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MoQ Assumptions 1-26

All MoQ Assumptions evolve as Quanto subscribers
emerse changes based on philosophical and scientific application of MoQ Assumptions

Assumptions in heavy dark green type are tentatively 'approved' by our
Quanto MoQ Assumptions Working Group: Dan, Roger, Steve, Doug.

Assumptions in light red type are currently under scrutiny/evaluation by our
Quanto MoQ Assumptions Working Group.


1. MoQ is modeling reality.
2. Removed as redundant.
3. MoQites Value adherence to MoQ.
4. MoQ reality IS Quality.
5. Quality is intrinsically moral.
6. Quality is intrinsically good.
7. Remove as SOM legacy.
8. MoQ is interrelating two classes of Value: DQ and SQ.
9. MoQ is interrelating DQ and SQ as unlatched and latched complements.
10. DQ and SQ are co-unified.
11. DQ is in SQ and SQ is in DQ. (explicit co-unification)
12. DQ is 'real.'
13. SQ is 'real.'
14. DQ is MoQ's first good.
15. SQ is MoQ's second good.
16. MoQ claims unknown is 'real.'
17. DQ represents MoQ's unknown.
18. SQ represents MoQ's known. (Note: MoQ known is distinct from SOM known.)
19. DQ represents nonactuality (unknown reality 'now').
20. SQ represents SOM's known actuality (discovered reality).
      a. SQ represents SOM's subjective reality (not 'real' in SOM)
      b. SQ represents SOM's objective reality
21. SQ represents SOM's unknown actuality (undiscovered reality).
22. SQ cannot define DQ.
23. SQ cannot describe DQ.
24. SQ can describe DQ experiences.
25. Direct experience of DQ may not be known intellectually.
26. Direct experience outcomes of DQ may be known intellectually.

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