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 Tue, 23 Mar 1999 08:30:24 -0500


 Doug Renselle


 The Quantonics Society & Quantonics, Inc


Soapbox question: Will the EU morph into the next global superpower?

One reader's answer-opinion -

No, it will not. Why?

An enormous new meme, an idea tsunami is engulfing the intellect of
humankind at the turn of the new millennium. Mae-wan Ho tells us of the
meme in her recent book, the Rainbow and the Worm. It is a quantum
reality concept, i.e., ideal organization is: both individual autonomy
and global cohesion in simultaneity.

If you look around your own particular working situation you see its
affects already...NOW! Classical, monolithic, cathedral styles of
corporate and institutional organization are crumbling. Banks are going
virtual on the internet. Universities are going virtual. Real estate
transactions are virtual. Newspapers and print media are dying, being
replaced by their online metaphors of which this email is but one tiny
indicator. Books, records, CD-ROMs, art, training, news, homes, cars,
credit...this list is endless. Products now are designed, produced, and
distributed virtually. We watch, amazed, as the quantum bazaar replaces
relentlessly the classical cathedral. Some are horrified and resist the
wave only to become extinct, but others of us become successful virtual

Use this new virtual paradigm and ask yourself a question: "Will any
monolithic, socially-engineered organization be viable in the long term
if the trend toward quantum reality continues?"

The EU is old, classical stuff. EU is about classical organization,
classical control, and sustenance of power in the hands of a few
. EU shovels sand against the tsunami. The new meme places
decision-making, power, and control precisely where it belongs,
distributed among the hands of individuals.

Classical ideas are doomed in the face of new quantum reality memes.

Quantum reality tells us that people do not want to be organized!!
People want to be free, but well-connected! Individual autonomy with
global cohesion...the new quantum tsunami.

Welcome to the wave, welcome to the third millennium,

Doug Renselle.

Begin Footnote - Doug - 18Mar2002:

As of March, 2002, leaders in UK are seriously considering
departure-separation from EU. Why? EU Society ignores UK's
individual needs
. EU consenses badly (i.e., absence of consensus)
for UK! If UK does separate, Geertz' disassembly will have
commenced decomposition of Earth cultures' most recent passé,
classical attempts at social unionization on a multi-national scale.
Consider how this will set an example for US' "States Rights"
advocacy and secession/disassembly!

Try a Google Search on <Margarite Thatcher + EU> to learn more.

Also note that Canada's Quebec Province is in a similar process of

End Footnote - Doug - 18Mar2002.

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