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How to Tap Into
Reserve Energy

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Our update boxes' age code spectrum.

See yellow update for Doug's latest 30Nov2012 - Add Jung Red Book quote to Aleph~Tav harmony omniscussion.
2Feb2013 - Add Jung quotes to Suares' Aleph~Tav graphic.
13Dec2015 - Add Jungian quanton(complexes,Ego,behaviors) meme under narrative re Suares.

"Deep down the consciousness of mankind is one." David Bohm quoted by Renee Weber.

"Unconsciousness is collective." Carl Jung, paraphrased.

"We are beings without borders." Michael Talbot.

"Psychologist Robert M. Anderson, Jr., of the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in Troy, New York, believes
it is because we are only able to tap into information in the implicate order [i.e., Quantonics' n¤nahctualihty ]
that is directly relevant to our memories [which dialectic stops us from recalling]. Anderson calls this selective
[quantum] process[ings] personal resonance [which tears down SOM's wall and helps us leap out of SOM's box]."

"Given that the implicate order represents in a sense an infinite information source,
perhaps it is the origin of [a] greater fund of knowledge."

"...the average human mind [dialectically] functions 'like a small puddle isolated from the great ocean.'" Page 221.
Talbot quotes Tibetan Tantrists.

Above quotes from Michael Talbot's The Holographic Universe, pp. 60-63, and p. 221 (Our brackets.)

David Bohm's vision of quantum reality as
[quanton(implicate_order,explicate_order) quanton(n¤nahctualihty,ahctualihty)]
an unbelievably co~analogous and co~supporting metaphor

Doug - 2Aug2004
(We just started reading Talbot's THU in earnest on 1Aug2004. Read it!!!)

Quantonics' version of Reserve Energy, we can now say,"is is¤h¤l¤graphihc!"

This holographic mind (quantum stage) update relevant to quantum memeos of "How to Tap Into Reserve Energy,"

brought to you by Quantonics, Inc.

Work product and intellectual property produced by Doug Renselle - 13-14Jan2006.

One of Pietsch's major emphases in Shufflebrain aligns Bohm and Pribram's thesis: quantum stage mind is (a powerful analogue of what we call) "holographic."
Our quantum stages exhibit those bullets we listed above! Many theoreticians believe that metaphorical similarities twixt holograms and mind are evidence of mind as holographic!

In Quantonics, after years of study and years of developing our own quantum~language, ~metaphysics, ~philosophy, ~science, and ~coquecigrues, "We agree!"

We attempt to reemphasize an issue shown in our graphic above which may n¤t be as obvious to you as we want:

Our spectrum shows that Human Knowable Quantum~Actuality is less than one part in 1022 of all actuality!

Another way of saying that is if we assume our ability to see reality is as thick as a credit card slipped under bottom of a quantum~holographic book case, how tall would book case have to be?

Discounting print imprints a bare credit card is 789 microns thick. One micron is a millionth of a meter. So our bookcase would have to be roughly 1018 meters, and analogously 1015 kilometers high!

Our analogy says that we can 'see' 789 microns of quantum~holographic~reality and we cann¤t 'see' remaining 1000,000,000,000,000,000 meters of it

Of course this 'ratio' shares limitations already observed above in our graphics' text.

Why can we 'see' our quantum~holographic~credit~card but we cann¤t 'see' our quantum~holographic bookcase?

Pietsch's third bullet in our graphic's text!

So, dear student, O'great adept one (O'gadon), our credit card is quantum~holographically~'see'able~actuality while our bookcase and all quantum n¤nactuality represent quantum~holographically~un'see'able~n¤nactual "Reserve Energy."

Our quantum stages, you may surmise, have ample room to naturally select, choose, and grow, and Wow! isn't that a profound understatement?

Too, our pix and text offer energy analogies which make oil seem like a drop in unlimited omniverses...

You young folk have almost unlimited opportunities here! Pursue them! First to usher RE replacements for oil will make Google look like

"An tumescent ant lying on its back on a barge floating down Mississippi River yelling, 'Raise the drawbridge~'"


You are more quantum~subject than you are classical object!
Dig into, compenetrate, interfuse, coinside your own subjectivity: that issi whæræ ræhl quantum~valuæ ræsihdæs!
(Read first four chapters of Women's Ways of Knowing[s]. Quantumly, almost As Good as It Gets.)

Whatings youings are needings to k~nowings, understandings, and hermeneutings (and much of your quantum~subconscious) lies in RE too! Get with it!!!

How? Move your quantum sensory bandwidth (QSB) center frequency to higher quantum flux in our spectrum and increase your QSB.

One really simple way to do this is to stop viewing reality classically as one global context. Commence viewing reality as massively plural and parallel comtexts.

Another way is similar John Nash's Integers as Variables.
Try it. You'll like it!

Many is intrinsically higher flux than one. Many implies flux is crux. One implies stux: at your lowest QSB center 'frequency."

Frequency implies quantum ensemble heterogeneity: quantum pluralism, quantum flux, quantum essence. So start nowings! Believe ihn iht! NOW!!!

Doug - 14Jan2006.

Heads up: this one shakes classical science's foundations!

"But Punky had made my structuralist partisanship vulnerable to the overwhelming case my own data had produced in support of hologramic theory. He had humbled me, Punky had. My narrow notions no longer seemed appropriate to the situation. I think I had begun to appreciate for the first time what science might be but seldom is in our day: the privilege of seeing Nature's secrets unfold, rather than an exercise in right and wrong." Paul Pietsch, beginning of Chapter six, p. 103, Shufflebrain, HMCO, 1981. Our underline. Pietsch's work simply blows away classical science's foundations, similarly, as we have been showing you for nearly a decade now. It blows classical dialectic to hell. How? It destroys classical logical notions of two-valuedness which are core of dialectic logic. See our comments at Jammer's Quantum Logic on two-valuedness. Classically, dialectical two-valuedness is the basis of rejection of reality as holographic and the basis of rejection of reality as quantum. Quantum sophism demands many~valuedness, all of which is up to Planck rate animate!

Punky is a salamander with a hybrid brain.

Salamanders, frogs, etc. have a nervous system with a brain, medula, and brainstem (spinal connection) together in that order.

Pietsch worried whether brain or medula was seat of an amphibian's feeding 'control.' His attempt was to impugn hologramic theory (essentially a living, quantum~everywhere~included~middle~associativity; a system of Quantonic phase~encoding quantum interrelationshipings) as a quasi last step in a long series of experiments he describes in Chapter five.

Read details of this quasi last experiment on page 96.

In this quasi last experiment he put a larval brain from a leopard frog in place of an adult salamander (retaining salamander's medula and stem). Result? Punky. A cool dude. But why a larval frog brain from a leopard frog. Leopard frogs' are carnivores, but their larva are vegetarians. Salamander larva and adults are carnivores. Pietsch is testing whether a salamander can become a non carnivore with a larval leopard frog brain transplant!

Punky actively investigated prey for 64 days, but he never ate one!!!

Pietsch's whole view of science and reality he describes at top of this update.

Doug - 26Jan2006.

Carlo Suares

Using Autiot's Aleph~Tav

as a way to

Tap into Reserve Energy

Doug has been watching for alternate benchmarks of Quantonics' How to Tap Into Reserve~Energy. So far, Doug has found:

  • quantum n¤n actuality's hidden~hiding isoflux AKA "dark energy," and "dark matter,"
  • Pirsig's MoQ and its DQ reality complement,
  • William James and Boris Sidis' 'Reserve Energy' versions,
  • Ether, vacuum flux, zero point energy (Planck rate flux), and countless aliases,
  • Bohm implicate hologramic order,
  • Irving Stein's "non space,"
  • Rene' Weber's "silence,"
  • Heraclitus' "Nature likes to hide,"
  • Latin's "ex nihilo,"
  • Autiot's "Aleph with final Tsadde," where some gnostic Chaldaæns refer it "godhead Mother,"
  • Doug sometimes sees and experiences it as Sophia trapped tentatively in a grail,
  • etc.

During part of 2009 and into early 2010, Doug has found another benchmark:

Carlo Suares' ciphering of Autiot.

Doug now owns personal copies of Suares' Cipher of Genesis, Song of Songs, Cipher Yetsira, his Trilogy, and
most recently, Second Coming of Reb YHShWH. Latter is focus of Doug's most recent benchmark.

Doug has found in Suares' Second ancient religious benchmark of Quantonics' HTTiRE.
Suares refers it as eight propositions which keynote our New Era. He also offers a diagram which shows
a human straddling Reserve Energy and Actuality, which we offer here immediately following our abbreviation of Suares' eight propositions:

  1. Seek your total individuality. This is what quantum~gn¤sis intends by "finding your inner."
  2. You will not find your total individuality. Quantum~individuality issi quanton(unsaid,said).
  3. Your total individuality is your soul. Your quantum~soul issi quanton(unsaid,said).
  4. Your soul will not find you as long as your consciousness is made of false evidences [dialectic]... Observe here Suares' assessment of " as direct experience of immortal consciousness." Chapter 2, p. 5, ibid.
  5. Death of your dialectical false evidences is death of your own psyche and hyle and birth of your pneuma. Paraphrased by Doug.
  6. Death of dialectic is death of measureables (too, "dying in one's own words") in inner space is a personal experience.
  7. Beyond this death, our infinitely multiple [holographic] individuality reveals to our present person that we are only one of its multifarious manifestations. [This is essence of Doug's frequent use of 'we' to refer self as a multiplicity. See referred Suares text for ample detail on this very quantum reality.]
  8. Our consciousness emanating from our individual soul quantum coheres and superposes our pastings, nowings, and futurings. Paraphrased by Doug.

Above eight list items are partial quotes in bold of Suares' Second Coming of Reb YHShWH, Chapter 29, pages 137-138, Weiser paperback, 1994. Unbold texts are Doug's commentary.

See full text for Suares' more comprehensive descriptions of those eight propositions.

Let's take a look at Suares' HTTiRE benchmark graphic, which will require some quantum~interpretation:

This is a photocopy of Chart 4 from Chapter 29, 'Reflections On the Eighth Proposition,' p. 162, ibid.

It shows, in Quantonicsese quanton(Aleph,Tav), a middle~including sentient~intentional straddle of
cosmic-motivation and -resistance, Autiot's transcendent way of "Tapping Into Reserve Energy."

Quantonics HotMeme™ Colloquially, "Exodus of Spirit Ship Humanity."™ Quantonics HotMeme

To make our simplest interpretation, Aleph corresponds MoQ's DQ, quantum~reality's n¤nactuality, etc.

Carl Jung, in his Red Book, p. 230, writes this, "You are an image of the unending world, all the last mysteries of
becoming and passing away live in you. If you did not possess all this, how could you know?"

Jung's use of image here begs a quantum~holographic reality based upon memeos of quantized and self~other~networking~scintillating waves and wavicles.
In Dougese, Jung is saying that all of us, as individual holograms in a vastly larger hologramic reality,
have access to reality's logos! We only need do due diligence finding our inners: tapping into our own "reserve energy."

Jung is showing us, he is in his own process of finding his own inner, he is commencing his quantum~understanding of the logos, the account.

Suares' quanton(Aleph,Tav) is quantumly analogous Jung's quanton(unconscious,conscious).

Doug's Quantonics script in both cases uses comma~nospace as an quantum~coquecigruesical EIMA.
Said comma~nospace represents both Suares' "harmony," and Jung's "subconscious."
In both cases and in all quantum~reality, said comma~nospace's holographic
"mixing all ihn all" quantum~complementarity is evident, "without contradiction."

We could show both more graphically like this:

Suares: quanton(AlephharmonyTav)

Jung: quanton(unconscioussubconsciousconscious)

Jung: quanton(ComplexesEgoBehaviors)
(Doug issi unsure, but recalls this as Marion Woodman's m¤dal.)

We see Suares' harmony as a "reserve energy" tap. We see Jung's subconscious as a "reserve energy" tap.

Ponder topos' quanton(pneumapsychehyle).

We see your psyche as a "reserve energy" tap!

Fathom your as y~our.

Doug - 30Nov2012, 13Dec2015.

Similarly, Tav is much like MoQ's ESQ, and real processes actual formal-mechanical-objective methods which attempt to turn quantum~h~bar off.
Tav is cosmic resistance to life's quantum~evolutionary processings.
Tav imposes on all life a struggle to survive, and that struggle makes our 'seed' evolve to be stronger.
SQ in quantum~interrelationshipings with DQ, that straddle, is our struggle. In Hebrew it is "isra-el," and Arabic it is "jihad."
Both mean "struggle with G¤d."

Suares' eight propositions describe what is necessary to ascend (exodus as ascent), to successfully tap
into reserve~energy, to become pneumatic and straddle in a complementary way.

Doug's studies in autiot, offer a powerful alternate benchmark of quantum~reality.

Those of you who want to understand quantum~reality, in Doug's opinion, should concentrate
on MoQ, Quantonics, quantum~gn¤sis, Autiot, and wave~energy quantum memeos.

Doug - 2,4March2010.

To accomplish what our graphic shows just above, we must be able to, have qua to 'see' a much larger portion of reality's spectrum than just 'light.'

Nature herself is hugely more spectral than 143 octaves. What humans refer as light, colors we can see, neglecting light's speed is less than one octave of that spectrum.

You, then, may infer Doug's Quantonic eye as having qua to 'see' more octaves of nature's spectrum. And we do! Our quantum beings have qua to holographically access adiabatic energies in top half of nature's spectrum. Doug's research in this vein has lead to a novel way of thinkq~king using Pirsig's Lila as an acronym:

  • li - lamp invisible,
  • la - light auto~isocoherent.


"...making the light itself a consecrated center [and] focus of spiritual energy. This light would then radiate and automatically enlighten such minds as were ready to receive it." Lila.

Quote from Aleister Crowley's Confessions.

 HtTIRE HotMemes:
   Key SOM Disabler
   Key CR Disabler
   Key Quantonic Enabler
   Quantum Stage as Neural Net with Reserve Energy

A Quantonics Site Visitor Offers Us Many
Other Prescriptive/Proscriptive Site Links
On HOW To Tap Into Reserve Energy
Here Is Our Response

Many of you have written to us or searched our Quantonics web site looking for answers to a question, "How can I (learn to) tap into Professor William James' and Boris Sidis' 'Reserve Energy?'"

Most of us, as carefully tutored and trained classicists, have lost our awarenesses of our own intuitive and intrinsic abilities to tap reserve energy. As an analogy, we offer Henri Louis Bergson's own comments on classical science's loss of its ability to tap into reserve energy, i.e., science's loss of its own "metaphysical intuition[s]." We and classical sciences, for several millennia now, have been carefully taught by 'the academy' that we are classically not quantum beings. Pirsig describes this loss (academically trained elimination) of 'reserve energy' as Exclusive Static Quality (ESQ), or Static Quality (SQ) which has lost (denied, or eliminated as "subjective nonsense") its naturally compenetrating Dynamic Quality (DQ). More simply, we can just say, "Reality which has lost its Quality becomes exclusively static." 'The academy' accomplishes this using exclusive-middles, what we call in Quantonics "SOM walls." Those walls keep us boxed up, and in a vicious loop. We previously experienced a superb dialogue with Jon which covers this issue as exclusive virtue (ESQ) vis-à-vis dynamic virtue or aretê (i.e., quanton(DQ,SQ)). In that dialogue Pirsig teaches us how to not only tap reserve energy but to move into it, "You free yourself from static patterns by putting them to sleep" When we do not put all our static patterns to sleep we commingle/tap reserve energy.

Putting some of our static patterns to sleep (assuming we usually possess predominately static patterns) is How to Tap Into Reserve Energy.

In our own Quantonics qualogos, language, hermeneutics, and semiotics, we do this by a gradual process of ceasing our exclusive objectivity and commencing a new way of thinking of ourselves and all reality as quantons.

We do not have a step by step answer to your question, however, we can offer you some analogues of ways you may develop your quantum stages to enable your own capabilities to 'tap into reserve energy.'

Here is a list of Quantonics' analogues we can exploit — we must always/continuously be teaching our quantum stages to be learning to:

Key SOM Disabler - SOM Philosophy
"what happens next" single event determinism (no free will)
"A causes B" singular cause-effect (denies quantum ensehmble statistics on many local choices)
"process/change/action/pragma is discrete objective state-icity" real analytic process is; stoppable/'collapsible' monistic reality acquires real 'state'
"either A or B" singular excluded-middle (SOM's wall; Aristotle's third syllogism)
"nonactuality does not exist" singular classical objective negation (denies quantum c¤mplementarity)
"reality is definable in terms of state-ic measurables" SOM reality models founded on undefinable measurables (i.e., mass, length, time)

"judgment is absolute"
(Geertz, "absolutism removes judgment fom history")

one classical set of 'laws' and 'rules' fits all human- and extra-human-kind
(only one history is possible since 'laws' interpret history only one absolute way)

"truth is absolute"

"only one global truth system exists in one global context"
"simplification, clarification by minimalist reduction" "there is only one root cause, and only one core solution"



Key CR Disabler - CR Philosophy
"whats happens nexts" plural events determinisms (no free will)
"As cause Bs," or "A causes Bs," or "Bs cause A" potential for plural causes-effects
"processes/changes/actions/pragma are plural objective state-icities" real analytic processes are; stoppable pluralistic realities acquire real 'states'
"either As or Bs" plural excluded-middles (many SOM walls)
"nonactualities do not exist" plural classical objective negations
"realities are definable in terms of state-ic measurables" CR reality models founded on undefinable measurables

"there is no judgment"
(Geertz, "relativism disables judgment")

no set of 'laws' and 'rules' fits all human- and extra-human-kind
(relative social objectivism, i.e., CR, drives out 'laws' and 'rules')

"there is no truth"

"truth is whatever anyone wants to believe"
"simplification, clarification by many, plural, heterogeneous minimalist reductions" "there are many root causes, and potential core solutions"



Key Quantonic Enabler - MoQ/Quantum/Quantonic Philosophy

Note 1: To omnifferentiate classical relativity and quantum relatihvity, former is radically mechanical, latter issi ~Bohmian n¤n mechanical. Much more shall be said on this topic.
Note 2: Quantum EIMA superposition is a way of looking at a real notion of quantum n¤nl¤cality. Quantum reality issi quantons(n¤nl¤cality,l¤cality).

"whatings happenings nextings" (Bergson, Pirsig, Renselle) plural, animate (Planck rate), ensehmblings-determinings ævæntings (free will) See quantum free will.
"Bings valuing prec¤nditi¤nings Aings" (Pirsig, Renselle) plural, animate, affectings-¤utc¤mings (see coobsfectings; quantum real selectings/choosings)
"pr¤cessings are plural enduring quantons" (Bergson) plural, animate real pr¤cessings becomings; unst¤ppable phasic-ensehmble-st¤chastic reality
"b¤th-all/while/and-many" (Zohar, Renselle, et al.) plural, animate, including-middle-ing quantons (quantum compenetration, commingling, etc.)
"n¤nactual c¤mplementings are existings" (Stein, Pirsig) plural, animate, quantum subjective negati¤nings (quantum c¤mplementarity)
"animate realities are fluxing interrelati¤nships" (Sidis, James) quantons are fluxing interrelati¤nships ¤f quantum entr¤pies amd c¤herencies

"anihmatæ, EIMA quantum tentatihve l¤cal assessments of better enables quantum relatihve1 jihudgment" (Pirsig, Renselle)

Quantum l¤cal incremental better is a l¤cal and quantum-relatihve enabling of jihudgment (and all quantum l¤cal jihudgments quantum-superp¤se2 to greater and lesser degrees)

"provability is above truth is above proof; metamemes and their memeotics are better bases of judgmentings" (Gödel, Casti, DePauli, Renselle)

Quantum metamemes and their memeotics are a direct way for students of Quantonics to learn How to Tap Into Reserve Energy!
"simplification via proliferation of phasistic quantum nexi processings' interrelationshipings" (Bohm, Bergson, Ho, Pietsch, DMD, Renselle) "there are unlimited processings' ensemble affectational PNFings, QLOistic, locally selective, choosings, chancings, and changings"



Under our first key enabler item above students of Quantonics may well intuit how:

Read those four fragments again. Now think about you. Is that what your ensehmblings do? (Have you considered what quantons are composing/emerging your ensehmblings? We are more like soundings of music than we are like notes on a score.) Think about viruses, worms, DNA (for example haploidal DNA, DNA at conception, and cellular DNA during mitosis and meiosis), bubbling streams, galaxies, super novae, black holes, air turbulence, leaves on a tree in a swift breeze, gold isotopes smashing into each other in Long Island's "reserve energy tapping" RHIC, frost on a window pane, ocean waves, laser photon trajectories, thrown baseballs, etc.

Now to really test your sensibilities, consider Benoit Mandelbrot's classical concept of a fractal nature. Are Mandelbrot's fractals SOM, CR, or MoQ fractals? Was Mandelbrot using CTMs or QTMs when he invented fractals? What do we need to do to his concept of fractals to Quantonics "key enable" them? Can you see that his fractals are classically causal? Juxtapose nature's quantum affective fractals to Mandelbrot's classically 'effective' fractals. Make a list of comparisons twixt them. Recently we did a similar exercise on Hamilton's hypercomplex quaternion. Take a look at that for a procedural example on your juxtaposition effort. Doug - 28Feb2003.

Using your newly acquired QTMs, ascend another step up. What about John von Neumann's digital computer architecture (which we are still using today -- ugh!)? What do we have to do to von Neumann's computer architecture to: Quantonics "key enable" it?

Are you NOW beginning to grasp what we mean when we say, "This is a superb way to learn How To Tap Into Reserve Energy?"


Another easy way to grasp an essential of How to Tap Into Reserve Energy is to study our Quantum Sensory Bandwidth Perspicacities and Perspicuities page. A metaphor of what we mean by Tapping Into Reserve Energy is what happens to you when you intentionally move your husb up quantum reality's sensory spectrum. Tapping Into Reserve Energy is a metaphor for increasing your sensory spectrum bandwidth.

It may be worth your while to peruse some legacy material from Quantonics which is not actively linked:

Doug's DQ Pinned-Down Post to Quanto (Read this dialog carefully; Pay close attention to our Eugen Herrigel quotes where he is speaking about what happens when we Tap Into Reserve Energy.)

End aside.

Compare our key enabler list to SOM's single event determinism (one inanimate 'cause' has one inanimate 'effect,') and CR's naïve plural version of it. Without QTMs to assist/enable your own intrinsic quantum awarenesses of quantum superpositions, you are essentially (classically) denied access to reserve energy! Without QTMs (or some quantum equivalent) your CTMs keep you in SOM's box, disabling your personal access to reserve energy.

Assuming you are a well-indoctrinated SOMite, you cannot take a pill (yet) to commence regular access to 'reserve energy.' You cannot just show or simply teach someone how to do it. It is a capability which (at this juncture) may only be developed via individual efforts.

Consider though, whether a SOMite, some other classical persuasion, or any other persuasion — you are a quantum being. As such, you possess intrinsic quantum capabilities to do what we suggest above. You just have to learn how to use those intrinsic capabilities.

Also consider that, as a quantum being, you (and all of reality) are already tapping reserve energy! Reality's emergence of n¤vel actuality is a process of tapping reserve energy. See our Pirsigean MoQ I Reality Loop version of this, and our quantum MoQ II Reality Loop version. Both of these show reality tapping into reserve energy as a process of emergence. They depict reserve energy as, first, "the unknown," and, second, as "quantum vacuum energy space." Physicists have shown that VES has an energy density of approximately 1093 grams per cubic centimeter! That is an astounding energy density! In Quantonics we call this "isoflux." It is reality's source. It is "reserve energy." As an exercise, calculate classicists' assumed energy density of our uni-verse! Currently those classicists assume 1080 atoms in their classical version uni-verse. Reserve energy contains enough energy in one cubic centimeter of 'space' to create ~1041 classical universes!

Here is a remediated (thelogos, some bracketed comments, exponentiation, some grammar, et al.) quote from our January, 1999 Quantonics News:

"Vacuum energy is important. To a SOM [classical] mind it is IMPOSSIBLE. Vacuum energy [AKA reserve energy] is dense! It amounts to 1093 grams per cubic centimeter of energy. We have told you this before elsewhere on this site, but it bears repeating. That is enough energy to reproduce, in one cubic centimeter, our known universe an incredible number of times. Assume our known universe consists of 1080 atoms. Assume a fat atom has a median count of 58 nucleons (we acknowledge this is probably too big). Then our fat atom would have a mass of 10-28 grams. We can estimate a mass-energy of our known universe then as a product of 1080 and 10-28. Our known universe has an estimated mass-energy of 1052 grams. Note that number, although huge, is much smaller than VES' energy density! How many of our universes does one cubic centimeter of VES represent? Amazingly, approximately 1041!

"Did you get that? Did you get that? Did you get that?

"There is enough energy in one cubic centimeter of VES to create 100000000000000000000000000000000000000000 of our universes!"

OK Doug, "What does that mean for me as a human being?" It means that whenever you have a n¤vel idea or alter a meme in a n¤vel way, you are tapping reserve energy! You are already doing it! But, in Quantonics, we show vividly that your (academically, very carefully propagandized and programmed) classical mind (assuming you are of Western culture) prevents you from understanding that this is what happens. Classicists simply deny presence of any reserve energy, and thus deny themselves any opportunities to benefit from it. And reader, this is why we tell you over and over and over, "Dump SOM's thing-king, and adopt MoQ and quantonic/quantum modes of think-king!" When you adopt quantonic/quantum modes of thinking, you shall accept an epiphany that quantum n¤nactuality, AKA "reserve energy," is real. Once you do that, you will use reserve energy, and know that you are using it, and realize how enormously it is benefiting your life in almost all possible ways. You, as a mind-numbed classicist, may ridicule this, but do so at your own personal loss. When you do so, you are showing reality that times are nigh for devolution and extinction of you and your ilk! Classicism is passe! Cultural Relativism is only an artifact of classicism. Quantum philosophy and science will allow you to leave those churches of reason and assist your novel Chautauqua into a quantum stage which routinely permits you to tap reserve energy. Doug - 10Sep2001.

Our list of bullet items above is far from complete, but it is a good place to start. If you cannot understand what we are saying in those bullet items, start now to commence your own personal Chautauqua toward learning what they 'mean.'

You will know when you have made progress when your quantum stage emerses novel intuemes more quickly than you can manage them. At that phase of your development, you must commence using your 'reserve energy' to further learn how to choose and pursue intuemes which make you most happy and fulfilled.

We wish you a happy Chautauqua with countless quantum acquaintances.

Doug (30Jul2001).


To contact Quantonics write to or call:

Doug Renselle
Quantonics, Inc.
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