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Quantonics' Quantum Remediation
English Language Problematics
Millennium III
by Doug Renselle
: 20Jul2002
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English Language Problematic

Quantonics' Quantum

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Classical Etymology:

  • Online Etymology Dictionary - principle.
  • Barnhart's Dictionary of Etymology:

    "principle n About 1380 princieple law, rule, characteristic, basic assumption; also principlis origin, source, beginning (about 1382); alteration with l of Old French principe, learned borrowing from Latin principium first part, beginning, origin (Plural principia first principles, fundamentals, elements), from princeps (genitive principis) first, chief, original; see PRINCE. The English spelling with l apparently developed on the learned analogy of such words as English participle, corresponding to Latin participium.

    "The extended meaning of basic rule, in the sense of right action, uprightness, rectitude, is first recorded in 1653."

Quantum Etymology:

  • Pirsigean etymology: Principle as quanton(DQ,SQ). Principle as evolutionary recapitulation of a process of learning and understanding.
  • William James' etymology: Principle as adaptive and mutable truthings' processings happening to ideas.
  • G. R. S. Mead's etymology: "Principle rules something not itself." We see here anticipation of Gödel's Incompleteness Theorems whose bases reside in recapitulative self~referencings. Compare classical S-SPoV political notions of "Society rules something not itself."
  • Chaldæan, Valentinian, and Peratæan etymologies: of principle and symbol as process, evolutionary-dynamic-adaptive process.
  • Quantonic etymology: of principle as a quantum interrelationship of principle and principle's quantum complement. By quantum~interrelationshipings Doug intends animate, EIMA, holographic and coobsfective ubiquitous and ephemeral quantal nexi.

Classical Synonyms:

  • absolute,
  • axiom,
  • certain,
  • fact,
  • law,
  • rule,
  • tautology,
  • truth.

Quantum Synonyms:

  • prihncihplæ as change,
  • prihncihplæ as evolution,
  • prihncihplæ as Value,
  • prihncihplæ as Quality,
  • prihncihplæ as subjective,
  • prihncihplæ as ephemeral,
  • prihncihplæ as holographic EIMA,
  • prihncihplæ as adaptation,
  • prihncihplæ as mutability,
  • etc.

See: absolute, axiom, certain, fact, law, rule, tautology, truth.

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: principle

Classical principles are social patterns of value. Principles are used to socially guide individuals according to social contracts usually referred as 'laws,' 'rules,' 'canon,' and 'orthodoxy.'

Society uses principles to herd individuals.

You may see how this social pattern of value intrudes radically upon individual rights.

Society assuages, classically, any concerns about this violation of individual rights using notions of consensus, democracy, civility, and society itself.

Using Pirsig's four levels of SQ Value, classical society ranks them in this order, top down (AKA SIAB):

  1. society
  2. individual (Pirsig uses 'intellect' here...)
  3. inorganic (Doug has renamed this 'atomic-inorganic')
  4. biological

Pirsig says that ranking (see Doug's very detailed and careful development of this fabulous Pirsigean meme here) is what is wrong with modern culture, and that intellectual individuals (society has no intellect, society cannot 'thingk') are more highly evolved and evolving than society so Pirsig puts intellect (Doug's individual) on top and society in second place. As such we see society in a support role to individuals. Individuals respect society as long as society doesn't attempt to trample individual rights.

Classical 'principle' is borne of ancient Greco-Roman-Israeli delusions of reality as a monism. Monism begs dialectic. Monism begs stability. Monism begs either-or material, substantial, formal, mechanical, objective dependence-independence. Monism begs inept hylic-psychic state-ic 'design' thingking. Those orthodoxies show why ancient gn¤stics claimed with modica of con(m)fidence that "Monism is deceit!"

From that we offer a Quantonics HotMeme"Classical principle is deceit."™ Quantonics HotMeme.

In Quantonics, we agree with ancient Gn¤stics. Quantum reality, our quantum~heuristics of quantum reality, agree with ancient Gn¤stics and their ancient Gn¤sis!

See gnostic topos tabularly compared to MoQ, CR, and SOM.

Doug - 17Sep2007.

: prihncihplæ, prihncihpling, prihncihplings, etc.

Quantum reality, as interpreted heuristically by Doug, significantly and subjectively agrees with Pirsig's novel and innovative hierarchy:

  1. individual (Pirsig uses 'intellect' here...)
  2. society
  3. biological
  4. inorganic

Quantum Gn¤sis begs our substitution of individual for Pirsig's 'intellect.'

Individual~SP¤Vs are more highly evolved and evolving than Social-SPoVs and perhaps (plausibly) even Social~SP¤Vs.

Quantum~prihncihplæ, unlike classical 'principle,' evolves at up to Planck rates. Prihncihplæ is an agent of its own sælf~¤thær changæ.

Quantum~prihncihplæ is essential quantum~flux, n¤t classical stux. Where classical 'principle' is dead and already extinct, quantum~prihncihplæ is living, livings, alive and emerging, growing, and evolving.

Thank you for reading,

Doug - 17Sep2007.

Do you get it? If n¤t, "What will you do?" N¤t, 'What will we do?" Rather, "What will you do?"

If you do n¤t get it and you believe 'we' can-will help, your bad, you are already intellectually dead, extinct.


(Classical society is an OSFA, formal, monist, academic-anchor. Detach it. Unmoor sælf from it and look carefully and deeply within sælf...)

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