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Acronyms Used in Quantonics
This List is a Mixture of MoQ, Quantum, Quantonic, and Colloquial Acronyms
Also see our Unique, Coined Quantonic Terms.

Pink background is new and~or revised.

Add qwfal - 19Feb2016.

See five PBing tools for desnouring 'unsaids' under wMBU™. 27Feb2012 - Doug.
(These are analogous public accountings' PLAT.)

Item    Acronym Description
     ADQ - Absolute Dynamic Quality. Quantum reality is "Absolute Dynamic Quality." Classical notions of reality depend upon ideal objective stability which we call "ESQ."
     AFM - Atomic Force Microscope (See STM.) 'AFM' is an inept classical appellation for 'STM.' It is inept because 'force' is classically 'mechanical.' SOM reality is classically conceptual. See Bergson's Radical Mechanism and his Radical Finalism. Quantum/MoQ/Quantonic reality is n¤n-mechanical. Quantum tunneling is an adept n¤nmechanical quantum meme. See nMoQ.
   AI - Artificial Intelligence
   AIA - WJS' book, The Animate and the Inanimate
     AKA - Also Known As
     ApoG - Absencepartial of gravity (ApoG) . See PpoG.
AToHN - Hume's A Treatise of Human Nature book title.
     AVD - Absolutely Varying Durationings. Compare to Einstein's relativities' Invariant Geometrical Interval. See IGI. See RIGI. See duration.
     BAAM - Quantum "both-all/amd-many." Quantonics inanimate pluralistic both/and cooption of classical either/or.

- Binary Alternative Denial. A key dialectical EOOO Sheffer's stroke genetic defect in CTMs. Essence of classical Popperian 'proof' via 'contradiction.' Classical "quantum-mechanics'" Eigenvalues are BAD. Why? They lack quantum~reality's positive energy wave~stochastics! Eigenvalues are bivalent. Either zero or one, false or true, etc. See Doug's coining of omnivalence. A great reference on Sheffer's stroke is Simon Blackburn's Oxford Dictionary of Philosophy. See Doug's QQA on dialectic.

Nearly all 'decision making' in western cultures today finds its bases in BAD. Bivalent 'decision making' is simply bogus in its extreme naïveté. What is a quantum alternative? Poisson Bracketing on ensemble wave stochastics.

See Henri Louis Bergson below on Quantization of Free Will. Avoid BAD via wMBU. Quantization of Free Will is one of Quantonics' wMBU quantum~instruments.


- Quantum "both-all/while/amd-many." Quantonics animated pluralistic both/and cooption of classical either/or. More quantumesque purely, "bothing-all/while/anding-many."

See a more detailed description of BAWAM under our How to Become A Student of Quantonics.

 [Bb]ine - Beginning in end. Qabalically, its game is a complementaryq antinomialq quantized loop where, "The beginning is in the end and the end is in the beginning." Manifesta include quantons(Aleph,Tav), quantons(1,2), quantons(Hæ,Shæ), etc. Aleph nhissihn Tav, 1 nhissihn 2, Hæ nhissihn Shæ, Up nhissihn Down, Right nhissihn Wrong, East nhissihn West, etc.
     BWA - Quantum "both/while/amd." Quantonics animated dualistic both/and cooption of classical either/or. More quantumesque purely, "bothing/while/anding."
   BEC - Bose-Einstein Condensates; many atoms condensed as a super zero-spin bosonic atom
     BTW - By The Way
     btwsd - believe, think, write, say, do. If we show btwsdc we intend classical believe, thingk, write, say, and do. If we show btwsdq we expect quantum bælihævæ, thinkq, wrihte, sahy, amd d¤.
     CAF - Coherent Adiabatic Fuzzon
     CCP - Cell Chip Pragmadigm; QELRed as Cæll Chip Prægmadigm(ing(s))
     CCQ - Cell Chip Quantology; QELRed as Cæll Chip Quant¤l¤gy(ing(s))
     CEO - Classical Either-Or. For example, Classical Executive Orders as radicallyc Either-Or Binary Alternative Denial (BAD), bivalent, "Either our way Or the highway," classical, tyrannical. Please see Friedrick von Hayek's opus, e.g., Road to Serfdom. Also fathom von Mises' opus, especially his stochastic~subjective quantumness.
 CeodE - Current era of dialectical Error, [Cc]. e. o. d. E, or as an acronym CeodE. See dialectic.

- Choice, Chance, Change. Choosings, Chancings, Changings. A nowistic, a priori (i.e., QLO, anticipating nextings), perpetual quantum selection ontology. This is analogous classical notions of PM and PMM, except this quantum ¤nt¤l¤gy issi ¤næ ¤f pærpætual, mahssihvely ænsehmble EIMA quantum pr¤cæssings' fluxings. Sææ: pærpætual moti¤n, ænsehmble, amd pr¤cess.

Also see our reality loops which minimally~exhibit  CH3 graphically: MoQ I Reality Loop, MoQ II Reality Loop, Generation III Reality Loop, and QVH Table quanton(scin,quan) loop.

   COORs - SOM's Church Of Objective Reason(ing)s
     CPE - Circular Probable Error, also CEP, Circular Error Probability
     CPN - Classical Prime Number (Also see FPN.)
- Cultural Relativism (one of SOM's classically-based derived ISMs)
- Sentients who practice CR. See our Famous CRites.
- Where cultural relativists 'live.' Sometimes we call it CReveland.
- Students of CR who do politically correct relativistic thing-king
     crsp - Classically Radical Static Plan. Compare MBO (crsp Management By [dialectical] Objective) to waveMBU™, i.e., qrup: wave Management By Uncertainty
     CSG - Classical Social Governance; classicists, SOMites and CRites believe classical society is above classical individual.

- Classical Thinking Method (both SOM and CR use dialectic) See our quantum stage.

  • We also intend by CTM:
    • naïve realism and
    • naïve localism,
    • both ISMs borne of archaic, anachronistic, and passé Iliadic, Parmenidean, Platonic, Aristotelian, Thomist, Buridanian, Baconian, Descartesian, Newtonian, Einsteinian thing-king methods
  • CTMs may be narrated as:
    • Bergson's 1st desnouered classical delusion that reality is stable, thus: analytically stoppable, state-ic, event-ic and
    • Bergson's 2nd desnouered classical delusion that objects in reality are independent, thus: depend massively on 'normative,' 'tautologous,' and 'axiomatic' assumptions of objective, substantial, and material independence
    • Bergson's 3rd desnouered classical delusion that negation is objective (see Bergson's "Negation is Subjective).

Here is a quote of Doug from our recent, 2004, review of chapter 8 of Max Jammer's The Philosophy of Quantum Mechanics:

"One notion that is incredibly important to grasp here is that all 'as practiced' logic and mathematics [and thing-king] on Earth today find their bases in Aristotle! Few understand that he was just wrong! To us, that is a major catastrophe for our world. It is the key SOM Disablersee Key Disablers of nearly all thinking on Earth at Millennium III's emergence. Perhaps even more important: Aristotle infects everyday judgment, society, law, epistemology, ethics, politics, and so on. It is an unmitigated disaster of maltuitive thought. We've lived with it for 2500 years. It is nowings rent and purchase for change."

CTMs are all based on primitive, only apparently tautological and thus deludedly-veritable assumptions, carefully examined, proffer a bottom line that classical truth is little more than cultural, local opinion. Our view is that Heraclitus had a better set of hermeneutics which included his view that, "Dialectic blinds humans to the logos." Heraclitus' logos is much more like what we refer "coquecigrues" and "quantum reality" today at Earth Millennium III's commencement. See our SOM's Bases of Judgment. Yellow background table cells there are what Pirsig refers as, "SOM's Church of Reason." In Quantonics we call it a, "classical dialectical analytic deign to feign."

     DAF - Decoherent Adiabatic Fuzzon
     DEK, dek - Driving, Enabling Key; when Doug says a meme, a memeo is "dek," he is saying said meme[o] enables and pulls one's quantum~stage into ensemble quantum~futurings' awarenessings.
   DIQ - Dialectical IQ; Classicists and SOMites have dialectical Intelligence Quotients. DIQs are measurable.
     DNA - DioxyriboNucleic Acid
   DQ - Dynamic Quality (SQ's c¤mplement)
     dumbass - dialectical über mob bosses assuaging sociopathetic sepsis - an affine description of, e.g., NObama, da Dimbaughlb, el Papa, Rumsfeld, Cheney, Bu()sh(), etc...
     DWUM - Dwelling [co]Within Unspecifiable Manifestations; Michael Polanyi's dual of Henri Bergson's intellectual sympathy and think being directly, thibedir. Unspecifiable Manifestations permits, too, an inference of Pirsig's DQ and its nearly countless classical and quantum, e.g., included~middle, everywhere~association analogues. See our review of Polanyi's Study of Man. Search there for <DWUM>. See especially Polanyi's remarks regarding a LaPlacean Predicament.
     EEE - Empirical Evolute Extension - This is nature's incremental delivery-of-reality as quantized (see quanta; see also wMBU™'s Quantization of Free Will below) stochastic~ensemble~modalities based on massively heterogeneous quanta ensemble~selectings whatings~happenings~nextings as QLOistic betterings. We see nature here as intrinsically moral. How? Two large tells are quantum reality issi positive. All stochastics are n¤n~negative. Too, quantum reality's quantons are all coobsfective and coaware: they are always, up to Planck rates, selecting what is l¤cally better in their own l¤cal~quantum~coherent and quantum~autonomous views what issi betterings. Pirsig's Lila philosophically describes this as morality.
   EEMD - Everywhere-Excluded-Middle-Dissociative/Dissociatively/Dissociativity; essential metaphor of dichons, and their objective classical interactions;
   EIMA - Everywhere-Included-Middle-Associate/Association/Ass¤ciative/Ass¤ciatively/Ass¤ciativity; essential metaphor of quantons, quantum SONs; qubits aræ quantum SONs; EIMAs, key quantum pr¤cessings of quantum c¤mplementarity, are source (sourcings) and agency (agencies) of what classicists call "Bell inequalities;"
 [Ee]inb - End in beginning. Qabalically, its game is a complementaryq antinomialq quantized loop where, "The end is in the beginning and the beginning is in the end." Manifesta include quantons(Tav,Aleph), quantons(2,1), quantons(Shæ,Hæ), etc. Aleph nhissihn Tav, 1 nhissihn 2, Hæ nhissihn Shæ, Up nhissihn Down, Right nhissihn Wrong, East nhissihn West, etc.
   EMM - Einstein Meets Magritte conference, Brussels, Belgium, May/June, 1995
     EOOO - Classical "either-one/or-other." Aristotle's dialectical 'law' of classical contradiction. See Aristotle. Either-or is classical dialectic. See Heraclitus on dialectic (browser search for 'dialectic').
   EPR - Einstein, Podolsky, Rosen; see our critical review of their famous 1935 paper
- Ensehmble Quantum C¤mplexity, also Ensehmble Quantum C¤mplementarity
   EQEG - Ensehmble Quantum Entropy Gradients; In quantum reality each quanton has its own quatrotomous ensehmble of entr¤pies, and each quanton may be an ensehmble of quantons, e.g., ensehmble(ensehmble...(quantons)). Each quanton's quantum p¤sentr¤py gradient may be changing islandically am¤ng ¤ther quanton's c¤mplementary p¤sentr¤py gradient changæs. Similar quantum n¤ti¤ns apply t¤ each quanton's quantum zer¤entr¤py, negentr¤py, and mixentr¤py gradients.
   EQI - Ensehmble Quantum Inertia

- Ensehmble Quantum Uncertainty

A fine, but cogent, point is that quantum ensembles are not classical. Classically, we can thingk of historical a posteriori ensembles as di(omni)-stinct from parallel-simultaneous a priori ensembles. Quantum ensembles are adirectional, atemporal, amagnitudinal, massihvely prægmallel (vis-à-vis classically, state-ically 'parallel'), etc. Flux rate is quantum essence. Direction, time, and magnitude are, among countless others, classical hyperboxland (4D) Feynmanian-collodionesque interpretations of quantum flux.

An excellent example, in Quantonics, of what we intend by EQU is: any diffraction pattern. Any diffraction (rather, quantum omniffraction) pattern directly measures animate, included~middle~everywhere~associative EQU. To understand quantum~omniffraction, one must study challenging memes surrounding quantum~scintillation. When a photon is absorbed by an atom's electron in an omniffraction pattern's 'target' screen, that photon's energy is transferred to, modulates, said electron. When that 'happenings,' absorbed photon's light tentatively 'goes away.' After some uncertain delay, said electron may choose to 'decay' to a lower energy shell. Fathom, briefly, how electron decay may be viewed innovatively and elegantly as quasi~rectification, demodulation, quantum~style. (Doug begs you to ask self, "Self, how can I do this quantum~electron 'rectification' on isoflux?") When 'electron~decay' is 'happenings,' a photon is emitted. Absorbed photon's light suddenly reappears. Classically this 'uncaused' light is called paradoxically an 'apparition.' Classicists view this as 'inexplicable phenomena.' Classically it is inexplicable. Doug just showed you how, quantumly, it is explicable. If you grasp Doug's intent here, you see essence of classical enigma called "effectless cause," and "causeless effect." A huge issue here is that quantum~scintillation must be viewed as Bergsonian~gn¤stic durational quantum~pr¤cæss (wave flux changings). Quantum~scintillation appears classically acausal, n¤t 'because' quantum~reality is acausal, rather quantum~reality is flux durational and always changing. What that means is that we cann¤t 'measure' scalarbatively dichon(when, where) a 'cause' occurs. John von Neumann tried and failed. Doug's description here explicates von Neumann's 'failure.' Actually it was a 'success' in showing why we cann¤t 'measure' quantum~reality classically. See monitor. Classicists naïvely and DIQheaded conventionally choose to analyse scintillation as stoppable state-event immobilities. When you view scintillation quantumly, there are n¤ classical enigma. Try it. Describe classical scintillation. Describe quantum~scintillation using Doug's grundlagen. Compare them side-by-side. If you do this 'without cheating,' you will understand both quantum and classical realities thoroughly. Your quantum~stage~mind and its potential qua will exceed your own expectations! Doug. When you view scintillation classically, "effectless cause," and "causeless effect" oxymora emerge. Why? Dialectic depends upon 'event-state' 'science.' So we may choose to obtain how CTMs induce classical paradice. Note: This paragraph offers one to three sequential courses worth of curricula for teaching tertiary-and-post-level quantum~memes.

For a relevant discussion see Jammer, The Philosophy of Quantum Mechanics, pp. 113-117. Included within those pages ponder this remarkable comment by Einstein, "If one works only with Schrödinger waves, the interpretation II of |Y|2, [i.e., quantum mechanics is considered as a complete theory of individual processes] I think, contradicts the postulate of relativity."

Elsewhere we have mentioned how most quantum theorists today try to ignore Schrödinger's wave mechanics. Is this part of an answer to why?

We should pay more attention to Huygens, Göethe, de Broglie, Schrödinger, and Bohm!

In Quantonics, quantum theory is not relative, quantum relativity theory is quantum. We must not relativize quantum theory, rather quantumize relativity theory. But that is unnecessary! Quantum theory, Quantonics style, intrinsically bears its own, more Poincaréan version of relativity.

See our Quantum Uncertainty as Macroscopic.

     EQV - Ensehmble Quantum Value
     ESOOQFAN™ - Evolving Self~Other~Organizing Quantum~Fractal Antennæ Network - A Quantonics modalings of our quantum~stagings, and in a way, a modalings of quantum~reality itself.
   ESQ - Exclusive SQ; in Quantonics SOM is ESQ, i.e., we have idealized SOM as a perfectly mechanical, exclusively state-ic strawman. Said strawman adheres reality as concrete, as ESQ. Said strawman claims emergent evolving reality is "absurd, nonsense, impossible, ridiculous, non credible, etc." Parmenides, Plato, and Aristotle are good examples of our SOM strawman. Heraclitus is a good example of their antitheses.
- Pirsig's ESQ shares some semantic with ancient gnosticism which says that "(dead, ESQ) material is evil." Gnostics held that old testament's 'God' (yahweh) was an evil archon (bad word, bad DNA, bad semantic, evil belief, etc.). Too, gnostics adhered (living, pr¤cæss~rædeæmptive) knowledge and eschewed (dead, decoherent, demiurge's ESQ) faith. In that regard, they were early 'scientists.' According Roman 'Christianity,' since Constantine and Irenæus, gnosis was "upside down." In Quantonics, (living, pr¤cæss~rædeæmptive) faith is essence of human potentia. Faith is a child of quantum creation. By comparison dialectical 'Christianity' is gnosticism inverted, yet still dialectically ESQ. Dialectic is about stux. Quantonics is about flux. Flux effaces ESQ.
- Quantonics adepts note that quantum reality's 'material' is fermionic and fermions are absolute flux and only apparently material 'state.' Modern quantum scientists refer fermions in terms of Prince Louis de Broglie's "matter waves." So we can see that quantum science drives out any ancient gnostic ESQ. It also drives out ESQ born of Greek Attic dialectic.
- In Autiot ESQ issi Mawt-Hamawt which ciphers quantumly as a return to isoflux with a total loss of Value. In quantonicsese, "Isop(sings) to ison(sings) absent any isob(sings) and isop(sings) to ison(sings) absent any isoV(sings).

- Evolutionarily Stable Strategy; from Richard Dawkins' The Selfish Gene; students of Quantonics should be aware that quantum-ESSs demand ubiquitous quantum individual awareness, and free will, immersed in a quantum ontology of CH3 (choosings, chancings, and changings); See Boris Sidis on this topic in Ch. X of his Nervous Ills.

Before digging into details here please review Doug's recent (CeodE 2011) 'Is Stable Survivability an Oxymoron?'

This acronym has evolved in Quantonics. Biggest reason for its evolution is 'Stable.' In quantum~reality naught is classically 'stable.' As a result of that, Doug has evolved ESS to quantonic semantic, interpretation, hermeneutics and semasiologies of Evolutionary Survival Strategy. Doug didn't think anyone would notice his subtle change in usage of ESS, but Dale (AKA AH and DMD) did notice. Doug wants to share a brief dialogue with Dale here on this issue:

Subject: Re: ESS Clarification
From: Doug Renselle
Date: Fri, 21 Oct 2011 17:09:23 -0400
To: Audio Head
CC: Steven R Kleffman


You wrote:

"Audio Head wrote:

Hey Doug!

In last email, you mentioned ESS as Evolutionary Survival Strategy.  
However, at site you list it as Evolutionary Stable Strategy, furthermore, 
you have told me our SQings are not survival, rather getting better.  
Also, at site, under ESS, you say that "good memes practice and process 
ESS quantum pragma."
They survive(?) via their fully adaptive self-other quantization.  
Can you clarify apparent semantic confusion?
Reason I questioned you about Bergson's semantic of 'stability' was because of your ESS at site.
His second classical delusion, 'reality is stable' runs counter to ESSings,
why would we strive to achieve delusion?  I have believed maybe that "reality is predominately stable"
might have been a better choice of words.

Also, you have said at site that MOQ is about viewing reality as balancing change and stability,
see "Philosophical Winners".  What do you thinkq?
                                                            Yours Quantumly,

Doug's response:

See, you just keep proving to me how excellent you are at finding issues.

You won't believe this, but when I wrote that I asked self, "Do you think Dale will catch this?"

I really did. And you really did.

It's a great challenge, and it isn't totally simple for me to explain, so let me make a first cut and then see if you can grasp essence. I'm sure you can.

Bergson has it right, IMO. Now by 'right' Doug intends quantum~better. Bergson says reality isn't 'stable.' Doug agrees! ('Stability' is key to Keynesian economic theory, and that explains essentially why Keynesianism is in its death throes just now. Stability of product (what they call 'results') is their Total Quality Control goal, but they are doing Total Quantity Control, not Total Quality Control. Notice how this stuff applies to our real world experiences...)

Dawkins said a good strategy has to be classically 'stable' (e.g., constant, stux, Newtonian immutable, etc.), thus his ESS: Evolutionarily Stable Strategy.

What has Doug been breaking his pneumatic back over for nearly half a year?

A Quantum English Language Remediation of 'equilibrium.' That is quintessence of Doug's use of "Evolutionarily Survival Strategy."

Quantum~survival isn't classically 'stable.' Is that apparent?

Why did Doug write that? Flux is crux. Adaptation is required for survival. Equilibria are only brief pauses twixt punctuations of chaos (read Gleick's Chaos).

This appears 'simple' initially, but Doug has been doing research on it and finds that Equilibria compose subnano, nano, micro, meso, and macro episodes of equilibria~chaos, equilibria~chaos, ..., equilibria~chaos. Part of reality's equilibria are going through that 'cycle' (an OEDC quantum (quantized) holographic heterogeneity of energy wellings evolving) getting better, and part are getting worse. What is better? EL => EH. What is worse? EH => EL (Energy Higher and Energy Lower). We see ad occulos quanton(better,worse)! Classicists don't see that quanton. Rather, classically-bivalently, they only see either better or worse: a dichon. To them, there is no quantum~both~all~while~and~many.

Begin This isn't simple Aside 29Mar2012:

What is Doug's implicit comtext when he writes, What is better? EL => EH. What is worse? EH => EL?

Doug is assuming reality is holographic.

Recall that Dale's queries about symmetry and asymmetry in July and August, 2006 evoked Doug's remediation of quantum~simple as hyper classical-simple. Classically simplicity increases via Ockhammistic reduction (lowering of system mass-energy). This is actually EH => EL, i.e., taking parts of an objective assembly away to arrive at its classically-simplest semantic. Doug explained that quantum~simplicity doesn't work like that, rather to quantum simplify a hologram one must add to said hologram's waveform ensemble to understand it better, thus EL => EH.

Doug's studies of chaos and equilibrium impose upon him self~challenges similar Dale's on ESS. Somehow Doug intuits, given quantum~reality's radical comtext~sensitivity, that we may not uniformly attach an increase in energy to better and a decrease in energy as worse. It appears to be viable holographically to say that, but Doug cannot make that nagging feeling go away. What nagging feeling, Doug? This: better nissin quanton(EH,EL), and worse nissin quanton(EL,EH).

We need better exegesis here...

More work ahead,


End This isn't simple Aside 29Mar2012.

Equilibrium is only apparently stable for periods of timings. But evolution always drives equilibria into chaos, and there is nothing we can do to prevent it. We can "kick the can," but eventually evolution will have its way and drive any system into chaos (a relatively brief episode) followed by a new equilibrium evolved to a higher energy~wellings' 'level.' Latter is more durational than its previous chaotic parenting~birthing 'progressings.'

What this means is that old energy patterns of 'value' degenerate and are replaced by new energy patterns of Value. This cannot happen with out two quantum~miracles: quantization and scintillation of quanta.

See if that answers your question. Let's dwell on it until it becomes clear to you. I've spent most of that time while you were out of commission doing this basic research and it is paying off just in time for your return. Talk about timing...

This is a very good exercise. I will be able to use this text  in Chapter 4 of my new online text.

You detected EStableSL evolving into ESurvivalSH as Doug's writing doing said evolution in near real timings. I will have to update our ESS acronym to account for this evolutionary change. I thought about it when I used it elsewhere, but I didn't think anyone would notice. You did!

Evolution and survival find their bases in evolving equilibria~chaos cycles ubiquitously scintillating quanta at all scales of reality. New is generated (avalevita AKA analanche) and old is dissipated (avalanche). But we have to both~and include avalevita in avalanche and avalanche in avalevita (analanche). Say "avalevita" somewhat like Arnold's "Hasta la vista."

See also: Doug's QELRs of equilibrium and gradience. Doug's recent CeodE 2011-21012 A Primer on Quantum~Cuneiform of Chaos and Equilibrium.

Thank you, Dale,



- Energy Wellings. See Doug's 3D Fuzzons. Quantonics' EWings are quantum~holograilic, quantum~holographic and quantum~hologramic. See Doug's What is Grail?

Doug wants students of Quantonics to view EWings as quantum~semblance (~semblancings) of "what is."

     feces - fetid elite chicanery extruding sociopathy. Gives novel semantic head to H5W TSHTF.
     FEP - Finance, Economics, Politics
     FFE - Far From Equilibrium. Please omnistinguish classical vav quantum.
     FoF  - Quantum: Frequency[ings] of Frequency[ings].
   FPN - Fermionic Prime N¤mbær. For a review of basics on fermionic primæs and their interrelationships to EQC, EQI, EQU, IPACs, MTBUEs, and PSIUEs, see Bergson's TaFW, topic 34, page 192 comments. (Also see CPN.)
     FTL - Faster Than Light
     FUD - Fear, Uncertainty, Doubt; stuff of rulers' hylic-dialectical-objective-formal-mechanical-determinate control; few's means of ruling many.
     FUP - Freedom, Uncertainty, and Peace. Quantum traits of quantization (Noun, finalNoun) all wave~functionings cowithihn quantum~reality. See Doug's treatise on Peace as a symptom of Uncertainty. See PUF. Doug - 13Aug2015.
     FYE - For Your Edification, also FYI or For Your Information
     GoG  - Gradient of Gradient, Gradience of Gradience, etc. Chaoequil issue of quantized~choice, ~chance and scintillation~changes in chaos and equilibrium having transmutative~gradience, whose gradience has gradience, and so on. Gradience exhibits quantum~reality's perpetual and ubiquitous alternations of both 'higher~order' and 'higher~omnisorder' fractal~self~other~referent~quantized~packet~flux~recursionings. For more on recursion see Doug's recent Pribram~Sherrington~Nexus~1.
     GUT(s) - Grand Unifying Theory or Theories

- How, why, what, who, when, where

Students of Quantonics can use comparisons of classical vis-à-vis quantum views of these simple terms to shred classical reasoning. Howings? Like this:

Term Classical View Quantum View
How To any classicist 'how' is always accomplished via classical method. Classical 'how' may only be explained using scientific objective truth. Classical method is intransigently dialectical, analytic, mechanic, nominally Boolean, and syllogistic. Classical method's ontology is Newtonian based upon what classicists refer as "the enlightenment." See dialectic. To quantumists 'how' must be QELR'd to a more quantum present-participle howings. Howings issi quantum emergence, emerscence, emerscitecture, emerscenture (in comtrast to classicism's radically mechanical manufacture).
Why To any classicist 'why' is a cause-effect explanation for classical 'events.' Why? "Because single cause A determines effect B, and classicists can prove it 'scientifically' using Popperian falsifiability (based upon binary alternative denial contradiction)." What happens next is a value-free absolute determination.

To quantumists 'why' must be QELR'd to a more quantum present-participle whyings. Whyings issi an ensehmble affectings - Valuings - outcomings explanation for quantum semper flux, animate, affectational, real emergent changæ. Why? With Quantonic adaptation we follow Robert M. Pirsig's lead: "...¤utc¤mings Bings Valuings affective precomditi¤nings Aings." We supplement that statement with others which say,

See "whatings happeninngs nextings."

What To any classicist 'what' is a classical object with classically identifiable objective properties. To quantumists 'what' must be QELR'd to a more quantum present-participle whatings.
Who To any classicist 'who' is a classical object with classically identifiable objective properties. To quantumists 'who' must be QELR'd to a more quantum present-participle whoings. Whoings are quantum emergent processes. Whoings are quantum uncertain beings with full expression of ontic free will within some quantum animate, EIMA comtext.
When To any classicist 'when' is some stoppable uni-time corresponding 1-1, deterministically to a classical 'where.' Classicists both presume and assume that 'when' is 'independent' of any 'where.' All 'wheres' march to a single, homogeneous, OGC, OGT 'when.' To quantumists 'when' needs Quantonic English Language Remediation to whenings. Whenings are animate, EIMA, quantum processings.
Where To any classicist 'where' is a Cartesian locus. 'Where' is classically stoppable in 'space-time.' Classically, 'where' is analytic, synthetic, syllogistic, lisr, objective, etc. It is a fixed, "zero momentum" locus in some state-ic dimensional reference frame. To students of Quantonics AKA quantumists, 'where' should be QELR'd to present-participle whereings. Whereings are quantum processings. Whereings are animate, EIMA, arbitrary probability distributionings whose mode classicists self-delude as 'objective.'

See dialectic.

     HTML  - Hyper Text Markup Language
     HtTIRE - How to Tap Into Reserve Energy; see HtTIRE
   I2APTSO2 - Our acronym for Philip R. Wallace's "Interpretation Involves According Primacy To Subjectivity Over Objectivity," slightly paraphrased from Wallace's 1996 Paradox Lost. See ch. 34, p. 151. Interpretation and hermeneutics beg heterogeneity.
 idiot - ideal dialectical isochrony on time - Classicists, SOMites, hylics are idiots since they treat time classically as monistic, stoppable, capable of ideal simultaneity, state-ic, objective, formal, predicable, etc.

- Einstein's Invariant Geometrical Interval. Compare to quantum AVD.

Readers must be aware that Einstein's notions of Invariant Geometrical Interval and Relative Invariant Geometrical Interval are both invalid in quantum reality. That phasement carries strong implications for classical science. A great example is that classical notions of Lorenz (Lorentz) 'invariance' are also invalid in quantum reality. Simply, Lorenz Invariance is wrong, invalid!

     IMO - In My Opinion
   IPAC - Inertial Persistence of Apparent Certainty (Essence of SOM delusions of classical stability: apparent_truth, apparent_state, apparent_causation, apparent_effectation, apparent_logic, apparent_constancy, apparent_ideal_absence_of_change, apparent_determinacy, etc. All in denial of a quantum reality which is absolute flux and change.)
   ISM - SOM ISMs, e.g., realism, idealism, subjectivism, dualism, etc.

- local, isolable, separate, reductionist - SOM objective attributes

See our Bases of Judgment.

   M3K - Millennium (ending year-)3000 problem; dwarfs Y2K! How do we manage quantum onset?
     MBO - Management By Objective; a classical passé way (method) of business management.

- wahManahgæmænt By Uncertainty™; a quantum ascendant way (mode, m¤dalings: quantum~radically st¤chastic (see QLO; see fuzzon; see fermionta), quantum~radically wah~phasistic~æncodings) of Millennium III business wahvæ~management. Quantum wMBU™ subsumes and devolves MBO as a relic of ancient dialectical management practices and theories.

Quantonics' wMBU™ is strategic. "But Doug, What do you mean, 'wMBU™ is strategic?'" We follow nature. We follow (quantumly, n¤t classically) Richard Dawkins. See ESS, 'Evolutionarily Stable Strategy,' and follow links there.

If you are familiar with Hyman P. Minsky, you might better grasp what Quantonics is all about in terms of strategy. Capitalism is uncertain, quantum~uncertain. Our only possibility of doing ESS in a capitalistic society is to practice wMBU™. Dialectic (and all its paraphernalia, like MBO, classical maths, analysis, etc.) is bogus and wholly inept at even understanding quantum~uncertainty.

If we are to manage uncertainty, we must embrace it...quantumly. Quantonics has been teaching how to do that for over fourteen years!

So what Quantonics tools do we have to do wahManahgæmænt By Uncertainty™? Let's start a list:

  • Believe, think, write, say, and do. PBing wMBU™ tools of quantum~innovation: finding quantum~reality's unsaids.
    Believe, think (theory, quantumly empiritheory), write, say (audit), do (practice) while understanding that ihn quantum~reality there issi n¤ classical (law).
  • Quantonics' explicit Quantum~Political AKA QuPo wMBU™ Tools:
    • What is Simple? What is Complex? Why? Explain. This tool (wMBU™ instrument) illustrates demonstrates massive political power of quantum~individuals over classical societies. For a lucid exemplar see Doug's recent PBing Nine from his evolving internet textbook titled Financial, Economic, and Political [Vv]alue. "What is Simple? What is Complex? Why? Explain," is a Quantonics' Quantum~Political wMBU™ tool.
    • Finding One's Inner. This is crucial for all Quantonics students of Quantum~Politics. There is much quantum~gn¤sis in Doug's approach to finding one's inner. "Finding One's Inner" is a Quantonics' Quantum~Political wMBU™ tool.
    • Grail as a bridge over (tunnel through) fact and Value. This wMBU™ tool is very important and very powerful for one major 'reason:' quantum~grail semasiologically (i.e., using symbol (semiotic) recursive fractal hermeneutics) quantizes quantum~reality! Grail as used in Quantonics packetizes cosmic energy in quantonic interrelationshipings. "Grail" is a Quantonics' Quantum~Political wMBU™ tool.
  • Poisson Bracketings as applied utility modalings of Quantonics' Macroscopic Quantum Uncertainty,
  • Quantization of Free Will described by Henri Louis Bergson's quantization of wave~stochastic uncertainty, like this, "But the determinist, even when he refrains from regarding the more serious emotions or deep seated psychic states as [a multiplicity of, quantized fluxings of] forces, nevertheless distinguishes them from one another and is thus led to a mechanical conception of the self. He will show us this self hesitating between two contrary feelings, passing from one to the other and finally deciding in favour of one of them. The self and the feelings which stir it are thus treated as well defined objects, which remain identical during the whole of the process. But if it is always the same self which deliberates, and if the two opposite feelings by which it is moved do not change, how, in virtue of this very principle of causality which determinism appeals to, will the self ever come to a decision? The truth is that the self, by the mere fact of experiencing the first feeling, has already changed to a slight extent when the second supervenes: all the time that the deliberation is going on, the self is changing and is consequently modifying the two feelings which agitate it. A dynamic series of [quantized] states is thus formed which permeate and strengthen one another, and which will lead by a natural evolution to a free act." (Our bold, color, italics. Bold green is quantum. Bold violet is classical. Bold black is emphasis.) See Bergson's Time and Free Will, p. 171. Notice Dirac's proemial observation ("system which is left undisturbed") restated by Henri Bergson.

    Students of Quantonics immediately re cognize Bergson's simile of Doug's description of a Porsche driver exemplar just below. Bergson demonstrates narratively how sentients should quantize their thoughts much as that Porsche driver quantizes his steering behaviourings. But classical method and those who practice it are blindered to real quantization and instead only thingk mechanically. Compare CTMs and QTMs.

    See cause side-by-side with Quantonics' affectation, for quantum~comparisons. See our QELR of state and form. Waves cannot have stoppable state and immutable form prescribed by classicism. Study what Bergson describes as quantized~fluxings' occurrings happenings as choosings, chancings, and changings.

    Bergson describes quantization of thought. See think, and th~ought. See Doug's essay on Hume's Law.

    Students please notice. This isn't like playing poker, as some suggest. Poker is about classical states and classical scalarbation of those 'states.' Poker is mostly rote recall and bivalent decisioning similar what Bergson describes. Poker isn't a good metaphor of wave Management By Uncertainty. Indeed, it is a poor metaphor. Compare Apple (wMBU's quantum~wave metaphor), and MicroSoft (MBO's poker analog). A basketball exemplar is Michael Jordan (wMBU) vis-à-vis Barack Obama (MBO). See our Bob Knight exemplar too.
  • Bergsonian Duration as applied utility modalings of Quantonics' Macroscopic Quantum Uncertainty,
  • Pribram~Sherrington Nexi, Value as holographic saids and unsaids; saids as energy~welled holographic quantons,
  • Doug's April, 2006 applied macroscopic uncertainty review of Financial Times and E&Y's multi-paper insert 'Mastering Uncertainty' 17Mar2006 issue which included Sull's Difficult Decisions for an Uncertain World paper which Doug reviewed.
  • Empiritheory as a quantum approach to more classical Jamesian-Peircean coquecigruesical~abductive pragmatism.
  • Quantum~th~¤ught as QTMs bridging fact and Value: straddle(Value,fact) quanton(¤ught,th) th~¤ught . See our QELR of thought.
  • Quantum~partialityings as a means of recognizing how modern businesses must embrace biononic emerscenturing memeos. Every product's betterings are always quantum~partial. Any emerscentured product's current expression is only partially what it can become. Any product's potentia is vastly more important than its current emerscitecture.

    If you want an example, consider what Steve Jobs' iPhone memeos have done with standard, classical, Victorian telephone notions. Fathom quanton(unsaid,said) vis-à-vis quanton(iPhone,phone)!

    Hotmeme™ "Any product's unsaid is vastly more important than its said!™" Hotmeme™. A Doug Hotmeme™ observation: "A political brand which embraces both uncertainty and that brand's "unsaids" is vastly more potent than a political brand which doesn't." Consequence? 'Said' brands which are 'certain,' and ignore their unsaids, are static and shall become extinct.

    What are your products' unsaids? If you are happy with their current saids, you are incompetent, and your products are already extinct! If your people do n¤t grasp means of desnouering your products' unsaids, they are already extinct. Replace them with relentless someones who can, who will, who shall.

    Desnouering product unsaids is a perpetual, unending, unstoppable (if you want, at least, a chance at perpetual success) wMBU™ enterprise. When you stop desnouering your products' unsaids, your business loses its life force. Be like Steve! Look around for competition who are happy with their final 'laurel-resting' MBO 'success.' Be like Steve! Start fathoming your competitions' products' unsaids. Find many wayings to bæ d¤ings those products better.

    HotMeme™ "Never stop your organization's Planck rate clock!™" HotMeme™.

    HotMeme™ "All products' saids are always only partial in terms of their yet-unexpressed, yet-unsaid fullness!™" HotMeme™.

    Biggest question your organization can ask itself everyday is, "What are our products' unsaids?"

    "Hey Doug, will this work with politics too?" Now extraordinarily quantum~gn¤stic you (n¤t tragically common we) are really thinkqing!

    Beth says Doug should give you more practical examples, even applications.

    • Education (Brick and mortar to independent, individualized study with individual task accomplishment accreditation (qua) data bases online...)
    • Home and business lighting products (mind commands to lamp; lamp requests to mind; obvious bionon applications here...a kind of quantum~blue~ray...)
      • Voice to text (phone ringer directly to mind; phone voice directly to mind; mind to device and device to mind bionons) applications
      • Home and business heating and cooling products (multi-mind scanning of temperature preferences and physical tracking of individuals and groups to keep local temp's and majority-voted preference levels of individuals in a room, a locus; quantum~heating can make where you are warm~cool while general environment is much hotter-cooler...only heat~cool area required...for a sound exemplar see here...)
      • Refrigerator, shower, faucet temp. preferences...
      • Any product used by humans has unsaid opportunities in this 'minddevice' vein.
    • Just imagine...tap into your individual reserve~energy...
    • etc.

  • Quantization of all processings as prototypical trials

    Why did Doug write HotMeme™ "Never stop your organization's Planck rate clock!™" HotMeme™ just a few lines above?

    Many running Planck rate clocks in any organization keep lots of processes going, but these are quantal processes, n¤t classical y=f(t) continuous processes!

    Note how y=f(t) is "Status quo is the way to go." That is how society teaches classicists to work: via classically continuous process which is what Doug means by "running on automatic."

    Allow Doug to share part of an email with a business consult who is attempting to change from classical certainty management to quantum uncertainty management:

    Letter dated 7Feb2009

    Dear Mr. Entrepreneur,


    "Why must we cease running on automatic social rules? Because same judgment applied same way two time-separated intervals from one another will not consistently work!

    "(think about changing a tire with a hand jack in omniffering con(m)texts' ephemera...sand, hot black top, cold black top, concrete, mud, swamp, snow storm, cramped quarters, order of actions prior loosening lug nuts, etc.) 

    "I say this simply, as 'classical truth is bogus,' because nothing in reality is consistent, and we do not have enough intellectual horsepower to assess an even bigger meme of completeness.

    "Our current global situation CeodE 2008-2009 has all four tires flat, out of gas, a hand jack, and ignition system hasn't been cared for in last 100k miles...

    "If reality is change... But we all (classicists) believe and thingk that reality is 'state,' social 'state'...

    "You may be able to see my frustration.

    "(Gnosis answers above quite simply via these few sayings:

    1. 'State is sociopathy,' (literally dead society, and death of society)
    2. 'Monism is deceit,'
    3. 'Dialectic is error,'
    4. 'Redemption is process,'
    5. 'Responsibility is local and individual,'
    6. 'Responsibility is n¤t social and global,'
    7. 'Individual responsibility is moral,'
    8. 'Society cann¤t think, so it has to run on rules of a few over many,'
    9. 'Morality is individual, it is individual due diligence via ...
      (HotMeme...quantization of individual will and pragma via...HotMeme™)
      ...endless recapitulationings at edgings of k~now~ings,'
    10. 'Evolution is real,'
    11. etc.)

    "Quantum~gnosis tells us that society, since it runs automatically on rules, will always fail. Doug interprets that as saying that individual~will is vastly more important than social-will, indeed latter is bogus except as rule-based state-ic 'law.' But rule-based static law always fails, ultimately.

    "So, Mr. Entrepreneur, you must have individual~will to do what you believe is good...

    "...Now, a 'how to drive a race car' metaphor. I watched a movie of a professional driver on a German test track in a 500+ hp twin turbo Porsche. How did he drive it? y=f(t) classical function continuously? Nope! He drove it in a quantized fashion. Steering wheel went back and forth in tiny jerks: quantized. Why? Little (quantal) changes are easy to correct. A fact that he is doing them repeatedly [as a quantized recapitulating fractal~active leader~follower] is in itself a kind of nowistic due diligence. Evolution [Nature's martus aritos] is little fractal changes of trial and error at now~ings edgings combined with selection which chooses better at each quantum moment...Do you see how this isn't classical y=f(t)? Do you see how reality isn't classically determinate? Do you see how our driver's mind is at reality's edge of now doing due diligence on every tiny~reversal~jerk? In my mind that is how we have to learn how to thinkq quantumly. It is how we have to run our nation and our business. Smooth is out. Chunky is in... [quanta are ihn]

    "...HotMemeLesson: quantize your will and quantize what you do (pragma).HotMeme™ " Be excellent. Be excellence. Embrace quantum~gnosis.


    Doug Renselle
    In Quantonics

    Thank you for reading.

    Consider how our HotMeme...quantization of individual will and pragma via...HotMeme™ is a description of what we mean by martus aritos. Thus we may easily infer that quantization of redemptive process is Quality, is Value, is Moral, is Excellence!

    Ponder how 'state' is what Pirsig meant by "stuck." Societies which adhere classical notions of state are dead. Politics of 'state' kill societies: sociopathy!

    Too, get this: HotMeme™ "Nature quantizes everything." HotMeme™.

    Quantize! Live! Succeed!
  • Quantum Metamemetic VaVing™ tool.

    "Doug what is VaVing™?" Over years, many of them, Doug has repeatedly used vis-à-vis (Latin for "as compared to") as a way to alternately (hylically-psychically) describe quantonic~interrelationshipings so that John Q. Public might commence an understanding of what quantons are. Many dialogues with people like AH, Henry, and Mitch have resulted in an abbreviation of vis-á-vis to vav. So vaving is VaVing™ and more generally we now call it Quantum Metamemetic VaVing™ AKA QMV™. Also see QmV™, and QEV™.

    "Why do we need to QMV™ in waveMBU™?" QMV™ing is Quantonics' quantum~omnicisioning process which comtinuously omnitors complementing ensemble attractors and selects better omniscriminating ensembles for any VaVing™ local attractor. In Quantonics waveMBU™ all attractors in any local hologram QMV™ all attractors in said hologram comtinuously.

    More imminently...
  • Quantonics' Quantum~Learning~Tools™.
    • heQLT™ - Quantonics' holograph~enfoldingQLT™:

      This learning tool which Doug uses routinely was first described to AH in a recent (CeodE March-April, 2009) email in response to AH saying he has omnifficulties "deciphering Bergson."

      Doug wrote, "Do you recall Feynman's advice to his sister about, 'How she should read for real understanding?'

      "I find, personally, all authors have a omnique, individual style. One of our biggest challenges when we read someone like Bergson is to learn his style. I had a terrible time with Geertz, James, Hamann, d'Espagnat, Hesse, Hume, initially Stein, and so on... Part of problem is Bergson's French was translated by dialectic-soaked Victorian English males. Pogson dug Bergson better than any of them. Feynman's approach helps: read until you do not understand, go back to where you thought you were on firm ground, reread from there. It's sort of a reading 2-step, but I view it as quantum~recapitulation and self referent recursive...a process of feeding quantons incrementally to our quantum stages' hologramings.

      "Rereading Bergson, over and over and over...will help you get inside his head. He uses many con(m)textings but doesn't tell his readers when he switches. This was Doug's biggest challenge in reading Bergson. (Too, he is intuitively gnostic. For dialecticians gnosis is 'absurd.' Gnosis breaks dialectic. "See this egg?" Diderot.)

      "Another good technique (quantique) is to rewrite paragraphs that are omnifficult word by word, sentence by sentence in a good analogue of what you sense author is attempting to say, using your local style. (A kind of respin grammatical parsing. Except, if you are attempting to understand, do not allow your respinning to move too far from author's raw semantics. Of course, that takes your judgment, which induces its own uncertainties back into your spin of whomever. You will find your learning experience vastly enhanced, regardless.) Compare. Refine. This process will enfold Bergson's hologram into yours. You will become a holographic partial superposition of you and part of Henri Louis Bergson. I do this hologram enfolding all the time n¤nactually with Maggie, Jade, Laura, etc. I do it actually with Beth, you, et al. In a way, one makes one's mind (hologram) grow by adding other minds. This is a very powerful 'technique' (quantique) since it allows one to build many holographic rooms in one's memory palace and that offers a plethora of con(m)textings for multicomtextual hermeneutics.

      "A friend of mine from my old SCS, Inc. days (1978-1993), a physicist from Purdue named Eric Bolinger, once told me that he read Shakespeare in its old English just due this issue. If you can read that stuff and get inside Shakespeare's head then you probably can read anything. Ditto other languages, like Hebrew-Arabic and say Cantonese (ideogrammatic).

      "Those are just suggestions. You have to feed your quantum stage what you want it to pneumatically attract as an energy well in a huge multiverse of energy wellings. As Bergson writes in his TaFW, nature's perpetual and ubiquitous immanence (elan vitale) gives us free willings to beings doings thatings.

      "Every moment you spend with Bergson is worth more than ten moments in Quantonics. You'll have to trust Doug on that, until you grasp its essence."

  • etc.
     MGC, MMC - Many Global Comtexts; we could also use MMC here: Many Multiversal Comtexts; SOM assumes OGC: One Global Context.
     MLFA - Many Laws Fit All; juxtapose classicism's OLFA below.
   MoC - Meme of C¤mplementarity; AH offers us another quantum acronym
- Metaphysics of Quality
- (latter is Pirsig's version)
- Students, practitioners who claim erudition in Pirsig's MoQ: Famous MoQites. Also known, at least in Quantonics, as QICheads.
- Where MoQites 'live.'
- Students of MoQ who do Quantonic/quantum think-king
     MoQ I - MoQ
     MoQ II - Mechanics of Quanta (MoQ I's quantum dual)
     moron - Mentally-Objective, Retarded-Ockhamistically Naïve
     MRTs - Cultural Relativism's Many Relative Truths; many polylogical truths
     MSFA - Many Sizes Fit All (comstituent quantons in any ensemble(s) are omnique)
     MTBUE - Mean Timings Between Uncertainty Ævæntings
     Mtty - Doug's, 'Many truths to you,' standard adieux; in Latin, "omniplex veritas."
 NEO - N¤nsyn¤nym¤us Ev¤luti¤mary Omnihværgæncæ; Classically: Nonsynonymous Evolutionary Di(omni)vergence. NEO is essence of quantum~evolution (radical OEDC change) as uncertainty at all scales of reality. NEO begs we all learn wMBUquantiques.

- N¤n Deterministic Periodic Quantum Waves; From Gleick's Chaos; Papers on Chaos and NDPF: Non Deterministic Periodic Flow... We may also write, "Stochastic Periodic Quantum Waves: SPQW."

Readers must grasp a quantum meme that quantum~reality is radically stochastic. An implication of that key enabler is that waves cann¤t predict events! Waves can only uncertainly 'guess' at what future wave patterns may look like. See NEO just above. Classically physicists say, "Quantum theory can only predict 'probabilities.' Quantum theory may n¤t predict specific events." We see, glaring back at us, classical thing-king's arrogant deign to feign: "Classical mechanics can predict events." That's roughly equivalent to Einstein's bogus, "God does not roll dice." Einstein's great error, one of many and a tragedy of commons sense, will haunt classical science forever more... G¤d's consummate quantique is NEO!

Why "N¤n Deterministic?" Quantum reality is uncertain. Quantum reality is always partial, quantum~partiality issi quantum~enthymemetic, due its perpetual quantum~evolution at up to Planck rate fluxings. All motion, all change in quantum reality is open. All orbits are very complex poly cycloids. Classical H5W may n¤t be classically-stoppably assessed in quantum reality. See our coined term scalarbation.

     NLT - No(t) Later(s) Than (plural for heterogeneous times)
   nMoQ - David Bohm's "nonMechanics of Quanta." See Bohm's Quantum Theory, Chapter 7, Section 26, 'The Need for a Nonmechanical Description.'
     NN - Neural Network; see SON.
     NoQ - David Bohm's "Nonmechanics of Quanta." See Bohm's Quantum Theory, Chapter 7, Section 26, 'The Need for a Nonmechanical Description.' See our reviews of his papers: EUUaC, PandP, QIoN, etc.
     NSFA - N¤ Size Fits All. This is one of few quantum~radicalisms. Doug meliorates said radicalness with his quantum~subjective negation. Essence here is that 'identity' ha n¤ place in quantum~reality. However, autsimilarity does have a firm place in quantum~reality. Though we always qualify, "N¤ two autsimilars can be classically molded, classically die cast, since n¤ autsimilar can be 'classically identical' to itself longer than a few Planck moments.
     NTE - Near to Equilibrium. Please omnistinguish classical vav quantum.
     NTQ - Near to Quiescence. Please omnistinguish classical vav quantum. See Doug's first usage of this NTQ acronym.
     O - Object/Objective

- Ontic Emergent-Deemergent Cycle (AH's acronym used in our recent dialog; permission granted.)

For a good example here take a look at our quantum MoQ II reality loop as showing OEDC iterations. Next, ponder humans' individual cellular apoptosis OEDC. It amounts to ~1013 cellular apoptosis OEDCs per 'second.' (Assumes ~1021 total cells per human body and roughly 1.5•107 'seconds' per 170 days. A superb question to ask when you ponder this example is, "What is quantum-human-l¤cal posentropy's gradient during these cellular apoptosis OEDCs?") See our Quantonics animate, recursive evolutionary ontology.

Our above estimate is wrong based upon an error Doug made when he first read Mae-wan Ho's the Rainbow and the Worm. We wrongly used ATP (adenosine triphosphate, intracell energy) molecule count in place of cell count! Here is corrected paragraph...

For a good example here take a look at our quantum MoQ II reality loop as showing OEDC iterations. Next, ponder humans' individual cellular apoptosis OEDC. It amounts to ~106 cellular apoptosis OEDCs per 'second.' (Assumes ~1014 total cells per human body and roughly 1.5•107 'seconds' per 170 days. A superb question to ask when you ponder this example is, "What is quantum-human-l¤cal posentropy's gradient during these cellular apoptosis OEDCs?") See our Quantonics animate, recursive evolutionary ontology.

...Search WWW for <estimated total cells per human body>.

We have used this example in about 10 locations in Quantonics. All must be repaired. We'll do this ASAP!

We found this error during our review of Daniel C. Dennett's Breaking the Spell. Dennett claims that DNA transcription error rate is less than 1 error in 1012 transcriptions and refers those 'errors' (that's how dialectical classicists view transcription evolutionary mutations) as happening "almost never." However, if we take our (even our corrected) calculation above as a proxy for transcription rate we find that "errors" happen rather often!

   OEDhP - Ontic-Emergent-Demergent-holographic-Phasicity Also see our coined phasement.
   O'gadon - Oh! Great adept one. What we call students of quantonics who have studied well and have learned to commence their compenetrations and coinsidences cowithining "reserve energy."

 OGC: - One Global Context (SOM contexts singular/inanimate/monistic; deny real animate plurality)
 OGT: - One Global Truth (SOM truths are singular/inanimate/monistic; deny real animate plurality)
  •  OBFA
- One Belief Fits All
  •  OCFA
- One Culture Fits All
  •   OGFA
- One Government Fits All (One World Order, Universalism, Monism, etc.)
  •  OLFA
- One Law Fits All, One Legal (system) Fits All, One Label Fits All, etc.
  •  OMFA
- One Meaning Fits All
  •  ONFA
- One Nation Fits All
  •  OPFA
- One (the, our) People Fits All
  •  ORFA
- One Religion Fits All, One (class of) Reason Fits All, etc.
  •  OSFA
- One Size Fits All, One System Fits All, One Science Fits All, One State Fits All, One Socialized-religionc Fits All [OSRA], etc.
  •  OTFA
- One Truth Fits All, One Theory (GUT, ToE) Fits All, One Time Fits All, etc.
  • OUFA

  • OWFA

- One Uniform Fits All, One Union Fits All, etc. (Recall how Nazis labeled Jews to make them easily identifiable? Notice how Muslim terrorists label all who disagree with them, "Satan?")

- One Weather Fits All, NObama's socialist Keynesian Climate Control..."stable weather for all?" Sounds like another AlGorebasm.


- Orbitally Rearranged Monatomic Element

Doug first time ever read this phrase in Lawrence Gardner's fabulous Magdalene Legacy. Those of you who (think you) know Doug fathom how important Magdalene is in Doug's spiritual life. That importune provided vital impetus for Doug to read Gardner's Magdalene Legacy.

Allow Doug to quote Gardner on relevance of ORMEal Gold to those of us Qabalistsq and Gnosticsq, "We saw in chapter 6 that the Knights Templars were active in the Bézu region of Languedoc, where they used the area's alluvial gold to manufacture their fabulous Ormus powder, which modern science now classifies as an Orbitally Rearranged Monatomic Element. Recent analysis tests at Qumrân reveal that the Dead Sea precipitate contains 70% gold in the monatomic state. It is now also known that this exotic white-powder gold has precisely the qualities attributed to it by the Therapeutate priests, and it will resonate with human DNA to stimulate hormonal production and enhance the immune system."

Doug's unintended showing of ORM~Meal carries interpretive Valueq with it. Qabalists and Gnostics con(m)sumed this ORME white powder gold as 'bread,' AKA challah, AKA spiritual bread as Hhayt as living breath, living spirit (Ruah and Ruakh: Raysh~Waw~Khaf, hermeneuted as "Cosmic exalted coherenceq libidically ~tunnelingq its exalted spiritual~cosmic Grailq.") in its supreme healing power. Browser web~engine~search Ormus. Focus on Elaine Pagels' opus.

Gardner goes on to write, "Inasmuch as some people these days are once again using monatomic gold as a dietary supplement, there is 'no reason' to suppose that the Magdalene missionaries were not doing the same."

Both quotes taken from Lawrence Gardner's Magdalene Legacy, p. 192, Barnes and Noble, 2005 first edition. Gardner asserts his moral right to be identified as author of this fine text.

Lawrence Gardner is one of most incredible humans Doug has studied assiduously. If we could hologrally~genomically admix~superpose Gardner and Suares, we might be close to seeing proto~neosapiens emerscing in Millennium III. What a blessing posthumously we have their opuses to pneumatically inhale.

Doug - 19Dec2014.

     PCAF - Partially Coherent Adiabatic Fuzzon
     PCHcomtextq - Partially Coherent Hologram with omnique comtext given optionally
     PDAF - Partially Decoherent Adiabatic Fuzzon
     PDHcomtextq - Partially Decoherent Hologram with omnique comtext given optionally

 peaqlo, peaQLO
 peaqso, peaQSO

add 'Four Peaqlos on Their Way to a Fermion' link to 3D Fuzzon page

- Partial emerqance (emerqancings) of animate REIMAR QLO, also Ensemble Quantum Likelihood Omnistributionings, EQLO, also
Partial emerqance (emerqancings) of animate REIMAR QSO.

 Here is a list of relevant links showing applications of fuzzons to memeos of peaqlo:

Perhaps our best applied application of peaqlo as quantum likelihood omnistribution appears under probability.

Others include our 2005 How CRites Measure Reality, How MoQites Measure Reality and How SOMites Measure Reality.

What are some examples of peaqlos? All quantons are peaqlos, but that likely isn't what you intend with your question, so...

  • a tree branch,
  • a tree,
  • a flower,
  • a bolt of lightning,
  • a photon's stochastic 'path' from a double slit diffraction 'experience' toward an ensemble of atoms' electrons in some detector 'screen,' AKA target,
  • any mammal's blood supply system,
  • businesses' evolving adaptational SOON operational processes
  • your path as you drive from locality A to locality B,
  • birds, bats, et al., flying,
  • an avalanche (ensemblings of peaqloings),
  • Challenger and Columbia's launches,
  • wind blowing,
  • waves flowing,
  • etc.
   PES - Physical Energy Space; VES' latched, fretted, actual c¤mplement.
 PJ Bafo™
 P J Bafo™
 P. J. Bafo™

- Pirsig, James, Bergson and a few others. These people are Doug's titanic precursors of Quantonics. A few others include all quantum~gn¤stics, Zeno, Heraclitus, Cratylus, Essene Jesus of Judæa, Magdalene, Chaldæans, Peratæns, Cathars, Merovingians, probably Leonardo da Vinci (and a very few other GM Priori), Johann Georg Hamann, etc.

Doug probably can spend another whole lifetime omniscovering others...

Thank you for reading,

     PM - Perpetual Motion. A classical dialectical notion denigrated as "absurd." Its quantum analogy is perpetual ch3ings.
     PMA - Planck Moment(ing)s of Action(ings). Thanks to DMD for this one. He uses it regularly in emails to Quantonics.
     PMM - Perpetual Motion Machine. QELR is PMQ for Perpetual Motion Quanton. Examples: photon, proton, electron.

- Past(ings), Now(ings), Future(ings)...a posteriorai (probabilityings), a iamai (plausibilityings), a priorai (likelihoodings)...

See our QELR of time. See that QELR's subtext on Pastings, Nowings, Futurings.

- Past(ings), Present(ings), Future(ings).
   PPL - Probability-Plausibility-Likelihood: quantum stochastics in three heterotemporal quantum~stochastic partialities.
     PpoG - Presencepartial of gravity (PpoG). See ApoG.

- Projected emanations from n¤n æxistence (opticalq mirror reverse of projection); a most tellqing (a signatureq) exemplar of complementaryq~antinomialsq of quantons(projected,projection). Review what Doug intends by signature under his QELR of Cancellationq: Signature is Never Zero.

See projection vav projected detail exegesis. A quantum~revelation!

 pjctn - Existential (actual) autiot wave~function we see in actuality (opticalq mirror reverse of projected optical emanation); a most tellqing (a signatureq) exemplar of complementaryq~antinomialsq of quantons(projected,projection). Signature is a key enabler of memes of ancients. To ancients, they would refer signature, "Residue of Residues," which in a quantum worldview issi qwf phase~interrelationshipings of self~other recursion in phase hyperspace. For contemporary classical examples see mickeyman's worldcomplex. (Don't be comstrained by Doug's usage of 'optical.' This mirror~reversal phenomenonq (a kind of antinomialismq as pattern~reversal~chiraltyq) of quantum~reality applies to all flux, however it manifests usually in bosonic flux which we QED use to see, hear, taste, balance, feel, smell, etc.
     PSIUE - Potential Scope of Impact of Uncertainty Ævæntings
     PUF - Peace, Uncertainty, and Freedom. Quantum traits of quantization (Noun, finalNoun) all wave~functionings cowithihn quantum~reality. See Doug's treatise on Peace as a symptom of Uncertainty. Doug - 13Aug2015. See FUP. Ponder palindromesq puffup, and fuppuf.
 PVRC - Perpetual Variable Rate Change. Essentially this describes quantum~reality. In quantum~reality all is change, but all change is variable rate and each rate itself may be varying. See our quantum~bandwidth-perspicacities and perspicuities. In quantum~reality change is absolute in this sense: quantum~change is consistent and quantum~change is complete. Quantum~consistency says "All ihn quantum~reality always changes." Quantum~completeness says, "All ihn quantum~reality has opportunity to affectively change all ihn quantum~reality...distilled as quantum~reality changes all."
     Q - Quality, Quantum, Quantonic
     QAI  - Quantum Artificial Intelligence

- Quantum Chromo Dynamics (strong photon-quark-lepton-QVF animate interrelationships; classical version is interactive-object-excluded-middle state-ic; quantonics version is quanton-included-middle animate; classically QCD and QED (below) are about unitemporal, unispatial, mathematical/formal/mechanical 'motion' of ideal lisr objects/'particles,' and as such need quantum included-middle, c¤mplementary~antin¤mial, everywhere-associative absolute flux remediation in Quantonics)

See our QCD 2004 News.

- Quality Event (Note: In Quantonics there are n¤ state-ic classical 'events.' Rather, to us, QE hermeneutically becomes (grammatically, plural present participle) Quality Ævæntings (QÆings), where Ævæntings are quantum pr¤cess/flux: plural, animate, c¤mplementary, included-middle interrelationships.)


QEOD - quantum electro~optical dynamics

QOD - quantum optical dynamics

Try substituting ~Sensoro~ in place of Electro.

QSOD - quantum sensoro~optical dynamics, essence of qubits as signaturings.

- Quantum Electro [Optical, Fluxo, etc.] Dynamics (electromagnetic photon-electron-QVF animate interrelationships; classical version is interactive-object-excluded-middle state-ic; quantonics version is quanton-included-middle animate; classically QED and QCD (above) are about unitemporal, unispatial, mathematical/formal/mechanical 'motion' of ideal lisr objects/'particles,' and as such need quantum included-middle, c¤mplementary, everywhere-associative absolute flux remediation in Quantonics).

Paul Dirac speaks quite eloquently regarding interpretation of QED in his The Principles of Quantum Mechanics, in Chapter XII, Section 81. Let's set up our quotation. Dirac describes a no-particle, i.e., a particles-absent 'state' called "Q" which he represents (to us classically, dyslexically) as a ket, |Q>. Then he goes on to describe Q as analogous Pirsig's DQ and Quantonics' n¤nactuality. He tells us that our tendency might be to think of it as a quantum vacuum, but it cannot be a vacuum since it is absolute flux. Then he calculates mathematically a probability for particles to ontologically emerge/immerge ("transition") from/to this state. His calculated probability is "infinite." He tells us like this, "This gives an integral that diverges, so the transition probability is infinite...From these calculations one can conclude that the state Q is not even approximately stationary [i.e., absence of classical 'zero momentum']. A theory which gives rise to infinite transition probabilities of course cannot be correct. We can infer that there is something wrong with QED. This result does not surprise us., because QED does not provide a complete description of nature." Page 307 of 314 total including index, OUP, 1958. Dirac goes on to tell us that we can only use QED in very limited and relatively low energy experimental situations. In his 1957 Preface To The Fourth Edition Dirac says, "The main change from the third edition is that the chapter on QED has been rewritten." Previous editions described QED classically, with classical conservation. Classical QED "is a form of theory in which the number of charged particles is conserved and it cannot be generalized to allow [] variation of the number of charged particles...A QED which demands therefore out of touch with physical reality...It seems that the classical concept of an electron is no longer a useful model in physics..."

It is interesting to us that Dirac derived a Quantonics QED-reality, but then could not accept it as "correct." CTMs do this to their inuring users.

See Banesh Hoffmann's account of Dirac's abstraction of Poisson's bracket followed by more detail by Doug in our March, 2005 TQS News editorial.

See Doug's 2007 quantum~exegeses of QED described as real quantum~scintillation.

   QELP - Quantonics' English Language Problematics (Also see QELR below.)
   QELR - Quantonics' English Language Remediation (Also see QELP above.)
     QEQI - Quanton Ensehmble Quantum Interrelationships
     QEWcomtextq - Quantum Energy Well with omnique comtext given optionally
     QEWOL - Quantum Energy Well Ontological Life
     QEWQ - Quantum Energy Well Quantized
     QEWsWOHT - Quantum Energy Well's Worth of Holographic Thought

- Quantum Gn¤stic Pneuma of Sophia, QGP¤S

See QsHE just below.

   QIAE - Quantum Interrelationship Attractor Ensemble AKA fuzzon
   QIC - Quantum Intellectual Curiosity; MoQites and quantumists share QIC; QICings are monitorable.
   QIF - Quantum Isotropic Flux

- Quantum Ihndihvihdual Governance - HotMeme™ ; quantumists and MoQites believe that adult quantum individuals are above (more highly and more rapidly evolvings) than any society; it is individuals' duty to question all attempts by any society to induce social, societal, group, herd, universal, catholic, religious, corporate, governmental, common-sense, consensual, etc., hegemony:

  1. over individuals' beliefs, and
  2. over individuals' coobsfective, cooperative, and mutually respectful individual free wills.

No society can tell us what to believe, but all societies have viscously-evolving opinions which other societies and individuals must learn to respect and attempt to change respectfully (attempts to change may only be made deftly; in Doug's Quantonic perspectives classical politicians are manifestly undeft, indeed, daft, e.g., 2005 Schiavo incident).

Concomitant QIG attend vastly increased ihndihvihdual responsibilities, and significantly attenuated "social 'responsibilities.'"

This acronym is a quantum complement of a much more classical CSG. As a result "quantum~individual" appears here as anthropocentric, Earth chauvinistic. All quantons may be thought of as "quantum individuals." E.g., viruses and bacteria exercise QIG and their individual quantum free wills regardless whether humans like it. Human society has n¤ current means amd n¤ current capabilities to generically 'outlaw' viral and bacterial individual quantum free wills.

 QLO - Quantum Likelihood Omnistribution; see our 3d Quantum Fuzzon
     heQLT™ - holographic~enfoldingsQuantum Learning Tool™. See description of it under wMBU™, near bottom of that acronym description.

- Quantum~Metamemetic VaVing™ - Quantum recapitulative, fractal, self~other~referent, durational~holographic, recursive EIMA omniscriminationings~selectionings borne of vaving ensemble heterogeneous comtextings in reality. A kind of quantum~stindyanic sweeping-panoramic, phoxonic coobsfection of local reality.

- Quantum memetic VaVing™

- Quantum~Enthymemetic VaVing™


- Quantum n¤nMechanics.

For a good exemplar, see Doug's quantum~subjectiv[] Hamiltonian Quaternion.

     QQA - Quantonic Questions and Answers. A link on our top page.
- Quantum~reality's edgings of nowings.
     qrup  - Quantum~radically~uncertain~planning. All planningq ihn any quantum~world view must adhere and embrace indeterminationq and uncertaintyq. Compare crsp. Observe, given qrup's quantum~world~view, how MBO's socialc crsp for predicable future results is bogus.
 QsHE - Quantum super~Holographic Empiritheory, Quantum super~Holographic Empiricism

- Quantum Stochastic~Omnistributionings of PPFings' PPLings. All quantum~stochastics are quantum~waves. All quantum~waves are positive flux. All positive flux issi directly, immediately stochastic.

See peaqso above.

   QSP - Quantum Stochastic~Phase, Phasicity, Phasistically (Affected, Affectation, Obsfection, Coobsfection...Quantum Included~Middle Macro~Stochastic Every~Where~Association...etc.)


Add 'at once' link to Chaldæan At Once Aside.

- Quantonic/Quantum/Quality Thinking Mode; MoQ way to think See our quantum stage.

QTMs memeotically recapitulate all at once. It is extremely advantageous to re cognize that phasement as quantum~pr¤cæssings of holographic ræ~ænærgy~wællings.

James Gleick, in his Genius biography of Richard P. Feynman recalls Feynman's sister wishing that she could muster earning a Ph.D. She worried that she did not have what it takes to earn that lofty badge of academic excellence. She told Richard how she had great difficulty understanding materials from difficult textbooks, especially those in physics.

Richard explained that she had adequate intellect and motivation to accomplish her goal, and added that she should read difficult texts using his method: read until you do not understand what an author is saying. Back up to where you felt you were on solid ground. Read again. And again. Reread until you understand. Move on. Repeat.

This kind of learning technique is what we call "serial recapitulation." It is "a little at a time" incremental progress learning. More you do it, easier it becomes, faster you can proceed! Trouble is, it is classical. Notice its kinship with Bergson's notion of a classical cinematographic, frame-by-frame conception. Notice its heritage from Castalia. Its Hessean Glass Bead Game, incremental methodic, serial procedural para beading of an intellectual necklace.

Most reading is serial, by inured lingual necessity. De facto classical language is like that, almost innately. This is another 2500 year old ingrained classical maltuitional problematic.

Have you ever studied Frisby's Seeing? It explicates, at least for Doug it does, that our quantum stages are animate, EIMA SONs. Frisby offers some color dotted 'noise pictures' which at first appear as chaos. However, when one stares at them a minute or more our mental SONs associatively energy well reorganize a picture (say an alligator) which was 'not' there at first glance. (Ponder that 'not' as modern science's approach to that which apparently does 'not exist.' A very contemporary exemplar is perpetual motion.) This is a parallel version of recapitulation, faster than serial, except it is still 'not' all at once. It takes timings for our quantum stages to learn to do parallel recapitulation, and it takes longer to learn to do it fast, let's say almost with zero latency. Latter is what we mean by "all at once."

An excellent example of what we describe here is that young boy autist in Mercury Rising. He ~all at once decoded a crypto-puzzle which was not supposed to be decodable.

Another, perhaps less obvious example, is Ruthie ("Rootie") in Richard Powers' 2003 The Time of Our Singing.

Talbot, Pribram, and Bohm appear to imply that latter may be achieved, with Feynmanian stalwart practice, when we straddle both implicate and explicate order: quanton(implicate,explicate). That is analogous quanton(DQ,SQ) and quanton(n¤nactual,actual).

Implicate~explicate straddling is also brethren of what we call "tapping reserve energy."

We agree with Feynman that most of us can do it. We only need learn how and then practice, practice, practice. Just like learning golf, piano, art, physics...

How? Practice first serial recapitulation, then parallel recapitulation, finally all at once recapitulation. But when we do this we become adepts of quantum coobsfective self~other~referent recursion: quantum sophism (sorso).Very Zen! (Loads of examples of latter in Talbot's Holographic Universe.) QTM think-king generations can renew in milliseconds and faster.

When we compare this to CTMs, we see that classicists only recapitulate rote, state-ic know-ledge, 'non' self~other~referently. They treat their know-ledges as sacred paradigmatic palimpsests of objective, lisr state-icity. CTMs depend upon rote, mostly-serial "trusted scientific legacy" recall! CTM thing-king generations often take years to reconstitute their static bases of rote. (Recent examples here are: prions as real (classicists rejected this meme for decades), angiogenesis as cancer nutrition factors (rejected by classicists as "charlatanism" for decades), a notion that females are born with a fixed number of egg haploids (bogus classical notion), and glass as a fluid flows measurably over 100s of millennia (bogus classical notion), a notion that our brains do 'not' emerse 'new' neurons (this one lasted nearly a century!), list is almost endless and offers a strong clue that "all science is provisional: n¤ science is final." Doug expects during next 20-50 years that a current 'scientifically final' belief that CO2 is a major anthropocentric 'cause' [i.e., anthropogenesis] of global warming will fall to its way side, also. CTMs are notoriously viscous (socially positive, tragedy of common sense state-ic) and, from a quantum~epistem¤l¤gical view, embarrassingly omnifficult to set aside. Sad...

By comparison, QTMs take full advantage of a Quantonics memeo that our minds are quantum stages fully capable of animate, EIMA, all at once, quantum recapitulation. We do n¤t classically recall facts and de jure principles, rather we are always in quantum ensehmble pr¤cessings of massively SON~associatings our quantum stage's latest recapitulationings. Think about it. It's very similar what Zen Masters do by putting some-most of their SQ to sleep (roughly analogous intentionally Bergsonian intellectual sympathizing cowithin implicate order; sort of like Polanyi's "plunging reorientation[ings]" and his "dwell[ings] [co]within[ings] unspecifiable manifestation[ing]s"). We call it "all at once straddling."

N¤wings you are k~n¤w~ings whatings Dougings meanings whenings heings issi referrings QTMings.

PS - Doug cannot perform all at once QTMings yet, on demand, reliably. He is still and yet working on it, still a student, always a student... We experience two or three all at once avatars now, roughly, per day. Imagine quantum stage mental load if this were relentless. Probably n¤t yet a Good and Valuable pursuit as Satinover warns. Doug has trouble, as it is, keeping up with all these avatars... N¤t too bright as Neo neo sapiens go... We're, possibly, only protocursors...

     QTP - Quantum Tentative Persistence (Also see QVP below.)
     QuPo - Quantum~Politics (Commencement of Doug's latest quantum~innovation: A N¤væl Quantum~Politics.) See Doug's very recent CeodE 2011 A Primer on QuPo.
     QAF - Quantum Actual Flux; also see PES; physical metaphor of SQ and actuality
     QVF - Quantum Vacuum Flux; also see VES; physical metaphor of DQ and n¤nactuality
 QVI - Qualitative (Quantum) Value Interrelationshiping. See Quantonic~Interrelationshipings.
     QVH - Quantum Value Hierarchy. See QVH~Table, QuPo, Value Archetypes.
     QVP - Quantum Variable Persistence (Also see QTP above.)
 Q~V - Quantum~Value. Repair this link when new Chapter Three of www online text is instanced. See Doug's very recent CeodE 2011 A Primer on QuPo.
   qwf - quantum wave function; a mathematical metaphor of SQ portion of quanton(DQ,SQ); see probability, What is Wrong with Probability as Value?, peaqlo, fuzzon, fuzzons to fermionic onta.
    qwfal - quantum wave functional

- Rat Brain Biological Analogue(s)

Quantons are RaBBAs and RaBBAs are quantons.

rcoc - radical (quantum) change of comtext

- Quantum:

  • Recursive EIMA Recapitulation,
  • Recursively EIMA Recapitulate,
  • Recursivings EIMAings Recapitulatings.

Quantons physially REIMAR.

Dichons innately cannot REIMAR.

Dichons "rote tote" know ledges and staysses of databaysses. Dichons run on mechanized automaticity.

We can mechanically turn dichons ideally either on or off at any 'outside' 'director's' will.

(notice SOM's dichonic wall...EOOO(on, off) and EOOO(outside_other, inside_self))

I.e., 'outside directed' is classically "other, usually societally-, institutionally-directed" vis-à-vis quantumly "ihndihvihdual~sælf~diræcted;" for example classical 'education' is "other directed," stux-sux push vis-à-vis quantum æducati¤n issi m¤stly sælf~diræcted flux~issi~crux pull. See classical push vis-à-vis quantum pull will.

Quantons REIMAR QTM~unstoppably (except for what we might call, classically, "death"). Dichons 'recall' rules and principles. Quantons adapt. Dichons believe 'state' is simple. Quantons believe flux is simple.


- Einstein's Relative Invariant Geometrical Interval. Compare to quantum AVD.

See failure of Lorenz Invariance remarks under IGI.

  RH - Riemann's Hypothesis: "...all non-trivial zeros of the zeta function lie on the line ½ + it as t ranges over the real numbers," quoted from G. Pugh's The Riemann Hypothesis in a Nutshell. Also see Dr. Matthew R. Watkin's Number Theory and Physics Archive for more extensive coverage of Riemann's Hypothesis. Our thanks to Dr. Watkin for including a link to Quantonics on his web site. Too, see Quantonics own 7Jun2002 Möbius 3-Primæ Fermion.
    RHIC - Relativistic Heavy Ion Collider, Long Island, NY

- radical instability of quantization, etc. This acronym exegetizes how nature conducts her business: how Nature measures herself, quantumly.

Readers please observe Doug's first use of this acronym in his QVH Table.

Observe further, quanton(rioq,rqcs). We need use 'nissin:' rioq nissin rqcs which means rioq issi ihn rqcs and rqcs issi ihn rioq.

  RMP - Robert M. Pirsig
    rqac - radical quantum~adaptive~choosings. This acronym follows in footsteps of rqfv and rqis.

- radically quantum~comtext~sensitive, radical quantum~comtext~sensitivity, etc.

Readers please observe Doug's first use of this acronym in his QELR of quantum~gradience.

Observe further, quanton(rqcs,rioq). We need use 'nissin:' rqcs nissin rioq which means rqcs issi ihn rioq and rioq issi ihn rqcs.


- radically~quantum~electro~dynamics. See QED above.

Doug - 1Dec2015.


- radically~quantum~evolve~sema. All semasiologies, semantics, semiotics cowithihn quantum~reality evolve~quantumly from very slowly, almost imperceptibly, up to Planck rates and harmonics thereof.

Doug - 1Oct2015.

    rqei - radically quantum~enthymemetic~interrogative(s).

- radically quantum~flux~interrelativ[[e][ity]], etc.

This quantum~radical annihilates Einstein's classical objective, Planck's clock off, Special- and General-Relativities.

rqfi is complementary other quantum~radicals.

So we may write rqfi nissin rqcs, rqfi nissin rioq, etc.

In any quantum~hologram, to some Value of interrelationshipings' opennessq, all EWings nissin all EWings: all nissin all AKA all quantum~c¤mplæmænts all.

Quantum~openness involves according primacy to a wide variety of quantum~phenomena, e.g., partial~presence~absence of quantum~entanglement, enthymemetic~partial~presence~absence of quantum~coherence, partial~presence~absence of quantum~gradiencings manifesta of quantons(chaos,equilibria). See voV, Vov, VoV. Opennessq inheres Philip R. Wallace's "Interpretation involves according primacy of subjectivity [opennessq] over objectivity [closurec]..." in quantum~hologra. Doug's brackets in his paraphrased quote of Wallace.

    rqfp - radically quantum~fecund~permeability. Relevance? Autiot's Thav as a semi~silvered reflector. Energy can both leak through Thav and energy can be cavitated, reverberated, mirrored by Thav. Thav also offers rqfv, its own vicissitudinalityings. Thav as Aleph's immanent quantum~metabolic antinomial also exhibits Aleph~like rqis imperative spontaneity. This is one, Thav, of T[h]av''s two "double" (Jekyll,Hyde) lives, other life issi rqim.
    rqfv - radically quantum~fecund~vicissitudinality, etc. Relevance? Bergsonian quantum~Elan~Vitale. This issi one of Aleph's 'lives.' Other life issi rqis.
    rqim - radically quantum~imperative~mirroring. Relevance? Autiot's Tav as a ideally silvered fully reflective mirror. Energy cann¤t escape Tav's cavitation which provides Atta's immanent perpetuity as life's unending life~death cyclings. This is one, Tav, of T[h]av''s two "double" (Jekyll,Hyde) lives, other life issi rqfp.
    rqis - radically quantum~imperative~spontaneity, etc. Relevance? Bergsonian quantum~Elan~Vitale. This issi one of Aleph's 'lives.' Other life issi rqfv.
    rqpu - radical quantum peace of, as, by, via uncertainty, etc. See Doug's Uncertainty as Peace. Compare warc as dialectical, intolerance borne of objective, formal, mechanical certainty.
    rqsa - radical quantum~super~adiabaticity (essence of atemporalityq and zær¤ entropy quantum actions).

- radically quantum~stochastic~uncertain[[ess][ty]], etc.

Quantum~reality is radically~quantum~stochastically uncertain due quantum~reality's absolute quantal and scintillating change and self~other transmutation of radical evolution.

    rsqs - radical stindyanicity of quantization and scintillation, etc.
    RR - Recommended Reading
    RTM - Relativism Thinking Mode; CR way to think (relative truth; chaos = freedom) (may be viewed as 'many CTMs')
     S - Subject/Subjective
     SaS-ERPs - From our review of Henri Louis Bergson's Time and Free Will, Topic 32, Doug commented: "Classical thing-kers are a bunch of politically correct, Socially and Self-Encrusted Role-Players." Bergson's uses of crust and encrusted correspond "hard" science concepts of reality as solidified, stuck, immutable, determinate, absolutely certain, objective, stable, axiomatically independent, paradigmatic, symbolic, analytic, lisr, etc.
     SEP  - Subjective Evidentiary Pr¤¤f, Pr¤vings - A n¤væl quantonic memeo that subjective evidence may be adequate for enthymemetic meta~pr¤vings. This is a much lower 'standard' of 'proof' than that expressed by classical platonically-ideal predicate logical notions of 'proof.' Latter in Quantonics are simply bogus since dialectic is bogus by SEP.
     SoD - 'Spirit of the Depths,' Jung's analogue of Aleph, DQ, quantum~thinkqing, etc. See SoT.

- Subjects, Objects, Data, & Values, Pirsig's '95 EMM paper

See our What is Wrong with Probability as Value?



- Subject-Object Metaphysics See our very popular How SOMites View Reality.
- Sentients who practice SOM. See our Famous SOMites. Also known, at least in Quantonics, as DIQheads.
- Where SOMites 'live.' As Doug says it, "That utopian paradice where
   truepers rule over the bad goods."
- Dialectic; language of SOMthingk/CTMs
- CTMs; Classical Thing-king Methods; classical science/scientific 'method;' analytic thing-king
 SOMitic thingking "runs on automatic"
 SOMitic thingking "recapitulates rote: state-ic, inanimate, EEMD, know-ledge"
- Legacy Western culturalists who do classical thing-king
 SOMwits thingk
- Self-Organizing Network(s) (See Jeffrey Satinover's fabulous 2001 The Quantum Brain.)
- Self~reOrganizing Network(s) (Quantum~adaptive~networks REIMAR, quantum~fractally reorganize themselves given affective exposure(ing)(s) to n¤vel quantum~l¤cal amd quantum~n¤nl¤cal comtextual phæn¤mæna.)
     SOON - Self~Other~Organizing~Network. See SON.
     SOrON - Self~Other~reOrganizing~Network. See SOON. This is a way of explaining quantum~reality as genuinely h¤l¤graphic: h¤l¤gra within h¤l¤gra within h¤l¤gra...
     SOQ - Subject-Object Quality (original trinity from ZMM; derived from SVO)
   sorso, SOrSo - self~other~referent sophism (this is quantum animate, heterogeneous EIMA sophism)
   SoSR - Structure of Scientific Revolutions, by Thomas Kuhn
     SoT - 'Spirit of this Time,' Jung's analogue of Yod, SQ, dialectical thing-king, etc. See SoD.
   SPoP - Some Problems of Philosophy, by William James



- Static Pattern(s) of Value

See our What is Wrong with Probability as Value?

See our Chautauqua on Quantum~Evolution of SPoVs.

   SQ - Static Quality (DQ's c¤mplement)
- MoQites perceive SQ cowithin a larger Quantonic frame: quanton(DQ,SQ)
- SQ, as quanton(DQ,SQ), is commingling DQ, it is alive with Quality
- Sometimes SQ loses its DQ Quality; Pirsig calls DQ-less SQ, "exclusive SQ"
- Exclusive SQ is MoQ's only 'evil,' i.e., not-alive, a-live, or 'evil,' live reversed
- SOM denies any of MoQ's DQ 'exists.' SOM lost its Quality when Parmenides, Plato, Socrates, Aristotle, et al., insisted reality is purely substantial, purely objective.
- MoQ says reality intrinsically has no exclusive SQ, just that SOM worships SQ's objective part ignorantly and blindly. Even so, Pirsig describes many examples where we can lose our Quality, so this point has not been fully resolved. See esp., Pirsig's Lila.
- SOM's dichons (perceived classically) have no DQ.
     STM - Scanning Tunneling Microscope (a device which can see and move individual atom quantons around) STMs are perfect examples of what we mean when we talk about quantum reality's included-middle. Quantum tunneling depends upon atoms being wave probability distributions. STMs' atoms probabilistically compenetrate atoms being 'scoped.' Scoped and scope coobsfect one another. Your hand is an STM whenever it touches or picks any other quanton up. Hand quanton and scoped quanton interpenetrate probabilistically one another. See AFM. 'AFM' is an inept classical appellation for 'STM.' It is inept because 'force' is classically 'mechanical.' SOM reality is classically conceptual. See Bergson's Radical Mechanism and his Radical Finalism. Quantum/MoQ/Quantonic reality is n¤n-mechanical. See nMoQ. Quantum tunneling is an adept n¤nmechanical quantum meme An extraordinarily provocative quantum meme: STMs demonstrate that quantons in quantum reality are both quantum animate and both quantum coobsfective and quantum codependent!
     stupid - scientific truepers understand principled ideal dialectic - Doug's use of scientific here, of course, is 'classical scientific.'
     SVO - Subject Value Object (rarely used, from ZMM)
     TaFW - Time and Free Will, a text by Henri Louis Bergson

- Top, Bottom, Charmed, Strange, Up, Down QCD quarks. All are fermions. TBCS are isots. UD are isops. UDD is neutron. UDU is proton.

See our QCD 2004 News.

- The Lila Squad - discussion group whose focus is Pirsig's Lila & his MoQ
- Subscriber/members of TLS.
     TOE(s) - Theory Of Everything or Theories Of Everything; also ToEs
     TPoQM - The Principles of Quantum Mechanics, a text by P. A. M. Dirac
     TQC - Classicists call this "Total Quality Control," however, if you investigate you will find that their TQC is only 'Total Quantity Control.' Classicists do not believe in Quality! They hate Value! Classicists scalarbate all of reality (AKA objective reification) and equate quantity with quality. Morons!
   tRatW - the Rainbow and the Worm a text by Mae-wan Ho
 vaving™,  VaVing™
- vis-à-vis (as compared to; juxtaposed; related; related to; with regard to; in regard to; concerning; with respect to (WRT); tête-à-tête; love seat (e.g., a sort of quantonic, Tao-shaped sofa); etc.)
     vov, voV

 - value[ings] of Value[ings]

Acronyms for 'value' revalue sustaining and lowering Value. Thinkq of first 'v' as an quantum~redemptive operatorq on second V.

All quantum~radicals 'value' diminished apply, e.g., rioq, rqcs, rqfi, etc.


 - Value[ings] of value[ings]

Acronym for Value reValue raising 'value.'

All quantum~radicals Value~enhanced apply, e.g., rioq, rqcs, rqfi, etc.


 - Value[ings] of Value[ings]

Acronym for Value evolving (stindyanic verb: pragmaq) Value.

All quantum~radicals apply, e.g., rioq, rqcs, rqfi, etc.

   VES - Vacuum Energy Space, also QVF or quantum vacuum flux
     VoRE - Varieties of Religious Experience. A book written by William James.
   WJS - William James Sidis, "The April Fool," Son of Boris and Sarah Sidis.
   ZMM - Zen & the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance, by RMP, also ZAMM
     qfe, qf= - quantonic font equals sign, i.e., (or 'issi')
     wdv, wfv - Wingdings font lower case 'v,' i.e.,
     -esque - suffix, e.g., MoQesque, i.e., akin MoQ
     -ese - suffix, e.g., language of MoQ is MoQese
     -ite - suffix, e.g., one who claims allegiance to MoQ is an MoQite
     -itic - suffix, e.g., SOMitic, SOM dogma/doctrine
     -land - suffix, e.g., SOMland or MoQland, one's context


EPR - ~1934 gedanken experiment to show quantum theory incomplete — what EPR said was quantum theory is 'unreasonable' and 'absurd' (action at a distance, worse superluminal action at a distance) — but what EPR said was 'absurd' turned out to be 'real.' Note: classical concept of gravity is incoherent because gravity is superluminal action at a distance. I.e., gravity is n¤t an analytic function of time. Einstein told us that it 'was' an analytic function of time (iso acceleration), thus disclosing his extreme classical predilections, same ones which 'caused' him to call quantum theory 'absurd.' Return

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This cannot happen with out two quantum~miracles...")
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