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(Minor editing of our response email, for clarity.)


Could you explain what you mean by, in your review of 'A Streetcar Named Paradise Lost,' in The Come as You Are Masquerade Party, "taking William away early and rolling back his IQ?"

Our review's paragraph which you refer reads thus:

"Rosenberg tells us several authors tried to punish Boris for William's apparent failures and early death. They compared Boris to Svengali and Dr. Frankenstein. Egads! Some even declared Boris receiving God's wrath by taking him away early and by rolling back William's IQ. This kind of dunder-headed bat scat persisted for years after William's death, and you may find whole sites on WWW's Internet dedicated to this meso-minded meme, still, today."

Our bold text above is our paraphrasing of Rosenberg's words in his original text.

Our interpretation is that Rosenberg was saying to us that fundamentalist Victorian classical objective thinking early in USA's 20th century (1900-1920s) often blamed inexplicables on God. Also, we think he was saying that those same anti-Semites liked to use God — as though God had seen fit to assign them as enforcers — to apply their own vengeance against people whom they felt much dislike, even hatred.

Doesn't sound much like a loving God, does it Josh? And even worse to use God as an anthropocentric agent of vengeance and hate...

That is why we called it "...dunder-headed bat scat..."

But then, William and his father Boris were both known atheists, weren't they?

This is difficult subject matter given Earth peoples' wide varieties of beliefs. What is most interesting to us here is that almost all folk of middling thought share great fear of those more evolved and ascendant. Next, how did those few become more evolved and ascendant? Next, how did they intuit uses of 'reserve energy' as means of further evolution of their ascendancy? Next, why do most of them appear to share [intuit] quantum paralogism as their means of interpreting reality?

Those same Victorians of middling thought could/would not even begin to understand what we are saying in our last paragraph above.

But then, we believe Neo sapiens is imminent...

See if that helps. If not, just keep asking.



Thank you for reading,



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