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Quantum Wavelength
Classical Wavelength

"...matter, looked at as an undivided whole, must be a flux rather than a thing."

by Henri Bergson
Creative Evolution, translated 1911, p. 186
Original, L'Evolution Créatrice, 1907

"Thus all particles can be made to exhibit interference effects and all wave motion has its energy in the form of quanta. The reason why these general phenomena are not more obvious is on account of a law of proportionality between the mass or energy of the particles and the frequency of the waves, the coefficient being such that for waves of familiar frequencies the associated quanta are extremely small, while for particles even as light as electrons the associated wave frequency is so high that it is not easy to demonstrate interference."

by P. A. M. Dirac
The Principles of Quantum Mechanics, 4th ed., 1958, p. 10.

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If you made a connection that our big red V looks an awful lot like
Pirsig's Value, you are thinking as a good MoQite!

Further, if you see our big blue inverted V as
Pirsig's Value upside down,
you are thinking even better as a good MoQite!

Here we see our graphic depicted as a quanton:
and in words we can show that same quanton thus:

As we have said so often:

SOM adheres truth over Value.
MoQ adheres Value over truth.

Just like our inverted blue V above, SOM's philosophy,
its view of reality is inverted, upside down! In MoQ, red creates and discreates blue, vis-à-vis SOM which worships blue and denies red exists.
And as you may infer,
both Sidis and Bergson were able to see
Value in its better perspective.

SOMites do thing-king,
MoQites do think-king!

SOMites use CTMs,
MoQites use QTMs.

Thanks for reading,

Doug. (28Jan2000)

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