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Here Is Our Response

Subject: Your email on 'reserve energy.'
Date: Fri, 02 Nov 2001 08:16:48 -0500
From: Doug Renselle; 1950 East Greyhound Pass, Suite 18, #368, Carmel, INdiana 46033-7730; 1-317-THOUGHT
Organization: Quantonics
To: JR <>

Hello Visitor!

Thank you for your kind and helpful letter to us, in Quantonics.

We will attach your email directly to our How to Tap Reserve Energy web page, with your permission.

We are doing our best n¤t to tell people directly, normatively, prescriptively HOW to tap 'reserve energy,' rather to assist them in a new way of think-king called Quantonics, one of whose benefits is an implicit 'tap' into 'reserve energy.' We are really showing them HOW to think as quantum beings, which they really are.

Most of our mentors recommend that approach. Most say, "We need a new way of thinking" first. Then perhaps we can offer tools developed within that new way of thinking. Implication is that most 'tools' developed today are, of necessity, classical — right out of SOM's (, i.e., Parmenides', Plato's, Aristotle's, Aquinas', Buridan's, Newton's, Einstein's, et al.,) own static tool box.

Too, some prescriptions (i.e., classically developed) appear as proscriptions, and as such just put us back in SOM's box [and SOM's vicious circle]. We want to avoid that. Our goal, first, is to help our community learn how to get out of SOM's church of reason, and enter a new quantum realm. There, in that realm, once visited and hopefully visiting, tapping 'reserve energy' is more natural, without 'HOW' method, without 'HOW' process. When a Zen Master performs a 'reserve energy' feat, s-he entirely leaves all Static Quality and coheres Dynamic Quality. S-he does n¤t accomplish said feat, rather s-he and her-his 'reserve energy' c¤mplement do it together, with her-him in quantum agency of that c¤mplement.

If your recommended links offer a quantum stage of that calibre, then you are helping us immensely. We worry that they are stuff of SOM...

We have n¤t enough resource to validate your offerings at this time, so we offer to publish them given your recommendations.

Best and kindest regards,

Doug Renselle
In Quantonics
"Ayla is to Mogur as quantum reality is to SOM reality."

By Doug Renselle, 8Dec2000

Ayla and Mogur are characters from Jean Auel's famous book 'Clan of the Cave Bears.'

Ayla was one of Earth's early Homo sapiens over 35 millennia past, and her friend and benefactor, Mogur, was a highly ranked Neandertal. Clan high priests could count perhaps five stones. When Ayla easily performed modular base five and base ten 'arithmetic' with more stones, Neandertal priests were astounded and exhibited 'fears.'

Visitor's response to Doug's response above:

Subject: Re: Your email on 'reserve energy.'
Date: Tue, 6 Nov 2001 04:04:04 -0700
From: JR <>
To: Doug Renselle; 1950 East Greyhound Pass, Suite 18, #368, Carmel, INdiana 46033-7730; 1-317-THOUGHT
References: 1

Dear Doug,

I appreciate your response concerning my letter on Reserve Energy. Currently there is no need in publishing my former letter. My previous letter intended on asking a question. And this question was in heed on your view of Reserve Energy. Moreover, I received an answer to my question. In looking at "How to Tap Reserve Energy", I was confounded with ideas of how far the article was willing to travel in order to achieve "Reserve Energy". Upon first interpretation I was looking for further direction and other options. Now I realize how you and other Quantonics personnel feel about how to proceed in tapping Reserve Energy and you are very correct in your opinion of which I entirely support. This is the answer to my question.

In regards to the methods that I provided in my previous letter, some of them have associations with SOM logic. To the specific degree of this logic I myself cannot comment at this time, and wish not. They are all useful in changing energy, one form or to another. I would like to comment, and mention "meditation" is the most favorable method of enlightenment, and has been for eternity.

I enjoy your work and admire a teacher who acknowledges his students.

Most appreciative,


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