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Segment One

A One Hour

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Audio Dialogue

by Beth and Doug of

Beth's ad lib Verbal Review of Portions of First 100 Pages of Text from

James Gleick's Biography of Richard Feynman titled


Doug made a few minor errors in his recall phasements in this audio recording:

1) Photonics Inc. is associated with Rochester University (not Rutgers).

2) More as we find them...

A few of you have asked Doug to prepare some media other than text for consumption by our huge Quantonics audience.

Our resources in Quantonics are extremely limited, so we must choose means to do this which are at worst spartan and at best meager.

This is our first example of an audio dialogue twixt Beth (ad lib) and Doug (ad quantumeme, ad enthymeme). In n¤ way is this a professional work in terms of media excellence.

However, in terms of media con(m)tent, Doug deems it, if n¤t excellent, Value~able.

Those of you who want to read Gleick's Genius will find this of assistance.

Too, this isn't 'the' 'only' audio review of Genius' con(m)tent. We plan a whole series of reviews based upon Beth's progress in reading Genius.

If our approach here appears popular, we will do similarly on other quantum~relevant texts of interest to our community and us.


Links to Quantonics' relevant subject matter in Quantonics' web site:

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Wheeler's attempt to fake a quantum~photon into acting like a classical object

Einstein's Problems

Why Quantum Theory and Einstein's Relativity will Never be Unified

Why Gravity is Not Acceleration

photon, electron, proton


What is a wave as a crowd? An Ensemble? A macroscopicityings?


All audio media from Quantonics are copyright Quantonics, Inc.

All audio media from Quantonics, Inc. may be used by individuals, and by educational institutions who may wish to share them in classroom and autodidactic environments.

Users, just be aware that our audio media are watermarked digitally. Uses must be limited to audio only, n¤n commercial, individual~self, classroom, and classroom conferencing.

All Quantonics media contain memes, memeos, aural semiotics (aural memeotics), heuristics, hermeneutics and innovative QTMs.

Both Beth and Doug mix hylic, psychic, and pneumatic lingual sensibilities intentionally and for convenience of our listening audiences. For example, Doug hates a long list of
problematic classical terms like "cause," "effect," "fact," "force," "interaction," "law," "matter," "object," "principle," "substance," "structure," "thing," etc. See Quantonics' Topos Table.
See our QELP. Our challenge is that many of you simply are unaware of classical vis-à-vis quantum~linguistic 'use' issues and a wide spectrum of their limitations.
Some of you are aware, so we sprinkle QTMesque words which hylics may n¤t grasp, but psychic~pneumatics will have little omnifficultyings.

QTMs omnisagree enormously current academic and scientific method.

Simply, quantum issi n¤t classical.

Simply, Quantonics issi n¤t academic legacy pre Millennium III.

Proceed with caution.

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Doug Renselle
Quantonics, Inc.
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