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This is our October, 2005 editorial

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Why did Joseph Knecht leave Castalia?

Why would a human — who has become...through arduous efforts...Magister Ludi — Master of the Games — leave Castalia, leave Castalia's Glass Bead Games?

Joseph Knecht, in his maturity and at his height of intellectual maturity, discovered: The Glass Bead Games are Dialectic! Knecht chose to leave Dialectic's Castalian Church of Reason and enter quantum reality's love of sophism.

Doug - 13Oct2005.

"...Serenely let us move to distant places,
And let no sentiments of home detain us..."

Joseph Knecht in his poem Stages.

See Hermann Hesse's
The Glass Bead Game,
Nobel Prize, Literature, 1946.

Where did Joseph Knecht go?

He became, One with the Grail.


Notice how closely Grail appears similar to what Heraclitus referred logos.

Further, Heraclitus insisted that,
"Dialecticians do not understand the Grail," and
"Dialectic blinds humans to the Grail."

Also ponder He~r a clit us, and H~er a clit us. (i.e., gender vis-à-vis eros)
Also, "in the beginning was the logos," and "in the beginning was the Grail.

14Oct2005 - Doug.

End aside.

How can we be k~now~ings that? Like this:

Knecht (quantumly, n¤t dialectically) "renounced all falsity," (Wolfram's poem) and
(quantumly, n¤t dialectically) Sang Realized "that which is absent negation."


Sankara: due an invalid dialectical assumption that all is "unreal."
Quantumly, Sankara issi better (i.e., 'correct').

End aside.

Renouncing all falsity is renouncing all dialectic!
It is renouncing all Western Greco-Roman dialectical heritage!
But, but, but, there is more...much, much, much...much more...

Unfortunately, Sankara too is a dialectician.
His statement, "Reality is that which is absent negation,"
finds its East Indian philosophical bases in a dichon:

Sankaran_Reality is dichon(Unreality, Illusory_Reality).

Compare that to SOM_Reality is dichon(Exists_not, Objective_Reality).

Although SOM sees Objective Reality as Real and Sankara saw Unreality as 'Real,' Sankara too lived in SOM's Box.

Doug - 14Oct2005.

See Chapter 11, Wolfram's poem quotations, Holy Blood ,Holy Grail,


See Encyclopedia Britannica, 2003 CDROM, Sankara, Sunyata, and Madhyamika.


Students of Quantonics must be aware that we do n¤t embrace Buddhism.
Essential Buddhism mostly adheres SOM's_Wall-middle-exclusivity.
Even Sankara claims that all is unreal and that is why
Pirsig left India during his East Indian philosophical training.
See p. 126 out of 373 pages total, ZMM, Bantam paperback.
Near end of Chapter 12. Doug.

Here is a quote with prefix and suffix paragraphs included:

"Logic presumes a separation of subject from object; therefore logic is not final wisdom.
The illusion of separation of subject from object is best removed by the
elimination of physical activity, mental activity and emotional activity.
There are many disciplines for this [classical 'science' is a major one; Attic dialect, another].
One of the most important is the Sanskrit dhy_na, mispronounced in
Chinese as 'Chan' and again mispronounced in Japanese as 'Zen.'
Phædrus never got involved in meditation because it made no sense to him.
In his entire time in India 'sense' was always logical consistency
and he couldn't find any honest way to abandon this belief.
That, I think, was creditable on his part.

"But one day in the classroom the professor of philosophy was blithely
expounding on the illusory nature of the world for what seemed the fiftieth time
and Phædrus raised his hand and asked coldly if it was believed that the
atomic bombs that had dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki were illusory.
The professor smiled and said yes. That was the end of the exchange.

"Within the traditions of Indian philosophy that answer may have been correct,
but for Phædrus and for anyone else who reads newspapers regularly
and is concerned with such things as mass destruction of human beings that answer
was hopelessly inadequate. He left the classroom, left India and gave up."

Our brackets, bold and color - Doug.

End aside.

What Buddhists call "the middle-way" should be and may be perceived as
quantum reality's quantonic~straddle: a BAWAM "included~middlings" of
b¤th whileings undi(omni)fferentiated amd mahny di(omni)fferentiated ræhlity:

quantum_reality issi quantons(isoflux,flux).

In Quantonics, quanton(isoflux,flux) "renounces all falsity," and
thus allows one to become one with quantum reality which is a
quantum~anacoquecigrues of entering the Grail. In other words
The Grail issi quanton(isoflux,flux), pure absence of negation!

Quantum Reality issi pure absence of negation! See our QELR of positive.

Dialectic demands, as principally and legally axiomatic, negation!

Doug - 14Oct2005.

Our Firefox wish list:

We really need to be capable of selecting browser text and then command-U to source ?MTL and directly see selected text in source mode. Currently, Cmd-U takes us to page top of source.

Our fonts wish list:

We need a font option to mirror~reflect typed characters both vertically and horizontally.

Arbitrary font rotation would be handy too.

Individual character animation would be a dream come true...

Individual~character context sensitivity would be beyond dreaming...

Are these "smart fonts?" AI fonts?

Ultimately, we want to have at least a 1GHz cpu behind each character in any display of text and all of its relevant associationings!!! Why? Generic, document scope (and ultimately beyond), EIMA character~interrelationshipings quantum linguistic comtext emulation.

Note how this wish list defaults in any genuine quantum computer!


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November, 2005 News:

On USA's Top Level Governmental 'Administration' ...

Have you been avidly watching Patrick Fitzgerald's incredible indictment Chautauqua? We have! Last time we felt like this was 911, and prior that, Clinton's impeachment.

What did you think (or perhaps thingk) about Libby's indictment?

What did you think (...) about Fitzgerald's baseball metaphor?

Doug's thoughts on Libby's indictment:

Doug's thoughts on Fitzgerald:

Our big question here is why in hell isn't law like baseball, then?

There is n¤ absolute truth! Real truthings are agents of their own change! Just as in baseball. Real truthings are hermeneutic, not ideally, classically oppositive! Just as in baseball. Real truthings are ensemble probability omnistributionings! Just as in baseball.

We can demonstrate this, again as we have already elsewhere on Quantonics' web site, by applying ensemble probability to this legal 'situation.'

Set up n¤t one, rather 100 special prosecutors. Give each of them grand juries. Make all of them adhere same rules Fitzgerald so fervently reveres. Have all of them attempt to prosecute this same case. Have all of them complete their cases in not more than 24 months. Wait until all have completed their work.

Look at that ensemble of results. What do we see?

If you are a classicist similar ilk Fitzgerald you probably believe that all results should be identical.

If you are a baseball fan who adheres reality as ensemble probabilistic you have come to learn that no two results will be identical. Some will indict. Some will not. Some will indict Cheney only, Some will indict Rove only. Some will indict Libby. Some will indict all major players in Bush's 'administration.'

Does that show us that 'truth' is classically, dialectically, baseballically absolute?

It shows us that reality is probabilistic and the 'rules' of probability are entirely unlike dialectical 'rules' Fitzgerald uses to indict Libby. Fitzgerald's approach is just and simply bogus! Odds that his results, even remotely, reflect reality are tiny! That's why everyone that we have heard and talked to feels empty, unsatisfied, con fused...

But USA 'law' is dialectical!!! USA 'law' is really illegal!

There's more, much more, but we need to leave it at that or we will just induce more confusion than already exists.

Note how happy Bush, et al., are that confusion reigns. Puchanananananan is e bull ient: naaaa...nananana, nananana...nanana...nanana! More confusion evokes more rapid decline of interest which is what Bush and his cronies want. Concomitant though is a more rapidly declining respect...sad, sad, sad...

Thank you for reading....

Doug - 29Oct2005.

See you here again in early December, 2005!



J What a Month this has been! What a square mood I'm in. It's almost like being inna box... (Maybe they can indict us for lyrical plagiarism.)

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