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This is our February, 2007 editorial

Our editorials are often provocative; if we offend you, do not read them - Doug.

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Imus in the Morning finally pulled some real class into NY-NJ! New Orleans class! New Orleans cool!

Imus had Harry Connick Jr. on his show this morning.


Harry Connick Jr. is "The Can Man." His motto is , "Can Do!" He is intuitively quantum pragmatic. Included~middlings' actions.

Say "goodbye" to inept political neocan'ts and fascist republican'ts.

Say "hello" to The Can Man!

Harry is adeptness of quantum pragma.


One of Doug's fav Connick originals is Forever, For Now, which lyricizes almost quantumly, "At [a] Corner of Close and Soon."

Connick's latest CD is Oh My NOLA. NOLA is New Orleans, LA.

Connick is, for us, just superb. We sense a musical Jack of All Tones and Rythms. He is part Sinatra, part Jack Jones, part Bobby Darin, culturally~beige: part white part black, but his Jazz enfolds extraordinarily complex Zydeco quantum~recursive syncopations. Connick is USA! Connick is Nawlins. Connick is a great human being.

Doug has a saying about human race: "Black is Beautiful, White is Right, and Beige is Better."

Doug - 31Jan2007.

Will you permit Doug a luxury of calling global warmists and climate changists more generally "empiricists?" If so, read on...

"Having admitted that we are empiricists, we must now deal with the objection that is commonly brought against all forms of empiricism;
the objection, namely, that it is impossible on empiricist principles to account for our knowledge of necessary truths. For, as Hume
conclusively showed, no general proposition whose validity is subject to the test of actual experience can
ever be logically certain
. No matter how often it is verified in practice, there still remains the
possibility that it will be confuted on some future occasion. The fact that a law has been
substantiated in n-1 cases affords no logical guarantee that it will be substantiated
in the nth case also, no matter how large we take n to be. And this means that
no general proposition referring to a matter of fact can ever be shown to
be necessarily and universally true. It can at best be a probable
hypothesis. And this, we shall find applies not only to
general propositions, but to all propositions which
have a factual content. They can none of
them ever become logically certain
This conclusion, which we shall elaborate later on, is one which must be accepted by every consistent empiricist. It is often thought
to involve him in complete scepticism; but this is not the case. For the fact that the validity of a proposition cannot be logically
guaranteed in no way entails that it is irrational for us to believe it. On the contrary, what is irrational is to look for
a guarantee where none can be forthcoming
; to demand certainty where probability is all that is
. We have already remarked upon this, in referring to the work of Hume. And we shall make
the point clearer when we come to treat of probability, in explaining the use which we make of
empirical propositions. We shall discover that there is nothing perverse or paradoxical
about the view that all the 'truths' of science and common sense are hypotheses;
and consequently that the fact that it involves this view constitutes
no objection to the empiricist thesis."

Our bold, color, and italics.

Paragraph two of Alfred Jules Ayer's The a priori.

Doug's whole point here is that those who blame climate change and global warming
on human activities which 'cause' CO2 emissions are simply wrong.


Changing levels of CO2 emissions are only one symptom of climate change.
There are countless others which are being, for political convenience, ignored.

Human activity as the single root cause of global warming is sheer idiocy!


Probability, as argued by Ayers, involves countless climate ephemera, not just one!

Declaring war on CO2-root-human-caused climate change as fascist-neocan't-envirnomentalists are currently doing
is close and similar kin of Bush administration's single-root-cause neocan't declaration of a war against terrorism on Iraq.

Both are about FUD. Both are just stupid!

Slow down and think.
Make a long list of climate change affectors.
(Try to assess and then...) Weight them in terms of largest affects at top.
Reorder them by which are easiest (some are impossible) to address.
Select whether to proceed.
Select how to proceed.
Select what to do.
Hardest of all: estimate total, including environmental, cost benefits of any selected actions

Scientists are notoriously inept at assessing consequences of their own activities. Recall 'atom bomb.'

Realize we cannot be certain about outcomes, and there will be
huge "unintended consequences" just like our war in Iraq.

Doug's view is that Earth's history has experienced countless warmings and coolings without any humans' presence.
There will be countless more. We aren't good at societal war on anything. Societal war on nature is a lose, lose, lose proposition.

HotMemeJust A Just!HotMeme

Survivability is adaptation, folks!

Climate is Change, folks!

Just A Just!™, folks!

Fighting nature is arrogant and genuinely absurd...

Cooperating with nature is good and valuable...

Let's work on how to mitigate tsunamis and hurricanes and use that
learning experience as a trial run for larger terra-forming ventures.

Keep in mind, that even though idiot, fear-mongering politicians claim otherwise, "Science is not final knowledge!" Knowledge is never final.

Doug - 21-31Jan2007.

Warsaw Archbishop Stanislaw Wielgus resigned in disgrace: a communist sympathizer. He and dozens of other church 'officials' were pals with Poland secret police. We have been warning you about 'catholicism.' That word means universal, and literally: totalitarian!

If you have noticed GW Bu()sh() is attempting to take USA totalitarian. He acts as though he is a dictator: he ignores a fact that our Federated Republic has three coequal branches of government one purpose of which is to disable any possibility of dictatorship and totalitarian control. But Bu()sh() appoints catholic totalitarians to our Supreme Court. Many of his war-hawks are totalitarian universalists. We need to remove Bu()sh() from office ASAP, folks!

Financial Times has run at least two articles on this issue during January, 2007. Their January 29, 2007 issue writes about a book which will be published in February, 2007 by Tadeusz Isakowicz-Zaleski. This book will name about 30 clerics which have similar reputations as Wielgus.

In both stories Wielgus' 'hat' caught Doug in an eidetic embrace: quantum visual ensemblings of avalanches of dialectical semantic, semiotics, and hermeneutics.

What does that 'hat' show?


What is that?

Classical dichon(a, w), EOOO(a, w), one alpha, then one omega. Why one? A totalitarian universal church dogmatically proclaims such.
Note how catholic clergy put SOM's wall twixt alpha and omega! They excommunicate alpha and omega!
Why won't they excommunicate totalitarianism? Why? Their appellation 'catholic' means totalitarian!

Greek symbol alpha (A, a) superposing Greek symbol omega (W, w).

This is catholicism's orthodoxy: one beginning — alpha, and one ending — omega.

Bergson calls it "radical finalism," and we infer "radical beginism."

A(lpha) either over or under W(mega) is pure catholic dialectic! Pure Aristotelian-Aquinian HyperBoole! Catholic canonic orthodoxy!

Intellectual ESQ! Intellectual bilge! Intellectual abuse! Intellectual rape!
Totalitarian pogromatic propaganda!
It is, literally, Bu()sh()!

"Doug, that is horrible! You are blaspheming a religion! How can you do that? How can you say that?"

Catholicism's dichon(a, w) is a lie, that's how! Just like Stanislaw Wielgus was living a 'catholic' lie. Catholicism is living a 2500 year old dialectical lie! Really!

Dialectic is a Greco-Roman-Judaic lie! Either-or is a lie! Excommunication via excluded-middle is a lie, period!

Dump catholicism! Dump universalism! Dump totalitarianism! Dump dogma! Dump orthodoxy! Dump pogrommers! Dump propagandists!

You, all of us, dump all of those when we dump dialectic.

Heraclitus said, "Dialectic is war. Dialectic is Error!"

Doug - 8-31Jan2007.

Recall Kansas City? That city where academics call Quantum Biology "mumbo-jumbo?"

Well it just came out today that allegedly two or more of their police officers are baby killers.

They hate evolution too!

See our Kansas humor.

Doug - 31Jan2007.

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February, 2007 News:

On Doug's Experiences with Parallels for Apple's MACInTao MACBookPro Core 2 Duo (MBPC2D) 17" ...

Doug bought Parallels a couple months ago. At first, Doug fought with it, and couldn't get it to do what it claimed.

Pirsig teaches us that when this happens, just put down what you are doing and go on to something else. Come back to your problem when you are rested and calm and prepared to move ahead slowly.

Last week Doug started up Parallels again.

Within just a few hours Doug had Windows 98 and NT4.0 up and running on a new MBPC2D 17" laptop!

Intent here is multifold:

We can do all of that and more!

Parallels isn't obvious, at least to us it isn't. We suggest you read their downloadable PDFs prior to running Parallels.

Parallels has a unique set of Software Tools for each OS. You load those after you have a successful Virtual Machine install. That is not obvious unless you read manuals.

Certain keys, e.g., 'page up,' 'page down,' and F8 require that you hold Fn key down while you press them. This is a real issue in NT4.0 install. Took Doug some time to wade through manuals to find this.

Once you've managed an install and added SW Tools, your confidence will improve immensely.

SW Tools allow you to set 'controls' like display color depth to much higher sizes and resolutions. You need them!

Overall, Parallels is just an incredible application. Ten years ago, we would have thought what Parallels has accomplished, "Impossible!"

Again, be confident in Parallels' abilities. It works. What was wrong initially wasn't Parallels, it was Doug's stubbornness, and unwillingness to adapt to Parallels' pragma. Sound familiar?

Doug 31Jan2007.

On Doug's Latest Review Efforts ...

Doug has at least these reviews all running in parallels :

Too, we are part way through a review of Dennett's Breaking the Spell. Our other works above offer a stronger attraction just now, so BtS is on a tentative hold. Even so, we have shown Dennett to be an incredibly shallow objectivist. Since reading Hofstadter's Gödel, Escher, Bach we had wondered about that.

Hofstadter introduced us to Gödel's Incompleteness Theorem simplified as: "All consistent axiomatic formulations in number theory include undecidable propositions." Thence we infer, "All complete axiomatic formulations in number theory are inconsistent." Note that Gödel could accomplish neither without quantum~self~other~referent network~recursion. That led to his potent conjectural heuristic: provability is a metameme of truth. We see ad oculos quanton(c¤mplætænæss,comsistæncy).

Bottom line: Hofstadter, though brilliant, is a mathematical objectivist so now we can fathom how he and Dennett might commiserate. Hofstadter and Dennett's ilk, in our view, is ramping extinction.

Many other texts are in our 'potential for review' queue...

We have decided not to spend any more time on Bergson's Matter and Memory. We have well-desnoured his philosophy via our reviews of his Creative Evolution and his Time and Free Will. We encourage you to read his other works on your own behalf.

Real learning isn't socially professional, it's individually sui generis amateur. Best of all, it's free if you do (pragma) all your own learning work! None of us are social cogs in some Demos will orthodox parochial academic machine! We are individual quantum beings. Stop being and becoming a socially- and self-encrusted role player! Stop being and becoming a Demos will hive drone clone!

Doug 31Jan2006.

On an Enormous Quantum Computing Breakthrough ...

Image Stored on a Single Photon! at University of Rochester have phase~encoded a photon with said photon's partial holographic image of its perspective of letters 'UR.'

Recall how we can take a holograph and cut a small part of it away from whole? When we project that small part, we achieve a full, but reduced resolution image.

It is appropriate here in this con(m)text to think of a photon as "a smallest part of any holograph" which we can cut away.

By the way this demonstrates vividly almost lucidly what we intend by quantum reality!

See our qubit as a quanton.

Doug - 1Feb2007.

What this demonstrates vividly ad oculos, quantum reality is holographic as David Bohm conjectured.

It also demonstrates how a photon is a QLOistic fuzzon.

That graphic shows 3D peaqlo attractors. It represents quantum waves as stochastic wave information in any quanton, for example, Photonics' photon!

Here's a graphic showing four, e.g., photons offering more resolution in said hologram:

Notice how wave ensembles emerse a holism of four photons' views of their local comtexts. Photonics' 'UR' image is clearer, simpler to see with each photon's integration in said holograph.

What this shows us is that quantum computers can and will do computing with images. An analogue: quantum atomic lasers will do emerscenture with individual atoms' holographic complementarospectives of a desired product!

Did you get that? Did you get that?

Read it again, Sam. Emerse it again, Sam. Products become self~other attracting energy well networks of atomic music, Sam...

Quantum computing computes (emerscentures) real products, folks! In quantum~reality 'computing' is creation itself, folks!

Doug 31Jan2007.

On Bush's State of the Union ...

Did you notice that naught but lies and hubris fell from lips of this piece of human debris?

Keith Olbermann's rant on 30Jan2007 noticed it too. Browser search there for Keith's 'Finally tonight, as promised, a special comment on presidents...' a rant on Bu()sh()'s unState of the disUnion.

We must find a legal way to remove Bush from office ASAP!

Today, 31Jan2007, Bu()sh() said, "The State of our economy is strong."

Another lie, a huge lie, propaganda, disinformation!

Actually, "The state of our economy is bankrupt!"

Our national debt exceeds $75Trillion! There is no way other than by default to repay that.

Doug 25-31Jan2007.

Thank you for reading,

Doug - 1Feb2007.

See you here again in early March, 2007!


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