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by Doug Renselle
See our 2004 Bases of Judgment.
After viewing this, would YOU want YOUR mind to practice SOM?
You want examples? Here is a recent segment of text Doug wrote in a 'Quanto'
email list post on 17Oct99:
"SOM illusory static pattern: Illusory static patterns
do not exist in SOM. When you encounter them, (SOMites say) ignore them,
or sweep them under a rug where no one may find them.
"Abundant evidence exists showing SOMites in classical
science and mathematics have done this in spades! This is
Pirsig's "Church of Reason" showing its true colors.
James Gleick talks about it in his book, Chaos,
(See pp. 31, 56, 80, 118, 153, 187, 300,
Penguin, 1988, 352-page paperback.)
Davis and Hersh
talk about cover-ups and subterfuge, especially on
mathematics' process of proof, in their,
The Mathematical Experience, an excellent book.
(See Ch's. 1, 2, & 3, Houghton-Mifflin, 1981, 440-page paperback.)
Simon Singh gingerly
touches foundational issues in mathematics in his,
Fermat's Enigma.
He tells us how Pythagoras assassinated Hippasus
for discovering irrational numbers and thus spoiling
Pythagoras' 'holy' whole numbers. (See page 50/315, 1st ed.)
Russell and Whitehead's
is essentially one huge SOM cover-up which people like
Gödel , Turing, et al., have exposed. Mathematical induction is a
sizable falsehood perpetrated and perpetuated, still today.
Mathematicians depend disproportionately
on induction for many of their 'proofs.'
Our own state of Indiana wrote a law decades ago and since
rescinded forcing pi's value to three!
Big Brooms.
Lots of "subjective" dust.
Lots of 'reality-hiding' by SOMites!
"Pssst! Sweeping it under a carpet makes it go away..."
MoQ shows us, unambiguously,
SOMthink is a core source of this major
ethical problem."

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