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A great strength of this graphic is its simplicity.
This Graphic shows a simple loop labeled 'better' where Pirsig's Quality
creates and discreates Static Quality. Our vertical line represents n-spatial surfaces of Dynamic Quality.
All of us experience DQ directly, and we can describe it, as labeled above Surprise, etc.
but we cannot define what it is or how it happens.
As yet, Pirsig's New Philosophy is unclear on topics of complementarity and superluminality.
A significant weakness in this model is its directions of arrows.
Our introduction of Bergson's quanton mitigates this weakness significantly, however.
You may imagine them co-within our graphic's entirety. That is, view dotted blue flux as ubiquitous.
As shown, they imply an arrow of time which is not necessarily intended.
(In Quantonics,
we consider time as yet lacking satisfactory definition.
After we wrote this statement first in early 1998, we reviewed Irving Stein's,
The Concept of Object as the Foundation of Physics.
During that review effort (October, 1998) we experienced an epiphany, A DQ Moment. That moment
disclosed to us our intuition of classical physics' mass, length, time, and even gravity as
derivatives of Pirsig's DQ or its equivalent quantum flux. So now,
we define for our own purposes: m, l, t, and g = f(flux),
In Quantonics.)

(Since our artwork above was originally completed, we have adopted our hinted
quantum heuristic of heterogeneous reality and its comcomitant "many times"
or paratehmp¤rality. Our new view aligns well Dirac's many times wave function and
a more classical
14Sep2000 PDR.)

On 22Dec2000 we added a Bergsonian I-Cubed Quanton as MoQ Reality's Face of Change.
Our purpose is to integrate our Quantonic semiotics with our depiction of a Pirsigean MoQ Reality Loop,
and simultaneously pick up Bergson's I-Cubed meme as depicted in our new Quantonic semiotics.

Anthropocentrically, emergence is always a flow into our known reality. But non-anthropocentrically,
there is no reason why our circular arrow may not rotate any other directions.
We can draw loop action with emergence always on a known (right) side and our arrows
rotating in any directions. (We assume omnimensionality which exceeds our 2D artistic limitations. 14Sep2000)
Another significant weakness (there are many) with this graphic is MoQ's inherent
concept of interpenetration, commingling, co-within-it-ness, etc. This graphic does not
depict this concept well. One must imagine DQ reaching into and (e)merging with its
spawn, SQ. One must imagine SQ being continuously permeated by DQ.
John Cramer's graphic shows both dotted and solid quantons commingling in a
space twixt two vertical lines: Cramer's Special Transaction.
There is an equivalent, dual loop that looks very similar for Quantum Science called a
Mechanics of Quanta or MoQ II Reality loop.
Artwork and MoQ Interpretations
by Doug Renselle

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