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23Oct99ðSelected Posts for your review

Quanto Email Subscription Process

1. Go to & register on topica.
2. Search for 'quanto' our quantonics email list.
3. Issue a Subscription Request to 'quanto.'
4. We send you questions to verify your QaPP knowledge.
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Jul 2000

We have restarted Quanto with a new set of subscribers! This time we shall adhere our intentions to stick to Pirsigean and Quantum/Quantonics memes. If you are interested in joining Quanto, send Doug an email. He will ask you to answer some questions about your philosophical and quantum science interests. We want participants, not lurkers. So if you plan to just lurk, don't bother. We delete lurkers from our list after delta-t.

Watch for recent posts to Quanto which will appear during week ending 19Jul2000. Topics: distinguish among analytical, dialectical, and rhetorical reasoning. Show how well Sartre's philosophy aligns with Pirsig's MoQ based upon those three classes of reason. Also, Doug gives a quickie overview of Pirsig's MoQ — a fresh look so to speak.

To catch up on events since last November you may want to take a look at our 2000News.

Nov 1999 We just received a copy of William James Sidis', The Animate and the Inanimate! We will at least review it for our Quantonics site. Expect to hear more about this soon.

Sep 1999

Rev. 16Sep99 ð A new letter from Pirsig — his metaphysical comments on d'Espagnat's book. Renselle's letter precedes letter from Pirsig. Renselle connects future discussions to Pirsig's response. Note how our September QQ&A relates to Pirsig's response. We also want to do a careful examination of Pirsig's response to compare viewpoints: d'Espagnat, Bohr, Pirsig, SOM, Quantonics, etc. Also, when we deliver our review of d'Espagnat's book, we will include Pirsig's letter and our comments. PDR to Pirsig 12 Aug 1999

18 Aug 1999
(Pirsig response.)


During August and September of 1999, Quanto subscribers focus on our initial list of MoQ Assumptions MoQ Assumptions 1-26

We found a phenomenal new, free, online physics book with some philosophical blockbusters. You will love Christoph Schiller's site! See how book publishing will be in future. Learn quantum theory. Compare classical theory with quantum theory. Compare relativity with classical and quantum theory. Consider philosophical issues among them. Watch Christoph Schiller's book evolve dynamically online.

You need Acrobat (you may download it from his site) to read his *.pdf format.

See his Third Part and look for sections labeled "...farewell..." Schiller shows how, at Planck scales, matter and quantum vacuum unify a la SQ and DQ. Learn about physical issues at Planck scales and consider profound philosophical consequences. To tantalize your philosophical appetite, see these sections in his Third Part:

  1. Farewell to instants of time
  2. Farewell to points in space
  3. Farewell to the space-time manifold
  4. Farewell to observations and measurements
  5. Farewell to particles
  6. Farewell to mass

He concludes matter and vacuum (empty space-time) cannot be distinguished at Planck scales. Wow!

Motion Mountain (his web page)

Third Part (this is pdf format, need Acrobat reader)

Request for a paper: Any of you who have read Garn LeBaron's paper (see link at right), know he used Pirsig's MoQ to resolve ethical aspects of euthanasia.

Are you interested in writing a paper on ethical aspects of abortion using Pirsig's MoQ? If you are, please consider publishing it on our Quantonics web site.

Email us at NOFLAMEqtx{at}earthlink{dot}netNOSPAM if you are interested in writing this paper. We expect Quality similar to Garn's work in,
The Ethics of Euthanasia.

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