you haven't seen that fab movie about Josephine Baker, you should.)

Doug - 8Sep2006.

Politics: An art of lying to achieve and maintain social celebrity.

Celebrity is social approval of individuals' works which society cannot understand: celebrity is societal 'approval' by social inepts: social hypocrisy. A kind of social-intellectual gang rape.

Doug - 20-21Sep2006.

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This is only a special mid term elections editorial edition. Regular October News will appear on or after 1November2006.



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