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Valentine's Day 1993

As we hold each other —
and we are one this night
I cannot but feel deeply
some degree of fright
My mind reviews our progress
of this fragile love so far
Keenly sensing this wonder a
near separation may mar

But I know you much better
than I did one year ago
Now Orphawan’s facets entreat
my urgent love to know
Each discovery like Sesame
novis, a new door
Once opened, discloses
wondrous secrets more and more

Your warm, cuddling nature
awakened us this early morn
A next segment of our new lives
anew sprouts fresh born
Starting our special heart day with
rapture, anticipation, and glee
Orphawan / Amman on Valentine's Day
loving, happy, and free

No one can touch like we do
in a vaporous steaming shower
Touching you, caressing your wetness  
  engenders Amman's love power
Your hands thrust soap and survey  
  my throbbing, wanton skin
Eros drives my Id swirl, and
animal borne vortices akin

Gifts of devotion fill up my eyes,
a love trove to plunder
Make this special Valentine's Day
put all previous ones asunder
Balloon morphed hearts, books,
a card, monster cookie, and bouquet
 A love like this forces self interrogation —
can we quit? No way!

I show my Valentine love for you
with flowers and chocolate treats
As our day progresses, you sample often,
but admonish me not to eat
You examine each of many chocolate items
with salivation in wait
In this relationship there can only be one
chocoholic, Orphawan my fate

To work off all that chocolate,
cross-country-skiing our ken decide
We leave behind most cares and stress,
into wilderness our blades collide
We cut through Earth's snow and ice
in Her beauty and natural arts
Souls bound forever, in cold white
glitter, playing their natal part

Our virginal surroundings
etch permanently deep heart relief
Adventure stacking new mind slices:
layers of found belief
We ski, push, fall and clamber
to notes unheard before
Tinkling ice from trees afalling,
chaotic music amidst amour

Then we measure distance, and
find how far we walk and run
Each detent elicits recollections
of prior sojourns’ abundant fun
This big car as our yardstick
ticking off tenths speculation achurn
We anticipate new footfalls in
our futures’ dawning turns

Our skins we make much browner,
just right, twenty seconds less
We get just a perfect color, with
timing, seldom left to guess
Artificial sunlight impinging thoughts
emotions hot and glowing
Twenty-minute life segments apart, yet together,
nurtures our love growing

Fahitas sizzling on a platter, Spanish
odors fill olfactory sense
Corn chips and salsa precede dinner,
wait waxing more intense
We enjoy a meal together at our
Irish Mexican’s place
Sate fills empty, while love's
glow-light lingers our cuddy space

Then, can you believe, a movie
recursing time 'n day atcocan?1
Stuck in Puxatawney on Phil’s Day,
reworking life 'n way nojokin'
Normal — we set an example — to
live life free of untidy knots
We see in awed amazement, so close it
'twas to our quantum thoughts

At home we watch Sarah, Plain and Tall
which makes our tears to flow
Sarah gains family,
their rugged lives trace well for us to grow
Frequently touching hands
and trading looks that belie our feelings deep
We learn how life can be perfect and imperfect:
we sow and then we weep

I go to bed upon made floor
to commence much needed sleep
Later, after your bedtime preparations,
you come and rouse me from dream’s keep
Tousled bedclothes cold cool my skin
and intensify my need
You express desire for us to love
and say, "Hasten with undue speed.

"But be tender and take some time to caress me,
for a true lover never hurries
"Then roll me over and rub well my front,
all my brown 'n curvies
"Rub my back and shoulders,
and don't forget my feet, legs and butt
"By then we'll both be ready,
and my drenched door will open, can't stay shut."

True your words indeed are,
slick wetness rages like hot flood
I touch your moist triangle patch of hair
from belly button just sud
Heat in your loins spreads like fire
to my enthralled and surging groin
My greedy Eros pressing desire
your favors to purloin

You pant and moan voweled wail of love's seduction,
Oh! what a song
Of what you urgently want me to do,
with a promise it shall be long
You stare into my eyes while singing,
using looks to state the rest
I cherish that countenance you send,
when you wish my performance blessed

You have taught me new use of index,
in gentle stimulating motion
Then index dipping in your well,
to lubricate like slippery lotion
Tiny circles on Crissy's tender spot,
twixt pudenda hanging warm and hot
Evolve to delicate vertical strokes,
building excitement for a final shot

You say, "I want you inside me,"
this most natural way for us to be
When I hear those words, I reach ultimate happiness,
and I become most free
Just us one together in union,
make perfect marriage by primal law
The anticipation is excruciating,
but we know a little lingering spawns no intrinsic flaw

I say, "I want you to take control,"
one way to keep you pleased
You fondle and scratch and rub and tease,
mine shaft of flesh you have seized
You roll on your back and pull me on top,
of your brown and gorgeous form
Get that great satisfier ready,
prepare it one right way, to roar like a storm

You place glans at wet entrance to your cave and say,
"Push into me, can't wait,"
You prod anxiously and smile
and pucker your lips into an urgent state
But I say, "Let's go slowly and easily
so you can enjoy it so much more,"
Its tip just eases in,
odiferous vaginal moisture lubricating your door

You moan with pleasure
and mouth my name with primal fire
You squirm and move your hips
up love's mountain in grip acquire
Move satisfier gradually in and out
friction building at love's gate
Coherent tide in me is towing irrevocably,
now I see our fate

You beseech we do this together,
synchronicity in timed splash
Simultaneous arrival atcocan,
we achieve fulfillment high in mutual thrash
I know now we can do it,
that which all true lovers seek
Our joyous release permanently entangles,
a quantonic fusion of us unique.

And so ends our special Saint Valentine's Day,
in this year of '93
But our hearts are full, knowing permanent love will
last and keep us free
Sadly we attempt to deny harsh fear,
that this may be our last
Both Amman and Orphawan Quanton,
all of this special day just passed.

by Paul Douglas Renselle 14February1993

Note 1: atcocan - At the corner of close and now, a takeoff on Harry Connick, Jr’s.

"At the corner of close and soon." from his recording of Forever, For Now.

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